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  1. you need to add your zone of genius in front of that statement, and find a medium you want to express that with
  2. Isn't it the same. Doesn't it depend on your zone of genius and impact statement? For example, your zone of genius could be app development and your impact being "bringing AI tech to everyone". Obviously the medium would be programming which basically the zone of genius here. Or we take the example of a filmmaker, like Chirs Nolen. His medium defines his career. I guess ZOG is telling non-linear stories through movies. His medium is interwoven into his ZOG here. If he changed his medium to pubic speaking infront of crowds he wouldn't be as good and would need to spend alot more time developing that medium. So surly you need to have the medium in which you enjoy the most of expressing your ideas at the front of your mind when developing your life purpose. Maybe he would hate expressing his zone of genius through speaking. Or eg yourself, you said you didn't like blogging at the start. Now if we go to the extreme and said that is the only way of expressing your impact statement and no way else, would you still carry on with your purpose? Or if you change your medium to express your impact through the film you might not like it. My point is that I think in a lot of cases life purpose arises from mastering a craft. Eg from Cal Newport's: So Good They Can't Ignore You: Why Skills Trump Passion in the Quest for Work You Love. I guess you master your zone of genius, but in many cases, the medium is intertwined with that?
  3. How do you become more creative?
  4. @EnlightenmentBlogYeah, In the grand scheme of thing having a day where you are struggling failing is not stunting your learning urve but in the long run enhancing it. Even though it doesn't feel like it in the present. @dimitri Thanks I will give this a go..
  5. I have a psychological problem when it comes to learning more complex material/practices. I notice that when I learn something new, I become anxious, my problem-solving skills goes down and I panic. I get worried about the future. I think my ego believes itself to be a master or wanting to be a master now when I am only beginning... I notice this consciously, but it still happens. Deep down I want to get good fast. My mind struggles to accept that I am only 24 and have a long time to master a subject. I think this feeling comes from that fact that believe I should be further at this stage in my life and have accomplished more to prove myself to others It is making my schedule bounce all of the place, because sometimes to can't choose what topic to learn at this moment. Are there any exercises that can help me?
  6. So wherever AI can be implemented with something else. It is a good thing to add to preexisting technology. Like robotics, cameras and face recognition etc.
  7. Would you say AI is the main one?
  8. I have made a decision undertaking work that I enjoy. However, it doesn't explicitly result in saving the world. I basically have this idea that I want my work to impact the world in a way that will help prevent its destruction. However, now my passions not aligned with that idea and I feel guilty. please help
  9. Check out these instagram pages. They really show you how brutal survival can get. Hyenas eat gazelles alive, the take them down by biting their balls...
  10. Your video was so deep. It really made me think? Do I actually want to discover truth that deeply. Do I really want to go that deep. The video scared the shit out of me. Made me realise: “woah, I am not ready for this shit. Maybe after 10 years of development in my career and self”. Ill will work with 5 meo when I am older. For now I’ll just accept I don’t know shit about anything, continue meditating and science, stick to classical psychedelics for now, pursue my LP.
  11. Both are gut feelings. When I feel fear, it arises from my gut, the same for intuition. Both works against each other, and I need to follow my intuition more. I started some practices that help. Whenever I vision myself following my life purpose, I get this pleasant feeling arising in my stomach; I felt tears in my eyes and then I smile a lot. I believe this in intuition. Telling me I need to follow up on this vision that I have for my life. However, at other times, I also experience fear. It arises in my stomach but has an anxious tone to it. Also, thoughts follow saying "What if it doesn't work", "what if it is the wrong vision", "what if you lose your family" etc? They are like yin and yang. How do you navigate through this and not let fear stop you from following your intuition? What is the purpose of this fear?
  12. Well, it has to be our mission to make science wholistic again. Encompassing all truths. It is such a beautiful area of study, shame it is heavily regulated.
  13. Check out these cute, microscopic tardigrades. They look like microscopic bears. Amazing some have pigment cupped eyes!
  14. @Leo Gura Does selflessness exist through your LP or is the only way to become selfless is through enlightenment? Say, for example, is charitable work actually selfless? Is there selfishness with a lower case s and Selfishness with an upper case S?
  15. Am I confusing scientific literature with spiritual autolysis ?