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  1. Agree with this. "No Boundary" is a good start.
  2. Classic pre/trans fallacy. And the next thing you know that same child went to the store and got upset because their parents refused to purchase them some candy. Oh imagine the screaming and the yelling......
  3. The better question is what are you doing debating atheists on reddit lol (especially since they don't REALLY exist, right?) This feels like a pseudo discussion. This should not be about blind belief in God (which really gives you nothing), this should be about direct experience. Otherwise you will simply have dogma, which is what most religion is. And then one should not be surprised when completely reasonable people outright reject the existence of God, because of how disgusted they are with religion.
  4. I had exactly the opposite type of reaction. I read roughly 50 pages and I cannot understand what all the fuzz is about, when muslims claim it is the greatest piece of literature on the face of this earth. Just about every single page, I'm told to either believe or I will burn in hell. You are basically being bullied into submission. I understand maybe this is how spirituality was done in the year 600AD, but we have evolved way past that at this point and have better methods at our disposal.
  5. @Leo Gura I mean... there will always be new folks coming into this work who are lost and confused. Or people who think they know more than they actually do. No need to lose your shit over that every single time lol.
  6. This guy's model is pretty interesting. Has a solid streak too.
  7. It just seems very concerning that Joe Biden had basically no ground game, didn't step foot into many of these super tuesday states, didn't spend money on ads and still won. Delegate rich Florida coming up where Biden is 50 (yes, that many) points ahead. Of course, keep working, keep fighting, obviously. But just know what we are going up against and the odds really don't favour our side.
  8. As Robert Reich puts it, the democrats best chance to defeat a fake populist is with the real deal (Bernie Sanders). He doesn't excel in scenarios when there are 10 people on stage and everyone has very limited time to make their points. But 1 v 1 with Trump? He can call him out on all his bullshit that Biden wouldn't be able to do (because Biden is largely guilty of the same things) and what is Trump gonna respond with? Venezuela? Lol.
  9. @Serotoninluv Warren endorsed Clinton after she had become the presumtive nominee.
  10. @Serotoninluv Excellent points, but there is one additional possibility for Warren, which might be the most likely one - stay neutral, which is exactly what she did in 2016. She could just call it quits and then not endorse anybody, trying to appease both the centrists and progressives.
  11. This is looking dark. Plenty of states favorable to Biden (Florida, Georgia etc) are still coming up. Bloomberg will probably drop out, while Warren sticks around to siphon votes from Bernie. We really are fighting an uphill battle here. We will definitely not hit majority now, so it will be a contested convention, where 500 party insiders will have a say on this. Not good.
  12. Amy dropped out and is endorsing Biden. The centrist vote is quickly gathering around Biden and Warren has no plans to quit the race. This doesn't look good.
  13. It's hard to say. It certainly may help Biden in the sense that now, he can reach the 15% viability threshold in majority of the states, cutting into Bernie's delegate grab. At the same time, according to the most recent Morning Consult poll, plurality of Pete's voters list their second choice as Bernie, so who knows what will end up happening.