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  1. Nah, it is just that those documentaries are bad, and there is nothing to do about it, you will fail if you try to do a documentary about FLAT EARTH.
  2. @art I see, but nobody claimed that they are searching for absolute truth, they are trying to find out how what we see around us works and scientific method works quite well for that. Edit1: The scientists will drop the theory if there is sufficient amount of evidence against it. So far it was only proven right and it might just be ridiculously hard to find out counter evidence, but as they mentioned.. there are things beyond standard model like dark matter but those are also new things that lack the decades of work. To prove or disprove the theory one needs huge collider. Also they are saying "the beginning of Universe" simply because we have a bit of an idea of how it might hace worked. Nobody even dares to say what was before Big Bang because it is just pointless.
  3. @art It seems like she simply came to these people with the idea that "CERN is evil and they are going to destroy the whole world". I completely understand why the lady in the end did not want to debate the guy. How are you going to explain in a short interview all of the physics involved? This is just another conspiracy theory, just because there are high energies does not mean anything, there are high energies in the other parts of Universe too and nothing actually serious happened. Because there is lot of energy does not equal the creation of black holes. This is just absurd.
  4. @Edvard You have a good point I do not think that everybody needs to be happy. Maybe some people will sacrifice their happiness to do something else, like help to spread humans on other planets (if that is a good idea is not the point of course and who knows what will happen in the future).
  5. @Shiva From the other side "of the table": http://parapsychologie.info/dcbd/dcbd.pdf
  6. 285th day: Ahh... Well I could say that I took a break from meditation though that would not quite describe it. I was doing informally self-inquiry though at least and I have been meditating some days. Today I did again 20 minutes or so. It seems like a nice experiment though it involved bunch of other shit which I need to take care of right now. I would not believe how long addictions can last even though you are not acting anymore on them, it is quite fuck up. I am ok though, I read two books in two days and there are only two left for my school that I need to finish. I also listened to Chronicles of Narnia in German which was very interesting. Just few days ago I had mindfulness fuck up. I just was so mindful and it was continuous for such a long time. I went cycling yesterday, nice change! I want to push to another level with self-inquiry, that is also fuck up btw. I really like how Leo changed the "levels" that we have under our names, it certainly makes sense! Oh well no more ideas. Dragallur
  7. 273rd day: Exchange year I am just sitting here and this is my last night at my host family's house. I have been here for almost 10 months (because I arrived 3 weeks later than was originally planned, normally it is longer). It feels kind of weird, I do not think I can describe it exactly it is unique experience of doing actualization (etc.) and being 1 year away from all the people that you normally know. Now the text continued much longer but I decided to not share it here publicly, sorry. Dragallur
  8. @JustinS I would be very skeptical, apparently they had similar claims before: http://www.snopes.com/alien-mummy-peru/
  9. @Chives99 So in all of nature there are cops and people? Sorry but it sounds like you do psychedelics in the local park infront of police station, meanin,g why don't you just get out into nature?
  10. 269th day: Physics So I moved myself by a substantial bit in the astrophysics textbook, that means roughly half a page right now. I have finally got through this double integration in the way, I have spent most of today's afternoon doing that shit. I have made a lot of very dumb mistakes that were slowing me down, it is not much of a surprise though because of these long divisions that I had to get through. I used the integration by substitution which was quite cool. I love writing integral symbol! I will probably get stuck quite soon again and I am not even getting towards the actual problems in the end of the chapter which will require some hardcore dedication. I loved it though. School Today was the last day in school. I even got a photo of my class from my classmates, that was nice, I wont probably see any of them EVER again which is kind of weird, also none of the teachers, nobody basically. Interesting I was telling myself exactly this when I was going back from USA. Now I have few free days and then I return back. Dragallur
  11. Amazing, you just described so many of my days! You still meditate right? You said that you want to continue with your formal practice. What about self-inquiry though? If you know the answer what do you ask? Do you just feel it and dive in it? Or try to deepen the experience? Would you say that there are some things that you still do not understand that your favorite spiritual teachers talk about (especially about enlightenment)?
  12. 267th day: Thoughts Somehow I do not have problem with standing up late which I am doing right now. Today I fell asleep during meditation, so dumb, otherwise though I have been cutting it after a move so that I stop any cheating. Then later I just napped for 90 minutes. Amazing, I had few dreams which were cool and I got to investigate a bit the state when you are falling asleep, that was really good. I am going to Berlin in less than a week and then after four days I go directly to Czech Republic. That is quite short time considering that I was here the whole school year. I am almost packed, there are lot of books that I am bringing with me, that is quite cool, I like it. I have changed a bit my listening to music habit, though I broke already what I said before. Dragallur
  13. Your cognitive style is... Intellectual Your organizational style is... Balanced Your energy style is... Introverted Your stress management style is... Resilient Your interpersonal style is... Competitive
  14. 266th day: Challenge I did not do so much but I am getting a bit closer on the easier exercises. The side split is really next level, I will have to create a better habit of doing it. Sending videos I just wrote something to my sister and wanted to link some Leo's video. I started watching it (about 100% responsibility) but then realised that I simply can not send it (it was not about her responsibility but of other people's) because just how much it would be hard to understand without having any background knowledge about what Leo does and so on. I want to do that at one point, I just have to choose the right occasion and right video. Senses Just few days back in school I got so fucking deep, but at the same time nowhere, its like I just realized how much I do not know about it but got no answer, just a deep sense of wonder. Magic Yesterday (and today) I spent playing cards until almost 2:30 AM, that was quite fun, listening to music and such for a long time. University Today I went into University to listen to some presentations for people who want to study there. There was also room with stuff that is related to what they do and I actually had in hands Klein bottle! (purpose of life achieved, I can die happily now) Dragallur
  15. I sit on chair the whole day, I find it extremely boring. I already did that, I want to try something different and with 3 songs I can really be thinking about them, really hear the melodies and think about the text.