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  1. Ok what? I can see their profiles but they do not have anything there, did they just decide to leave and told Loe to delete it all or were they banned (what for?). I guess I missed something.
  2. @Elisabeth Ctrl+Z should solve that so that you do not lose what you wrote.
  3. @SuperLuigi find what really causes it and solve the issue, if you are vegan correctly than you should have no problems.
  4. @JKG Whoa! Back in with a journal, nice
  5. @Thanatos13 Perhaps this will heighten your spirits (btw. nice discussion here, love to watch this stuff ):
  6. @onacloudynight Don't worry . Check out Life Below Zero, that is series from National Geographic that Leo linked to about a week or two back.
  7. @onacloudynight Well unless your question is a joke (if it is, it is a great one), your questions are basically hopeless. Really? Are you serious, this would take way more dedication for it to work than just asking this on a forum, I am sorry if this sounds rude but why exactly cave why not like a cabin from which you would go shopping once a week in a small village? You see, this is like asking: "how do I live my life when I have no clue?". Because I do not want to just bash you down, you could probably research something about survival in the wilderness and talk with people that did similar things, how many people do you think are here that lived in a cave? Yup, bugs will be there! That is for sure, spiders and whatnot.
  8. @MisterMan Maybe it is just a healthy criticism, we might benefit from more of that.
  9. Well that is also because science already did so much work that you need huge teams of scientists to continue just a little bit and only the best of the best of the best (and luckiest) will get the correct idea that needs to be tested aka number crunched.
  10. @Mighty Mouse Ok,good point. Yes but it is game where you alone either lose or you alone win and it is your decision only. Yes and I was adding my thoughts as to support his decision and maybe bring something new here.
  11. @Deep Interesting, thanks for the answer.
  12. @Staples +1 @blazed +1 Most people did not even know what "materialistic paradigm" is before Leo shot episode on it. If you start to censore others you will lose and just close yourself in this bubble that you call spirituality, I guess that is how cults are created. I bet many people would be done with this community if it became even more toxic via censorship.
  13. Can you give an example?
  14. @Charlotte It is called bystander effect. When there are more people who could help somebody they do not feel such an urge to do anything because they do not have all of the responsibility. I do not think that people can really know that they will be immune to the effect unless they get into a situation like you, now you are the one who took the responsibility, @Charlotte , people like you are great. Keep on being awesome and brave!
  15. @blazed Upvoted