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  1. iOS has in-built screentime. It's excellent. Have a friend do the password.
  2. Lol. Awakening doesn’t turn you into Mystical Superman, nor does it make you considerably better at game other than taking things less seriously and being more relaxed, unfazed and grounded.
  3. They own Instagram which is what’s popular with teens so kinda a moot point
  4. Why should the revelation of the truth about what’s happening change what’s happening ?
  5. True spirituality doesn't give a fuck. You're the one creating biases. You're peddling fake spirituality.
  6. There never was a person and it's the end of the illusion of there having been one
  7. Here's the thing: realising there's no self =/= the actual permanent dropping away of the center anyone can realise the falsehood of self, even the most basic "I AM WITNESS" stage realises the falsehood of small I, but for the center to completely drop away is different and it's extremely rare. Most "enlightened people" are exactly that, enlightened people. There's still a center there that got enlightened. For it to drop away completely is atleast as if not much rarer than taking acid or DMT and realizing infinity, that's what Frank is saying. Or maybe it isn't, this is just storytime. Leo thinks the "enlightened people" he knows have realized noself. But chances are their center has not dropped all the way. It's the same utter uniform, loopy centerless parity you experience on 5-MeO, it's not your average Eckhart Tolle.
  8. Maybe it was your couple 5-MeO trips that gave you access to the infinite loop aspect of it, you having done 5-MeO is the one variable that sets you apart from guys like Shinzen, Ingram etc who did shit tons of vipassana but dont talk about loops 5-meo + vipassana hybrid path is da way my brahs
  9. Absolutely ridiculous bodyloads on even half doses of LSD. Chucked my stash away. Pretty trippy ego death, almost 5meo reactivation, on weed.