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  1. I am surprised their isn't feedback/pushback on this statement.....well said
  2. Please correct me if I am getting this incorrect; what @Hatfort and @Serotoninluv are saying is, it is okay to choose for ourselves to end life inside our own bodies but not if it is outside our bodies. As I do more self work I find myself revering all life in all its expressions, no matter what, even if I don't understand it.
  3. @Hatfort If the pro-lifers were to accept terminating limits at 5, 10, or 20 weeks they would lose ground in there stance because the pro-choicers ultimately win due to the life being terminated within a certain time period. Think of it from both dynamic levels, does this make sense? I find it interesting that many pro-lifers do not have a problem with trophy hunting animals and many pro-choicers are enraged if you stepped on a sea turtle egg on the way to the clinic. @Leo Gura Would you mind pointing me in a direction where I may find these polls or percentages you are talking about? I have been unsuccessful in finding anything like the 75% you have been saying.
  4. Pro-lifers believe life begins at conception, and pro-choicers at birth. I find it difficult to see how there can be compromise on either side?
  5. So few abortions take place due to health, rape, and other reasons it is worth little discussion, and it would help people in untruths to justify there decision to have an abortion. A cutoff time is a problem both sides because if you make it, say 20 weeks, then the pro-choicers are acknowledging that life begins at 21 weeks. To compromise at anytime between conception and birth would acknowledge life beginning at a certain point. My question is, if you narrow it down to the day, why would it be acceptable to abort at 140 days and not 141?
  6. When is consciousness present?
  7. @tenta Not sure how you get away with that............?
  8. Here is what I have found in contemplation. The truth is that there are billions of people in this world who are suffering. If these people had the choice to go to any country of their choice, we would still have billions of people suffering, even if they all chose the U.S. I know many people who have suffered and thought going elsewhere would change their lives for the better, to no avail. Love.....There are many people who love their children and cause trauma to them, me included, we still neglect, cause physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual harm to them and we still Love them. Empathy....I empathize with many people, and I spend much of my time helping those in need. It is the ego which say's your empathy is better than mine. I don't think I am arguing, only stating facts and sharing thoughts, and not attempting to change anyone's views....ARE YOU? The reason you think it is arguing is because my thoughts and facts don't fit your narrative. The collective is best when the fortunate go outward and expand.
  9. Are you saying Trump is wanting whistleblowers dead or imprisoned? Separating people from their families - My youngest daughter was born in prison. She went through withdrawal for quite some time from drugs when she was born. We fostered her until she was three years old and we then adopted her. I think this was the best thing for her and I pray that her mother can someday get her life in order so they can establish a relationship. The reason I tell this story is that children are separated from parents every day and the reason is to protect the children. Taking children through several countries, risking starvation, injury, rape, torture, and much more, create unnecessary trauma on the children and you think separating them will make it worse. I don't. Immigration may be difficult but Trump is not making it that way. Illegal immigration is making it more difficult and I think we need to work on this first, and this is what Trump is working on. Immigration needs to be taken up in Congress and Trump is not Congress. The Dems have not talked about ideas or passed any laws regarding immigration. I have stated many reasons which I support Trump over the Democrat candidates. If you would like to talk about a specific subject, pick something which is important to you and lets discuss the differences in thought. I prefer chocolate over vanilla, but I don't hate vanilla......
  10. @Leo Gura Did I program these idea's or am I falling for idealistic thoughts of others? I know in the past it was definitely the latter, until I started my own research and discovering my own thoughts about things. I don't feel like I am defending anything, I am attempting to share my thoughts and discover the truth, as well as learn. Do you really think I should give it up? @Extreme Z7 I think a softer approach would benefit the collective even more, rather than throwing it in there face. People don't put up there fist's when punches are being thrown from ten feet away, but if they are in your face, it is natural to punch back.
  11. @Serotoninluv I agree that every situation needs to be addressed differently in most cases and sometimes the Feds need to step in. I also agree that States and Municipalities should stand there ground in some cases. In regards to LGBTQ inclusion and equality, I am all in, but how is painting public crosswalks in LGBTQ theme's addressing equality for the collective? IMO, it seems intrusive to many other people, in other words, "There, take That"!
  12. Number 2; CNN reports that the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) sent a letter to members of the Ames City Council asking the city remove pro-LGBTQ themed crosswalks in the community, citing so-called "federal traffic control standards." My work is in road construction and the FHWA is accurate in there letter for Federal Highway Standards. I am all for the Feds staying out of Municipal and State involvements however, if funding is coming from the Feds, Municipal and State governments are compelled to the Federal Standards. IMO it is the correct decision due to the paint on roads can become very slippery when wet.
  13. I think it is different when it comes to the law. Discrimination is legal, just not for certain things such as; sex, religion, race, or age.
  14. No you didn't, but the topic came up and I shared my thoughts on it. I also think we should be careful about the use of the word concentration camps. I am sure there are many people on this forum who take offense to floating this statement out so casually, and it is not truthful. Then impeach him. Why is it taking so long, and why are the so called hearings being held in secret? When I play the tape forward, I find that countries like China will do what ever it takes to survive. It will not do the U.S. any good to spend money that we do not have so China can take control. For now, lets do what we can, and be an example. I am not covering for Amazon. They played by the rules of the tax code. They also paid billions in taxes, just not income. They also expanded and hired on 50,000 employees in the past year. Amazon is also headquartered in Luxembourg so I am intrigued to know if this has something to do with not paying income taxes.
  15. This illustrates one of the reasons I disagree with the Dems. They bring nothing to the table because as Americans, we don't deserve anything because we are privileged, so.....if we have something that other people want, they deserve it as well. There is a legal way to enter the country and millions of people do so every year. The people who cross the border illegally are holding things up for the others because they are going through the same bureaucratic red tape. The Illegals are sending money back home so there remaining friends and family members can illegally cross the border as well. Do you see the cycle happening. It is chaotic to continue this, and this is what the Dems want. I want orderly immigration and from what I can tell, this is what Trump wants as well. After all, his wife is an immigrant.