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  1. I have seen the movie like 3 or 4 times along with Cloud Atlas (check it out if you did not see it yet).
  2. 145th day: Insight I would not be writing today if not what happened few minutes ago. I was doing self-inquiry. Thinking about my touch and how my body actually does not belong to me, how could it right? And then it came slowly, I started smiling more and more when I basically came to the realisation that I am reality. Now I was normally thinking at that point but it was kind of funny because I was trying to delve deeper into it by asking stuff but the thoughts/me could not make sense of it. It did not make a fucking sense! Anybody could argue with me and destroy it! I was taking reality as all of my perceptions plus thoughts and what I see etc., thats the point where I stand right now. I was also thinking what it means when I meet someone and that I am basically them and so on. It was amazing. Right now I have more of a lingering feeling and can not really "identify" with it though tommorow I will dive into it again. Amazing. Books I need to read books for my school when I return to Czech. One book a week. It is kind of classic but I do not have much of a problem with that. Right now I am reading Pride and Prejudice which is very interesting book. Today I learned that at one point it may hurt you to learn to say no. When you have no problem of saying no you might leave out good opportunities to learn something new. I spent most of today on work with vacuum tubes with my host brother, I learned quite few new things. On friday I was on chess tournament. I lost 2 games and gave remise on the first one. I could have won extremely easily but then I did stupid mistake . I like chess quite a lot these days. I am also preparing for "show" for little kids with diabolo. That will be interesting and quite hard since I am not so good yet. Also, I would not believe that I would ever hear my favorite metal group singing about black holes : Dragallur
  3. Good idea, that always keeps me from doing complete shit and next day I start on better place.
  4. 141st day: School I am just quickly writing here. Interesting stuff is happening but it is hard to put it all in words since I do not keep the track of it throughout the day. I wish teachers would stop abusing mobile usage in my school. Today I was reading a book in school as many times and I got pretty mad two teachers at least. Luckily there is so many of them that it is unlikely to happen that one would saw me two times in a day, then I would be in trouble. I came up with a great analogy, I feel like Rosa Parks who refused to stand up in a bus just because she is black. I do hide the phone after they tell me though, every single time I tell them what I am doing: reading book, learning geography, learning math.. they never listen or say that it does not matter, we are in a fucking school during a pause! Well, if student bulies you it is quite "ok" since you can just go to teacher who has almost ultimate authority (in serious case it wont help of course) but if you have a problem with teacher you can not turn to other teacher since they are colleagues and most of them agree on not being allowed to have phone out even during breaks even for educational purposes. I could try to change the rule that says it but in the moment that seems a bit crazy, I bet I will get in a bad argument with some teacher pretty soon.. but I am quite good in that, got some experience already . It is only partially about the phone. More of principles of course. I do not have a big problem just sitting and being mindful but I like to read too. One thing that Germans learned me, I need to study the 20th century. It is so fuckin important. Especially 2nd WW and Holocaust and Hitler.. it is basically my duty. Oh, I do not have at all now. Last friday exploded. I many things that I need to take care of and that I promised to do so no extra physics for some time or extra meditation. I feel like I might start lucid dreaming again but that is just a quick thought, first I need to get my sleeping schedule back in order! Dragallur
  5. 135th day: What was going on Ok so 8 days ago I wrote that (intuition approved) I want to go for one week without computer. I was not really sure I would do that at that point but then I did. I still used phone but the computer was turned off the whole time. It was cool. I did not have any back lash when I stopped suddenly using it and was pretty calm. All the days except today I did 1 hour SDS, 1 hour self-inquiry and 1 hour Neti-Neti.. that was also kind of cool. I went running few times and also set a new record! I have to admit that it was more easy then I expected actually not really a challenge so next time I would have to go without all of internet or something like that, still it was cool and I had more free time! Mindfulness OH... YEAH MAN! It is rockin'! I am mindful longer and more often. I could not say the time throughout the day but compared to when I struggled some weeks ago! I am doing self-inquiry in classes quite often. I do not have any problem in paying attention throughout whole 90 minute lesson (I do drift to monkey mind).. I am not feeling sleepy at all which is amazing. I have been also trying to set up new sleeping schedule, I will be working on that now. I somehow caused me to have many dreams so I wrote some down. I also want to investigate something I call now MMM - Micro Morning Meditation. I will mention it if I have any success with it. I am reading Book of Not Knowing again. Wow I just noticed how many times "I" is here, uhh . Right now I am trying to use as much time as possible during the school pauses to study physics and when I am at home I spend time by meditating. I have finally finished the first chapter in the Introduction to Modern Astronomy book. Soon I read the next one about celestial mechanics. This time it will take longer time to catch up, I will need to do some research on vectors and integrals which they use of course This means more Khan Academy when I have computer access again. Alright, I have to go to bed now. Dragallur
  6. @Raf_vd Can you refer to something particular? It seemed he wrote really many books and such but I am not planning to read about Holocaust denial and co.
  7. Love this sentence
  8. @Wisdoom Somebody correctly stated that conspiracy thoeries are not allowed here as guidelines say, nonetheless if you or any other at least a bit sane person use a bit of google one will find that 9/11 did happen, this of course stands on the assumption that internet is not completely manipulated you do not live in some kind of weird simulation and huge groups of people are not doing very strange decisions (and many random more).
  9. @Phil Maybe because it is not so simple, not drinking any tap water, tee using different tooth paste for months/weeks I guess. Also couldnt it be just placebo? I do not think that when fluoride was added into tap water people's experince/health suddenly shifted without anybody noticing it throughout most od the world.
  10. @quantum Wow, your plan for life purpose is really grandiouse, I would love to see something like that but it is something on whole another level, I wish you luck on this vision!
  11. @Phil i do not understand the analogy.
  12. @Phil @Ludwig What is the problem with fluoride? From what I read there is no link between health problems and fluorided water (in case of safe dosage which is what we have in tap water). Also it protects your teeth against tooth decay so why would I want to get rid of it?
  13. @quantum Though Peter Ralston for example as he was getting better in PD he got way better in Judo and both of these things were helping each other. I was also thinking about this since science seems to be further away from PD then Judo but I have this nagging feeling that maybe if one gets good in science then she/he can connect these things.. I dunno how but if it is possible than it is necessary.
  14. Thanks for the tips.. this morning was not an option, I slept a little bit longer and had 8 minutes to get out of house
  15. 127th day: Enlightenment work I did 90 min SDS. 1 hour Self-Inquiry and Neti-Neti two times in a row because we had extra free days from school. Tommorow I am back though... oh well. Sometimes it gets quite deep during these sessions, I watched all of the psychedelics videos. It was good, it sounds really fascinating. Today I created a thread about living ecologically but it is not very thriving, oh well, maybe someone will implement the stuff. Intuition I want to do 7 days no computer challenge starting tommorow. I will still have access to my phone but there is much harder to waste time. Sadly I did not write my blog post for next Monday so I will turn on the computer for a short time if I decide to do it.. this of course means no journaling for one week. Insights People who build up good humor are amazing manipulators, I just came to observe it today. When you eat salad and you use dressing you basically screw it up completely. I learned to take a little bit of dressing here but stopped now. Salad needs to be much bigger than normal meal. DIaboling is quite fun after you do some difficult work like after some physics or so. Which reminds me that I really moved quite a bit with my astronomy. Today I kinda finished the first chapter problems and tommorow I will probably read the next one and then slowly work on the problems again.. the stuff is difficult but the way I do it I understand it in the end. I went running two times since my last post. Today was kind of lazy but still surprisingly fast. Cold shower is must, I wonder if I will crush with it since I did not take it as a new habit at all but simply started, it is definitely easier now also because of self-inquiry work. Finally I bough Listerine as a mouthwash. It is totally chemical piece of shit, at least it seems so.. more of a reason to save more energy and be more ecological. Also I will probably chew gum more times a day because I am slightly worried about a fissure (molars sometimes have deep "cracks" that can catch food easily and are hard to clean) on one of my teeth. When I was at the dentist they said that they checked other teeth as well so I think they saw it and decided that it does not need treatment now. It is cool to balance during do-nothing some thing on your head, that way it wont drift to other position, diabolo is great in this I want to change my breakfast a bit because everyday I eat oats with raisins and some other stuff without taste that they add in, I think the oats are not exactly best but I will have to check out few resources to find it out. Dragallur