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  1. @louhad and @Serotoninluv, I have no problem removing statues and monuments of the many people you have described. It is the manner of how they are being removed in which I am questioning. When people act on emotion rather than intellect we make poor decisions. I am disappointed in the State of Tennessee and the Republicans for not removing the Nathan Bedford Forrest statue. I see the distinction but when people act on emotion rather than intellect we make poor decisions. My concern is when others don't see the distinction. This is why I stated the following; Mayor Kathy Sheehan of Albany, NY signed an executive order to remove the statue of Major General Philip Schuyler, who was in the American Revolution and a U.S. Senator. He was a slave owner so he needs to go. City council President Susan Dabaja had the statue of late Mayor, Orville Hubbard removed for his racist views. The city of Philadelphia removed a statue of the late Mayor, Frank Rizzo for his controversial statements. California is removing a statue of Columbus which stands in the capitol. My question is, if government lived with these statues for decades and can have these statues removed with the stroke of a pen, why did this not take place years ago. I am thinking......WOKE maybe, but more for political reasons.
  2. Perhaps I was not clear enough when I wrote; Removing statues of government property should be done by city council members, county board, state representatives, with the peoples input. I have mentioned in other threads that the representation in major cities is 85-95% Democrat, and I have heard very little about these statues in which @Serotoninluv is discussing until recent weeks. Where was the talk about this, or the representation over the past decades? Now there is talk about tearing down statues of Lincoln, Washington, Jefferson, and many others. In the capitol of Wisconsin, a statue of Lady Forward and Hans Christian Heg were ripped down and thrown in the lake. Hans Christian Heg was an abolitionist Colonel for the Union and killed in combat. WTF....and we don't think that a statue of Martin Luther King Jr. will come down some day for his words regarding homosexuality. @Serotoninluv How would you feel if some anti-war people ripped down the Soldiers and Sailors statues, or anti-spiritual people tore down the Spirit of Detroit statue, without debate or concord? I can hear you now...…"Well, that's different". Don't be concerned, I still, and always will, LOVE YOU.
  3. We have statues of many important people who, in todays standards, have said very non-pc things. Such as, people who have spoken out about homosexuality being a mental disorder. These statues will most likely come down in the future. Why, because it bothers a few people or, like here in the Wisconsin capitol, ignorance. I always thought that it was not as important how we grow into this world, but how we leave it. These days, it seams, it is not important how many good things someone does, but the few missteps along the way are what we are remembered for. I would think we would be more careful, for this now applies to us, and the people of the future. Without missteps, slips, and falls, there will be little, or very slow growth. Maybe it is best for the collective if some of these statues come down, or moved. The decision is best when it is made by the collective.
  4. So Republicans are just too stupid, closed minded, and bigoted to run a big city. In 2002 the Governor appointed a very conservative sheriff to Milwaukee County and told him he would need to run as a Democrat if he was to be elected. David Clarke was conceivably the best sheriff that Milwaukee County has ever had, and he won election every time because he signed in as a Democrat. So, it's not that Republicans can't run a big city, they just have a hard time winning elections in big cities due to the amount of Democrats who live in them. If someone lives in a large city they are represented by around 50 government politicians all the way up to the president of the U.S. and 85-95% of them are Democrats. I have noticed recently, if there are any problems in a large city, it is due to the Republicans......LOL.
  5. It's not a big deal if healthy people get the virus. It is a big deal if the people who may have the virus visit elderly, and unhealthy people. In the U.S. it seams like a caged animal let out to be free. Recreational vehicles like boats, jet ski, and off-road vehicles are hard to find. People want to do something and closing concerts, carnivals, and other events perpetuates these activities. IMO alcohol is one of the major factors in the spread.
  6. our largest cities and the problems with mass transit.
  7. Yes, there is little difference between this and shutting down a road due to a storm or repairs. It doesn't mean we can't drive, we just need to find another route. I am confident people will find another way to get there booze. However, I feel for the businesses and we should do what we can to help them out.
  8. I just heard Cocktails are banned in all Florida restaurants and bars.
  9. Most amount of Freedom with the line at protection. Less government, more freedom, therefore less protection. The scenarios can go on and on and I try to stay somewhere in the middle. Do you have something more specific to address.
  10. I support Yin and Yang. Balance is always best for the collective...
  11. So the assassination of Soleimani was "preemptive"? Soleimani was responsible for the lives of many U.S. Soldiers. As I mentioned earlier, if we had done nothing, like Obama and Bush, as well as what we are doing in many cities now, it will not only continue, but worsen. I understand the hatred from countries where we have sanctions. Do you have a solution, or should we continue to do nothing?
  12. I agree that I am seeing it from an American interest. However, this would more than likely cause a war because we are not poking the bear.....or are we.
  13. Do you think the assassination of foreign generals could be a warning shot to prevent war? I would rather have an assassination than an all out war. We really don't know what goes on behind the scenes, though Trump hasn't shown he is a war monger. Sanctions are also warning shots, although I am not sure how effective, and I agree that many civilians suffer because of sanctions. Do you have idea's on how else to deal with this or should we do nothing. We are witnessing in many cities what doing nothing does.....violence seems to worsen when nothing is done.
  14. LOL.....I think marriage should not be in the legal system at all. It's a sacrament and has no reason for being in our laws. Why does government give a crap? Good intensions and Tax revenue I'm sure. The point is, whenever government sticks there nose into family and values, it usually backfires on the people.
  15. I understand what you are illustrating and I am working on this awareness. Thank you for pointing out these defects. However, I have witnessed the Left saying and advocating for things like gay marriage, and turning the other way on family matters for decades. Religion gets bashed as well, and they are advocates for family values. I am not religious, but I see value in what they support.