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  1. After I did the pranayama, then went on to chanting om through the chakras. I was focusing on the 3rd eye. Then this tunnel formed out of the blackness It felt like I was on a rollercoaster moving through this tunnel of bright white light. Did anyone experience this? How long is it recommended to do initiation practices before going into the full practices? Been doing it for a whole 3 weeks and it is such an insane practice.
  2. Thank you man, I am in the process too. Just sold my bike, didn't need it any more. Such a relief and actually more freeing than having it. I remember when I was trekking in the Himalayas and came across a 50-year-old dutch guy. He told me the only possessions he owned was the backpack on his back and a bicycle he stored at his friend's house in Europe. He used it to cycle across Europe. I was shocked. Back then I was way more rational, materialistic so I was in awe in how he was able to be happy. Nowadays I really see the beauty in the way he lived his life, it brings me to tears just thinking about it. Been so strange the last couple of days. Been having big shifts in my perspective. I don't feel the need to stand out any more. I have been known to be the entertainer, but I see that was because there was a fear I wouldn't fit in. It came about from anxiety. Now I don't need to prove myself to people I am so much calmer, and can speak only when I want to. I love just being and nobody needs to take notice of me.
  3. Shame he had to go, what a legend, what an inspiration... Miss you Steve!
  4. I actually can’t wait for this new substance, is it similar to 5 meo?
  5. @Leo Gura is the substance not scheduled in most countries?
  6. Amazing man! what were the processes that you used in your life to reach this?
  7. Has anyone on this forum reached these levels?
  8. practice the initation techniques for 6 months then go into the actually ones after. My routine is alternate nostril breathing ---> resting in the 3rd eye ------> sushumana breathing --------> contemplating through the 3rd eye -----------> a mudra -------> contemplate through 3rd eye/rest with no mind
  9. Yeah, I am not sure, apprently it is not a controlled substance in that country. So legal to purchase and sell. With the Czech Republic, it is legal to buy psychedelics under a certain amount. eg 5 LSD tabs. It is illegal to sell and import. Which is nice because I am going to study veterinary medicine at a university there in a couple years. No mention on 5-meo-DMT so not sure whether it is legal or illegal or decriminalised.
  10. 5 meo is legal in Belgium. Anyone here from Belgium and know what the situation is like and your perspective towards 5 meo dmt in society?
  11. Your life purpose isn’t about generating you fame and money! Its about doing what you love to the up most degree as that will allow you to reach the most creative and awe-inspiring levels at your field of choice. Even it is something as simple as making paper airplanes
  12. I got a feeling that the aim of the game is to basically reach a level of complete non-neediness. When you will completely be content if you where locked away on an island in complete isolation. Or you will totally content living as the last person on the plant, not needing anything with anyone and being perfectly ok with the state of your mind and feelings. This will change everything, your relationships, your life purpose etc. You are not coming from a place of approval, wanting, neediness, and will only be giving your gifts to the world. Without caring if you receive love from external factors, without caring you receive validation. It takes the pressure of and you really can just be and love the present moment as much as you can. I can really see the value in it. You won’t care if everything goes to shit because you have mastered being content in complete isolation, fully accepting yourself as an outsider, as an outcast of society. You won’t care if you are hated by everybody, you won’t care if they kill you. The question is what has the capability of taking you there? Sometimes I have a moment where I completely freak out if I feel left out, if I feel isolated, I don’t feel like anyone gets me, likes me or fits in
  13. @Harikrishnan If it is not illegal then what is the problem tho