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  1. Your question is misleading. A belief can never be right or wrong as it abstracts a set of similar experiences to a never seen, idealized model that doesn't exist. Take a perfect circle for example. You have seen endless very close approximations of a circle, but you have actually never seen the real thing in its mathematical perfection. Although you use the concept of this perfect circle as the mean or belief to differentiate all the approximates you see from different objects. So your question should be: How can you be sure that any beliefs you hold are useful if there is strong evidence that humans are naturally deluded creatures.
  2. Man up. Face yourself and your feelings. The very sense of fear and anxiety is the point of self-hypnosis you have to break.
  3. @Leo Gura Valid points, man. It's a multivariate problem we are talking about, that's for sure. I don't neglect your points here and I also get that you argue for the other side. I think the main problem here is not a JP or some leftists that may or may not be helpful with there opinions, it is that most people are either pro-left or pro-right and neglect the others completely. If we really want to progress as a whole, we have to take the people where they are and open their minds to the high dimensionality of the problem. Otherwise we are just measuring dick sizes and being rude.
  4. No, that's wrong. Here's a list of why that's wrong: improvement of women rights founding of super-national organizations that keep human and economic standards in all western countries (actually partly a good thing) advances in climate change policies all the movements, hippies, gays, etc ... that are no publicly respected to some degree 1960 movement with all its ideas science now publishes everything in English and works together on a global scale (except Russia) social services have increased making the poor richer ... If you really believe that we are no more "right" than we are in the 1960s, please bring evidence, because it is really false. We are way better off now than 50 years back. This really makes no sense. To your example of JP: I get your point. However, it's not in JP's power to control how famous he gets and how intelligent some of his followers are. He is not calling them out to do anything bad against other people. I think you are way better off with someone that actually talks about important topics, if you like it or not. And ask yourself this: If so many people resonate with him, and all he tells them is to develop properly and take on responsibility, they should all get more intelligent and see that his political commentary isn't sound. And if that's not the case, then he is not wrong, but the leftists are. Because thousands of psychological well-developed men that take on the burden of their live and work for society and themselves, are just more valuable then some identity-politics transgender kids that doesn't get along.
  5. From the 1960s onward all major national and super-national political decisions convergence into leftist ideals. That's a fact my friend.
  6. Maybe to give an example of what I mean. In this talk JP talks very ambitiously why he thinks that Post-Modernism is not the way to go. He is ranting a little bit as well, just like you @Leo Gura when you talk about your topics. He and you make a point. That's what needed in this world, so that we can the think clearly about both points to figure out where we are headed. If you don't like what he says, that's fine. There a lot of stuff that we don't like. But the discussion that he brings about is bitterly needed as our society goes left now for 50+ years and we are not aware of where we are headed. If that kind of rough talk is too much for anyone that wants to have a real discussion, then don't have the discussion but don't expect to be taken seriously. Real change and practical optimization of big interacting societal systems is not as easy as liking one philosophy over another. It combines being grateful for how far we have come so far and thinking clearly about where to head next. And this needs discussion from both sides. JP
  7. An example of a political commentary of JP that is hateful against normal leftist people that don't share radical far-left ideologies. I really think you confuse him attacking normal people for ones that are actual radical and ideological.
  8. Can you PM me an example? Because I'm not aware of even one instance in which he behaved how describe him. It really seems like we are talking about different persons for me tbh. He also says himself that he has not have had one instance in his live lectures where people went crazy..
  9. If everything is pre-determined when was it determined, by whom and did he have free-will to do so?
  10. That's true. As are far-left identity-politics people (not leftists in general ofc). I think that he makes a strong point in reaction to the far-left people. You cannot predict how an ideology (leftism) that is coming up right now will develop over time and whether it is good or bad. One is foolish to disregard historic events that show outcomes of certain ideologies. Although, you are right to say that this should not hold you back too much to develop the system further. I know that very well as I have actually been in those countries and live in a comparable one myself. These countries including Germany also let in tremendous amounts of Muslim refugees and try to integrate them into the society (using that money that you talked about). This is ofc due to leftist policies. I argue that these countries will loose their happiness and healthiness by a large amount in the attempt to integrate these refugees. This is actually one of the main reasons why I will leave Germany. I actually track how crime and such things develop in my country and the neighbouring ones and can assess what the policies in the last 10 years changed. Not such a paradise as you think it is. Btw, if you want a paradise. Check out Switzerland. From what I have seen so far, most of his actual content (which is long educational discussions about psychology and philosophy) is not very demonizing at all (in contrast to how the media reports on him). Most of his university students were women btw. The practicality of his wisdom is assessed by how much he helps an individual in his own life. In all of your comments I think you confuse that JP attacks stage Green which he doesn't. As I stated before he is well aware of the need of leftists to counter the right. All he is attacking is the far-left that IS NOT Green but red/blue as it promotes radical ideas that are far beyond reason.
  11. You make a lot of fair points in your answer basically saying that the "Green" people aren't as bad as portrayed by the alt-right media and JP. Also that they make intellectual discoveries that push the moral landscape forward. I think though that you mis-characterize JP. I don't know how aware you are of his clinical work, his popular work on individual responsibility and his understanding of past political systems. JP is a big proponent of a "fair fight" between the left and the right (politically) as it is needed to keep the competence hierarchies fair and give enough chances to the dispossessed to become successful. He attributes a lot of positive facts to the "Greens" in the society and weighs them as equally needed as the right to balance the societal system and keep it fair for everyone. His critique of the far-left identity-politics people (that he does not confuse with the Greens / normal leftists) is based on the historic fact that every instance of socialist policies ended in catastrophes like the Soviet Union (which you probably know quite well ). This makes him belief that he should warn the people when he sees popular leftist movements that are radical enough in their core beliefs to change society in a bad way. Now, though I support him on this one, he is clearly not looking enough into how socialism can develop the society further, that's for sure. Other than that (which the media takes and puts out of context the entire time [to make money off him]) he mainly and especially right now talks about individual responsibility and how you can become a better human being by bringing psychological science to the society. If you read his book or watch his videos on these topics, I'd bet that you would support 80% of his speech in these fields. Is he a good source for how to progress through the stages, enlightenment and so on? No. His wisdom lies in more practical manners. But I find that most popular persons have one key area in which they shine and that's it. So, I think if you see him in this more holistic way you really find tremendous value in what he has to offer. If you find that this talk is pure climate denial, I think you are over-generalizing. In my estimation he weighs the value of climate change and what we can actually do about it with other problems to which we know solutions to but don't act. But I also wouldn't agree with him on this one. I think you should really push the right energy forms to be "good enough". Lastly, I'd to say that none of you socialist, leftist Americans really knows how it looks like if this ideology is applied on a practical political level. Come to France or Germany and see it for yourself. Pay 35 - 45% income tax plus tons of other fees to than spend the 30 - 40% of the money you have left on healthcare, housing and food.
  12. So you would define post-modernist, transgender identity-politics people that are also Marxist as green and thereby higher in development as Jordan Peterson? I would partly agree that JP is blue/orange as most of his talk is concerned with that stage, I just think that the people he is criticising are actually deeply blue masked in green territory. There is a reason why there are no hippies in the news (actually greens) but there are these crazy leftist people promoting mindless bs. If you follow JP's wisdom that he got from reading tons of books and research, you are a million times better equipped to have a meaningful life and develop compared to the fuzzy thinking that his leftist opponents promote, imo. Btw, the stuff he talks about and his products is basically your life purpose course. Good stuff.