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  1. My point here is that a certain spiral stage alone won't necessarily keep you away from God. Let's not confuse the spiral dynamics with other types of development (such as Maslow' Hierarchy of Needs) and simple open-mindedness and honesty levels, which IMO explain a much bigger part of this phenomenon.
  2. A reminder that the higher you are on the Spiral Dynamics stages is not proportional to the closer you are to grasping the Truth. Enlightenment can happen at any stage. I've recently been reading St. Teresa of Avila's Book of Life. That's a blue stage Enlightenment right there. Veeeery blue, and very enlightened. The kid praying may be closer to God than the rational materialist... just to God in the form of Jesus Christ in heaven, but still God, nonetheless.
  3. Hello? I'm askin'!
  4. I sometimes doubt this. I have had quite deep conversations with a muslim friend who is incredibly trapped into Islamic dogma, and have had him grasp much better how a piece of garbage in the woods is God (we were literally walking out in nature, and I used that as an example) than other hyper-scientific and "progressive thinking" friends understand that different religions are all referring to the very same thing, in the same ways that different languages all serve the same purpose of communication. "Oh no no no..." they'll say... "some religions are way worst than others, and by no means are they about the same!!! the only thing that they have in common are the stupid people who follow them"... well, haha there may also be a little bit of truth in that, but we never get passed an evasive response like that because they're literally allergic to anything that gets remotely away from their materialistic rationality. Their minds are just as paradigm locked for the rest of their lives, never to find God. Edit: the fact alone that I have this muslim friend (and other super religious friends) is something I attribute to the fact that I can understand them. My "scientific" friends are absolutely incapable of this, and thus they will "tolerate" religious people, but they are unable to have an actual close friendship with them, as I can.
  5. Welp, what I see is all of my very best friends from college being deeply deeply locked in the scientific rational paradigm, having no understanding or tolerance whatsoever for anything that comes slightly close to religion. They weren't brainwashed into religion as children, but that didn't end up any better... I am able to fully empathize with both worlds, and that's because I've experienced both of them fully, and transcended them.
  6. Don't judge so quickly. I was born and raised in an extreme Catholic society, I also used to do catholic prayers before lunch since kindergarten. Didn't attend a religious school later, but I would have catechism every Saturday for years as a kid to prepare for the first communion. My parents would remind me to pray before going to sleep, my grandma still does that to the day . We would also often pray before meals at home. Now I'm thankful for those experiences. They allow me to understand much better how religion works, empathize, and have a healthy sense of compassion for those who weren't able to see beyond, and did get trapped in the dogma. Also, I find it very funny how decades after learning lame religion songs for children, those stupid songs actually give me chills because I grasp the Truth that they were trying to convey. One of them goes (translated): God is here, yes He is here, as true as the air I breathe, as true as the sunrise in the morning, as true as when I speak to you, you listen to me. Another one: Start by looking for Gods kingdom, and its divine justice, and everything else will come on its own Aleluya
  7. What was the trigger of your awakening? What exactly was the straw that broke the camel's back?
  8. Mind sharing how the experience was? I'm considering to apply and go after graduating from college.
  9. It is an obvious fact... to you... to me... but not to everybody out there, and precisely for that, when there's scientific evidence showing that, it can serve as an eye-opener for many people. May I ask if you even watched the episode?
  10. The first part of this episode is really good. It shows how climbing up the spiral (dynamics) is not as simple as it may seem. Also: consider how much your current spiral stage (presumably rather high if you are around this forum) simply depends on having been born in the right place. It definitely makes you feel humble and grateful.
  11. 1) how old are you? 2) what methods were the most instrumental for your awakening? 3) how long were you "on the path"? 4) and one more that may seem unrelated, but I'm truly interested in: from the perspective of "enlightenment", what is procrastination?
  12. hah interesting! but I highly doubt that we live in the same time zone...
  13. Oh yeah... I've had sleep paralysis in the past, it has never been scary, but rather fun to me, but this was different... I did not "get out of my body" and go places... I just became the whole bzhszhzshhzhzshzh all over the place! everything was like the same vibrating substance, and all of that was me, but I was also there falling in that thing... and I could do backflips... haha
  14. Thanks @cetus56 & @Emerald for your quick and savvy responses, but I'm still very confused... haha I know nothing about astral projection... can we please start by what the hell that is?! (a link to something I can read would do...) haha thank you very much!