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  1. It will play a big role but also don’t think because a reasonably popular rapper has good looking chicks in his music videos that he is sleeping with girls you would wanna be with. Some of those chicks are groupies and would not be the kinda women you want in your life. Try to expand your world view in general on dating, women, and what makes you attractive.
  2. False equivalency. Russia is the country invading a peaceful country and covering up their crimes. Ukraine is defending itself and I’m sure has their own misinformation floating around as well but only one country here is the aggressor, the rapist and the murder. They should not be handled equally because Russia is the aggressor and nothing is out of the realm of possibility with their crimes. Although rumors should be discouraged.
  3. Education. Go to the library and start reading !
  4. Russian army must be putting forward ethnic Kazakhs or something as cannon fodder cause the don’t want Slavs dying.
  5. Mariupol City Council: Russia uses mobile crematoriums to erase evidence of its war crimes. According to the council, Russia’s special brigades collect and burn the bodies of murdered residents. Tens of thousands of civilians may have been killed in Mariupol, it added. totally fucked and totally believable too
  6. Russian military is a bunch of hazed savages that prostitute their own conscripts. Look it up. Russian army is probably one of the dumbest armies to ever walk this earth. Nothing professional about them, zero education. They are orcs essentially and all treated like cannon fodder.
  7. They have been talking about their military being all big and bad and their dead bodies now litter Ukraine along with their destroyed equipment. They are retreating cause they can’t do anything right. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Russian Nuclear arsenal is as badly maintained and as overly hyped as their military. USA has less nukes but far more capable technology for delivering them. I think saber rattling makes for a stupid conversation though. I don’t think who will beat who with nukes makes sense to talk about now. Russia needs to be blocked off from the west for good though after this. Absolutely no compromising with the current regime.
  8. This isn’t true. The ruble is being propped up. Just about any exchange will still give you the post crash prices from early March in exchange for dollars because they know it isn’t actually worth what it is right now. Energy sanctions would absolutely hurt Russia worse than the west. People act like they are some self sustaining ecosystem when they basically rely kn western tech and those energy contracts to stay afloat. Germany would absolutely have a recession but not see their entire economy ruined unlike Russia. But I do agree that most of Russia supports this war and Putin.
  9. ? read a book or two on these topics for once in your life, you look woefully ignorant right now
  10. Your dumb number crunching is ridiculous. They had no idea how many Jews were killed during wwii at first and people literally said the same shit you’re saying right now when the crimes of the Holocaust came to light. You have no ideas what atrocities the fog of war is hiding right now.
  11. First it started out as fuck Putin and his regime, then it included the military officers, and now it’s the raping and murdering conscripts, and soon it’s going to include any Russian citizen that isn’t actively against this war because fuck them for real after this bullshit. This is textbook fascist style expansion at this point. It’s basically obvious they planned to target and massacre normal citizens and anyone that has cultural impact, a purge of dissent. Those lists of individuals they would target in Ukraine when they took it obviously were their playbook. They are targeting random citizens now.
  12. His bread and butter has more to do with capitalism, Palestinian / Israel conflict, general criticism of the western hegemony, etc. He does make some great points in some of his books. Also he is an amazing linguist. It just gets tiring hearing “BUT THE USA” during all of this because that’s basically the cookie cutter talking point for Russia right now to excuse their war. This is Russia invading a peaceful country. I don’t see an excuse for what has occurred and it is not the USA forcing Russia to do this, it is Russia. Russian survival did not hinge on this conflict, only from an imperialist stage blue perspective that relies on a strong autocratic leadership did it.
  13. Only idiots think this is fake. As if a bunch of uneducated and hazed conscript деревенщини wouldn’t rape and pillage cause they are so nice and just fighting the nazis…. Give me a break. Open a book for once you clowns. You can start with historical accounts of war, especially the red army and the massive amount of rape they inflicted on when taking Nazi Germany. I’m having to deal with this bullshit listening to my brainwashed Russian girlfriend.
  14. Absolutely not. Putin is a pariah for life after this ridiculous war. He can not be trusted and zero leeway should be given to him or his regime. Russia can work with the western fold and our allies when they have a regime change and show they won’t antagonize their neighbors with force. I will gladly hope the west shows goodwill and a willingness to work with them when they change regimes and move away from autocratic leadership. Far too much of a power concentration in Russia and their entire government system will bully their neighbors as king as they are at their current level of development.
  15. This is kinda irrational dude. I think you have some deeper shame and fears to work on. This will be helped by some inner work and some exposure to socializing. No one is gonna call the cops on you for being friendly and wanting to talk to women. You’ll be fine, trust me.