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  1. Agree on everything guys😄. Amen!
  2. I have a question about life, universe and everything and despite the answer is 42 (that's my house number, seriously 😋) I wanna ask is it possible to keep its mystery forever?😉😊 This is very serious question!
  3. @Enlightement on saturday I witnessed such "ceassation". Few cars before our car, man jumped from a viaduct straight into the front of a van that hit him and ceased his body... Lots of negative energies can be experienced recently. Stay strong my beloved Friend. Nobody is better than You. You are most beloved in our hearts. Take care and try to cut through darkness like a lightsword. We are all riding on this train💗💗💗
  4. @Schizophonia chill out. If you don't know him personally, or even if you do - rough, emotional judgments are not the most fortunate things to do. Fight he is in, inside himself may be true hell... Holykael, Brother - seek someone to talk to you live. Sometimes things feel like pointless shit. But it's just a feeling... We all here pretend to know all the answers, but... it's just a pretending🤷. Take care, Bro..
  5. @Holykael do You have suicidal thoughts?
  6. Thanks to daily yoga, I discover more applications and functions of this body and mind. And so - activating those already found caused a natural transition to the straight edge state. Slowly, coca-cola and carbonated drinks withdrew, and now vegetarianism is gradually moving towards veganism, which is interesting because, as a holder of the BRh+ blood type (brought to Europe by the Mongol invasions), my body is genetically programmed to eat meat. It's not forced; it happens naturally, and I don't see it as morally better than my previous state of smoking marijuana, drinking beer, or eating anything. It's just a completely different technology. A bit like it is from another planet
  7. @ivankiss The voice of wisdom. At last. Very needed here. Bravo, my Friend
  8. If you're imagining this conversation, then realize how smart it is, ergo, how smart you are. There's no other way. God is smart
  9. Do not think too much. Open your heart❤️😉
  10. @Reciprocality So I'm moving from "mind" to "heart" more and more often. Among other things, this forum made me realize that mindfulness without heartfulness is simply sterile and barren. What is the purpose of conceptualizing something that cannot be described? I also don't think this human experience should be taken as a total prison you must escape as soon as possible. I reckon Maya is the illusion of absolute things created by the human mind that gradually become more important than reality itself. When you abandon Maya even for a second, reality feels as real as it can be. There is something "very sweet" here despite the enormity of bitterness, despair, and suffering - such a hidden impenetrable beauty that, as I sometimes experience it, makes me admire what is more and more. It's something in the heart of all of us - I don't know what it is. I don't need to know anymore:). By the way, your style reminds me of Alan Watts - is that you, Alan?
  11. Here is a living example. He had spent the last few days in Poland at the Art of Living Centre in Taraska. The sheer power of pure presence and acceptance. I have no problem at least trying to follow in his footsteps.
  12. @Yimpa Blindly following a narrative leads nowhere, although mutual ass-licking as part of the mutual admiration circle is not something strange on this forum. Parroting some practices just because they seem "cool" and gives you a new identification of belonging to some group of enlightened - read - better entities - is one thing. It is another thing to impart Wisdom that has no author. Teachings about unconditional love, forgiveness, non-judgment, and loving yourself and others are universal, timeless, and transpersonal. If you call it sucking some man's dick, who is simply transmitting what resonates with the spiritual heart of every human anyway - then forgive me - as an unenlightened entity, I will call you plain ignorant, especially when you meet such an entity, such a being, in person. Such people most often bear witness to what they say with their lives. And their testimony is 1000 times more than talk.
  13. @Reciprocality Beautifully written. Full agreement. The interesting thing is that all the shit and crap I've generated - mostly lies and judgments - the weight of it causes it to ignite or melt, whatever you prefer... At some point, you just get tired of it. You always, in the end, lie and judge yourself. Life without this burden is a flight into the sky.
  14. @Breakingthewall congrats bro👊💗😄. Like wave is a shape of shapeless water, You are shape of shapeless life. Enjoy The Life You Are. Surf the waves of reality! Much love😘