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  1. 182nd day: Self-Inquiry Yesterday morning I went to bathroom. It was completely normal day so far. I entered and saw my reflection in the mirror... In the next moment I got somehow disconnected from the voice in my head. I was thinking who the fuck is talking in my head this nonsense, and who the fuck is just asking this. My mind basically blew up and I just started to say "WTF" outloud. It lasted like 10 seconds and then I was laughing. Wow, that was cool. Yoga I need to do more yoga because of my back and such. Right now I am doing like 30 min a day. Party I went with my host brother on a party of exchange students. There were like 50 of them! I even met one person from Czech. Basically everybody was drunk, the only think that mattered was how much. I did not smoke or drink of course but it was fun to watch the other people. I met there lot of people that I saw before on some of the seminars. I also met other host sister who was not drinking anything and I talked with her for some time which was nice. Exchange students play a game: "Flag game". Everybody has the flag of the country that they come from. If you want a new country you have to kiss other person. So if I from Czech will kiss somebody from Mexico I will get have Czech and Mexico flag and she too... well some people that I spoke with have like 16 flags or so . So most of the time there is somebody on this kind of party kissing to get a new flag... Meditation Yesterday I was so dead because I spent like 7 hours getting wood that my meditation was complete trash I was asleep during "parts" of it. Dynamic meditation sounds quite nice but I do not really have the time in the morning since I am not waking up at 5 anymore. Dragallur
  2. @I_Like_Thing Though she said that it has been 15 months since she had orgasm so I do not think she is addicted to it.
  3. 175th day: Mood Everything is passing away so quickly I am not really angry at school or anything though often in my thoughts I like to say huge amount of bad words about everything. Friend I was skyping with a friend of mine the other day. Very interesting I am looking forward to meet him again when I get back to Czech. He really is growing in interesting ways and there is so much that I can learn from him. Good privilige to have him as a friend (inside joke ). Walking When summer holidays start I want to walk a long distance again as I walked the last summer, it is great. I have been running today too. Concentration I would like to concentrate right before my meditation, I did that today for 2 minutes. Stuff I found another great piece of music today: Dark Oath - When Fire Engulfs The Earth I loaned 3 juggling balls and can juggle quite well now. Today I did some physics and math and I will make new paper lessons from problems in International Astronomical Olympiad that I also learn from. Tommorow I will finish derivatives on Khan Academy I am quite sure about that. I finished german book and can now read stuff from my school again. Dragallur
  4. Yes it is called like that .. you are getting grades for oral participation so oral grades I guess. Also congratulation to your good grades! I think she is more attracted to somebody who will listen then any way around.
  5. 1) 2) Where is the freedom Solemnly fought for Throughout the vast it will last It doesn't depend on any thing It surrounds every thing Every one A foundation of none Some day Like to day No more searching Anymore See (the thing is) it is bound For the time it is a round The lessons the swing Forth and back The responsibility is there And here Not a game for the weak A sanity to seek 3) Enlightenment
  6. 168th day: Year Wow I am not writing much here... well it has been a whole year since I started to self-actualize! My first meditation session since I decided not to break the streak and since I made my first routine (which I am not doing for a long time now) 1st of March.. I have not quit in the entire time and I am very glad for it now. Alright since I have made again my statistics for meditation I can even share that here: Together all meditation sessions and things towards enlightenment (like self-inquiry or neti-neti) took me: 563.7 hours From that 319.5 hours was do-nothing and SDS and most of the rest was self-inquiry. I started self-inquiry after like 4 months though. Thats about it, 1/20 of 10000 hours so not really much. Of course the next year should be better since I am already on track, but hey the quality is anyway better than quantity. Mindfulness I thought I would start today mindfulness challenge. I was doing well until I started to work on something intelectual like writing post. I actually do not understand how mindfulness should work at that point. It seems quite natural to just let the flow guide me and let me really soak in the thing I am doing.. is that being mindful? If I am not being lost in the stories my mind makes up? I will try to continue tommorow. Cold showers And only cold showers. Its quite easy I have to say. I just go into this state of self-inquiry, tell myself that it is not actually cold and than it is kind of easy. The only problem that I have is not the coldness immediately but when my hands start to hurt physically because they are cold. It takes few minutes though. Music I have backslided here a bit but also found a great piece: Melodeath is gold. The Grand Project I have not forgotten! Not at all! I was learning some math though I have to read a lot for school and am working basically from morning since I get into train where I read, through entire school and into the evening when I go to sleep.. this whole process feels very satisfying though today I am going to watch episode of Vikings. I have realised that I can help the Project in the future if I work on my blog which can serve as a part of the Project. Right now somehow I am starting to get likes on my facebook page from some random people which is cool.. I do not have much time to really upgrade it, hopefully in the future. Feel free to leave like on Science and Rationality facebook page Random Cutting wood is so much fun. Venus looks great. (I love her ) Moon is amazing, rises after Sun sets and sets a bit before Sun rises, thats not going to happen in few days I guess. Somehow I find more and more girls simply beautiful, before I go back to Czech I want to tell one of them that she is really nice. All food tastes amazing. [insert something smart] Dragallur ... wow this was long
  7. Alright I finished my first version of vision board:
  8. 160th day: Return So. Yesterday I returned from my seminar with YFU. It was cool. I did some socializing but was not really so succesful. When I was sitting in a corner and kind of "meditating" I got what I now call "charity" by one girl who thought I am lonely or something. It was nice from her and she started some normal conversation and then I started to talk about Spiral Dynamics. I do not know how much she really was interested but I think that it was a good that I gave it a shot. I learned lot and lot of other stuff but I can not really write about it since some I consider too personal for the people there and think it should stay between us. Also I am becoming more and more humble about what I know.. sometimes I just get so freakin crushed, especially when I realise how much I do not know about normal teenager behavior. I think that often people think that teenagers are kind of stupid, especially people here (I mean normal teenagers).. I do not think that is true, sometimes it surprises me how much better they are in something than me. Meditation etc. I did all self inquiry and meditaiton on the seminar but it was really worst quality. I want to do again some mindfulness meditation in the close future. Music I became there more tolerant of other music again. The people of course listened to lot of pop rap and such. It does not really stress me anymore though I find it funny that nobody listening to that kind of music asks others if it is ok to play it (I would say of course yes partially because of not wanting to cause problems) but if I would try to play metal music they would stone me to death... which also means that people listening to not mainstream music need to be more tolerant in average. Books I slipped back a lot. I hope I will be able to catch up. Also now I have to read a whole book in German which will be very hard. Dragallur
  9. @JKG Good text, I can somehow understand your written German better than the one in school, cool!
  10. 153rd day: I wanted to say this for long time Venus is fucking amazing these weeks. It is really "far" away from Sun so you can see it very easily. I am not surprised that they named the planet after goddess of love and beauty. Check out night sky anyway.. you might die soon. Seminar I wont write probably anything for the next week since I am on the seminar. I am really looking forward to it. I wont be able to jog I guess and my dental hygiene will not hopefully suffer from lack of time. Today Today I was cutting wood for like 3.5 hours. It was fun, I did self-inquiry partially during it too. Friday Killer day. I did the diabolo show without a single mistake two times out of two times! It was cool and I am really happy that I did not step back from it. I also had some interesting situations like when my shorts got ripped during sports class Vision board It is not finished.. almost, when I return I will do it, it looks cool. I found a great song, the lyrics are amazing (they are in the description of the video): Dragallur
  11. Democracy certainly has some flaws though I would say that they are getting more smoothed out the more educated society it. I have to admit that this epistocracy sounds quite interesting but it would be very hard to implement it into today's world..
  12. @Marc Schinkel Great post Marc! I am going to create ectra google account I guess! Also, check out singluarity in artificial intelligence, for example the work of Eliezer Yudkowski (he is really good rationalist) Check out Age of Em - book. You can hear about it on Baeysian Conspiracy podcast in one of their interviews. This is really interesting subject, I am looking forward to your next post. I can see you follow CGP Grey too
  13. 150th day: Enlightenment work I am doing self-inquiry quite often throughout the day. Otherwise I keep the normal 1SDS1SI (units in hours) Random thought: I find it extremely funny that astronomers or physicists in research and such, set speed of light to 1 in their equation so when you check it out you do not see it anywhere Books I need to read those 23 books in about half a year, plus now for example for Theater class I have to read other book. For Czech I already finished Pride and Prejudice. I kind of liked it which is funny because it is only about love, marriage and relationships.. the message of the whole thing is about prejudice and I find it cool. Now I read The Black Tulip by Alexandr Dumas. I signed up for Sciencium project by Derek Miller. The probability that he will choose me is extremely small but I wanted to try it out. Not lying I will write about this maybe separate post on the forum, I had some pretty interesting experiences with lying and honesty. Sometimes my existence seems to me as the most random thing ever. MMM is not really succesful but still will try, I forgot about it for some time. I like the question Who Are You? way more than Who Am I? .. it kind of sets the mood on whole different level. Basically no time for physics. Did I already wrote that I was on Chess Tournament? Oh and tommorow I am giving small show to some small kids in my school (with diabolo). I was inspired by @JKG aka quantum () to make a vision board. I will work on it during weekend or friday. I am not here the whole next week because I am going to seminar with my organization to Münich. Already 4 days in a row I woke up at 5AM! FInally, it took me some time. One time in the morning I went running too. Well, I guess thats about it, my random thoughts! Dragallur
  14. I have seen the movie like 3 or 4 times along with Cloud Atlas (check it out if you did not see it yet).