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  1. Wow that's quite a lot. Do you plan to not sleep during that time?
  2. What state do you have in mind? realizing God while still being in your room with body sensations still there, or the formless Godhead without body sensations and room? You would need to be extremely talented to reach the formless Godhead with contemplation. Contemplation is not for reaching the formless Godhead. The strength of contemplation is to recognize God while all the perceptions remain (given your level of consciousness is high enough). If you want to reach the formless Godhead without psychedelics, I strongly recommend you look into SAT transmissions, lucid dreaming and sleep yoga.
  3. You mean the formless Godhead? No body awareness and so on? Difficult without psychedelics. Contemplation is extremely unlikely to get you there. Your best bet is probably to induce it from within a lucid dream. And sleep yoga of course, but that requires a lot of effort (unless you are naturally talented). And SAT transmissions can help. If you mean God/Awarenss with your body and room still present, then that is a lot easier. Other practices might get you there too.
  4. What do you mean? You mean it is not possible to have an OBE without a astral body? I've read about people experiencing that. Essentially it's a bit similar to when you try to remote view. There are visual and auditory appearances without a body who perceives it and yet you are aware of them. Because perception doesn't exist, only direct awareness (/being/imagination). Correlation doesn't prove causation. Just because changes in the state of the body correlate with changes in appearances, doesn't mean that they were caused by those. For this dream/illusion to work, God creates the illusion of causation. If you eat you gain weight, if you fast you lose weight. But the food or lack of food was never the causation. It happened that way becauae God imagined it that way. God could just as well imagine that you lose weight when eating, and that you gain weight when fasting. But then the illusion of the dream wouldn't be as strong. Therefore it doesn't happen, unless God decides to lower the difficulty level of this dream/game.
  5. You can't argue like that because if everything is indeed Imagination, then that means that you are just imagining having experienced it hundreds of times. And actually you have experienced it 0 times. Consistency is an illusion. How can you trust memories? The proper mental state from where to start investigation should be of not trusting anything, no assumptions and not knowing. And in that state a memory of something that happened once has the exact same validity as a memory of something that consistently happened 1000 times.
  6. You don't need a body to have an experience. For example, during an OBE, you can completely dissolve your body and all the visual and auditory appearances can remain. And actually this is also happening now. There are visual amd auditory appearances, and they are not perceived through the body. They exist independently of the body. Because the body is just yet another appearance/imagination.
  7. Nice! Anonther case of time dilation in an OBE. Yes, equally real. Realness has no degrees lol. You can do some day dreaming and invent an entire history. This history is as real as 'our' 'history'
  8. Isn't yoga nidra = sleep yoga? Yoga nidra has some relaxation practices which I haven't mentioned here. They don't have much value for the approach I've been focusing on in these posts. But for the classical WILD/AP approach, they can be useful.
  9. @peanutspathtotruth Yes. @Nahm Thanks! @mandyjw Every location has an energy. If the energy is very strong, it can affect you. So you could say the location is giving you a transmission. I'd love to visit Ramana's hill!
  10. How to achieve that though. I guess body sensations only completely dissolve once you are solidly asleep. Though I read that some people remain slightly conscious of their body even then. During the beginning of sleep, body sensations are definitely still present for me, though they are a bit distant and feel very weird. @Shweta Singh You have been experiencing conscious sleep? That is awesome How did you learn it?
  11. @Waken I call any non-physical life form a spirit. Don't know how else to call them. How do you call them? @peanutspathtotruth @Spiral Wizard That is awesome!! @peanutspathtotruth joining some shaktipat transmissions within the next weeks will make it more likely that intense stuff happens at the intensive. @Spiral Wizard That's the right attitude!!! @EddieEddie1995
  12. @Waken Same! I hardly perceive them visually. Mainly just sensing their presence/energy/consciousness. Currently one of my favourite spirits are: Jesus, Mary Magdalene, Ramana Maharshi, Anandamayi Ma, Vallalar Metatron, Christine, Shekinah, Seraphina and some more angels Odin What are your favourite spirits? You mean during contact or baseline? During most part of the 1000 hours, contact was weak if at all. The really powerful stuff is invoking many spirits. I've maybe spend 30-60 hours doing that solidly. At the end of such a meditation Im usually in deep bliss and it sometimes feels like I'm close to the breakthrough (getting to Brahman Consciousness). So it is similar to transmissions. The effects on my baseline are also similar to transmissions' effects on baseline, most similar to the pure Divinity Transmission. It affects mainly the depth dimension, but the recognition dimension as well. These invocations eventually lead to the light body. Vallalar is a good example of someone who had a very developed light body.
  13. Sure. That's why 99% of people contact spirits. So that they manifest their desires for them. Hardly anyone contacts them for spiritual growth... Haha, anything is possible. (it might just be extremely unlikely) But manifesting your desires is way more complicated than merely aligning your vibration or stuff like that lol. The most effective way is to ask angels.