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  1. @Hojo And do you manage to do so consistently? because sometimes I manage to wake up immediately like you describe as well, but I fail in the long term. @Rigel Thank you, I'm not really into coffee, but I may be able to find something equivalent that I really look forward to (more than a bit of extra sleep). @BipolarGrowth Thank you, I never have breakfast hehe let alone breakfast in bed! But the shift in identity/self image may be good to explore...
  2. @ExplorerMystic Thank you for your reply & book recommendation - I'll check it out! @QVx My job is not what is causing me to have lack of consistency in my sleeping pattern. I am supposed to work Monday to Friday full time, ideally this would happen from 9am to 5pm, but nobody is micro-managing me, and nobody cares at what time I decide to work as long as the work gets done, which means that if I start working at 11am, I will be done around 7pm, with no time left for much more than commuting back home, cooking, having dinner, and going back to sleep. If I woke up early and started early, then I would have much more time left during the afternoon to do things that I like. I would like to do that consistently, and not sporadically as I do now.
  3. @ExplorerMystic My job is very demanding, but very flexible with working times, which makes it extra problematic, since I will often start late, and end late. Practically speaking, how did you go about creating "discipline" for yourself?
  4. I've tried and failed many times to consistently wake up at 6am. Some times I succeed for a few days in a row, and then something comes in the way, and it isn't always insufficient amount of sleep. Some days I go back to sleep after putting my alarm off, some days I wake up and stay in bed for longer than I had intended distracting myself with my phone or whatever, reasons and circumstances vary, but at the end of the day, I fail to be consistent. I feel like this is one of the main hurdles that is currently keeping me from succeeding at other goals I have, to those who have reliably conquered the early mornings: how did you do it?
  5. Traps in spirituality: Feeling superior than others / being arrogant because you are following a certain practice. Related: believing that a spiritual practice will make you "special" - no, it won't make you anything... if you're lucky it will end you. Being convinced that you're following "the right practice", and looking at other paths as inferiors (judging others). Underestimating the amount of work and level of seriousness required to be a sincere seeker. Turning spirituality into your identity, ie. picking only the superficial "cliché" type of behaviours (changing diets, outfits, ways of speaking - but no serious practice) Related: Going into spirituality to belong to a social group. Taking on a serious spiritual practice when you're too emotionally unstable, or don't have your basic needs in life figured out. Failing to question even your favourite teachers and gurus. Related: failing to seriously consider the advice you receive from teachers and gurus. Believing that a small progress on your path is the end of it. Imagining progress. Getting derailed in entertaining occult practices. Failing to recognise ego backlash for what it is. The devil is sneaky, and it will often convince you that you need a break from your practice. Related: overdoing things, brute-forcing whatever practice to the point that is damaging in whatever way. Half-assing any practice: being convinced that by reading a tiny bit on it or watching a YouTube video you totally know what to do.
  6. This is what you are fantasizing about looks like in reality. Is this what you really want? Be realistic about it.
  7. Thank you for your tips @fridjonk! Did you set an active intention for your trip before taking them? Or did it happen naturally for you?
  8. Hello everyone! I am going to try mushrooms for the first time this weekend together with an experienced friend. I am re-watching @Leo Gura video on mushrooms (The Amazing Power of Psychedelics - Leo Does Magic Psilocybbin Mushrooms!) for guidance, but he uploaded it in 2016, ie. four years ago. Since then maybe there is updated information, or other than the info there, what tips do you think are missing for a total newbie! I am all ears and hope this thread will also help other newbie psychonauts!
  9. @Michael569 I'm not asking for myself, but for someone I know... It seems to be a condition in the entire family
  10. Please share here natural remedies you've found for asthmatic cough. Share only if: - It is a natural remedy ie. herbs, teas, routines, specific diet modifications, etc. (no drugs or medications) - You are very certain of its effectivity because it either helped you personally or you witnessed someones improvement and are sure it was because of that - The effectivity is significantly noticeable, it's not a simple makes-you-feel-better-temporarily type of remedy Thanks in advance!
  11. My point here is that a certain spiral stage alone won't necessarily keep you away from God. Let's not confuse the spiral dynamics with other types of development (such as Maslow' Hierarchy of Needs) and simple open-mindedness and honesty levels, which IMO explain a much bigger part of this phenomenon.
  12. A reminder that the higher you are on the Spiral Dynamics stages is not proportional to the closer you are to grasping the Truth. Enlightenment can happen at any stage. I've recently been reading St. Teresa of Avila's Book of Life. That's a blue stage Enlightenment right there. Veeeery blue, and very enlightened. The kid praying may be closer to God than the rational materialist... just to God in the form of Jesus Christ in heaven, but still God, nonetheless.