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  1. Get one then. I don't want one....
  2. So the U.S. Senate is part of this because you feel it is unfair that all States (Regardless of there population) are represented by two Senators? The Dems gerrymander as well, and has been going on for over 200 years. The Electoral College is the rule for the game, and has been for ever. This is not Trump's fight. His job is to select a candidate and the Senate takes it from there. If we want the rules to change, it takes about 85 million voters.
  3. Are you saying that there are no checks? Are you saying that the open Supreme Court seat belongs to the Dems? Are you saying that the American people should go six months with an open seat? Is this not the Truth?
  4. No....should I have been?
  5. They are doing there job. After the President nominates a candidate for the Supreme Court, the Senate then takes up the responsibility of approving or disapproving the candidate.
  6. I think RGB was a person of higher consciousness in her earlier years. IMO, her pollicization of issues left her on a lower scale of consciousness. If I were a newbie and started reading this topic, I would not consider this site to be of higher consciousness. It has been asked several times on this forum, why would a conservative person follow this site. TBH, reading the material on this topic, I am not sure how a person of Higher consciousness would follow this site. Let us be respectful for the influence RGB had on many people and start a new topic if we wish to whine. We can do better. Love you all.
  7. Yeah....but I don't think it will be Florida this time. I think Florida will go Red, but Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin may go up to Thanksgiving. The attorney's are going to get wealthy in 2020.
  8. Please tell us that you didn't give birth to that bad boy naturally and had a cesarean delivery. In my experience, having three daughters, women would guilt and shame the opposition until they developed an eating disorder or something like that LOL. I have worked in road construction for decades (A masculine atmosphere) and I am now working in the accounting and programming department (A feminine atmosphere). I find that men would have short, violent battles, where women will have long, drawn out wars, which last forever. I prefer the short battle, but guess what, I'm a man. Love you all
  9. I understand what you are saying but have you ever witnessed the birth of a baby? I sure am glad I'm a man...….I don't think I can handle that LOL.... We have different strength's and weaknesses and we depend on the others strength's to lift us through this life. What a wonderful thing....this is how I see Good point. I never thought of men being expendable....that's funny, with some truth.
  10. Well, I have three daughters, hence the topic to me is a little personal, and the eldest is about to give birth to a daughter and our first grandchild. I have been enjoying time with my twelve year old as we are working on consciousness together. So, family and personal development make up a large part of my Life Purpose. All that you have mentioned are part of my Life Purpose since I am very involved in our community of recovery from addictions. How True. In the past I was into racing such as in running, biking, archery, triathlon, biathlon, and snowmobiles. I have a ton of trophies, and today, they mean absolutely nothing to me, because they remind me of how little I felt about myself.....and that includes when I would win. Thanks to Leo, this Forum, and others in my life I can now begin to see the light. Love you all...
  11. If Joe wins in 2020, it will be Kamala in 2021...
  12. Yes....I have many things in the bucket. This particular void will get filled. With what, I am not sure of at this time, but until then it will be meditation with Life purpose intention.
  13. Because this is a consciousness forum and many men think that women are not capable of reaching the same levels of consciousness as men. This is not true by the way.
  14. Funny how this topic comes up at this time for me. After almost three years, I recently decided to leave a bible study group because I felt they were too closed minded and were not willing to be open minded about such subjects. I have learned many things about the dogmatic thinking of such individuals, but I think it has now run it's course for the I in me. I hold my wife, to an equally Loving partner in this life. I Love them all, and Love you all.
  15. @louhad Okay, you win. He's an asshole. I Love you.