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  1. I have a tendency to eject sets once they the girls are hooked. When I move from attraction to report phase, I tend to put in a false time constraint and leave the set. Its really hindering my results at the moment. Does anyone experience this, what do you do to overcome it?
  2. Get better at programming Get ripped/reach peak health Read more books Become better at guitar/make music Meditate daily Psychedelic exploration This is my life right now and It feels FUCKING amazing to be alive doing these things
  3. I see, I have about 1200kcal of huel a day, the rest 800-1000, is a whole plant based diet of fruits, vegetables, fats, and complex carbs.
  4. Does anyone know if huel is free from heavy metals?
  5. Ok little personal. I have been figuring out what is holding me back with woman. I have come to the conclusion its my penis size. Its 5.5 inchs long erect with just over 4 inch diameter so not girthy. When I game specially in winter it really shrivels up and makes me blow it after getting with a girl on a night out. Any suggestions
  6. This has to be the best video in the history of videos, all other videos pale in comparison. No bias intended haha
  7. what are you lot chatting about
  8. Sure, I have been practicing this for years and it has just starting to become normal. Firstly started with spiritual practices like daily mediations and going to retreats. The retreats helped massively. For the past year in covid i thought it was a really good time to become comfortable with loneliness. Move moved city away from everyone I knew. For the past year I have been in isolation, I told my family what I was doing and don't expect much contact for the year. It was really painfull, I experienced a lot of axiety and mental craziness, I felt like the urge to call parents everyday (my inner child was screaming for comfort), to seek connection with others, I just resisted that urge. It was interesting, I saw it as an addiction, I was addicted to seeking connection and validation from other people. You just sit through the urges, if they get bad go for a walk, over time you work through them. The feelings arise less often, and eventually die down. Sometimes they do come but less often and less intense. They important thing I found is to NOT run away from the feelings. Experience them fully. I felt when I was experiencing loneliness my other addictions arose to cover up those feelings. Like the urge to eat crap, to masterbate etc try not to give in to those feelings as well. And if you do dont beat urself up, ask urself why you need to do eat this, did it really solve the issue?
  9. I am getting to the point in my development where there is little impulse to seek socialisation/social validation. There are no negative feelings of anxiety, or loneliness when I am alone. I don't need to seek socialisation, I only do so when I actually want to, not because i feel I have too. To be honest, i feel like I can go through live, with no friends, not needing to have a family, not having a relationship and be ok. It really makes me think that there is no point of being a parent, I only felt like i needed to be a parent because I come from an Indian background. This feels very freeing. A lot of my previous desires are changing and that is scary. Is the normal while self actualizing?
  10. What happens if your ego resits its death? What does that feel like?
  11. Yeah, my approach is gunna start real slow then work my way up to a break through dose. If I dont like it I will leave it for another time. I have had heavy doses with other psychedelics, its comments like this the puts me of 5-MeO. I just cant fathom how an experience from this substance can make 500ug of LSD seem like coffee. I hear people have extreme physical experiences when smoking freebase, will that be the same? The people who I have known to take the salt haven't thrown up, so do you reckon the salt is safer taking it solo? What about breathing?/ How do you manage that? I hear it feels like you are not taking in any oxygen anymore? I have fear to different things. I handle venomous snakes and alligators as a hobby and that doesnt scare me. But I have social anxiety which can make me panicky in certain social situations. How did that help man? you reckon it can ease you into the higher doses?
  12. So I have come across 5 MeO oxalate. After years of contemplating doing this, I finally have come across it. However, after reading lots of trip reports I am really scared taking it. I have tripped a lot on other substances, but read so many horrifying reports of people doing 5 MeO. How have you guys overcome this fear?
  13. I have a bad anxiety disorder, it's messed/messing up my life. I have tried so many things. I have had it my whole life but now it feels like it's taken over me. Every day, filled with fear. It's messing with my performances as a musician. Ability to progress in my career and make friends and develop intimacy with girls. I feel like I also ways the odd one out. Cant fit into society. jut fucking lost I dunno what to do. I am breaking down.