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  1. Yea, for sure. But don’t split hairs. Probably a good idea to shake your head and say no if your girlfriend asks if she looks fat regardless of what you think
  2. vaush taking a more yellow perspective at points
  3. Republicans Throwing Fit Over Biden's 'Neatherthal' Comment republicans are so dumb
  4. I like this approach. I personally am not a fan of spending a bunch of time going out and doing “day game.” Something far too forced and try hard about it. I think working in a few approaches a day when your out and about can be good if you don’t get overly attached to results and flow with what’s happening. It’s largely an inner work process.
  5. ding ding ding... there we go as expected
  6. you are correct, that is true. I'm speaking from experience myself. you still will need to be developed and learn how to flirt and attract women but at least you will be interesting right off the bat and not have to do as many superficial backflips trying to impress a local girl that has a million guys after her just like you.
  7. don't waste your money on this crap you're better off spending it on some nice clothes and some therapy to boost your self esteem there is enough free content on youtube to get an idea of what to do. be your own leader, go out and do it. there are some books as well on how to be masculine which are way cheaper than these grifts. these pick up programs are just an excuse to keep you from actually going out and learning. if you actually saw these guys in field you would think far less of their programs after you saw how much they get rejected, just like you will be when you go out and practice.
  8. pick up is such a drag lol, especially if you are stuck in a rut just move to a place where foreigners are rare and beauty is plentiful sounds like a cop out but it's worlds better and more rewarding than having to slog through all the bullshit trying to impress a local girl that's going to be half as attractive and interested in you for being the unique person you are. all relative I suppose.
  9. I see no way we can sustain ourselves without transferring over to nuclear. The world population would have to greatly rise in consciousness and cut back on consumption and make all sorts of massive collective changes. I don't even think a green majority could accomplish this.
  10. having sex is one thing but a relationship... it's a little odd. he may not be a bad guy but it is a little suspicious.
  11. jesus day game rejections are cringe
  12. it's a garbage app with some funny videos on it. parents need to actually look after their kids and what they are doing on social media.
  13. Nothing wrong per say with being a slut. Most men love sluts but then get all hesitant cause they realize if she was easy for him she may have been easy for 30 others before her. Most men want sluts for the short term but then act all holy like they now want a nun to settle down with. Survival and self bias is so funny when it comes to dating.
  14. Maybe she wants a sugar daddy? it’s kinda weird