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  1. What would the best minimum wage be? I think having a Federal minimum wage is futile. Sure, $15/hr is great in northern Michigan, but very little in Seattle or New York. The difference in the cost of living within a State can also be substantial.
  2. I've never mentioned keeping military weapons so why do you insist on talking about them? Military weapons are not what we are discussing, what the Dems consider assault weapons are the AR's and the simi-automatics which look like military weapons. AR's are not issued to soldiers in the military. Have you ever taken a walk in the woods knowing there is a 500 pound bear in the area, with cubs? I have taken many walks with my dog, along with my wife and daughter's and yes, openly carried my loaded rifle. Yep, I'm pro gun. You got that right. Imagine where we would be without them. Hungry, I suppose LOL. I think the tweet by the New York Times was a true feeling of there surroundings in there attempt to protect people from being offended. They just forgot the dog whistle...
  3. @Serotoninluv So the fear for keeping AR's legal is due to the potential damage it can do? Between my brother, my father, my son-in-law's, and myself, we have about 9 of these type of rifles. I have a mini-30 which I have hunted with many times. My brother and father have several SKS's which are also used for hunting. My son-in-law's have a couple SKS's as well as a couple AR's which are used for hunting, plinking, and competition. We use these rifles for recreation, hunting, competition, and protection, if necessary. Nobody walks around open carrying one of these rifles as they go to Wal-Mart. My thought on this issue is that the Dems want to take these rifles from us because of the potential damage they are able to do, yet the damage which is actually being done today is 20 times greater with a hand gun. The Dems are unaware (Or are they) that if they ban these type of guns, the bad guy's will still have them. I can think of better things to discuss, which cause unnecessary and unwanted deaths in America. Why the Dems choose assault rifles, which are related to less than 300 annually is beyond me. How about "The New York times" Quote, "18 years have passed since airplanes took aim and brought down the World Trade Center".
  4. I tend to assume everyone is seeing and reading the same things I am. I realize I need to be more specific and I am working on this. The basis of that particular portion of the discussion was in regards to registering all guns. The lack of trust, when it comes from government, is the fear for most people. AR's were specifically addressed during the debate, and the discussion was to get rid of them specifically. For decades the Dems said this was not there intension to ban the AR's, but many could here the dog whistle. The next lethal form of gun is not the AR, in fact, it's not even close. Here is the dog whistle; they get the people to register there guns. They ban the AR's which are used in less than 3% of all gun deaths. Then they tell you that shot guns are the problem, so let's ban them (Used in 4% of gun deaths). Well, we might just as well get rid of hand guns because 17 people will be shot and killed tomorrow using them. You are correct....The fear of my daughter's not able to protect themselves or there family. It seems to me that much is said in regards to the tools which are used to kill people rather than the people themselves. Even with the remembrance of 9/11 recently, there were many people who say that planes did this. I don't think it is intellectually discussed in that manner. Jeffery Dahmer killed 17 people without a gun. If all the guns in America were banned, how many lives would be saved? Or, how many would be lost?
  5. Well...Watching the latest Democrat Debates, the cat is out of the bag. They were openly talking about gun bans and this has been the fear of many Americans. People kill people, not guns, cars, airplanes, knives, and bombs. I think it is time to work with people and help them instead of blame them, and the tools they choose to do evil. Love and tolerance of others.
  6. I think what many on here are talking about is empathy. I fall into this trap of why others don't do something they 'should' be doing which 'I' think is good for them. When this happens to me, I tell myself that the world is perfect and then let it go. Not easy......but simple nonetheless.
  7. Were we all segregationist's in the past for, as Leo is saying, survival. For instance, a Nordic person may struggle with an environment near the equator, as a person from Kenya may struggle in an arctic environment. With modern inventions and technology we have gained comfort so the struggle does not exist.
  8. I think what Leo was getting at was collective genetics. So yes, I guess we are all slaves. That is, if I understood what Leo was saying.
  9. In Milwaukee, Wisconsin they just spent over 800 million dollars on a trolley train which goes around a two mile loop. The Mayor and the city council said it will pay for itself with the amount of riders. Few people are riding it and the city is hemorrhaging money to keep it going. The Mayor and city council are proposing a 1% increase on sales tax to continue funding it, and get this......Expand. This does nothing, in fact, it hurts the poor. this is how I see things going with BI. It makes people feel good about what it is intended to do. However, when it doesn't work, they will say, "it's because we need to dump more money into the program", even if it doesn't work.
  10. I have witnessed this type of behavior with older generations and I have also seen this tamed down with later generations. As Leo has said, we are all slave owners. I think we are collectively growing with each generation.
  11. @Serotoninluv Thank you. This helps me understand where I have been, where I am now, and where I am looking toward. Watching the videos and doing the work has helped, but getting involved in the forums helps with many things, such as mindfulness with the action of dealing with people.
  12. @Serotoninluv I don't think it should be illegal, I don't think it is healthy for me. So....where does that fall into SD?
  13. I'm not sure where I am on SD but this comment represents what I am striving for. Does this make sense to you@Serotoninluv
  14. People helping people is much more effective rather than government helping people. I wonder if we will ever have a choice in which non-profit organizations our tax money would go toward. Maybe the government could give the tax payers a list of them, and then we could choose a handful of organizations. Government makes these choices for us now, why not allow us to choose. Just a thought...
  15. It happens daily....