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  1. @Cepzeu For how long did you drink 1cup/day ? Did you drink it in the (early) morning ?
  2. It's so obvious that it is almost unbelievable. @Rilles Never had that weird sensation when Leo says that he is YOU in his videos, while pointing at you ?
  3. Awesome, thanks for sharing! It is hard to find reliable sources on the subject, and she seems to know what she's talking about. Having sorted out the real from the fake, and coupling it with her own experience. Plus she's authentic.
  4. Even though you might see mistakes in your past, don't beat yourself because of it. Rest assured that everything that has ever happened to you happened for a reason. There are no mistakes in a way, you will understand this looking backwards. Learn from them/don't repeat them, and move forward. If life seems hard at the moment, it means you will experience the awesome contrast later.
  5. @Scholar I have issues with gluten aswell, but no celiac disease. So sublingual is not absolutely necessary for me, but not a bad idea either.
  6. @Michael569 Ok thanks. I might change to MC in the future
  7. @Michael569 I read that you used to recommend cyanocobalamin over methylcobalamin, and now rather the latter. What made you change your mind ?
  8. I believe the whole point is to establish a healthy relation to caffeine, if possible But how could caffeine be that harmful to us if it's found in so many sources (coffee, tea, yerba mate, kola nut, guarana, cacao..), each of which has lots of health benefits? Coffee for me can become very hard on the system by its acidity and the jitterness and anxiety it can induce if consumed for some days in a row. To counter acidity, I found cold-brew coffee to be effective, while keeping all the benefits. When consuming coffee, I exclusively brew organic & fair-trade beans that I ground myself at the time of making it. That way I get the fullest and rawest experience of what coffee is supposed to bring me. I never drink more than 1 cup a day. Dr Andrew Weil on stimulants : 1. Limit your frequency use 2. Use stimulants purposefully (not to feel good, rather for a physical or mental task) 3. Do not take stimulants to help perform ordinary functions 4. Take stimulants by mouth 5. Take dilute forms of stimulants rather than concentraded ones 6. Maintain good habits of nutrition, rest and exercice (remember that stimulants forces your body to give up its stores of chemical energy. The healthier you are, the less you will feel that you need outside stimulation) 7. Do not combine stimulants with depressant or other drugs (don't fall in a 'morning-stimulant followed by evening-depressant' pattern) 8. Avoid look-alike drugs
  9. That's it. It's about having the mindset to be as conscious as possible in as much areas as we can. The thing is we cannot be conscious of all the suffering our actions implies, so we shouldn't judge others who don't see what we see or know what we know. If we wanted to end all the suffering our actions implies, we should practically leave this realm. But that's not the way to go, as we can also spare a lot of suffering by doing good deeds. It's about finding one's own balance. There are so many areas which we ignore the suffering it implies, like the horrible conditions for metal's extractions in africa for our electronics, or the polution of the air and water of Equator by fuel compagnies like Texaco for example That being said, the modern food industry is a real concern as it chase profits at all costs : human, animal and ecological. We should all be conscious of it and try to buy as much local quality foods from sustainable sources rather than cheap big supermarket.
  10. It is, but in accordance with the body's needs in my experience. Going abruptly vegan for ethical reasons is not always possible, as forcing beliefs onto the body can lead to health issues. Did you change diet overnight or gradually ? With a follow-up and blood tests ?
  11. @Spiral Don't completely cut white rice off, but consider it a 'bad carb' for rarer occasions. Be carefull if you switch diet too radically, your body and mind may take some time to adapt. Especially if your diet isn't very well balanced. I'd rather focus on one or two areas at a time. I wouldn't recommend (too much) supplements before your diet is fixed. They're called 'supplements', not 'substitutes' Good quality omega 3's fats are essential for the brain/memory, as the body needs them from outside sources and can't make them