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  1. I was about 21 yo, I had a couple of elevated moles on my back. They could catch objects and I didn't like the look of them when shirtless. So I went to a dermatologist and just say I want a simple mole removal. I checked my insurance and it said mole removal was covered. So I get them removed, very easy to do, virtually painless and only took a couple minutes. Without telling me anything, Dr sends the moles for in depth skin cancer testing after removal. He also billed the removals as "cosmetic" and not "medical necessity". This was because it was for appearance/looks and that was not a medical/health problem. I was not told about any of this. Because of the billing, insurance didn't cover it due to it being cosmetic, and they didn't cover the cancer testing. Conveniently for the doctor he could also charge more for it being cosmetic. 21 yo poor college student me gets a bill for $ 1600. I tried to complain but to no avail. Lesson: Get as much clarity in the medical field as possible, so many hidden fees. Ask about what your being charged for, check insurance closely. Doctors will run up your bill and add on any testing they can reasonably justify. Be firm with what you need/expect, stand up for yourself.
  2. @Vision It probably took me 4 sessions, so 4 weeks. Could have done it faster, but I was a touch overly fearful of some sort of emotional backlash. So I started at very low just to get over the fears. There really wasn't anything to be afraid of but it is tiring. It's one of those practices I never want to do before I start, but it's never as hard as I anticipate.
  3. Build up slowly, I started at 5 minutes too. I did it once weekly and kept increasing by 5 minutes every week or two. Longest session I did was 75 minutes. I really didn't feel good results in emotional release until about 20 - 30 mins in, that's when it felt like the tension was forced out of my system.
  4. If it was a single dose pill, it had to of been fluconazole (diflucan) 150 mg, it is an oral single packaged tablet since that is all that is usually required.