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  1. keep in mind what your goal is
  2. and what do you do with all these presence?
  3. I had pretty much the same feelings before I bought it. So I can resonate with you. LP course is more than just a guide to explore your life purpose. You discover yourself. You learn new aspects and facets about yourself, - that you might be not aware right now. Also all the theoretical concepts are great to know about and study more deeply if you feel you have potential in this area. But to work it through it demands a good work ethic, long - term thinking and noticing and "fighting against" your resistance. I would definitively recommend the course because it´s a really great resource and a long - term investment in yourself!
  4. the book : how to win friends and influence people from dale carnegie may help you and give you some insight about the approach to talk to people (great as audio on audible)
  5. life and living reminding yourself of the beauty of experience life
  6. good marketing and thanks for reminding
  7. i like that ( the quote )
  8. find your life purpose for me I choose to pick the best financial situtation that is sustainable with my project of creating my own lifestyle that is convenient with my needs. its hard to have a great meditative lifestyle when you work more than 40 hours a week. especially most people even don´t like the time they spend at work at all. habits and own needs are important what that is for you? You have to contemplate with joy by yourself.
  9. find, develop and work my life purpose and then quitt my current job.
  10. also I am re-learning to really study the stuff and not gloss over the material. I am interested how the input will inspire me to interesting adventures
  11. oh yes, silly that I not invested earlier the money. I am contemplating and working the stuff for days now and I´m feeling really going in the right direction
  12. but you have to actually work it and like to get results from it. It has to be in your interest and it has to be an authentic desire to explore and learn without it, or just get access to the lp cource might not help too much
  13. Just bought the course after really long term being your follower THE Journey starts and I´m curious where it leads me. Thanking you for your work and all your passion and boldness. I deeply appreciate your content and service for people ( me ). Thanks from Germany. Elias