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  1. Your post in one of the reasons why I dislike @Leo Gura talking about deep topics containing phrases like death, ego suicide, etc. To someone that is as far as Leo or more advanced, this kind of talk can make sense and illustrate ideas or experiences. To someone like @Baotrader, it is confusing and misleading because you don't have the capacity yet to make sense of it. That's why in Zen they only give the knowledge to you, that you can handle. Otherwise, ppl would go crazy.
  2. Actually, a friend of mine got in contact with Shinzen Young by just emailing him. Aim high.
  3. I have had a few mentors in my life so far that developed my state of being in terms of ability, intelligence and lastly awareness. I would certainly not be near the understanding I have now, if I wouldn't have had ppl who led me. This is for sure one of the best advices in general, not just for enlightenment. In my experience even the "high / famous / intelligent" people will help you, if you show lots and lots of interest, potential and will to work hard and for free at the beginning.
  4. I'm sorry for your friend, but that's why all the people warn so deliberately that you should be ready to do this. If you are unstable and do it w/o supervision, you can be fucked for sure.
  5. That's true. You should only consume it when you are 15 years or older. Before that it really can fuck with your brain. However, 5-MeO literally physically fucks your brain and should never be done by someone that is younger than 21.
  6. It's actually not slippery at all. You are just in a very confused state of mind. And that's your normal state. Fix this and enlightenment will fall into your lap.
  7. Actually, it has been proven now for years that weed can help cure certain kinds of cancer and a lot of other illnesses including regular pain. It's not unhealthy at all. Big misconception.
  8. You've mixed a few things up here. Not really, no. Took me personally 2 weeks until I noticed that something changed, for example. (Not because the change was so "little" but because it was so fundamental that I needed two weeks to find the sanity to think straight about it.) And just by listing the symptoms of what had changed I figured it must be enlightenment. And I had extensive conceptual knowledge about enlightenment. So you would think that I knew "what to expect". Let me tell you, you will not know what hits you. That's why I tend to dislike spirituality these days, because it's too far away from the actual thing. Not talking about it might be a better way to approach it. Just sit or ask yourself "who am I" and wait. That's because enlightenment is such physiological change in your whole mind-body system, that you are confused in the beginning. It takes months and years to integrate what really happened. And even then, you just figured out "who you are". That's by far the easiest thing to find out when it comes to contemplation. Because you are it. You just have to find "you". Try contemplating "what is another" or "what is reality". That's a completely different thing to find out. Finding out "who you are" is the entrance to a lot more enlightenments that are way harder to achieve. That's why so many spiritual teachers talk about different things and confuse ppl alot. That's why you shouldn't talk about it. Peter Ralston and Eckhart Tolle are both enlightened, but probably have a completely different way of perceiving the world because the depth of their enlightenment and achievement varies a lot. That's one way, probably. I think I could talk someone into enlightenment that would be willing to give up everything he or she knows about this world. The problem is, most people have some conceptual walls they don't want to give up, that's why this method either needs a lot of time or doesn't work with people. My best advice on getting enlightened is this: Figure out how you bullshit yourself, which lies you tell yourself, which unproven assumptions you take as real. Write all of this down and then melt every one away by contemplating it. Write down the walls that keep your ego in place, and then get rid of the walls. And then just sit and wait until it hits you. And then wait 5 years before you write your first book. Cheers, Az
  9. Actually, a friend of mine said the same thing about Vancouver before I went there and it was so beautiful that I decided to move there after my studies. In Vancouver, most of the fucked up people are in one part of the city. Visited it once, wasn't nice. Compared to Europe, I would guess (from videos as well) that the US is way more fucked when it comes to homeless ppl. But I will see for myself. Hopefully, I booked a hotel in the right part of the town. I think I did doe.
  10. Actually, I thought about spending the weekend (8.09 - 09.09) somewhere else. I thought about going to Las Vegas. If I come to LA, I let you know in advance.
  11. Hey guys, I'm gonna visit San Francisco from the 3th to the 12th of September. I got a few places I'm gonna visit in this time, but I have enough free time to have a meet or two. I'm gonna meet up with @Juan Cruz Giusto. If you live near by, let me know and we can meet as well. Last summer I met @Be Yourself in Vancouver and it was awesome. Very excited to visit the US. Cheers, Az PS: To the moderators. I'm posting this here because most of the guys from this section know me.
  12. Actually, I think I cannot talk about that here (not in public and not on PM). I've been thrown out of the forum once by Leo for talking about it and now I'm striked for that. I tend to be very elaborate in my descriptions and I tend to not give a fuck whether other people like that or not. This topic includes a human being that Leo doesn't like, so he asked me to not talk about it, which I conform too. That's why I can't talk about it. The transmission I got comes from the "prohibited" person and further details would be inseparable from his teachings etc.