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  1. A spiritual ego tells you his wisdom pro-actively without understanding that by explaining he divides the truth in untruth. A genuine guru reacts to a question to get rid of the distinction between truth and untruth that is being assumed by the question.
  2. All the time. All my friends have their own values that differ from each other. That's the beauty. When we meet we never run out of things to say. Everyone is its own character. The one thing that we share though is the deep knowing and feeling of "brotherhood". Whatever that is, it sticks us together. Find people like that. Opinions change, but your brothers stay your brothers.
  3. Basic rule: Everything is normal in meditation. I can literally not think of any feeling I had in my life that I didn't have in meditation. 2ndly, your kind of question has been asked now a bizillion times. This wonderful forum a search function that you can make use of.
  4. Karma is one of the most obvious principals that you'll begin to witness when you start to live in non-symbolic consciousness. I am aware of Karma as I am aware of my foot. I'll make a post about it in the future, but it'll take way more groundwork to give you the idea. So be aware
  5. You have and are experiencing the most horrific pains without noticing. Look around you. People get tortured, killed, raped and it's all you. It's just that you don't identify with their relative bodies and minds as much as you do with "your own". You always experience a tremendous change. Your level of pain and in-pure love is directly correlated with how much you are aware of this change.
  6. If you are not enlightened yourself, you cannot test if someone is enlightened or not. If you are enlightened, you can. It's easy. You can sense it just as you can sense whether someone if full of bullshit or not. But as long as you are not there, you may be mislead.
  7. Yess, he learned it. You cannot not learn it. Read up on it if you like. Mentalism and magic is fake and every mentalist / magician knows that and actually is very open about that. It's not about whether it is real or not, it's about: "How does he do it?" That's why they hate people who pretend to have supernatural abilities and like to show that they are fake, too. My friend has told me some of the tricks he uses, to give me an idea, and I'm always stunned how straight forward and simple it is. It's just clever, that's it.
  8. No worries, that's all normal. You'll have a lot of strange moments on your journey. It'll go. Mostly when that happens you literally have shifts in your nervous system / mind / body that cause your reality to be temporarily strange. It's most often a release of tension in some sense and that's good.
  9. I think you mis-understood me. With superpowers I mean be able to be calm, have very little thought and not be confused. For a normal person that should be a superpower even if he doesn't recognizes it as one.
  10. 1. That's something you either have or don't have. That's the root not a symptom. I can't tell you methods to genuinely wonder who you are. Psychedelics can inspire you very deeply but this is something you have to find for yourself. I always wanted to know since I was a little kid, I was always curious what is going on here, so it was natural to find out some day. A lot of other people seem not really to be interested and just want the "super-powers" of being enlightened or what not. Be warned, it won't happen and even if it should, you'd go insane instantly. Enlightenment is insanity from your current standpoint any ways. That's the fun of it. 2. If I were you I'd do 30 min of HoloSync and start with that. HoloSync itself is so powerful, the first months can be quite difficult. Do one thing for 3 months and look if you are still interested, then you can add something to it. I don't know you so I can't say whether and when you should do psychedelics. I've spoken about this a lot of times now on this forum and I always recommend working up to something like 5-MeO-DMT. Don't start with it. Start with weed, then brownies, then shrooms, acid, ..., 5-MeO-DMT. Start when you feel like it. And go slowly. 3. I did that just by contemplating it constantly. I think this was one of my biggest advantages with my awakening. I contemplate since I can think. Contemplation is my main thinking. So, go contemplate. Just like, when you go outside wonder about how nothing has substance, if Leo is right. That behind you your world ends and in front of you is this colored reality. When you talk to someone, you can contemplate a million things about relationships. Just go for it.
  11. Hey man, good to have you on board. Being a strength athlethe will probably help you with the discipline of having a practice, that's nice. But you also probably know as strength athlete that you cannot do a 515lbs squat in the first week of training, it takes time to get there. That being said I can really recommend taking things slowely. Watch Leo's video on Backsliding. It's critical in every phase of the journey to slowely increase the practice so that you can adjust to it, if you wanna increase it at all. In my personal experinece I've found that the "success" you have on your spiritual journey does not fit the amount of practices you do, but more so a genuie interest and holistic integration of spirituality into your day-to-day life - basically you gotta love that shit and connect eveything you do with it. Then it hits home because you see every aspect of your life change. Meditation, self-enquiry and the other formal methods are powerful and at least one should be applied to make sure you get the momentum going, but the will to wanna know will bring you much further because it'll occupy your mind until you have the answer. If it doesn't really itch you to know who you are, you'll never find out. That's the key here. All of the other techniques and little games we play here with ourselves just support that very fact. So, go slower. You'll spend at least the next few years with this stuff until shit gets really crazy and you'll need that time to integrate the change. My general recommendtation is the following: Have one or two formal practices going (in the beginning) while reading up / listening to all of the good material that is out there from teachers, old teachings, modern stuff. My all time favourites are Alan Watts, Rupert Spira, Mooji and @Leo Gura . You can spend the next two years just exploring their material on YouTube and in books. You'll be highly educated if you do. And that's just a few. There are probably hundreds if not thousands of other good sources if you are willing to investigate. Find your sources. That being said, have a good journey and don't go to fast. It's a journey, not a race. Nowhere to get to, nowhere to start.
  12. What are you when you don't ask that question? What are you when you fight with your mom? What are you when you fuck your girlfriend? What are you when you mourn at a funeral? In all of these scenarios you are. the last three of them are very intense situations for the mind and body, completely different states. But in all of them you still are the same. So throw away all of your concepts about consciousness and awareness and sit for a second contemplating: Who am I when I am asleep? Because you are the very same if you are asleep or if you are awake. So find out.