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  1. Ive been lurking for years, I post about once every few months so people will think, "Who is this dude"
  2. Odds are you would just drop your blood pressure or blood sugar too low and pass out, which is sort of a change of consciousness.
  3. There are tons of great movies, you just have to look a bit deeper for them, the big box office movies are mostly garbage these days. @Leo Gura if you like nick cage. You would probably like Mandy - it's got psychedelics in it and the visuals give off that vibe.
  4. Tell myself - This is not going to go the way you think it will - even if you think this you still have ideas that will end up being wrong so at least be aware and stay humble. Don't assume a psychedelic will help you with trauma - everyone is different. I had gone through an extremely difficult extended ordeal. After it ended my ego was in such a traumatized contracted state for a long period of time, I couldn't get it to unwind or "go back". I tried some psychedelics thinking it could help. I took a lowish dose, in a safe environment, being educated about it. However, my ego or self fought back so hard, I just felt even more contracted during the trip- just to fight that increased consciousness, it was an extremely unpleasant trip the entire time. The problem is maybe a higher dose would "break through" that, but of course to do that is to risk an even worse experience. So its difficult to say and you have to figure this out for oneself - especially if you have a unique brain/experiences. Although of course, I still learned from that experience so its hard to say whether it overall helped me or not. I believe it is super valuable to go into any psychedelic experience without the intention to have fun or feel amazing. I think the more immature/young people do this and it backfires. You cant really fake it either, so don't try and instead aim to just be honest with yourself - of course everyone wants to have a good trip.
  5. Too bad it doesn't seem great, I really like Adam driver.
  6. Leo practicing humor on the forum again . I think it was the orcas.
  7. Probably Spiral dynamics episodes or conscious politics episodes. I guess the episodes that help me understand the human world around me and how/why people act how they do.
  8. Finally some good news, I am a very proficient unicyclist.
  9. I started balding at 18, i knew it was a losing battle immediately. So i would just accept it, you can only delay the inevitable. Im also pretty educated on the oral meds and i wouldnt take any of those. Anything topical is going to be minimally effective. Lastly some kind of transplant would be the most effedtive option, but it would still be a long term fight i would not want to engage in. Always remember bald brothers love each other.
  10. Happy Birthday Leo.
  11. @Preety_India It definitely would depend on the severity and whether we are talking about a knee, ankle, or hip. After 2 weeks it should start to have significant improvement or else it could be something more severe. Sprain would usually be just a stretch in the ligament, so once that initial inflammation has gone down you would usually then slowly begin to increase usage and see how it feels. I am not an expert on this stuff though, im just used to answering tons of random medical questions - and ive injured myself in many ways.
  12. The orthopedic doctor should be able to do movement tests to see if something is legit torn or if its a smaller tear in a muscle/ligament, by the sounds of it probably not. These things take time to heal, start with some short term rest for a week or 2 then slowly build up. No offense, but you sound very impatient - 2 weeks isn't very long. Trust me dont rush it - i had a climbers elbow tendonitis that I kept climbing with. It got way worse and ended up having to take months off and do a bunch of antagonist exercises to correct imbalances and then it did eventually heal. (Then I returned and completely messed up my entire knee - but thats a different story). Chiropractor probably wouldn't hurt, but it is a very elusive field - so I would definitely find a good one if you decide to go that route.
  13. Funny/Short trip report from an unlikely source. It is not exactly good trip advice, but it is amusing to see her major insight was "The purpose of Life is Love" - at least that part seems on point.
  14. My personal experience also showed me how easy status could make it. When I first got out of school I had a job in retail environment, where I immediately in charge/center of attention/ person everyone needed to get time with. I got asked out by 2 different female coworkers and 2 customers in my first year. Previously I had never had a girl ask me out in my life. If you were up on a stage - every girl would already feel like they know you/trust you - plus they would be competing with all the other girls whos eyes were on you. Seems like it would be just too easy if you were a big musician/comedian/ actor.