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  1. Ukraine went belly up for the Nazis, like a Benedict Arnold. Russia can have it as their buffer from the west as far as I'm concerned.
  2. Some of y'all need to stop simping so hard for Leo. Yes it's his site but it's a bit embarrassing. It's simple... if you not black you don't say n*****, especially if you from the USA. Maybe when some stuff changes in the future things wont be so PC and ridiculous. But as of now, that is not where we at. It's common curtesy.
  3. They don't necessarily. You've made assumptions and are presuming a lot. When it comes to social skills, people act very different and it's due to a wide range of factors why they act the way they do.
  4. OP is allowed to feel angry about it. The video was made 6 years ago though so times have even changed a bit since then. Things are super PC now. Even using it in a classroom setting is too touchy and inappropriate these days. Maybe when race stuff calms down and is resolved things won’t be as touchy as it is now but who knows?
  5. I kinda cringe laughed myself 😬
  6. The Colossus of Rhodes was also a very interesting and ancient wonder if the world for it's time. Pretty incredible they could build something like that so long ago with what would not be considered incredibly primitive.
  7. Has this episode come out? I’m in Russia and I’ve probably encountered more scamming here than ever before. It’s almost worked into everyday culture. A dentist literally made up a lie I had cavities so he could drill in my mouth and get some cash. Went to a friend dentist and they told me my mouth had zero cavities. Private clinics will literally run bullshit tests and scare patients into getting treatment they don’t need. It’s insane. At best you lose some cash to some benign treatment, at worst they ruin your perfectly healthy teeth for some cash. Fuck them honestly.
  8. just went through a breakup? very, very painful stuff. sorry.
  9. yep, gotten great results (sex, relationship) on tinder and instagram, and once on badoo as well. Never on Bumble or any of the others.
  10. He was like my first taste of spirituality in a way like 9 years ago. Love and miss him already!
  11. In a way. I would say it more-so has a greater design baked into it where these hardships lead to greater wisdom. We can make society so conscious that conflict won't have to be solved through violence. Humans largely learn through mistakes and trial and error however. So war leads to a lot of pain and misfortune but from that wisdom then comes. Thus the same mistake isn't made again.
  12. yes, the body has needs. food, water, shelter, care and sex. fulfill them all in healthy ways!
  13. I’ve started to work through why I am resistant to financial change, working towards a different career, etc. I feel kinda good about it because I made some breakthroughs and gained some insights. I’ve realized that all the past painful stuff, “trauma” if you will, all that stuff can kinda hide in different domains of life. It’s been largely cleared up in relationships, general self image, etc but it still sorta floats around in creativity and my finances. So I felt hopeful because since I’ve resolved it before it’s just a different flavor of resolving it this time around. I sometimes feel I need either to do something really practical with my career switch, with which I then feel afraid of being boxed in. Or I want to chase my passions which then I’m afraid of failing at it and never making it. There are some other threads to it as well that I’m unraveling. I just started this process to unravel the inner stuff as to why I feel a lot of disorientation and inner conflict over career/life purpose/money but I feel hopeful because I’ve done it before in other areas of life. I’m open to this process taking some time but also open to it resolving quickly so I can focus on building and improving my finances with whatever paths I may take
  14. I’m not one of those “eat the rich” types, but I think a more advanced society will just make being some super billionaire not possible. Society will sort of remove this power structure with the billionaire at the top, or greatly curb it. I just wonder what this redistribution will look like. Will we just have stronger governments or will it be sorta spread throughout the economy where everyone has a pretty decent standard of living, guaranteed basic income, etc? What would happen to luxury goods and all the stuff people are competing to own? I feel like it’s unrealistic to just expect people to move beyond competing and falling for supply and demand. We can greatly diminish and even eradicate poverty, health care disparities, food shortages, etc but there will always be some stuff in limited supply to go around like that luxurious LA mansion and private jet.
  15. moderation for sure alcohol can hurt your health but I'm no tight ass so I'll have a couple cocktails one weekend a month or so