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  1. I started watching it. It's awesome. Very much recommended. It's in-depth on the implications Osho had on his people and his surroundings.
  2. It means that you won't get all the techniques and methods that actual belong to the Kriya, because they either don't exist any more or are kept secret. So you can only get so far with the techniques. A complete yoga system leads you to the light body (apparently).
  3. I've used microdosing LSD in long learning periods before. It helped a lot. I wouldn't recommend using it all the time though because you should not set your new working / focus standard with drugs. But for certain situations it helps just to get shit done and stay motivated.
  4. I don't know how it is in Sweden, but in Germany we got some serious constraints on what you can and write openly. This really sucks (and motivates me more to go to North America).
  5. @Leo Gura, yeah but this is just one part of a society. The other consists of laws, models, actions etc. that are used to organize the group. And these systems are clearly man-made and the self-evolving organism lives in conjunction with this system. True, because it's natural that a society that is self-evolving will get bigger and bigger until it collapses. A good societal system could prevent that by designing ground rules so that it never gets so far. I wouldn't be so sure. I think we are peaking rn with our globalism so that it will collapse at some point because the system cannot function any further. The question is, how long will it need to go down. But surely, every system that gets too big will fall apart and build new little systems.
  6. In terms of managing a system you can make the point that it is way easier to manage a collection of small systems interacting in a predefined way instead of one big system. Look at your body, it's an ordered collection of many small systems that make up bigger and bigger systems, finally leading to you. So, If you have a set of nation states they can all individually have different kinds of laws for different kinds of cultures so that every culture is happy with its laws. And then these states can interact in pre-defined ways (contracts, human right laws, etc.) to make business with each other if they want to. This way they can even set up systems that ensure that war is held down. For example they can build unions and what not for that sake. The general problem I have with globalism is the following: I don't know one natural or man-made system that works that isn't made of a collection of little systems interacting with each other. So, please change my mind.
  7. Thanks for sharing. This is awesome!
  8. Another problem with the normal Kriya in general is, that it is not a complete system. It's only partially revealed. So you cannot finish the whole practice. There is at least one version I know that is complete, but mostly secret. I think Kriya is a good starting point for people though, but maybe don't spend the rest of your life doing it and get a complete system after some time.
  9. @Seed, take a bath and relax a little bit.
  10. 1. No, but I don't even have the sense that it is there when I look at it. It's more like I experience a veil of moving sensations that are completely flat in empty space. 2. Head area still is dominant because sight is a very strong sense perception. Other then that, I have no sense center because it feels like I experience a little flat bubble and that there is nothing "before/behind" that bubble. 3. Awakening is not a state. But yeah, you can feel shitty but you are still awoke. I was ill a few weeks ago, it was shitty. But I was still awoke. 4. Yeah, the character still suffers because he is a romantic in love with certain elements in life. I don't even want to get rid of this. I wanna get rid of a few addictions over time because they are unnecessary. But I don't need to get rid of every suffering, it's not "that bad" any more. It's just an element of the whole deal. What is the nature of suffering. For me, right now? The non-acceptance of an very intense sense perception. But this question should be explored a lot more. Good one. 5. Haven't felt "guy-to-girl" love since I awoke. So, I don't know. If you mean that.
  11. #plusOne (since the "like" function is disabled). Very easy to do technique. Thanks!
  12. In my experience you'll have a big time advantage if you are in pain. These ppl just seem to be way more dedicated then others who would just like to know.
  13. I've seen very enlightened people that still suffer immensely from their own karma. Developing of character and integrating emotions is a practice in an of itself and is not primarily connected to mindfulness. Mindfulness / enlightenment / etc. helps to do this for sure, but it doesn't resolve it automatically. So work on that and you're fine.
  14. Why would you want to be able to stop a motor machine if you can pretend do drive it nicely? Because you don't have control over the engine if you can't stop it.