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  1. @rakuul Its nice that somebody makes some criticism of Leo, but this video does not make sense so far as I have watched (15 min). He is trying to make fun of every single thing that Leo says and actually is not making any arguments against what is in the video. This guy is sad.
  2. @West Astrophysics too? Good! I wish you luck with your plans.
  3. @Snick But small kids can not talk and they are not enlightened, they are full of themselves and their survival.
  4. @Sevi Yes I did I only started few minutes later.
  5. @Snick Yes good point but I dont think one will understand what enlightenment is if they do not learn language aka thinking.
  6. Language is extremely important it has been shown that the intelectuall and learning abilities of people who learned language later on are limited.
  7. I can relate this was very nice. I noticed some weird behavior when doing selfinquiry, hope I wont be howling like wolf soon I am quite likely going again tommorow!
  8. @Barna Ok i am going both probably and definitely today
  9. Anybody meditation this weekend?
  10. @pluto you mean getting presents everyday? Sounds great to me!
  11. 209th day: Holidays Well.. I have finished my work on Oscar Wilde. Now I will just have to review it and then send it to my teacher in Czech! It was pretty fun to do, 16 pages of text or so. Today I used integration to solve a problem for the first time. I derived the formula for area of ellipse, it felt so good when I got the answer! Last week when other people did meditation together I joined with self-inquiry and did it for longest time ever.. 140 minutes. It was great and I would go longer time if I was not so tired. Otherwise I have enhanced by SDS a bit since the quality was declining over past weeks. The holidays are really great option to get these things again in shape. Dragallur
  12. @Rider No but they are going to die soon.
  13. I totally fell in love with this sentence as there were some older people in the house for a meal..
  14. Alright the group on Insight Timer exists and you can simply join. It is called the same as this discussion.
  15. Great, thanks for meditating with me I did iong self-inquiry and felt even more confused!