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  1. @seeking_brilliance the earthworm forms itself, ugly stucking to sympathize quickly with human's ash, gather dew drops in its whole measure when the burden of blood's spirit was always covered. stones begin to bloom.
  2. https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dreihasenbild#/media/Datei:Dreihasenbild_Kirchhundem.jpg
  3. @seeking_brilliance @Exystem twelve - a target of six - but always three, - three rabbits rest in sun's reflection of symmetric circles, hearin the danger within a pair of ears. another one grabs into silence: collect each unconscious high. a lightning night as bright spot of whole
  4. @seeking_brilliance A need, a question, a cheek, a birth, a elucidation attached to a silvercord holds the body swelling and tight. Smiling dimples arise, you know your thing right; it comes alone. question bagged - shine.
  5. Especially @seeking_brilliance, @Exystem, @Astra, @Natasha perform on similiar purposes within language? Becoming-Non-Sense in the conversation with Nahm, this crystallized Words they can elude you, sound can delude too, there is no one to tell you, this everything is you. To whom do the thought and word come next?
  6. The title of this thread is the german word for "thoughts". Let us create a versatile flow within the circular feature of language in its extremes of ⦿, opening a space of omnipresence and total reflexion. Relaxe in "ONE mind is talking". Feel a deep "Thank you" for every upcoming thought.
  7. @Nahm but why we are texting? - because this is beautiful? the blossom goes under the tongue hung up as earth to become a stem in form of time, a length to understand this blend, - one space for the second time.
  8. @Nahm mh okay, words are beautiful but i just get IT with them. blessings everything else? how?
  9. Hold the devil's visit-cycles from door to door narrow? At the best, keep him at home to let burn him in itself? Take his warmth for action? Great to see him burning as a flame within empowered passion? Question? it is also a source haha
  10. @Rilles Every word is a lot more than it is being used in everyday life. Every word is a whole universe, a whole living itself. It is necessary to broaden up the perspective of words. Great to see your connection to everything. Great exercise to see the possibilites of requisite variety. "Genre" is a word of common use, where we can communicate and discuss about it. Therefore it is great but it is also very stucked by its constant use. In my opinion it is most valuable to contemplate about "genre" in the context of a smooth evolving into future. What could methods be? These are fast-taken thoughts: -connecting with people of different genres -blend genres, and distill it to new elements of new musical means -get in contact with the space and time incorporated in each individual being. everybody wears its own time- and spacesuit right now. rhythm springs out of this contact. rhythm is world What is your opinion?
  11. the reflection thought is back and I don't understand this paragraph. In case of my blindspot I see my surroundings distorted. I don't realize it. I think people have fear of me but they reflect just my courage? So a "bad" conditioning about my reactive pattern of courage happens, because of the perceiving of fear. I learn to prevent from being courageous under this reflective distortion of my own observing? (but no one is looking and my coraugeous pattern goes on until it has a realization that people are looking out of fear for love, fear of a highly corageous behaviour. it vibrates)
  12. Questions I am contemplating What is necessity? What is aloneness? What is cooperation? What is doubt and resistance? @Rilles Just trying to formulate my understanding with focus on the time-domain of the creative process. Genre is the most common linguistic category and content of understanding to distinguish between musicians and their music. Genre is a distinction mostly made out of the need for community/cooperation and marketing, to find ground in togetherness. Genre is one of the most rigid limitation to put on a highly creative process. Genre-thinking should be made after the current creative spectrum (requisite variety) is exhausted and the process or art is "finished". A specific genre determination is the time to come into contact with other people playing together on the current state of art, developing further.
  13. @Nahmit gets clearer. there is no one looking and there is nothing to look at. I tried to catch up the narrative of the thread creator and found your answer of 'the guru as blindspot itself' valuable. But good and value is good and value for its own sake. heart&Gedanke, Nahm
  14. @Nahm I could justify all of this as bad. What will this avoidance of it, being-enough, leads us to? To inhale loveaction into this requires a being-aware directly, looking evil in the eyes? I don't know.