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  1. I'd probably get ready to axe the relationship, if she has crossed a few of your boundaries and violated a few of your values with what she did, and you've made it clear multiple times to her that it's not acceptable to do that.
  2. Really good analysis: https://youtu.be/LLj2qamFUuI
  3. @Devin With this issue, we can only speak from our perspective and experiences so far, so for me it's not needed. I fulfill myself more deeper than a friendship can.
  4. @Bird Larry Yes, psychological conditioning and ideological programming. It's thought policing if there are other ideological ideas in the information ecology that the collective wants to control for and against with their own agendas they want to propagate instead. More recent example though, is Disney, once a visionary business, now corrupted by stage orange corporate greed and stage green woke culture. The Youtuber's reactions are great insights into what a stage orange/blue individual would react like:
  5. @Bird Larry Because lyrics are a sub set of music as well, and what you typically get when you have both linguistic and musical intelligence working together, to create meaningful arrangement of sounds. Although yes, the key part here is meaningful arrangement of sounds, which most pop culture nowadays kinda miss, unfortunately we have gone deaf tone to both meaningful arrangement of music instruments and lyrics, with the over use of techno and electro modified voices and instruments. However, there are a few very talented artists who can combine music and lyrics meaningfully, just check out Eminem.
  6. Good example of stage orange critical thinking breaking down stage green agenda, and corruption, of a classic movie/story, by Amazon too: Another one: and: What are your thoughts about these dynamics?
  7. @benny It's not funny, when you have a click bait title, and a video loosely connected to it. That's the main issue, treating this place like it's tit tok. It's not. I do like the video though, even though for 2 plus hours straight it focuses on the biases and lies of JP, with a flat sense of humour. I relate little to the guy. Good share though, but less promo please.
  8. @Tobia Yes, it just focused on the lies and biases of JP, that's it. nothing else but that, for 2 plus hours straight with a forced sense of humour, saying what other people with negative views of JP are saying. Nothing new there. However, it has little to do with the click bait title of this thread, which is the main issue. The issue is inconsistency and needing simple titling, not some exaggerated title.
  9. Very good breakdown of Rings of Power by Shadiversity. Insights to be found, both in spiral dynamics stage development and business corruption. Good example of how rationale thinking, consistency, and how stage orange checks excesses of stage blue and green.
  10. @Verdesbird It's fine to discuss all the large political issues concerning the Russia/Ukraine conflict, or the left/right political polarization, but we have to first question the smaller, more important, specifics first, starting with you and your post. For example: Have you read the post guidelines before making this post? that's in the main forum, top center right, in read letters and green tag if you also struggle to read btw. Do you know what the main topic of your thread is about? Because it seems like you really want to discuss Russia/Ukraine conflict and pre/post scenarios, but then decide to talk about Leo's political takes on Trump and Biden, but then decide to talk about geopolitics, but then insult Leo. So, what do you really want to talk about exactly?
  11. A really nice breakdown of the rings of power: https://youtu.be/pq_29Sa1jrI
  12. A really good example of a parody of pop culture of Chinese drama, and other modern eastern fads and trends, with some 4 wall breaking that somehow just works. The show's good to watch, also has a badass opening song and credit song too. Rumor of a season 2 as well:
  13. There are many interpretations of this video based on your stage of development, cognitive and moral development, personality typing, states of consciousness, life experiences and other lines of development. I'll try to point out some of thses patterns. What's interesting about this video, is that there in history we never have had accounts as numerous as this. When we only have had scrolls and or word to mouth as our main information ecology, we can only rely on those accounts, plus any direct experience of those paranormal experiences. When we invented prints, and nearly into radio, we then have had an increase in stories about paranormal experiences, form ghosts to cryptids. When we further developed our technology, into radios and tv boxes, we then have paranormal experiences related to the black and white screen, and the ghost boxes. The same with when we finally invented the internet and videos. However, for every supernatural and paranormal experiences that are told, are more numerous accounts of those that are made up, to take advantage of the latest developed tech plus tapping into the mass hysteria of some of those events to make more fortunes(mix of red and orange values, of events of purple to blue). The main reason though, for me, is that such events are extremely rare that they do capture the imagination of what it would be like, and such rarity drives the need to spread it more as if it's likely to happen. Look at the UFO phenomena and the sub culture built around such events, they're very rare, coincidentally tied to government secrecy and the paranormal, and such rarity drives a need to proliferate that thing, or event, into a very interesting light, to fight off it's scarcity and unknown factors and sell it as something more known and relevant, and relatable, and marketable too. There are other more common examples around technology too, and this is what makes it a tricky topic to discuss to those who's worldviews are more normative and natural and have the supernatural and paranormal as not the groundwork of it.
  14. An interview, one hour plus long, of the creator of the drawing on the right side of your brain.