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  1. Dropping ego and pride and going for more difficult approaches even if the chance of blowout or looking bad is higher (at the moment my approaches tend to focus more on girls that have already given me eye contact and attention, or I'm already standing next to them, etc. it's easier) Approaching a bit more. Of course I have standards but I think your approach and mindset of just talking to everyone is superior. I need to start getting really warm and social and flowy again. Lowering inhibition, being less tense and staying more relaxed in set.
  2. Lisbon until April. Would love to go out with you! I've just started seriously approaching again after a hiatus.
  3. Where are you based? Do you often go out alone to approach, during night?
  4. What's the tldw sparknotes? Owen tends to yap about everything and nothing for 2 hours.
  5. You once said you thought Sadhguru was one of the most awake people on the planet. Have you changed your mind on this? Or, why does he always spout this arbitrary nonsense?
  6. Lol. I respect the testing and exploration but meo gotta be the absolute worst drug to socialise. It's like using a sledgehammer to thread a needle. Or using a spaceship rocket to buy groceries. Probably hundreds of funny analogies you could make here. You either don't break through and are stuck in the uncomfortable dissolution phase, and can't socialize, or you break through, and can't socialize. @Thought Art Relax. His dose was absolutely miniscule. 5-MeO can be scary but it's safe.
  7. This has got to be the top 10 dumbest things I've ever read.
  8. Sure, could never be me but if successful people have the money and power to fullfil their weird fantasies behind closed doors, they're welcome to do so. But OP is so far gone from reality if he's chatting up girls talking about menstrual cycles, and everyone in this thread even somewhat supporting him is feeding into his delusions. Needs a serious reality check. I'm sorry but that is beyond autistic. I still cannot get over a male man even uttering the words "I love the menstrual process." Lol. It's kind of like instead of having his own masculine interests, he's culturally appropriating a female thing that he doesn't even experience himself? Of course every woman is going to be absolutely icked out. Lol, it's just bizarre on so many levels.
  9. Porn is an unnatural bombardment of the dopamine receptors no matter what your intention is. I do not believe there is any form of porn consumption that is healthy or net positive for brain chemistry and wiring.
  10. I feel absolutely both physically and energetically drained after watching porn.
  11. I've done a 3 month retreat of 10 hours a day, and I'm telling you, it was probably the easiest and nicest time of my life. It does not begin to compare to true hardship in this world But yeah everyday psychological suffering you can absolutely transcend. But you will still be at the mercy of life and physical health
  12. You cannot even begin to compare the "boredom" and "resistance" of sitting in meditation posture for 5 hours infront of a wall with true suffering, like physical torture or real mental hell. I think Leo is right on this one, your physical health and resting state of your nervous system is a baseline blessing no amount of spiritual training will ever fully conquer.
  13. I think he had kidney or liver diseases or something like that So she was blessed by grace or whatever, it's still certain favorable or unfavorable conditions coming together, or not coming together. What if that love or grace never came? How is this relevant when speaking of a consistent, self directed process of eliminating suffering?
  14. Everything is still always a mix of conditions and phenomena subject to change as infinity wills it?