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  1. @Outer there is no point, he is the master of deflection and straw man.
  2. This is math rape. Infinity - infinity is undefined.
  3. @Dodo You mean "small light spot" --> Is aliens, yeah that sounds like a great evidence.
  4. @abrakamowse I do not know if it is a joke, but inane actually is an existing word... (just sayin)
  5. @Dino D Yeah I would like to see that too. From personal experience, I can relate to these "ehh... non-dual things": Determinism No idea where thoughts come from Consciousness is quite weird (and I have neat theories on why it exists) Some form of solipsism seems about the end of what real "truth" I can access to So I see that you like to criticise this stuff too, have you done meditation and can you relate to some of these things?
  6. @Dino D See this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1/2_%2B_1/4_%2B_1/8_%2B_1/16_%2B_⋯
  7. If you split something into small pieces it does not become bigger (or do I misunderstand your analogy). Otherwise great post I think you are asking the exact right questions and I am at the same point as you are. There is this phrase "Absolute Infinity" that started to appear not long ago. Now it is just everywhere thrown around without any context. So far it seems like basically, only Leo experienced and it was via psychedelics. It would be dumb to just believe all of this, it seems to me only like rhetorics and I do not want to risk believing something and then it happening as an illusion only because I did.
  8. This sounds great, thanks for sharing.
  9. @Leo Gura Maybe not, it just depends on how rare life is. Plus the measurement is not just some measurement.
  10. Stop trying to do what you "fell out from" and solve these things, be loving to yourself, watch a movie and eat a sweet food with the intention to regain energy and love.
  11. @frnshIt is called lucid dreaming, you can train yourself to become better.
  12. At the end Lena gave her destructive part to her mimic and left. So when she was back, if I'm right, she didn't have even much of memories of painful times like getting bruised, or she generally didn't remember a lot of stuff. I think Dr. Ventress was weird due to feeling responsible for the people she chose to send there and they ended up being dead/MIA. Though I suspected she may have gotten the shimmer in her long before she went inside it. I'm still playing in my mind about their whole adventure there. Could the whole thing be fight with ego/enlightenment? Just a cancer that appeared in the world? Fight with only the destructive part in us? Even more surfaced? Personally, I do not think that she survived. I think it could be interpreted as though both of them "died" (=enlightenment) and left being everything which was why they did not know who they were when they asked each other plus their eyes shimmered.