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  1. Your options are a) be very good looking and tinder, b) have a lot of money / social status and host events, c) learn game and approach or d) don't partake in the dating game
  2. Solution is viagra for the first couple of times
  3. You can get a free trial or even ask to not pay.
  4. @JonasVE12 Following along Any update?
  5. I do agree with her on this; males do have more potential for dating outside their league and more power in making things happen whereas women are more dependent on their appearance however even for men with game their appearance is still a sizeable factor in how far they can take it. Some girls do approach however, I’ve been approached sometimes and guys that look better than me have been approached quite a bit. From then on, if the guy finds her attractive too it’s just a done deal. Not to mention dating apps. Both sides right now are victimizing.
  6. Don’t want to distract from my earlier reply but a couple things caught my eye here. 1) Sexual attraction is absolutely based on health and genetic fitness. What else would it be based on when sex literally serves the proliferation of genes, and raising a child requires healthy parents? This is only so much an illusion as everything is an illusion. I’m not sure how many times Leo needs to ask you if you would fuck an ugly hobo for you to accept this. 2) Flirty and funny is not just about dopamine and release, it’s also attractive because it implies the social dominance and experience to be relaxed, flirty and funny in the first place. Which again, implies good genes and the stability and ability of a father to successfully raise a child. 3) Conscious does attract conscious, I agree. But there’s still an animalistic component and this is not bad or to be demonized, THAT would be the delusion, and false duality. 4) You’re equating physically unconscious with spiritually unconscious which is not really the same. Attraction happens partly based on genetic stuff, this behavior is then not changed but recontextualised upon awakening. I would really encourage you to look at any shadow material or trauma underlying your perspective on this. Seems to me you were hurt in your past relationships from various aspects, and now you blame it all on sexual attraction and think you need a more provider type guy and would shame yourself for being sexually attracted to a dominant male, which is actually completely healthy and normal. So that’s a shame.
  7. @Preety_India I take it you’ve never opened up a dating app? Also, girls are welcome to approach too, and some do. guys would be delighted to be approached. so this “sit and wait” is entirely self imposed. make it an “accidental” approach if you feel too restricted by cultural norm (which is just an excuse, as for guys) or, you could just open a tinder account and watch the DMs come flying in girl friends, entirely average looking and even under average looking, have shown me theirs, and it’s just hundreds. per day. not saying they’re all quality, but literally HUNDREDS to select from. try it out inb4 “only creeps on tinder” (not the case)
  8. If you want to get an actual look at the dating market for yourself, compare a girls tinder with a guys tinder. Its not news. Just stop being delusional “just be confident” bluepill, and stop being delusional “it’s over if you’re not chad” blackpill, cause the truth is somewhere in the middle of both echo chamber extremes.
  9. Why on earth would you plug LSD? It already has a gradual come up and lasts 10 hours orally.