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  1. We have witness to this on many reservations where some receive as much as 70k annually and it does not work well collectively.
  2. LOL....I do have attachments, but not to Trump. My attachment is to the people who are being treated unfairly and this has been a failure of mine since I was a child, in which, I have gone to jail on three occasions protecting people. I see Trump as being treated unfairly in the media most times, in fact, I don't think it matters what he does, it would be wrong in the minds of most media, of which is not reporting, but punditry. No mention of him in any thread here banning flights from China, yet the media, as well as the left and there leaders call him a racist for doing so. In 2009 Obama declared a national emergency for H1N1 after a thousand people had died and six months after the first death in the U.S. where twelve thousand people eventually died, yet he is declared the savior of the nation. I don't care if people see it my way or not, I do pray that I see it differently, and I also pray that others see it differently.
  3. And test who.….Everyone. In my state only 7% of people tested have the virus. 93% tested do not have the virus but are sick nonetheless. Trump did not cut the program. He got rid of the dead weight left over from the Obama administration. He put competent people in like Anthony Fauci, increased spending and installed resources in more nations. The same intelligence agency which has been spying on him for four years and working against him. Trump did NOT call it a hoax. He said the next hoax for the Dem's against him will most likely be this virus. Unfortunately, whether you're a Trump supporter or not, the truth is not being told in the media, so we cannot depend on them. We also need to search without having perceptions in the process. We can search and find anything we believe suits our beliefs.
  4. So tell us @abundance, what would you have done? Or anyone else, to prevent this. Imagine Hillary as president, or any of the candidates who ran or is running for president. how would they be handling this? IMO it would be no better, maybe worse.
  5. If it happens too quickly it will collapse from within or be taken over by outside entities. Balance with slow change.
  6. When the left wins it will be more centrist in the future. Then, the left will win again, and again, and again......
  7. Agreed Disagree....Imagine Biden as president right now. By the end of this pandemic we would be Chimerica.
  8. In order to do this, the whole world will need to do this. This will not happen because a state like China will not go along with it and take over the world. This would be worse than the situation we are in now.
  9. After watching the debate Bernie had very little ammunition combatting such an easy subject. It seems as though he is throwing in the towel and the energy is not in him.
  10. Healthcare is a responsibility, our responsibility, not someone else's responsibility. Government's duty is to protect you from me, me from you, and us from them. insuring domestic Tranquility, such as civil rights within the nation, and promoting (encourage) the general welfare is protecting the food and drugs so they are safe for consumption and protect the people as you have mentioned. However, government's responsibilities regarding healthcare and living wages are only for protecting the people from bad medicine and poor work environments, not implementation of means and methods. Are you advocating that government give out toothbrushes, soap, and shampoo as a right? To secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity is to help protect the people's rights for liberty, unjust laws, and freedom from tyrannical governments. IMO traditional healthcare in the U.S. is narrow minded and basically drug dealing. I have had serious illnesses and injuries in this life and I have found more help in books, church, the web, people, prayer, and meditation thanks to Leo and this website. For over 20 years I have watched my parents take more prescribed pills in volume than I have for breakfast. Is this living or are they walking around in a pickled body. I thank this Government for being there to protect me, not care for me, this is on the part of the collective and I am grateful to be a part of this collective.
  11. I agree that Bernie is on another level, however, the status quo is fighting him because they don't think he can beat Trump. VOX talks about people coming together for Bernie, but they did not discuss the over 45 group and IMHO, this is where Bernie suffers due to his social policies.
  12. Here in the U.S. it is not a Constitutional right, but the people have the right to pursue happiness, and that includes helping mankind. Healthcare for all is a force onto the people, and does not empower people to care for one another. Which is more conscious? I will say the latter.
  13. If government would get out of the healthcare business things would be much more affordable because it would create a more competitive market. It is not a rite to have cheap healthcare and medicine but I can certainly see a time where many people will push for the rite to have a smartphone. However, it is nice to see the back and forth discussion.
  14. Because everything is free of course.
  15. Interesting, an oligarchy system with high conscious oligarch's. I actually like this system.