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  1. Both are gut feelings. When I feel fear, it arises from my gut, the same for intuition. Both works against each other, and I need to follow my intuition more. I started some practices that help. Whenever I vision myself following my life purpose, I get this pleasant feeling arising in my stomach; I felt tears in my eyes and then I smile a lot. I believe this in intuition. Telling me I need to follow up on this vision that I have for my life. However, at other times, I also experience fear. It arises in my stomach but has an anxious tone to it. Also, thoughts follow saying "What if it doesn't work", "what if it is the wrong vision", "what if you lose your family" etc? They are like yin and yang. How do you navigate through this and not let fear stop you from following your intuition? What is the purpose of this fear?
  2. Well, it has to be our mission to make science wholistic again. Encompassing all truths. It is such a beautiful area of study, shame it is heavily regulated.
  3. Check out these cute, microscopic tardigrades. They look like microscopic bears. Amazing some have pigment cupped eyes!
  4. @Leo Gura Does selflessness exist through your LP or is the only way to become selfless is through enlightenment? Say, for example, is charitable work actually selfless? Is there selfishness with a lower case s and Selfishness with an upper case S?
  5. Am I confusing scientific literature with spiritual autolysis ?
  6. A quick thought came to my head after watching these videos. From a biological perspective, our bodies comprise 10 trillion "human" cells and 100 trillion bacterial cells. When you observe them through a microscope, you notice how survival is still a function on a cellular level. Eg, phagocytosis, a process where white blood cells kill pathogens by engulfing and digesting them with enzymes. Now how are "you" willing that process? It occurs whether or not your ego-mind likes it. You in fact have no control over that and have no control whether your immune system can win the battle! Now, these cells work to create an equilibrium in the human body, eg they die when there are too many cells via apoptosis. These cells are continuously dying and new ones are being reborn. You can see that there is no self that that is control over these processes. They are universal. If these cells create the human body, then how can there be a fixed self that exists inside my brain. This body is continuously shredding old biological material and creating new ones via mitosis/meiosis. Determination comes into play here. What is in control right now? What is typing these words? Also, if who I am is not this cellular explosion that is my body, but the thing aware of this body, then what is the experience of a single cell? Read the attached comment. It relates to the phagocyte video. The user distinguishes a difference between his body fighting the pathogen and meanwhile him eating a pizza. Surely the same thing is responsible for the phagocytes killing the bacteria and him eating the pizza? Universal free will if you can call it that. I mean him eating the pizza is also caused by a biological process that occurs in his body. What he truly is the thing that is aware of the body eating the pizza and looking at the phagocytes eating bacteria? The other comments also are a mindfuck. What the fuck is going on??? It's like the cells are creating a belief that some cells are separate from themselves.
  7. I also have fears arising of how my life purpose isnt big/impactful enough. How do you work through these?
  8. @Leo Gura How do we keep growing and cultivating your visions?
  9. Haha or I’ll just not step on a snake. I was being a bit hyperbolic. But still when I was in Madagascar, citizens walked bare foot. Their feet were thicker then boots able to walk on any terrain. Shows how out comforts have made our anatomy weak!
  10. Thanks Emerald. I have realised the importance of vision boards!!! Every day I wake up I read this post and that makes me super motivated to smash the day. Was such a good exercise. Going to tweak it as I keep going down this path. Yeah, vision boards are super powerful!
  11. I just want to write. I am on the path of becoming a vet. Never been happier. I don't need shit. I need purpose. I want to save animals and endangered species. I am going to live my life of service to animals. I am going to go to the amazon when I qualify and donate my skills to NGOs and wildlife sanctuaries and stand up for them. I won't get paid much, but I will have my freedom. I am only at the beginning of my journey but my vision is strong. Thanks. I don't need to chase money. I need to chase developing my skills in medicine. I need to become a master of exotic animals. I am going to work my ass off. I don't want to have kids. I want an adventure. I want to live in the forests in the Amazon. To live in the wilderness in Africa. To work with wildlife in these places. I don't need alot of stuff. I can live bare. I don't want any materialism. I don't care if I own a house. I want to become like Mowgli. I want to live a rugged life. A life where I walk on the forest floor with no shoes. A life where I can meditate in the forest for hours. I want to be attuned with the jungle. I know there are a lot of organisations in the forests that need vets willing to work in those places to rehabilitate wild animals. This is my dream. My focal point of spirituality. This is going to be hard. I am scared, scared of what this journey will throw at me. I want to understand the mysteries of these remote ecosystems. I want to live in them. To be apart of them. To spend my time contemplating about existence inside them. I want to save the animals that live in them. I want to understand life. To remove the distractions of modern city life. To life a bare life, simple life. Not a lot of people are willing to do this? Am I crazy?
  12. Study everything. I have got a degree in maths and physics. Am a qualified accountant and going to study medicine next year. I love learning. I also take psychedelics, go on retreats for more direct observation of the present moment. You really want to merge relative knowledge with spirituality. I am getting such deep satisfaction of just knowing that I feel like I am understanding what life is - a complete mystery
  13. I think I have found out why I am getting brain fog. Lack of social interaction. Drinking a lot of coffee in a day Not drinking enough water.
  14. Well, I have a vision for the betterment of the health of wildlife. I see there to be too much injustice to how we interact with them. Especially in places like India where there is a lot of conflict between wildlife and humans. My dream is to open a hospital that will provide medical care to injured wildlife and that enables their rehabilitation once they come into my medical care. I want to create change. I see we treat wildlife as slaves in certain areas. I have no idea how to do this though. I thought once I become a qualified vet I will move there and start working/volunteering with organisations that work to help wildlife. That's why I want to go! To help the animals. Whereabouts did you move too? Yeah, this is what is confusing me. Lots of Indians want to leave India and work abroad. Maybe it is best to see what it would be like to live there for a couple of months first.