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  1. I am not sure about Palestine being mostly stage red, but I agree with you. This is unfortunately the reality of the situation.
  2. So the big guy must finally crush the weak ones, and then peace will come, right? This is hard to admit. We are moral beings. This kind of thinking goes against that. but I think it's the truth.
  3. so what is the solution? More developed states, even if they are a little more developed, should take matter in their own hands and dictate what the less developed should do? What do you think is the solution Leo, how should more developed states should deal with less developed ones, especially when they are located near each other?
  4. I've noticed that too, although I think Leos perspective is mostly accurate and unbiased, but I also think he gives credit to official narrative of politicians a little much.
  5. Absolutely true. That's why the west should use any kind of political move to help change the regime in Iran. It is possible, they are so near collapse because of internal problems. They are indeed the mastermind behind lots of evil in the middle east.
  6. Check out this Article. This guy's work is very fascinating. It's hard for me to understand it fully, because of the professional terminology, but nonetheless very interesting. Check out his other articles as well. The_Anticipation_of_Afterlife_as_Based_o.pdf
  7. This could be true as well, but i think it's unlikely. The situation in Iran will change. European and Americans are just waiting for the right opportunity. The Iranian regime cannot last for much loner, sanctions has crippled the country, and they are infighting all the time. The problem is their presence in the region, in the form of quds force, hezbolla, houthis, hashad shabi in iraq , hamas to some degree etc. Their proxies. If their proxies get weak, they have no upper hand in the region anymore. And then the western countries can increase the pressure on them much more. And then they will collapse
  8. I used to live in Dubai. Same system is in place over there as well. People from India, pakistan, bangladesh. Modern day slavery.
  9. This makes sense to me, and I think this is true to some degree. They definitely fooled mullas, because israel is smarter, and they will do damage to iranian regime. The iranian regime is afraid, although they pretend that they are happy about the attack, but the narrative has shifted, world powers are supporting israel, and this spells trouble for IRGC and hence the mullas.
  10. This is hard, even for people in this forum, who are interested in development. Our instinct wants to pick sides, not understand. Thanks for giving us this perspective Leo.
  11. ofcourse there are, as i said, around 15% of iranian population are extremely religious and really hate Israel! they have been celebrating in the streets for past couple of days, celebrating the "victory of hamas!" of course this happens only in areas where pro regime people are majority, but still, it is so obvious for us how the mullas regime spread hate. most of the population as i said have no side in this. they are normal people, hoping for peace.
  12. beautiful, hope this happens sooner.
  13. As an Iranian, you guys should know that most people in Iran are neither pro Palestine nor pro Israel. Our regime and their supporters, which are about 10 to 20% of population, are pro hamas and hezbolla, and have been funding terrorists organization for decades, because they want to "export" their religion. Hamas is one of them. If IRGC gets fucked, people of Iran would not be sad, we would be celebrating! These evil mullas are stealing the vast wealth of Iran, and using it to fund terror. Iranian people know this. We have empathy for palestinians, but we also know that terrorists are representing palestine most of the time. If hamas gets destroyed, and also hezbolla gets fucked, good! Then mullas in Iran will get very weak. Their time is near. If the regime in Iran changes, the whole picture in middle east will change. Very complex situation. I wish this war ends soon. Hatred is evil.