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  1. @lostmedstudent Hey I thought i'd reply here to your comment here. Things are going pretty well. I've recovered from rock bottom, and I'm making some good progress with meditation and trying to be happy. I've realized how important it is to just become more conscious of our own sense of presence/being. The whole path of enlightenment is very simple, it's all about our own presence and resting in this spac.e
  2. @Nahm Thanks. Yeah, this seems like a major turning point
  3. The SAT tests real things so I wouldn't just dismiss it out of hand. But at the same time the fact you scored poorly doesn't mean you are stupid or anything, but it is a reflection that you likely have some blockage around your intelligence. SAT scores correlate with college grades etc so I wouldn't just ignore your poor performance. There are lots of factors that can influence your score, but I would focus on emotional healing and therapy like one of the guys said above.
  4. This is a useful insight i've been playing with in meditation the past few weeks and I wanted to share my thoughts. I think for many of us, we are motivated by an underlying dissatisfaction with ourselves and our actions/thoughts/feelings arise from this constant sense of dissatisfaction with ourselves and our desire to fulfill ourselves with actions in the world. But the key is to learn to be at peace and equanimous with whatever is present, RIGHT NOW. Whatever is present in your experience right now is really all that matters, so that's what you have to come to peace with. I think developing equanimity with ourselves is a very important skill to cultivate. One trick I've found is to recognize in meditation that our inherent nature as aware beings is equanimous. Rather than TRYING to achieve equanimity with whatever sensations are present, just recognize your own presence (which requires 0 effort), and notice how this sense of presence is inherently undisturbed. As this presence you are equanimous. I think this is a great way to develop equanimity and i've had a lot of success with this mental shift. It's all about recognizing our own aware presence, and the noticing that inherent in ourselves is a sense of equanimity. Beware that it may seem like you are not inherently equanimous at first, but you are probably used to clinging to and avoiding sensations of the body, so there will be a certain habit pattern to become aware of that may prevent this understanding from being seen clearly. Let me know if you have thoughts, questions, or criticisms
  5. So you believe that all cops are bastards? It's literally a hateful statement, and it polarizes and incites people who aren't already in alignment with your ideology. 100% about agree about red pillers and SJW's. Plenty of judgment and hatred on both sides of the political divide
  6. Who is responsible for addressing the toxic elements of stage green? I was browsing a dating app, and I noticed a woman who was a higher up at an indigenous research organization, but she had something about being on the same page about ACAB (all cops are bastards). This is such a nonsense statement, but it got me thinking about how to check this kind of toxicity. It seems like a lot of people like to dismiss stage green criticsm as coming from below not above, but in cases like the above how can a person challenge this kind of rhetoric.
  7. I think she ended up staying over at the guy's house or something, and she said she lost her phone an uber
  8. Wow, that is pretty close to some of the glimpses i've had on LSD. It's never been that clear and indepth/detailed, but that almost felt like I was on a psych
  9. @Illusory Self Rip it like a bandaid and just end it. Don't give prolong this because you will just dig yourself a deeper hole. If you are already second guessing this after a few dates it's not going to get better with time.
  10. @peanutspathtotruth I made an appointment with an IFS therapist in a month from now. I'm really excited to start this path, the way IFS conceptualizes healing is very promising imo. I can list like 5 different parts of myself off hand and I've barely even started with IFS
  11. If we had a conscious dictator we wouldn't have these problems
  12. She is okay @Arcangelo
  13. @halo It's possible that if you didn't notice any major shift that maybe it didn't open fully. There are definitely energetic sensations or emotions that once felt into can completely transform your perceptions
  14. @The White Rabbit False alarm she is safe