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  1. Now I'm gonna say the opposite of what @Leo Gura just said: When you do it, only trust yourself. Now, who is right? He or me? Both? Nobody? Find out when you get there. The thing is, you can talk all you want. Get there and just see for yourself. That's where the gold is.
  2. A lot. Not just one. Find you own by getting enlightened. No, you can't really get rid of the ego but you can integrate it. Your ego on it's most basic level is the way you perceive as a human being and then everything that you make out of that. You can integrate the battle that is created in you and you can understand who YOU really are, that's enlightenment. Beyond enlightenment is everything that enlightenment is not. You can get enlightened about an infinite amount of topics. As I said, there is an infinite amount of things you can get enlightened about. Pick the one you want to know. There is no "god-given" manual here. Can you experience the Absolute (infinity) through an finite, illusionary construct called the ego? I doubt that. Try 5-MeO-DMT for yourself and your question will be answered. Otherwise you are just a character in a movie making claims about the person that watches the movie on his television. Think about that.
  3. You are not there yet. Once you get it, you won't be confused any more. It's like finding out that you are a man / woman. Once you know that you are a man, you don't need to do anything to get it. Because it is recognized by default. It's the same with enlightenment Being enlightened is binary, in or out. There is no depth to this realization. But then, there is infinite depth with what you make out of it. Like, there are pussies who cry all day and there a man who make something out of there lifes. You can argue that the later made more out of "being a man". The same applies to the enlightenment realization. So, just go on. Confusion and depression just let's you know that it's working because all your shit gets out.
  4. Research is something you have to learn by doing it. It involves being very good in using google, reading multiple sources, watching videos, cross-checking facts etc. Just try. You'll learn it on the way. Btw., this is by far one of the most important skills to build in the modern area.
  5. Don't be so sure that you can direct your path so consciously. If you don't take powerful tools like 5-MeO-DMT you can expect to have an gradual, slow opening with more and more glimpses that will eventually stick and open you up.
  6. Bad moods, yes. Of course. When you work 40 hours a week in 4 days and have massive stress on work, you'll be in a bad mood. So the body will suffer just from the symptom. Psychologically it is not nice, but not comparable to before, because no one suffers from it. It's just stress on the body. Depression, no. But can happen as well. You can have any emotion pre / post enlightenment. It'll just be different because your "you" won't suffer from it because it's resolved. It's kinda like this. Picture you make a house of sand on the beach (your ego) and you play that you live in that house. You play it so damn much and all of the time, that you actually believe that you do. Everybody else is also doing it. Now, at some point your house of sand gets destroyed and you instantly realize that this house was never of real substance + you see what is going on. Now, before your house was destroyed it rained sometimes and you'd get really worried because you thought the rain might kill your house. You are asking me right now: "Does it still rain?" (Do you still experience bad emotions?) Of course. It's just that there is no house no more, that I try to protect from the rain. But it's still rain. It'll still make me wet and cold.
  7. If you do some research (reading books) you will find pretty shocking evidence for most of these spiritual / supranatural phenomena. I once digged into past-life hypnotherapy - read a book about it - and I was shocked by the scientific evidence of some cases. For example, what they did is: They made someone see one of his past-lifes through hypnotherapy and then brought him to a moment in time where he read the newspaper in his past-life. Then they double-checked in the archives what that newspaper said and see whether it is correct. Another one is letting someone speak out loud during the session while he is in a past-life in which he speaks a different language. Then you double-check whether the language - he normally can't speak - is correct. There also is some good research on astral projection and especially remote viewing. Read up, it's fascinating.
  8. @egoless, I think that if you implement these things on the long-term YOU might have a good life (if you want that stuff). But keep in mind that it has nothing to do with enlightenment. One of the realizations I had after my awakening that shocked me for a good 1-2 months daily is: Well, you still gotta do shit with your time. That was so shocking because after the awakening all the mental-masturbation, all the analysis, all the thoughts about myself and spirituality just fell away. And this was a big chunk of my daily thoughts. So, expect to have radical shifts of perspective on these topics with time. None of them might be "it" and none of them will work for everyone, but just go with how it comes. For me personally, I have a long-term plan that I work out. I know that after my studies I wanna move to North America (maybe Vancouver or an American City that is similar), live their, have my own programming project, build a family at some point and have an relaxed life. And that will be fine for me. Another person might want something completely different and that's fine, too.
  9. I found peace, knwoing of who I am and trust in myself.
  10. And God is like: "Pff, bitch whuut? I'm infinite. You can't get me with 12 laws."
  11. @AleksM, that's well and good, but still not scientifically backed. @Berjohansen, cool that you found a paper that investigated that. I'd still not say that this is conclusive, because we know that DMT is in a lot of plants and so could get into the body through that but I think if more studies look into it they could make a case.
  12. I just researched a little bit in the "scholar-ly" side of the internet and it seems to be that it is still an unproven thesis that DMT occurs in the body. I could at least not find any study that says something otherwise.
  13. I have been born another time to prove a last time to myself that it doesn't matter what you try - you cannot fuck with the devil in his own world.