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  1. @Husseinisdoingfine It is a step in the right direction, like how healthy wings should function on a bird, offering specific solutions that's context sensitive and highly adaptive. Brilliant.
  2. @SQAAD How can you blame him? That's his own bias and preference, which is his level of ego development, it can't go faster or slower than it likes, or in this case how fast/slow you're projecting his ego should develop. Even if his spiral stage development, cognitive and moral development, and his multiple life experiences are as such, his ego is gonna develop as it can develop. Expecting it to develop too fast or too slow is a projection, which is false. And I am in agreement with the UFC and cage fighting industry, but these businesses as a collective function, serve to fulfill those in the crowd that have mostly stage red shadow values that can't express them in healthy ways. However, that's just the collective issue. The individual issue, is if the person has a passion for fighting, and martial arts, and it somehow aligns with their life purpose in some way. Are you just going to tell these people to change their passions (I mean the fighters than the audience members)? Because they must find a way to satisfy that in the meantime, until they can let it go in the future. Otherwise, it ends up being unhealthy suppression of their natural tendency.
  3. @Hardkill And that's why devilry still exists. Yeah, let's keep judging others
  4. I'll ask the question here, as it seems to have not been covered in the interview for @Leo Gura to answer in the Q&A section, but here's the question: 'Is NLP and spirituality similar, and could NLP be useful in dealing with any negative ego backlash?' Anyone wants to answer go on as well.
  5. From a technical game perspective, TLOU 2 was much better than the original, especially on the second half of the game, and the game mechanics are well balanced. Map design and detail is breathtaking, and difficulty settings are great, of course not in comparison to Dark Souls. All this praise is coming from some bias as I play lots of games in the past and occasionally do today. From a storytelling perspective, there's nothing new here, as the storyline is similar to Quinton Tarantino's pulp fiction, where there are moments you spend in the present, then some scenes you jump into the past with some of the playable characters, then back to the present. A good chunk of the second half is also played more through the perspective of the new character more than one of the original characters, which due to the medium of the game, provides a unique experience to handling different perspectives and an unusually nice pacing to the game. The last bit of the game an entirely new story arc takes place in the future almost doing a reverse pulp fiction to one of the original characters, which is both a jarring but nice plot twist. The creativity put into the story was quite refreshing. Also a bias of mine, as I study a lot of stories and making them. Spiritual/psychological perspective, it was a gold mind. So many pointers in the game, but mainly the many reactions of the division in the fan base was insightful, as I got some insights from their views on this game, especially after they played through it. It's not that surprising to me, this game feels like it's meant for a more mature, sophisticated ego rather than an immature one. Also the game has spiritual themes and symbolism in it that is quite good. I almost went meta from just observing the fan base alone.
  6. @Guardian I was going to post this a few days ago. Yes, it is very hard to empathize and understand the Danish Foroe Islanders if some have a stage green to orange values system, have different cognitive and moral development, have different life experiences and have a different ego development, also have a shadow of stage red to purple values. While this is horrible, it pales in comparison to industrial levels of fishing of fish via super Trollers that use heavy nets that drag on the sea floors damaging corals. Also to fishing of sharks, roughly estimated to be around 220,000 a day from just Japanese fishing boats, not including other countries like China, Korea and other asuan countries that fish sharks. That's a huge number of sharks that are fished, yet there's still so many sharks in the ocean despite that many sharks killed, shows how big the oceans could really be.
  7. @Javfly33 Is it the tribe people being recorded, or the new agers that are trying them out and are new to that substance?
  8. @herghly Well, if the universe is a mind, and it is very similar to a human brain, with the left and right hemispheres, I could imagine there's a super intuition and super logic at work that probably makes it possible for such entities to have energy and psychic developments over time, in tandom to every culture and it's flow of time. It could be possible.
  9. Seriously? Wow, I didn't know that.
  10. @Sucuk Ekmek And that's because the Aztecs were a stage red/blue society with elements of stage purple worldview with their spiritual views and practices. Mainly it's where their at consciously speaking. However, evolution is intelligent, and they didn't last long anyways against the Spanish conquistadors that arrived, as they are more developed in different aspects of society, like technological warfare, more developed weaponry, more solid stage blue worldview
  11. Having trouble posting image with my phone so I'll state it instead. First part of psychopathy was above 81.5% average and score 3.3. The second part if psychopathy is 89.5% above average, also 3.3. Somehow I don't think the result is accurate. After completing the test, they also give a followup language test. I suggest to take that one too, because it basically tests what a strange word should mean to you, from two other words.
  12. I hsve taken the test, and answered each statement as quickly as I can, paused when the statement wasn't matched with my life experiences eo far. I also took the language test survey right after, which was even more surprising to me. https://openpsychometrics.org/tests/LSRP.php
  13. @Husseinisdoingfine Prove it.
  14. @Shiva99 Not enough context to give advice, like the kind of career you're in, the job offered, salary, time frame, how many hours, work days, previous job you did, what your colleague also did, what your old office is like. So, I'll list some following contexts later to give some substance to my suggestions with what you might've done: