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  1. @sultan_zayed This was something I was mulling over today. People definitely congeal to the stages of people around them.Essentially getting dragged down. Survival in a nutshell. However this isn't a rule. Some individuals are starved of individuals who match their sd level in their immediate environment and will as a result "go dormant" and interact in a manner just to get by while still holding onto the tenants of their sd level in their head. They might not necessarily drop levels but will not be exhibiting their traits to their full potential due to lack of conductivity they can be experiencing with someone of similar understanding in their intimidate surrounding. Many of us are blessed/cursed to have been brought up the spiral with the help Leo, only to be pulled away from where we once were and not have a means of connectivity with prior peers. Being more alone is a sacrifice you make to evolve.You are tasked to either step up and become a beacon like Leo for others to grow from or completely isolate yourself and remain stuck. I'm currently part of the latter group as I'm a coward who fears repercussion for being %100 honest and bold about who I am.
  2. Yocan Evolve plus works great for dmt. Just make sure you dont hit the throttle too hard and straight burn it all at once. You wanna just kinda pulsate the button that heats the coil. Better yet, get the ceramic replacement coils rather than the dual quarts coil. The ceramic donut isn't as harsh and has direct contact with the dmt. I've seen them priced at around $25 if you look around a bit.
  3. He's not wrong. Psychs sent me on a pathway of constant bodily awareness. Problem is you let yourself become detached from your body throughout the day in the activities you do. With a mix of yoga practices, daily exercise, re-adjustment of desks/chairs you frequent you can change your posture and bodily alignment. Psychs wont do the trick by themselves but will further supplement your growth as you connect all the factors that are contributing to your posture. You might be unconscious of why you are actually suffering bad posture. Emotional states also have a role in your posture. Certain environmental triggers might cause you to hunch as it makes you feel safe or comfortable. This might not be the case for you, but if you contemplate on your emotional and postural patterns through the day you can surgically pinpoint what exacly has to change in order for you to open up your posture. It's difficult to help you as only you have access to your body. Best of luck. If you have any questions feel free to inbox me. This has been one of my biggest personal focuses for the past few years so I'm more than willing to help give you more detailed answers if you have any specific questions.
  4. @Girzo Well, to be fair 4-ho-met is lesser known and less popular than al-lad over the last half decade. Calling it too new is similar to a 36 year old calling a 23 year old "too young". Which is respectively the ages of the two substances. The two seem so similar in their profile of effects compared to others that it seems it would be the perfect for op's purposes. I have never had any negative symptoms from 4-ho-met but OP can make his own decisions I suppose.
  5. 4-ho-Met. I posted a short report on it recenty. It's considered a great beginner psychedelic and simialr to AL-LAD in that it can be very visual and lack too much difficult headspace. Considered the most recreational psychedelic by most because of those characteristics. Its for those same characteristics that others don't like this substance. People will call it "hollow" or "lacking spiritual depth". With that said. I highly recommend it. I find it's one of the best psychedelics for microdosing as it has a low threshold. That's if you are into microdosing. Either way its fantastic for someone getting into psychs.
  6. Oh god, I see your point, but this reminded me of the Ludovico Technique in A Clockwork Orange. Hopefully playing video games won't induce vomiting in OP.
  7. Well this one is tricky because the line between having good self-esteem and having arrogance can be a little blurry. Especially when you are looking for external examples. You don't know how they are operating internally. There is no tell tale sign for someone having high self-esteem without the arrogance attached. I struggle with finding the meaning of true self-esteem without getting too sucked towards its polar ends of arrogance and submissiveness. I would say the best signs of healthy self-esteem are someone capable of fueling their own proactivity and moderating their energy/emotions efficiently without having to bring anyone else down or be affected by others attempts to be brought down. Basically just be a perpetual motion device. Have flow and be okay with whatever comes your way. Being able to aikido anything that tries to put a spoke in your wheel. @Knock I love Fed. Everybody does! So naturally I am skeptical of him. I just think to myself he's gotta just be sitting at home sometimes looking at his trophies like a smug bastard saying "I'm the best motherfuckin' tennis player to ever live". Idk man, hes just too humble and likable.
  8. Sorry your game didn't turn out how you would have liked. Despite that let me impart you with my knowledge from playing tennis competitively from a youth into my college years. 1. Play in practice the way you are gonna play in a match/game. People have a habit of practicing one way and then when the match comes around they treat it like a different sport almost. Whats the use in practicing one way if you are just gonna start over-thinking and being emotional in competition. 2. Don't adjust your mechanics in game. I've seen people get all up in their heads trying to change the way they do things in competition when that window has already long passed. That's what practice was for. They keep making drastic adjustments trying to fix their current situation in the match. Practice hard, program yourself in a certain way and flow with that in your match. If you are meant to beat them at your current skill level you will win. If you don't you probably weren't meant to win. I've seen too many people have the upper-hand in a match and then choke because they think the had to change. Ultimately this costs them the match. 3. Sports are more mental than physical. If you can't keep your emotions cool and in check you will most certainly will lose many matches you probably shouldn't have. You have to remain confident and clinical. Getting negative or even too positive during a match will set you up for failure. Theres only one man who has ever used negativity as a weapon and had success in tennis at least, and thats John McEnroe. He was an exception though. One in a million. Most people don't start playing better when they get emotionally turbulent XD. I struggled with all these problems and those were the lessons that helped me the most as I too was a VERY streaky player as a kid. I could be on top of the world looking like the flashiest player in town one day and the next get so down on myself that if you walked in on my match you would have thought that someone had given me a death sentence from how sad and dejected I looked. Hope someone of these resonated with you and provided some insight for future competition!
  9. Not sure I can give you the best advice, but this is my story with video games and the realization that helped me quit games a couple years ago. I've come back a few times within those couple of years to play for 1-3 days non-stop. Each of those times It became obvious why I was doing what I was doing. Giving me even more reason to not go back to that life. What I became conscious of was my unconsciousness XD. How easily I'd slide in and out from gaming. Almost as If there was no difference between the virtual world and non-virtual world. I'd not acknowledge that I was a body just sitting down at a computer. That's how engrossing the activity of games are. You become completely unconscious of your life outside of the game for that amount of time you are playing. It was just glaringly obvious that I was trying to escape my non-virtual life. So now when I try to play games I know very damn well what I am doing and my brain wont let me fully immerse myself within the game knowing the guilt I will feel. I have had this epiphany with not only video games but also weed(not exactly the same, but there are underlying similarities). Very often I would combine the two. It was the magic combo that really immersed me into those virtual worlds. I was literally manufacturing my own unconsciousness for the sake of comfort. I had to quit to start living a less self-deceptive life. Be confident that if you can conquer this, that conquering your other habits will only become easier. I quit video games and promptly was able to quit drinkingk, smoking, and netflix bingeing.
  10. @undeather I'm curious now. I'm potentially one of these idiots. Assuming I was, what would some of the common blindspots and biases be that would reveal that I'm not where I think I am?
  11. @Elham Behold the rare and elusive Turquoise!
  12. and which qualities actively trigger you? Hope I'm not starting a war by posting this.
  13. @ivankiss I get occasional downloads. My downloads are usually more centered around what I'm doing in my life the most at a given time. For now that's painting so I get visions of certain color pallets interacting amongst itself with specific flowing motions. This happens most often before I fall asleep. My issue with the music downloads is that they literally fade from memory as quickly as I can get up and even figure out what it was that was going on rhythmically and melodically. Maybe I need to improve on music theory so that I have a template for what is actually happening and I can more easily get those ideas down before they fade so quickly. Times I have tried in the past fail miserably. I have gotten into meditative states where I am able to compose music in real time in my head that is so alien and avante garde that I fail to understand how its happening. The more I try to break down whats happening the more the music starts to disappear. I have to kinda not care and not judge the composition for it to continue happening. Weird how that works. I'm also very slow in tableture programs like guitar pro so that doesn't help. Yeah, I'd love links to that. I Have had my 8 string a couple years and really all I do with it is try and play meshuggah songs and cover my favorite snippets in Audacity. I'm still learning how to record, shape tones on my amp and edit within DAW. I struggle with Eq'ing with balance. I also just started to understand the anatomic mechanics of how to scream/growl maybe a year and a half ago so I try to mix my vocals with my guitar playing and its a damn mess XD. That as far as I have gotten with playing and producing