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  1. I started balding at 18, i knew it was a losing battle immediately. So i would just accept it, you can only delay the inevitable. Im also pretty educated on the oral meds and i wouldnt take any of those. Anything topical is going to be minimally effective. Lastly some kind of transplant would be the most effedtive option, but it would still be a long term fight i would not want to engage in. Always remember bald brothers love each other.
  2. Happy Birthday Leo.
  3. @Preety_India It definitely would depend on the severity and whether we are talking about a knee, ankle, or hip. After 2 weeks it should start to have significant improvement or else it could be something more severe. Sprain would usually be just a stretch in the ligament, so once that initial inflammation has gone down you would usually then slowly begin to increase usage and see how it feels. I am not an expert on this stuff though, im just used to answering tons of random medical questions - and ive injured myself in many ways.
  4. The orthopedic doctor should be able to do movement tests to see if something is legit torn or if its a smaller tear in a muscle/ligament, by the sounds of it probably not. These things take time to heal, start with some short term rest for a week or 2 then slowly build up. No offense, but you sound very impatient - 2 weeks isn't very long. Trust me dont rush it - i had a climbers elbow tendonitis that I kept climbing with. It got way worse and ended up having to take months off and do a bunch of antagonist exercises to correct imbalances and then it did eventually heal. (Then I returned and completely messed up my entire knee - but thats a different story). Chiropractor probably wouldn't hurt, but it is a very elusive field - so I would definitely find a good one if you decide to go that route.
  5. Funny/Short trip report from an unlikely source. It is not exactly good trip advice, but it is amusing to see her major insight was "The purpose of Life is Love" - at least that part seems on point.
  6. My personal experience also showed me how easy status could make it. When I first got out of school I had a job in retail environment, where I immediately in charge/center of attention/ person everyone needed to get time with. I got asked out by 2 different female coworkers and 2 customers in my first year. Previously I had never had a girl ask me out in my life. If you were up on a stage - every girl would already feel like they know you/trust you - plus they would be competing with all the other girls whos eyes were on you. Seems like it would be just too easy if you were a big musician/comedian/ actor.
  7. @Raptorsin7 I relate to your experiences with Nahm's sessions. He sort of promised so much, you felt like you had to keep coming back. When he told me he lived in so much bliss that he didnt know what to do with it all, it made me think maybe i could access that too. I only spend a couple hundred bucks, so it was no big deal at all - i put together he wasnt on the same wavelength as me pretty quickly. I could easily see how someone could get strung along, feeling like it could just click at any moment and all suffering would vanish.
  8. As a long time lurker, and someone who has spoken to nahm one on one; i regretfully say i agree. I really like him and enjoyed my conversations with him along with his loving energy. I know his intentions are good, but he seems disconnected from the experience of the average user here. His advice isnt as profound/helpful or as simple to apply as he seems to feel it is. Making one always feel like they are missing something, due to the lack of clarity in his communication style. I do still like his dream board advice, but often he makes it appear more magical/easy then it is. I hope i dont sound too harsh, i know he wants to help anyone who needs it.
  9. Thanks Leo, there are many of us who have love, appreciate, and study your videos, blog, forum, booklist, and courses ; even if we dont actively participate/comment much.
  10. I enjoyed his live awakenings too. However if Im being honest it was mostly for entertainment for me, however it was a touch motivating too. Those videos are so raw people just freak out and jump to all sports of conclusions. No surprise that Leo stopped upploading them
  11. Interesting, cant say im surprised. I stumbled accross 1 video of his and watched about 5 minutes. Immediately I could see he was a horrible influence, and how kids always find the confident scumbags cool. A new popular one pops up every year as a new group of kids, find the wrong person to look up to.
  12. Yes couldnt at all earlier, now it just seems kinda slow
  13. I was about 21 yo, I had a couple of elevated moles on my back. They could catch objects and I didn't like the look of them when shirtless. So I went to a dermatologist and just say I want a simple mole removal. I checked my insurance and it said mole removal was covered. So I get them removed, very easy to do, virtually painless and only took a couple minutes. Without telling me anything, Dr sends the moles for in depth skin cancer testing after removal. He also billed the removals as "cosmetic" and not "medical necessity". This was because it was for appearance/looks and that was not a medical/health problem. I was not told about any of this. Because of the billing, insurance didn't cover it due to it being cosmetic, and they didn't cover the cancer testing. Conveniently for the doctor he could also charge more for it being cosmetic. 21 yo poor college student me gets a bill for $ 1600. I tried to complain but to no avail. Lesson: Get as much clarity in the medical field as possible, so many hidden fees. Ask about what your being charged for, check insurance closely. Doctors will run up your bill and add on any testing they can reasonably justify. Be firm with what you need/expect, stand up for yourself.
  14. @Vision It probably took me 4 sessions, so 4 weeks. Could have done it faster, but I was a touch overly fearful of some sort of emotional backlash. So I started at very low just to get over the fears. There really wasn't anything to be afraid of but it is tiring. It's one of those practices I never want to do before I start, but it's never as hard as I anticipate.