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  1. @mandyjw Ok so what would you say if your son/daughter said mom I'm going to go and have 8 kids by 8 different people. You would say honey there are no mistakes so do what you want? There are no mistakes. What can you say against that?
  2. @mandyjw Well I guess I do view relationships competitively, but I don't think that's a bad thing because I think dating is competitve. See, I disagree with you saying there are no mistakes in dating. If a woman/man were to go out and have 6 kids with 6 different men/woman, that would be impact their dating prospects in a negative way. That is a mistake that I want to avoid.
  3. Ego

    @Breakingthewall I don't think so, but i'm not sure maybe there's something i'm lying to myself about but I don't know what it is. I definitely have repressed parts/emotions and I am ashamed of myself to some extent I guess. How do I cleanse myself of lies?
  4. @Windappreciator I feel bad for guys that are this smart but have no wisdom
  5. Ego

    @Meditation I am. But I am not satisfied with myself. Thoughts?
  6. Have you thought about reaching out to some parents you admire and having a conversation about their philosophy towards parenting?
  7. Yeah I don't disagree with what you're saying here. My point was that OP seemed to be engaging about a real phenomena, and he was getting hostile and dismissive responses without people engaging with what he was talking about. I'm sure there are woman of this generation who will have envy their predecessors because at least they got a family. I watched a few minutes of the video and I liked it, he seems like a good guy
  8. @mandyjw Probably my competitive instinct. I want to understand when people make major mistakes so I can avoid them, and my mom's brother is in a similar situation so I hear about this quite a bit. Also, i used the example of my cousin because it's directly related to OP's topic. My cousin is an example of a modern woman who was left to her own devices to choose a partner, and now she's single in her late 30's with poor relationship prospects. A bunch of people just dismissed OP's premise as nonsense, but I have a real life example that illustrates what he's talking about
  9. Yeah she has been actively looking for a partner for years now. She is very attractive, has a high paying job etc so when she was younger, early 30's, she was very picky and just dismissed most guys because a man on her socioeconomic level, looks level etc is pretty rare. Now she's in her late 30's she's basically run out of options it seems, for what her standard is. She's even asked about some guys she previously rejected, but they were already partnered. Her entire belief system is stage blue/orange. It's basically about success (education, financial etc), which she attained, and then starting a family. All the happiest woman in my family are one's with healthy families. But she's going to miss out on that part. I mean if a large part of society is operating according to those beliefs then it is reality. Reality is just whatever people are doing and believing. I also don't think men should disregard these ideas, that would be throwing the baby out with the bath water. You can be discerning about what parts you take to heart and act on, but there are elements of red pill ideology that map onto reality, and you are better off being aware of the dynamics then sticking your head in the sand
  10. Yeah i'm making claims about how people ought to live, or how society ought to be. I agree that transitioning and evolving society out of blue is the way to go. But there's going to be a lag, and there will be causalities of the evolution out of stage blue. Take my cousin for example. She's almost into her 40's and it looks like she won't find someone to have kids before her biological clock runs out. Almost all the woman in my family have all their meaning in life come from their children and family, and my cousin won't get to experience that. My entire point is that there is actual substance to what OP is saying and you can have a good faith discussion without dismissing what he's saying out of hand. Imagine I just said what you are saying is nonsense and basically just dismissed what you were saying because I thought it wasn't worth my time to respond to. I could understand if OP refuses to engage, but if he's actually willing to discuss the topic I don't see a point in commenting unless you're going to engage in good faith
  11. @FlyingLotus @Emerald The fact that for many groups of people dating and relationships are no longer regulated by family, religion etc and the consequences that has on society and people. If you look at most people who come from stage blue societies, 100 years ago their families would have basically chosen when/who you get married to. So irrespective of what the people wanted, there were outside forces that controlled who got together. But now many of the children of stage blue families are left to their own devices when it comes to choosing partners and picking relationships. I think there's going to be an entire generation of leftover people because of the way modern dating and relationship dynamics have shifted. For example, I have a number of family members from stage blue conservative families, and they are now in their late 30's/early 40's and they can't find partners and it's getting more difficult. One in particular is an attractive, well off late 30's woman, who was too picky in her early 30's and now she's struggling to find anyone. If this was 100 years ago her family would have chosen her husband and no one would have asked any questions. I'm not saying that this is bad or good, or saying how things ought to be, but there's something to be said for how hypergamy will impact modern relationships that have been controlled by religion/families for most of recent history.
  12. Would you guys support a high consciousness dictator? Imagine if someone came along and was around yellow/turquoise and genuinely cared about building a loving society based on understanding the highest truths, wouldn't they do a better job running our society then the people who are currently in charge? I understand it's not realistic or practical for this to come about, but would you vote for someone like this if it were possible? Personally, I think this would be awesome
  13. @zazen Unfortunate that no one is willing to engage with the actual substance of what you're saying.
  14. Share your favorite YouTube Channels. It doesn't have to be based on nonduality/meditation, but any channel that you really enjoy and you feel resonates deeply. I've been loving listening to these History YouTube Channels while at work. The series on Napoleon is awesome.
  15. @zazen I wonder how hypergamy relates to the growing numbers of 30' and 40's single woman who never found partners. I know in my family there a few attractive woman in their late 30's who can't find partners bevause they were too picky. I guess 100 years ago all these woman would have had partners chosen by their families which creates it's own set of problems. I think there also been a degeneration in the quality of young men in society too, so there are probably even less suitable men available which compounds the problem
  16. @The0Self Hmm that's a good point. See the thing is. When I stop seeking, it's like so what. If I'm just present without seeking energy, this isn't satisfying. It feels like I'm just playing a waiting game sometimes. Like I'm aware of my own presence. But it's not peaceful or joyful or anything. So it just seems like i'm waiting for the presence of myself to turn into bliss and clarity Also, but what about conscious intention and goals? Do you have any directionality or control over what happens?
  17. I think if OP is engaging in good faith there's nothing wrong with these kinds of posts
  18. I've had my nasal passage completely open on psychidelics. It felt like someone was breaking my nose open from the inside. I also found that heavy vomitting from psychidelics also opened my nasal passage. Have you tried placing your attention on your nose and just resting as the presence you are. Just be with the nasal sensations and see how they change and unfold
  19. Does anyone have any experience with IFS therapy? I'm looking to get into therapy and I want to take some time and find a therapy style that I think will be most effective. I've heard good things about IFS, but i'm curious to hear about other modes that have worked for other people.
  20. @FlyingLotus Wow I'm surprised he has something that in-depth. I've found that the fit between student and teaching is the most important factor. You can't really assess teachers in a vacuum. I think Leo and Dr K would be an interesting conversations... I'd pay to see that haha
  21. @FlyingLotus Ahh. I really liked Skyrim and AC Black Flag, but I don't find many RPGS i really like. Are Dr K's meditations your main practice?
  22. Are you as good at video games as you are organizing and sorting Leo's content haha
  23. @Dan502 I followed quite a bit of his content and I think what he's doing is great for the video game community. I wish he had more spiritual teachers on though. I think he's a great bridge for people to become interested in spirituality, but I find the content of his meditations etc to be wanting. Overall I really like what he does though