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  1. I think I know what you mean. I cringe every time somebody approves my work without any criticism.. for example on juggling AG I am learning apparently very fast and the teacher is saying it to everybody like 5 times every session Have you seen the movie Whiplash? It is about drummer who joins jazz group that has very hard-core teacher and well here you go:
  2. Cool, personally I am bit careful since it might take me some more time to work to this "level" since it was probably my higher self. I also remembered today one more thing, when I was on physics/mathematics summer camp there was one girl and she had this T-Shirt.. I usually dismiss T-Shirts with anything written on them but now I really like what was there: "We did not agree on anything and yet we are going side by side." (or at least something along these lines, I guess it would not work always but hey, thats cute..) Well yeah I do really like some t-shirts.
  3. @quantum I just listened to your talk about gap year.. I have two things to say: 1) You are welcome in Czech Republic 2)
  4. @Leo Gura he ' s talking about mindfulness do you think that SDS or do nothing have the same effects?
  5. 116th day: Stuff I think now that when I consider conspiracy theory it is just better to have some kind of normal very easy reasoning and some google search. As I said somewhere else, the discussions are hopeless.. I have learned quite few times in the past that people who truly (meaning that they do not question both sides and so on) believe some conspiracy are not possible to "convert" or even shatterable on the most obvious issues. I am not quite sure why it is that. You can use science but then you can also you openmidnedness on science so thats not really worth the time. I also noticed that conspiracy theory, even the best video wont basically trigger any emotional reaction.. why should it right? I also find it far more convenient to say: I do not know what the shape of Earth is. Insted of saying that it is flat. I do not know what contrails consist of. I have never seen the Moon landing site but that does not mean anything. I do not know if elite is controlling us or manipulating us but there are also other explanations which make the same outcome, what we see. ... well this state may pass. About a week earlier I for example responded to some flat earther on the forum, while I did not get any response back it was not worth, if what you want to do is to show them why what they say does not make sense, ignoring science still, it is better to leave them alone.. there is tremendous amount of debunking done on the internet but noone from conspiracy theories responds back to debunk the debunking. Lets say that 1 in 1000 conspiracy theories were right, or even in 100.. the probability of picking the right one and the probability of the theory to actually predict something more than just roughly is.. well, I do not seen why I would do that. People are often skewed by observer bias (you see more of some number if you think about it), positivity or negativity bias and much more, it is hard to grasp this sometimes, and as someone here said, people are great at finding out things that seem to be connected but also forget about correlation is not causality. I am finally being fine with that more and more, thats been maybe the reason why I have not left it completely behind, I still can learn something though it is not inherently from the conspiracy itself. To be honest I am writing this more like a message which makes it very egoistical.. I am proud of it nonetheless because I think that the text above has some very good insights that took me some time to collect. Also I like to create some kind of compromise between things, this happened in the past with rationality and spirituality now maybe with conspiracies.. it is tough to balance between openmindedness and proper ground but following my way of thinking I bet I am doing pretty good job though there were lows. Other stuff Well, I watched The Man from Earth.. it was great, again on the list of movies about enlightenment. I also wasted the whole first part of day, the funny thing is how and that I was ok with it (maybe because it was not so wasted): My class did Geva tests today and I did not know that. I came into school found that were are in aula and read BONK for about 3 hours. Then the school ended somehow but also lunch was cancelled but I did not know that so I stayed in sports hall and trained with diabolo. Then after 1.5 or so I went to cafeteria to find out the truth. Sadly it was shortly after the train left so I had to wait almost whole hour before I went home . Also I wrote some stuff about my beliefs in the 3 levels described in BONK and also I wrote a bit about honesty. Dragallur
  6. 115th day: Enlightenment work I did not do timed SDS today, it was way better 48+50 minutes. All right, BONK (book of not knowing) is still on whole new level. Today I read through the part about everything being about self survival. My mind was running like crazy after that, completely obliterating everything that I saw around, yup this is self-survival, this too, of course this also... The Grand Project Today after few days I continued with the problems I have in the astronomy text book. I created a next "lesson". Basically the start is about celestial sphere and so on, I used to hate it because I could not remember what is declination, what is azimuth and so on, but now I love it too, I almost forgot the great feeling when you understand something. Diabolo I will mention this in the future again probably. I was training for some time. It has interesting effects. First of all I am procrastinating less because some time is filled with diabolo. When I train I also listen to something. So far it was just Leos videos. I watched the first MeO video. What is the probability I will attain enlightenment? People seem to throw around all sorts of numbers so I think that no one really knows, Ralston mentions a little hint, he says something like: "Even when you pursue it whole life and not get it, you will have deep level of satisfaction." ... hmm I became a bit sad after that but now I am more ok with the idea. I mean, all shit away, my motivation right now is to get there, that makes sense to me.. but I should not forget that also along the way is higher consciousness and better life, it does not work like you have nothing until you reach enlightenment.. at least that is the way I imagine it and feel it. Leo in the 5-MeO video said, you can take this stuff and be there in 15 minutes or spend decades and decades pursuing it the old way. Here he probably wants to mainly show how powerful the substance is since in video about self-inquiry he says: 3-24 months of hard core pursuit.. at the same time he mentions that he is doing enlightenment work for 3 years and Jed McKenna says: "What teacher is it if you are not enlightened in 2 years or so?"... well I have to say that at the moment I do not need to have it sure in 2 years simply because I am freakin young and so it does not scare me so much as if I would be 75. At the same time I should probably seriously consider that I might never het there no matter how hard I try, I do not even know what the fuck is awaiting me so all is just guessing. Stuff I moved bed and other furniture in my room, nice change. Dragallur
  7. Try out just hot water, I find it amazing how good it tastes! (or simply tap water if you do not need to warm yourself up)
  8. Yeah it is probably counter productive to just debate about this stuff when all of us here have much higher goals to reach! I might also be secret NASA agent that spreads the "truth"
  9. It does not make much sense to use fish lense to find out the Earths curvature.. but still, pause the video on 5:33 where horizon is clearly in the bottom half of the video where the fish lense should create bowl like shape, yet it is straight as you can check. I would say that this video proves that the Earth has curvature. EDIT: it is quite hard to see and hard to tell when it should be bowl shape and when not, the horizon is kind of foggy so I would not take this as a good evidence anyway. ISS videos are way better though no direct experience
  10. It has been a while since I did that. First day was harsh but then it was actually completely fine which kind of surprised me.. now I listen to music only when I am for example brushing my teeth, running or so. I stopped listening to music even in train or when I go to school, when I actually listen to it it is way more relaxed and I can really enjoy it. I was considering to try out days of certain kind of music, like listening to Justin Bieber for the whole day but I did not do that yet.
  11. I have personally tried it but maybe it was too foggy. I tried it with piece of wood (man made, straight as far as I know) but the problem was that my hand was shaking too much and I could not focus well both on the horizon and the rules. I will try it next time better, I came to the conclusion that it would be too small difference anyway.
  12. Self-Inquiry aka untangling my personality: Obvious issue: Why am I rational? I like the feeling of being rational and I feel above people who are not rational... it is rather subtle but the feeling is definitely there. Maybe it has something to do with my past! I was growing alongside 3 older siblings who definitely outsmarted me in everything for a long time. I might be striving to match them up or be able to argue my way through things. My brother is exceptionally good at this so I might have learned it from him too and my sisters were fighting with me when I was on computer. Maybe I adopted this family rationality and now I use it because of that 2) Computer games Since I basically stopped playing computer games I sometimes laugh on the people who still play them. Probably it is just because I still have the craving and the need to resist it and in this way I am preserving my self-image of person that got out of the computer game addiction! 3) I do not like to have physical contact with most people Maybe it is because I did not have much physical contact when I was younger and now I will happily dodge any incoming hug or/and I do not feel comfortable with it. 4) Music listening I listen to metal and definitely think that it is the best music out there. I like to put down pop for being so shallow in their texts and like to think of myself as the person listening to metal though I do not like to share my music with broader spectrum of people. ------------ I have written 30 personalities that I think of myself as. Those are types like rationalists, thin, smart, vegetarian, exchange student and many more. I identify with them and they lock me up because I need to act upon them to save the self-image. This creates lot of suffering when I do something that is not in the going right with my personality and even more when two personalities with different base emerge and fight against each other (ex. rationalist vs. spiritualist). 30 personalities is just tip of the iceberg, that creates basically already made path that I have to follow otherwise I would go against my self-image. ----------- Vision. We see in 2D. View is probably the best sense that we have and we can not ever shut it since when we close eyes we see back of our eye lids. What is this stuff around me? Colors and shapes is easy to say but harder to see. Automatically my mind interprets everything I see. What is the value of this? Does it collide with anything in my self-image? For example if I saw a place where pigs are hold for meat I would immediately think how bad it is for environment and that the animals are killed... it goes against my self-image. When some inconsistency arrises like me drinking milk that is not morally very acceptable it creates lot of suffering because me being rational and morally consistent goes against comfort and good taste of milk. I just looked on heating in my room. It is turned off to save energy. This gived me a little dope since it goes well with being enviromentally friendly person. If it got really cold and I did not kept myself from heating up it would create suffering. Why did not I keep it off? I have to be enviromental person!!! Vision is so cool. I think of myself as a camera often. But I can not see the eyes. Only in the mirror and that is just reflection. I can feel them a bit when I turn them around. They make this amazing thing called vision, thanks eyes! The End Running Went running, at one point I will develop the image of runner, actually I already did probably. Mindfulness Wow, today rocked. During politics class I was doing self-inquiry basically and it was so powerful, if somebody would watch me it could be strange since I was just staring on the teacher without a single move The Book of Not Knowing Those who read it, you might actually see how it is influencing me.. this is definitely one of the best works I have ever read so far. I am on page 300 or so. It simply so matches with what I experience and is so good to guide through next steps! I checked Peter Ralston's workshops and other things. One of his "transend self" eCourses cost 622 dollars.. oh well, not in plan right now I guess (it would be so cool to buy it at some point and he has so many resources and he wrote like 6 books or so!) Bullying What do the bullies see in me? First I was bullied in the school by some small kids when they saw me brushing my teeth in the school bathroom. Then they were trying to get my stuff when I was sitting on toilet . Now there are some guys in library who either laugh at me or once they picked up book and just put it on the table and walked away, I guess they wanted me to be responsible for it and so on, well I cleaned it up Luckily I am kind of totally immune to any of their tries, I would definitely smash the kids fingers to pieces if he tried to grab the bag one more time.. but thats fine. Already when I was USA some guy was touching my shoulders and then did some gestures about sex.. I went out of the bus on the next stop which was not even mine and then when he was looking out of the window I showed him a middle finger, thats where I started "fuck you bitch I do not fucking care you little fucking bastard". Oh well. Dragallur
  13. @quantum No , thats why I am saying closer to experiencing the shape of the Earth. There are less possible options I guess when you gather up evidence, one could also say that since it is just a memory somebody could change it and it is not what I saw. The problem with any kind of evidence is that you could think of some totally complicated way the stars would move, or that it was just a screen from government.
  14. @quantum Through my own experience I have perhaps been closest to experiencing the shape of the Earth when seeing stars on the southern hemisphere... can not thing of anything better really, I do not think that on Flat Earth southern stars really work.