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  1. @Leo Gura I mean simple things like things you've taught about being open mindedness,seeing things from meta-perspective, spiral dynamics, ego development, language has no meaning etc etc.. and I dont have any mystical exp or anything, I would be surprised to know why you are not fearing orconcern to be low conscious person in next life
  2. @Leo Gura yes intellectually i can see that people are where they are because of lack of support or the atmosphere around them i am not judging them but mainly i am just overly concern about losing my wisdom.
  3. yesterday i've just finished reading sadhguru's book about death, there's just too much to take, it's so mind blowing to be true. i don't have any mystical experience to verify it but it felt so real and grounded, has anyone read it and you have some experience to verify it about the stuff he said or you are welcome to share your thoughts on it. he said if you are enlightened in this life then in your next births you will surely have enlightened experiences like it happened to him 3 lifetimes back and he is saying he has no desire to rebirth again he only came to live again in this lifetime is to build 'dhyanalinga' the thing which some yogis and mystics were trying to build from 3000 years back. and some radical things he said in the book like. if you live more than 84 years then 99% of the chance is that you will not be reborn again. some yogis can drop the body and can come to live in that body again like a cloths, (you wear off cloths and can wear again) in addition of point number 2, he said when a yogi drop his body like he hides that body somewhere in the cave but if other disembodied energy sees it than it can steal his body and live on it again. i know there's no point in believing things if i can't verify it still i am interested if someone can give profound words on this, but mainly my question is not from above all i am wondering that in fact i am in fear that i am highly conscious in this lifetime but i am in constant concern over my next life that what if i will be an asshole or low conscious person (i can't image being like one) in next one so i am thinking about attaining and pursue mahasamadhi but i am finding this life to be very exciting and still so much to explore. and what if in my next life there will be be any people like leo or sadhguru and where spirituality will be dead then what will i do, i don't want to live 100 lifetimes being stupid that's the main concern maybe I am overthinking too much i know, i know that i just can't also verify that i am gonna have even next life, how can i know. so someone can help me out on this?
  4. lol i tried to get awaken yesterday while learning to code (i do like this may times, as where i live it's difficult to find psychedelics somewhere around) i was looking at the text "num" and i just filled my head with thoughts like just be present at this moment, also like' i am not doing this code, the code is doing me' but most importantly my focus was to just be present at this very moment and i started feeling some vibration in my body a little the text started floating a little from screen. yesterday i think i got little close to have some true spiritual experience but then i got distracted with the phone call i just got. i believe just keep doing the practice like this will lead me to some real spiritual experience one day.
  5. all you need is confidence and faith in yourself and most importantly you need to respect yourself to feel you deserve her or anything in the world and everything can be yours
  6. lol sorry to freak you guys out!, but i was remembering leo's old video of "the highest hero's journey" (it was one of your top best video) and one simple thought just blew my mind that actually Terrorists are living highest hero's journey they have put their lives at stakes to do something of course it's totally delusional but they don't know the truth behind all the conspiracies that takes place to make them do what they do, but they just dies for thinking that they are doing that for allah or any bullshit story, they put their heart in doing whatever they do and they just die for it lol reality is bitch.
  7. the fuckkkk, great work though! hope one day i will get near to psychedelics and listen this while tripping lol
  8. I think u dont have done enough reserach of them, people who are super rich,doctors,engineers all come to becomes aghoris u know how difficult it is to become aghories? It sounds too silly for me to believe that it's just superstition and they dont have any leader, if any person wants to become like them then they need to convince one of them, they dont roam around and selling people to become one of them nor they even charge any money as far as i know so it's not even some sort of a just cult too, we cant just take them granted like asharam bapu or anyone
  9. @Preety_India like i have heard some says that you can become one with god without formlessness so it could be that, and i have seen many videos of aghoris they talk about trying to accomplish no reborn and every year thousands of foreigner visits our country to be aghoris that's one hell of stats, why someone would choose a life like this if it doesnt bring this much of a value? there has to be something radical value of being like that for sure!
  10. sometimes i feel deterred and some sort of soft fear thinking about what it will be like my next life (ofcourse if there's any, idk) that what if in next life i will be low conscious asshole, no knowledge of spirituality, being ignorant etc. i feel fear to lose all of my knowledge and wisdom that i have gained so far in this life, maybe i am still very young so that's why maybe i am overthinking this too much. is this what aghoris in india trying to accomplish? i have read that in one articles that they dont want to reborn again so they do all sorts of bizzare practices
  11. what!! really?
  12. @DivineSoda agreed
  13. @Patrick Lynam just watch leo's videos of "how to use psychedelics for personal development", and people who are scared to use psychedelics of course they wont admit that "ego sees everything but itself" man you need to learn a lot from leo's teachings i assume you haven't much seen his vids
  14. hehe nice!, sound like anand giridhardas' quote