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  1. I could be totally ignorant since I've only done Ayahuasca a few times but all the shaman stuff is stage purple world views and paradigms built around psychadelic experience. We have come a long way since then and there are far better ways to trip than in the goddamn jungle throwing up into plastic pales and 2 hours away from a hospital if something goes wrong. No... You don't need a shaman to protect you from dark spirits. There isn't some specific way you are supposed to trip. There are dozens of lineages behind this medicine and they all can't agree on how the ceremony is to be performed. There isn't even one specific recipe that constitutes ayahuascs. There are several and its brewed differently by many. What you need is a very safe set and proper setting with proper delineation if you are drinking with others. You also should probably know what you're getting yourself into... this shit is intense and can get super dark and the integration process after can be really hard. I would make sure you have a plan to integrate the experience before you do it and someone to watch you not on the medicine to make sure everything goes safe. A person that is experienced at facilitating. Be prepared to throw up a bunch. You need to prepare your stomach before drinking. It sounds like you have a whole lot of research to do.
  2. why does this happen to be the case? I suppose it is because the conscious/rational mind is what discerns rather than feels. I do think the media we take in affects us emotionally. I find myself sometimes watching negative documentaries and... for instance earlier I was watching a documentary about prison gangs and found myself feeling an array of negative emotions. I don't think this is necessarily an unhealthy or dysfunctional thing. We like to sometimes feel scared or feel thrills. I think it's all about how much you take in and how conscious you are. Are you able to take it in and experience what it has to offer or do you go blind and let it ruin your mood?
  3. I thought for a moment this was going to be about justifying child labor like back around how it was during the turn of the century
  4. Yeah I do agree. I was just pointing out this aspect of wisdom from what he was saying, it's useful for safe and productive psychedelic use. I don't think he is correct otherwise and have yet to see anyone have a brain tumor caused by psychedelics.
  5. He does make a good point though that I think is better worded for many people through holistic, transpersonal and trauma informed, Psychedelic informed psychology, etc. Taking too much psychedelics can cause a skewing of sorts and cause someone to lose their reference point and grounding. What follows is delusion, mental illness and often times emotional problems until it is grounded out.
  6. how did Nazi stuff get into prison gangs that don't seem to have any original connection? is it just a case of low vibration attracting low vibration?
  7. yeah you're right... “you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink” I suppose it just hurts cause I don't wanna see them get hurt again. It also feels like it distances my friendship with them since I'm wanting to build more deeper and healthy friendships and someone who seems to be at a place that isn't really at the same vibe where am at makes me feel less close to them.
  8. this is one of those "and nothing of value was lost meme" situations
  9. So a friend of mine that I hold space for often is letting herself be manipulated and pulled back to spending time with her very toxic ex. She gave him thousands of dollars to bail him out of jail that he never (and will never) pay back. On top of that he was emotionally abusive to her and all and all they were an awfully dysfunctional and toxic couple. For a while initially I could see she was stuck in trauma and abandonment stories from her past and over time I held a lot of space for her and have her a lot of advice on becoming her own master and living a true life. She eventually broke up with him but was still sending him money cause she felt bad for him and eventually she stopped doing that and cut him out completely. She started doing much better in life and I felt happy I was able to help her. To me friendship is about helping one another be the best person you can be and breaking old beliefs and cycles of toxicity and trauma. Anyways she tells me today he reached out to her today after many months and said he was sorry to her and admitted how he was all wrong. She just kept writing me all this bullshit how she thinks he has changed... And asked me what she should do... I felt kinda angry and drained from this and told her I'm not going to tell her what to do and that I think she knows what's best for her and that she knows what I would tell her but if she wants to make the same mistakes again I can't help her this time around cause it's really draining and enabling. What would you do in such a situation when a friend is acting out their emotional addiction and it strains your friendship?
  10. A lot of media and entertainment is red inspired. I think as people we lived in red societies for such a long time that this animalistic way of being is a little bit encoded into our psyche. Nothing wrong with that. Its kinda cool how we have develoed so much that we can express our red sides through arts, entertainment and imagination instead of it being what's running the show and keeping humanity in the dark ages. I would be lying if I said I didn't enjoy the thrills of Game of Thrones, the action in the new Doom video game or the ocassional pump up from the latest viral rap song.
  11. no such thing as eternal hell or eternal damnation. relative finite hell, sure. it's what one makes of it... and such that we have before with war. why spend time imaging what could exist and look at what has to realize it's what we choose to create, hell or heaven, war or peace, our choice.
  12. I'm looking for high conscious seduction and emotional love-making resources. Not pick up in fields or stuff taught by most "PUA" coaches (even though James Marshall is great and the closet to this). I'm thinking of reading romance novels that are popular with women. I'm looking for stuff that feels artistic and spiritual and has that feeling of dancing with the feminine and getting into her mind. Perhaps about embracing the feminine side as a man. Poetry, novels, books that are less rational or "self-helpy stage orange." Anyone have anything that they think can make one feel more romantic and connect better with the dance of passion ? All my friends that are girls always say it's all about their feelings and chemistry when I ask them what makes great sex for them and I want to get a better idea of what they mean by this.
  13. stage red you play as a goose and basically terrorize a town
  14. I remember that and it's a fair example but I think such incidents are more of an outlier than the noraml. Another example might be Aziz Ansari but he spoke on it and said if what happened made him and others more concious then he is glad it happened the way it did. The only time I've seen large groups of people complaining about cancel culture going too far is on conservative social media as a dogwhistle buzzword for "I don't think that person who was caught on video verbally abusing someone with racist and abusive slurs should of been fired from their job."