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  1. Is our "locus" of apparantly individual consicousness in any way replicateable? After apparant physical death, would it be possible for a future post-singularity super AI to in any way re-simulate consciousness and have that be "us" again? Or is that an impossibility in God's dream? @Leo Gura question for you in particular because you're the one I trust most to have any accurate answer approximating this.
  2. Frank says precisely this in the first 10 seconds of the video btw
  3. You have no idea what you're talking about past your blatant projection
  4. Btw the question thing is such a dumb easy fix too, just change it to "do you believe most women xyz..more/less than men", then we'd be getting somewhere.
  5. You don't understand what a hypothetical opinion is and still seem to be conflating it with my actual views for whatever reason. I'll spell it out clearly for you: I do not think that everyone exaggerates their problems in society, nor have I ever thought that, and such a view is obviously ridiculous. Clear? The rest of your comment was pretty unintelligible except for the part where you agree that it's not an accurate test. And you're wrong. "No" answers to those questions are also generalisations as soon as there's atleast one woman out there that does do xyz. You have your own bias with affirmation vs negation. Look, the generalisation is in the question, not the answer. "Women." vs "This specific woman" = generalisation. There simply is no right answer to that question, as some women may and some women may not do xyz. We can discuss biases though. It's an interesting topic: I'm pretty curious now: If you were in grave life or death physical danger from multiple (4+) attackers, and you had to pick between either 4 men, or 2 men 2 women, or 4 women to help you, who would you pick? I included the mixed team so you can be neutral and don't fall into any bias.
  6. 1. Why are you critiquing a hypothetical opinion made for the point of an argument and conflating it with me? Maybe english isn't your first language but the wording "If I'm of the opinion...then I would have to.." signifies a hypothetical scenario to make a certain point that doesn't necessarily reflect my actual opinion. Ironically, you're the one that's fabricated a false belief about me. 2. How can you possibly say the test does not rely on generalisations? If every question is structured "Women do / are xyz": If you answer yes, that's a generalisation. If you answer no, that's also a generalisation. Notice how the very act of answering is itself an act of generalisation and categorising. I don't think you've really thought this through.
  7. Are you critiquing my hypothetical opinion, or are you critiquing the test whose every question relies on such generalisations?
  8. It's a garbage test. For instance: "Women exaggerate their problems in society." If I'm of the opinion that everyone exaggerates their problems in society - both men and women - I would have to answer logically with yes, and it will be ranked as hostile sexist despite neutrality. Such a question - and many others - should be worded "Women exaggerate their problems MORE than men." to have any approach at validity, and even then it's flawed. And that was just one problem out of many. It goes without saying that most questions are obviously too generalised. By the way, if anyone here genuinely thinks 0% is the correct thing, I'd be fascinated to hear why. True 0% genuinely means - by extension - that men and women have exactly the same capabilities, values, tendencies, everything. is that really your opinion?
  9. This thread is an absolute goldmine, thank you. Do you have any personal report somewhere on your own rounds, experiences, benefits..?
  10. Judging from your username, have you read Ayn Rand - The Fountainhead? Schwab reminds me A LOT of Ellsworth Toohey lol.
  11. Taxed by who? Redistributed by who? The government? And who is the government? Hint: politicians that go to Davos.
  12. University knowledge is so outdated its ridiculous even my relatively modern design degree has nothing on the current meta that's needed for actual biz / the new wave things like: figma notion webflow not to mention the new wave of: AI VR not a chance. its all useless
  13. Literally none lol. What a colossal waste of time and money instead of just starting right away if entrepeneurship is your desire.
  14. Ok, well, what is "happening"? I mean, youre contradicting yourself in your own sentence here. if you understand time isnt real, then obviously nothing ever happened because happening requires time and time requires happening. if you feel somehow, something did once happen, then time is real for you to some extent