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  1. Maybe it's worth to take a trip into another country then ...
  3. I used one of their programs where you would use sounds of rain or waves in combination with their binaural beats. One could buy different levels with changes to the binaural beats over time. No voices. HoloSync is way better quality then all of the stuff on YouTube that I tried.
  4. I used HoloSync for I think (?) two years with the Do Nothing Technique and Strong Determination sittings. It helped me a lot at that time and felt really nice. I can really recommend it. :-)
  5. Yes, I would still recommend it. It always helped me.
  6. Thanks, been a pleasure to share my word. :-) It isn't so much the feeling of the experience that makes it so unique but rather the change of viewpoint. It's like this: All normal experiences change what you perceive and that's it. 5-MeO shows you parts of the structure with which you perceive your normal stuff. It's like zooming out with a camera and being exposed to a much bigger picture after being lost in a tiny detail for years. I think a really interesting question is this one: What if reality just happens and transforms by itself and the sole purpose of the mind is to self-deceive itself that this isn't the case so that God can experience how it feels to be lost and how it feels to overcome being lost. After my awakening I had several contacts with what you would call a more "personalized" form of God, more like it is portrayed in Christian imagery. These contacts all included that he "God" gave something to me, so it wasn't just a feeling or something. And these contacts all included multiple instances of "God" interacting with me and also re-assuring me that it is not just luck or something. So I don't really know what to believe and I don't really care. There a multiple levels of reality and understanding and your mind is way more powerful and skillful than you think. If you think that enlightenment is the end of the journey, I have to disappoint you. It's more like an invitation to the party. At least that is how it feels to me. I do not think that 5-MeO is the right substance to treat illnesses like depression. If you want to use psychedelics for that, research mushrooms and ketamine. There is some research and practice with both these substances. Also, please always talk to a doctor and be reasonable with your actions. Depression "sometimes" can be cured by getting your life together like getting a better job, finding a girlfriend, having some friends, care for your family, have a life. "Sometimes" you should be depressed. Ofc, there are a lot of other cases as well. Cheers, Az
  7. @Waveman25 Sounds good
  8. @Leo Gura Objection 1: How can one be sure that one's consciousness is even able to experience the ground of being. If there is limitation in conscious awareness, there can be "more" out there, that one could never grasp. If there is limitation in consciousness, the ground of being one may discover, is still bound by a limitation. Objection 2: How can you be sure that the ground of being is one "thing" and not a collection of things. If it is a collection of "things", how do you know when you discovered the entire list? Is it finite? How would even know?
  9. Heard you talking about that in one of your videos (I think). I'm really interested in such a substance. It actually sounds a little bit too good tbh. No catch at all?
  10. Sounds like a great trip. :-) Important question. Right now, I would actually discourage that ppl take 5-MeO or similar potent substances on their own. It's really risky in my opinion. Even if you are experienced with other psychedelics. IMO, the perfect setting would be a place that has a very relaxed vibe to it, you have one experienced guy that leads you through the experience, setting everything up etc and you have at least one other guy that is a doctor and could help if things get out of hand. If I had such a setting back when I did it, I would've felt way more relaxed and could've focused more on the experience. W/o help you are on your own and have to worry that a) you don't freak out and do crazy shit and b) you can handle the experience physically. 5-MeO for me had an intense body load + the feeling of dying really confuses you. If you can't go to such a place, I'd prefer to have someone around that looks out for me and takes a passive role, just checking that all is good. If you can't / are not willing to do that, start slow and work your way up. Cheers, Az
  11. Glad you liked it :-) Yes, I do! No, never been there. I mostly trip(ped) with my friends / alone. We went a few times to the Treptower Park / Plänterwald. Rlly nice locations to have a nice trip in the summer here. Never been to the Psychedlic Saloon doe. Sounds cool. I've been to a seminar from the Psychedlic Society once that was about Microdosing.
  12. Yes, it does because 5-MeO flushes out so much bullshit from your nervous system. BUT, if that is your current goal don't take 5-MeO. It is not intended for self development / anxiety / being a man. There are a lot of techniques to get good at facing biological / social fears. Most of them come down to incrementally exposing yourself to the situation as it looses its grandiose nature over time then.
  13. Very interesting topic indeed. I once took a video course on speed hypnosis and read 2-3 books on the topic. Practised it a lot on myself, friends and family members. Cool stuff
  14. Dude, you are legit bad shit crazy.
  15. @MezzoAria You are welcome.