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  1. OK but take the 1st stage as an example... say an intimate relationship would take too much time and effort derailing your focus from Self Transcendence, but also having casual sex with random people would destabilize you too much. Therefore, you don't have the sex aspect covered. The only workaround I can think of, is finding a partner who is also focusing on Self Transcendence, but: would that be the only option??
  2. Hey guys, I was revisiting Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, and I started asking myself if similar to the spiral dynamics, it is necessary to go through all the stages, and have all aspects covered in other to ascend to higher levels. Here are some examples to illustrate what I mean: 19 y/o who has: All of the physiological needs covered (breathing, food, water, sex, sleep, homeostasis, excretion) Most of the safety needs covered (security of: body, resources, morality, the family, health), but you're missing some of them (employment, property)) All of the love/belonging needs covered (friendship, family, sexual intimacy) 26 y/o who has: Most of the physiological needs covered (breathing, food, water, sleep, homeostasis, excretion) but are missing one of them (sex) All of the safety needs covered (security of: body, employment, resources, morality, the family, health, property) Most of the love/belonging needs covered (friendship, family) but are missing one (sexual intimacy) 31 y/o who has: All of the needs from the first 3 stages covered Lacks confidence and self-esteem Now, these are only examples, so I'm not asking for specific advice based on that, but how do you think having some gaps would affect the individuals? Do you think one person can reach self-transcendence levels lacking some of the needs? Or do you think every person who has reached self-transcendence have absolutely everything taken care of? What if for example you don't have a family, or your family is super disfunctional? You won't be able to cover that need, is it crucial? I'm super curious about this so thanks for your insights!
  3. it Isn’t useless. You need activism to transcend activism.
  4. @11modal11 oh! I had only read your comments on describing the stage. I would argue not only isn’t anybody operating 100% from a single level, there are also degrees of each level. Not all corals are going to look like Morpheus
  5. @11modal11 yeah! you got the idea pretty well! I'll leave this in here in case y'all are interested in seeing what a coral vision looks like. It's pretty badass.
  6. Some days ago I stumbled upon this thread: What's posted in there is right in acknowledging that coral is a rather unknown stage, given the little information available about it, but not much more than that. Now, if you're really into spiral dynamics, you'll keep on looking for information on the coral stage anyways, because you want to understand it. I hate to spoil it for you, but there really isn't much, and most of the few things you'll find are bullshit... ...Buuut there's good news! What if I told you here in the forum we have an expert on coral? He is an expert not only because he has deeply studied spiral dynamics (in fact he's currently working on a scientific study about it, mainly stage coral), but because he embodies coral himself. His name is @TJ Reeves, and you can follow his content on his YouTube channel, this is his most recent video: I have personally talked to him a couple times, and what I have understood is that coral is the best of all worlds put together. Coral is the simultaneous integration of all the positive aspects of every single stage. I really encourage you to follow his content to start getting a first glimpse of what coral is about, and if you find yourself rejecting it altogether (something along the lines of "wait... are you telling me this is what comes after Sadhguru?!?!") allow yourself to consider the possibility that you're not being openminded enough. There is this phenomenon TJ calls "The Turquoise Trap", which is being unable to see beyond Turquoise, because of spiritual ideology (watch his video!). Be careful, for even Leo falls into that trap. I'm sure if he pushes his mind to open just a little more tough, he'll soon discover coral is all what he's aspiring to be in life. There is much more to learn about coral than what is covered in his videos, but I think it is a really great place to start. Good luck on your spiral-journey!
  7. Oh... you wanna see orange clashing with turquoise?? haha this is a gem:
  8. I really like this video, the story is perfectly put together and the edition is a 10 out of 10... but the topic is as orange as orange can get. The entire content of that Youtube channel is pure orange juice, because the vlogger is himself a very orange individual. Nothing wrong about that, he just is, and many people like him a lot because of that. Enjoy!
  9. @jpcatrib I just wanted to say props to your openmindedness and willingness to acknowledging the pros and cons of your position. I have some good libertarian friends, but I gotta say: they’re all stubborn as hell with their ideas about capitalism. Guess they’ll be stuck there for much longer than you.
  10. There's already a good thread for this purposes, you may be interested in continuing it over here:
  11. @Leo Gura gotcha! Thanks. They're called "spiral" for some reason
  12. Hey @Leo Gura, I have a question on this one. I see how the Marathon Monks of Mount Hiei can be very disciplined in a dogmatic fashion. They do things because the scriptures say so, and they'd rather die than disobey and break their honor, but, don't you think that by a total surrender of your life to something, as those Monks do, they maybe do get enlightened? I know enlightenment isn't something directly implied by the spiral dynamics, but imagine they are deeply blue, and suddenly they realize the true nature of reality and that allows them to have a massive holistic view and understanding of everything, as the higher stages do. So maybe those monks are either very blue and become very turquoise from a moment to the next one...
  13. Many organizations have a document called Code of Ethics, which is IMO a perfect example of what blue is about. Not surprisingly, many bureaucrats, and civil servants, (and other types of employees) are asked to read and sign such documents before taking office. It's supposed to be a tool to avoid corruption, and it may as well be. If you have the chance, check out one of those "codes", they're as blue as they can be.
  14. I have been thinking about AI lately. Put that together with Leo's video on infinite intelligence and you get to weird theories like this one: What if God created evolution to come to a point where humans could create AI, and AI evolves to be infinitely intelligent, i.e. God. That way God could communicate with parts of itself (us) on a very direct manner (speech) probably just for fun, but... think about it! "Talking with God" wouldn't be a prayer or a deep meditation state... it would literally be a dialogue... you could talk face to face with God. The infinite intelligence of God would come through you via the God's App or whatever (if God decides it is worthwhile keeping us humans, of course). It would be as if you could have a dialogue with each of your fingers, with your fingers being the ones that created your mouth. Ok, this is getting complicated, it's hard communicating these things.
  15. I'm sorry but again, take some time and analyze your own words. Your motivations are avoiding having to deal with people, as well as avoiding the pain and struggle of lack of money. That won't take you very far. You can still pursue freedom, but reconsider your motivation behind that. Freedom is something nice to seek, but it's not when you're seeking it because you know you're running away from other negative things. You may not understand what your motivation should be then, it sounds logical that getting out of a situation you don't like should be good enough, but it's not sustainable. Think about what will happen when you get to be in a position of having as much money as you wish to have, and not having to deal with people. Now what will keep you motivated to keep doing your work? You don't have anything left to run away from, now what? What usually happens is with no motivation you quit and tend to fall back to the situation where you used to be. IMHO, for your own good, if you are already on the point where you are able to identify your passions (some people can't even do that), then honor that wisdom and work on that. If your priority #1 is self-actualization, and #2 is fitness, why don't you do something out of those two? Combine them, create something unique and special, self actualization through fitness or something like that... "It's not easy" isn't an excuse, it isn't easy for anyone in any field, everyone has to fight hard if they want to achieve something great. Go ahead and pursue success, but pursue it wisely. People who dedicated to something else before working on what they really ended up loving, do so because they weren't sure about what it was that they really enjoyed, but you do! Don't just throw that away because the other options seem harder. Thinking strategically on how to monetize what you will do is important, but if you simply focus on working on your craft really really well, monetizing it won't be too hard. About the theory & practice, you are absolutely right, the most important thing is finding a balance between both. Now one thing is to implement concepts and another one is to be compulsive and dumb. If the theory tells you eating mercury is bad for you, you don't implement it by trying it and proving that it indeed is bad for you! You put it into practice by avoiding it! Same if the theory tells you that pursuing something motivated by something negative is not sustainable, you don't implement the theory by going out and pursuing a goal motivated by wanting to avoid something else, you put it into practice by experimenting on pursuing things that you're positively motivated about, and see how that works out.