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  1. Try some Kriya breathing methods. It maybe Isha Kriya, Sudarshan Kriya, just try what does suit you. Listen to yourself, to your body. If you are trying to enter lucid dreaming, gently slow down your breathing while you are in bed and keep on observing what happens. Once you'll catch this moment of dual state of being still awake with begining of a dream in the same time, you enter the game.
  2. You purge ignorance only by facing the Truth. About Yourself... this is not an easy process. Your thoughts, emotions... let them be just as they are, observe them and most of all try not to judge them, whatever shit they may carry.. pain, suffering, shadow memories. You'll see as understanding comes, less and less fear remains. You'll see yourself in everyone... Stay calm, be patient and persistent. Good luck my Friend.
  3. Btw, Instead of the new age philosophy, you should be using the old age philosophy. Behind this are thousands of years of testing techniques and integrating knowledge by thousands of yogis, monks, Sufis, shamans, and other devotees to benefit the next generations of human beings.
  4. The amount of misunderstanding comes directly from the level of consciousness. And it is not that the lower level is worse. It's like saying that 1st grade sucks. You have to finish elementary school to go to college or later to university. Each stage is equally essential and vital. The problem is that perception, nondual understanding is the final frontier of this level of consciousness that we are now experiencing or manifesting as humanity. The senses and ego-mind are the primary tools of perception at this level. The mind is reductionist, an identifying and evaluating program. THERE IS NO OPTION TO UNDERSTAND ANYTHING MORE WITH THESE TOOLS. ANYTHING BEYOND THIS LEVEL. THIS WILL NEVER HAPPEN. NEVER. Therefore, the so-called meditation techniques, psychedelics, lucid dreaming, kriya, etc., are to prepare you to move in areas where the role of these tools, such as the senses or ego, is minimal or not at all. The next level is direct, holistic understanding. This is something that you have to get used to and integrate with. Only further and further trips into oneself, gathering experiences, deep contemplation, removing judgment, developing acceptance of what is - THIS IS THE ONLY WAY including all that each of you will find in your own time. An example would be the experience of NOTHING, or the so-called loss of consciousness, e.g., in the state of deep sleep or during anesthesia. Well, if you seriously practice mindfulness, sharpen your awareness, consciously observe what is inside and out, you start to experience THIS SOMEONE / SOMETHING that is experiencing. Thoughts, emotions, the world perceived by the senses, the mind's construction. THE ONE who experiences ALL AND NOTHING, emptiness, absolute absence, absolute silence in complete darkness. And then knowledge comes, utterly different from concepts, assumptions, and theorems built on assumptions. WHO IS THE ONE THAT EXPERIENCES ALL THE POSSIBLE STATES? All that is also the states of nothingness. Tours and short trips end here, and the journey begins. Enjoy the ride:)
  5. LOVE is not afraid of anything. Nothingness, everything, all possibilities which are infinite (Godel's Incompleteness Theorem:) are welcome. "Everything you can imagine it's true" - Pablo Picasso
  6. There's nothing to believe in. You experience it or not. Until you experience you believe in this or that. Anyway, anything is possible for God, isn't it? To experience all possibilities, without excluding anything. Why? Because It is LOVE.
  7. Or everything. Yet Dream is in God's mind, no in a separate self mind, as such doesn't exist. We all are Dream characters, living inside this Dream. Everything and nothing are the same. They are basically our semantic category. Investigate your own dreams. Start to be aware of your own dreaming state. By practicing focusing your attention on entering this state, and gradually developing it as you dream, you will see that it is a fractal reflection of the dream that is your daily reality. Not necessarily experienced only in this incarnation.
  8. The best proof that This Field of One Consciousness, with this particular vibration and frequency, manifested as humanity, that is, each of you, has not yet entered the highest, infinite level of vibration, is that the dream continues. Dream is something and nothing combined. Although, privately, I believe that there is more to it than nothing?
  9. @Forza21 somehow, afterwards you know you were unconscious. Even if you are completely alone. This has been recorded in your memory. How is it possible? Investigate this. Who is the one that know that was "unconscious"? ?
  10. @softlyblossoming I agree with Rupert Spira. I believe that our conception of truth, which is commonly understood, is the product of the ego. one program evaluates it, and, based on this evaluation, the second program identifies it as true or false. Good or bad. With all gradation of both, of course. The evaluation method is lightning fast. after all, the most important thing for the ego is what it will be. In second place is what was. What IS de facto does not matter. You must always be one step ahead of others to survive more effectively and efficiently. My visualization of evolution in this stage of consciousness is as follows. Imagine a multi-story apartment building surrounded by a specific area. The higher you move, the more you see, and the horizon line moves further with each floor. One day, out of curiosity, you climb onto the roof and see that the land you have perceived as all that is, is part of a larger landscape. You leave your comfortable apartment building and go on a hike. You reach the limit of what you know and cross it. If you are persistent, you can get the following areas and beyond. As it turns out, it is not particularly difficult for the inhabitants of the top floor of the apartment building, who sometimes smoke weed on the roof. The challenge is to integrate what you have experienced. For this, No Man's Land lies far beyond the cognitive abilities of the mind's ego. The next step is a radical shift. No Man's Land fits here like nothing else. You will have less and less of what's outside of your current baseline. But what's outside is of little importance there. What're inside counts. Yes, spirituality is learning to accept. The Learning of Love that integrates Compassion and Wisdom. Our garden with an apartment building is nothing but Purgatory. You purify yourself by removing ignorance. That's all. You have to feel it with all of yourself until it becomes your daily living experience, Brother.
  11. Cycles, cycles, cycles. Existence is written in processes. The last time was a time of very long journeys into oneself. The medium came by itself. Kriya techniques and the practice of lucid dreaming. Previous nights were an entrance to the deepest layers of memory I have come across so far. At some depth, I found that the collections hide the same emotional states generated to protect their agenda, narrative, and worldview. To cover falsehood, simply. No matter what life or incarnation it was about, the mechanisms of the ego are the same. The ego consists of two basic operators, mutually correlated and coherent. The identification frame and a much more powerful evaluation frame. While distancing oneself from the identification frame seems relatively simple, and the "meditative success" in this matter is relatively quick, the key lies in recognizing the evaluating frame. It not only determines what the ego identifies with, what it rejects, but it is the foundation of the multi-level structure of its own hypocrisy, hypocrisy, and hypocrisy. I saw the scared, blind child that I am. I also realized that the evolution of (in) consciousness is linear for a given density, but going to the next level is a radical leap. It's like comparing the awareness of inanimate matter with bacteria and plants. Then bacteria, plants versus animals. An infinite number of local fields of the One Consciousness gradually increase their degrees of freedom. Here the breadth of Consciousness is best seen: insects at one end, mammals like elephants, dolphins, or invertebrates like an octopus on the other. You will say that all this is just a dream of God and you are 100% right, you will say that God is me, you and you, and you are 100% right ... Only that it is a fractal dream, a dream in a dream, in a dream, in a dream. Each level further is closer to being fully awake. How far does it go? I do not know. Until you fully dissolve the Maya, the ego, the illusion. How? By gradually (linear and exponential) increasing the acceptance of what is. What you are. Every aspect of reality that you are, by practicing love. I understood as much as I could convey the beings revealed as Leo, Sadhguru, Gurudev, Rupert Spira, Swami Sarvapriyananda, Nisargadatta Maharaj, and many other enlightened dream characters. Leo is absolutely right about what we're here for. Only to learn to accept what is, more and more and more. By loving it more. So much that there's not even a speck of dust left on your existence to disturb you.
  12. Ego loves to know. To know, to control.
  13. Well, what can I say? You're absolutely right. Sometimes I just think that there are so many pointers in both theories, that show the way to something completely new... Meta-Science? To some next level of this limited existence, that is evolving all the time, through the cycles of its own patterns of action and memory...