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  1. @Leo Gura are you still in the video game industry? Do you make your own games?
  2. i see that all around me and in my life too and i dont think its AI fault lol I'm aware of that, but you can't say it has nothing to do with the rise of AI.
  3. Think about it, in a future AI can easily analyse a 3d asset like a character and based on a few guides texture the whole character and you might just tweak a few things around, so it'll take much less time and effort to make production ready characters as the foundations and basic technical asspests also being handled by AI like UV, and also the need for texture artists will be gone or just one lead texture artist that oversee the consistency of the quality of all assets.
  4. The problem is AI shows to be super super creative when it comes to creative parts too, yes if it was just technical aspects you'd say just learn the new tools adapt and go with the flow. But just compare what the midjourney was capable to create just in the last year versus it's todays outputs, it's unbelievable.
  5. Yes I can see that this is a possibility of a near future concidering how fast AI is advancing.
  6. @Leo Gura Are you aware of the reasons why studios begin to shrink down one by one from the past year and continue? Isn't a big part of it related to AI? I've spoken to some other veteran artists and all of them confirmed that they're receiving much much less job offers, I guess there's some AI advancements that we still aren't aware of their existence and probably studios are utilizing them, thou you are right that AI doesn't have enough raw data to train with in public, but giant corporations like Ubisoft, EA, Sony etc can easily provide game asset data's from their own past productions to train their own AI with.
  7. I'm a CG character artist in the game industry, Though it's still not a big of deal like 2D, but it's getting more serious day by day and advancements in the related tools is super fast, one day in a very near future AI will be able to create full production ready 3d models be it characters, environments, object etc, from scratch just by a few prompts, I've spend many years gain mastery in my art and create a career out of it and the last year was the shitiest year in terms of aboubdance of projects. you could see so many studios that did lots of lay-offs. Any thoughts and advices into this other than corporating AI tools into my workflow?
  8. @zurew Did you follow the discussion @UnbornTao and I had with @Carl-Richard from the beginning of this discussion? If yes, let me know what you think. I'm not interested to repeat this whole discussion again. Specially my answers were very clear to you about the nature of beliefs.
  9. Again I'm not sure how talking about me personally would help you or anyone following this discussion. If you've read my responces in this thread carefully then you already should have ideas about where I'm stand in my path. Yes I did meditate, Self-inquery, and experminted with the spiritual practices and methods in the past.
  10. Please read my responses again, It's not about having beliefs or being completely agnostic, the relegious beliefs does have their own unique kind weight, scope and consequences to them. Why you don't compare the relegious beliefs to a scientists beliefs for example? Or to any other beliefs people have about anything else in life?
  11. You can form beliefs about anything in life.
  12. These kind of beliefs doesn't have relegious beliefs kind of weight, consequences, scope, and isn' certainly equal at all. You can have no beliefs at all and just come and expermint with it with an open mind. It's like saying you have to have faith that drinking water will quench your thurst! Yes and no right? Again not similar to relegious beliefs. You don't need to have any faiths, but you are curious and have an open mind, you directly going to experiment with the methods and verify them for yourself without necessary holding any beliefs that these methods will get you what you want. Exactly, same thing can be said that applies for spirituality.
  13. Are you indirectly asking then who am I?! No
  14. I know that because I went through the process and experienced it for myself. Thats where you are wrong, You came to me, asked for help, I gave you some techniques that worked on me and might have work on you, I didn't ask you to believe it, you can expermint with it, if it resonates with you, you can continue if not you welcome to leave. As simple as that. Based on what logic this looks like a relegion to you and @Carl-Richard God knows. See it this way, You wanna learn how to draw, you go to a master and ask him to help you in anyway (teach you, giving you techniques etc) is the master a relegious figure by doing this and you are joining his relegion??!! This is ridiculous guys.