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  1. I read this book back in 2021 and it was very helpful. I would say this form of communication is also the one I try to use with self inquiry.
  2. Yeah probably, I’ve been wanting to clean up my algorithm.
  3. You guys talk way too much about these scammers and instead neglect your own innate knowing and inner guidance towards your full and authentic potential. Stop listening to all these scammers for Christ sake and starting doing something you’re passionate about. That is literally all the guidance you need in life.
  4. I’ve notice on my social media there is sort of a red pill equivalent for women where it’s all about getting a “high value” man and having him pay for everything. Most of the content seems to be coming out of Miami or Dubai. Women giving advice to women how they are the prize. Sometimes women as old as 30 who slept with everyone giving the advice. It’s really weird.
  5. Careful with the Tate advice. You never know what they are lying about. these guys are potentially very dishonest people but I don't know for certain. just giving you an alternative perspective on the authority and value you give information, not actually knowing what it's made of or seeing the true story behind it. As for what he is saying, it is not difficult*** to have 5 girlfriends if you are loaded in Eastern Europe, if that is what you want, you can find five beautiful women who need financial support if you set your life up logistically to support that and just trawl instagram and find five girls impressed by your cash, you could keep several of them around for a while as long as the cash is flowing and you have an expensive lifestyle. It doesn't require much experience in relationships unless you are severely under experienced or have limiting beliefs about yourself that create fearful emotions around women. You are much better off getting advice from pretty typical dudes who are performing amazing with women and have a lifestyle you can see yourself obtaining in the next 12 months. Trying to learn game from some rich guy doing mansion parties in Eastern Europe is very different from what you will be doing in real life. *** the only things difficult about it would placing your self worth in the number of beautiful girlfriends you have and also the massive amounts of imbalances this causes if you have friends, a business and your health to maintain.
  6. i'm conflicted. i want to support civil liberties but why does every time it goes super LGBT it goes sorta overboard? I lived n eastern europe and it was genuinely refreshing to be in a place where people aren't so loud about who they sleep with and traditional values are quietly on display. I actually prefer it and i am fine with all the LGBT clubs and lifestyles in those places if it isn't pushed like some religion. can we live n harmony and allow equal rights for all lgbt while maintaining the tranquility of a traditional value society, where being LGBT isn't promoted like some fad that can confused all the kids looking for an identity?
  7. crazy how much potential there is in tech to really better everyone's lives but it's devolved in many ways to some sort of feudalist battle of the over lords between some of the most egotistical people ever, a tragedy of the commons to sustain this unsustainable blob, and they really promising they gonna save us from climate change and all the world problems. when will humanity see through all the lies and illusions much of what modern tech is based on, not even the tech itself but how it's used.
  8. Love is not a commodity to give or receive. It’s something you create within yourself and your partner mirrors it back to you. If you choose to create love for this person your whole life , then yes My question is why are you setting expectations and standards though? Seems like you think if this doesn’t occur the love one created wasn’t true but I would not agree with that. It’s possible but do you believe you have to live up to this standard you set? Because it may not occur because people change so it’s not guaranteed
  9. He’s basically talking about how core beliefs from childhood can go unresolved if not examined. You can have a materially easy existence and create a tremendous depression for yourself.
  10. Conversations here tend go in an unnaturally woo woo / insufferable way outside the spirituality section, so I will keep my message pragmatic and de mystified. Basically from a young age due to our upbringing many of us come to the conclusion or assumption, due to our lack of reasoning abilities as a child, that we need other people to be whole and complete. This isn’t to be mistaken with any sort of survival process which is predicated on many other people and our own skills and the resources around us. but any disharmony / painful emotions you may experience when you are not receiving attention and approval from other people in your life such as a partner, friend or parent is your own creation. You have some sort of belief about needing other people in your life to be happy / whole / valuable, which is untrue. now this doesn’t mean we have great appreciation for everyone. Each human is unique and different and valuable and there is a ton to do and see with other people, and people can serve as a powerful mirror towards us as well. So I’m not saying human relationships aren’t a part of a sort of balanced way of living, but do you NEED them to give you value and purpose in life? No, you choose to doubt your own self worth and natural wellbeing whenever you put other people as a mandatory requirement in order to feel happy and good.
  11. there are a ton of problems with porn in not sure consuming it is necessarily always harmful though depending on the content, if it was made with integrity, and your own habits I do think porn is way too available online for underage people, I do believe porn does skew the mind if you don’t have experience and haven’t been able to form loving relationships, I do think porn can be used like a drug and it def adds more to superficial aspects of society, it def can be misused but I also think it’s a reflection of deeper issues. Just by watching it though I’m not sure it can be harmful. What’s the difference between that and masturbation without porn ?
  12. I was living with my ex up until two months ago, lived together for two years. Honestly it's been really challenging ending, but I'm starting this new chapter little by little each day.
  13. Rio de Janeiro
  14. I’ve seen this guy in the video on instagram. He originally started out as a caricature of the office plankton ass kisser but his fans started defending him in the comments so he became sort of admired for his positivity and probably a source of entertainment for other white collar guys. He’s funny to me for different reasons, I don’t have remotely the same lifestyle and I would not enjoy working in an office and doing the corporate grind.