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  1. also I am re-learning to really study the stuff and not gloss over the material. I am interested how the input will inspire me to interesting adventures
  2. oh yes, silly that I not invested earlier the money. I am contemplating and working the stuff for days now and I´m feeling really going in the right direction
  3. but you have to actually work it and like to get results from it. It has to be in your interest and it has to be an authentic desire to explore and learn without it, or just get access to the lp cource might not help too much
  4. Just bought the course after really long term being your follower THE Journey starts and I´m curious where it leads me. Thanking you for your work and all your passion and boldness. I deeply appreciate your content and service for people ( me ). Thanks from Germany. Elias
  5. do what you love passionately and full its always now
  6. nice idea to make connections but studying lies in oneselfs decision. try to thinking about how this could look like
  7. is there anybody who ever meet Terence Mckenna? or can anyone give a outline of his work through studying him a lot?
  8. IF you know it better, why still in school? do your own thing if you want - you can´t change the system if you try to concinve your teacher, don´t be so critical
  9. why shouldn´t it be a bad idea? when it helps you to understand reality it´s probably a good idea starting point is where you are and what you are interested in. from there on begins the journey of discovering and contemplation
  10. outside of my experience I don´t know. I just assume, and this can influence my direct experience. So my assuming can become my experience through thoughts and and resulting in feelings. but there have to be other realitys,- because people telling me all the time that they experience shit. they even have different realitys even if we experience the same moment
  11. the actual practice is what counts. the deliberate practice over a long period of time. .- to be consistent and striving for mastery
  12. If I/you really would be I wouldn´t have (spend) so much time consuming actualized.org