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  1. Yeah, just don't forget that the guidelines forbid to share conspiracy theories.
  2. @ppfeiff No he simply did not fed them the best food possible, omg, just because ONE guy called John Rose says so does not mean that it is true! Have you ever been to Auschwitz? If I remember correctly there died over 1 million people! They were slaves working for the Nazi Germany... again he does not cite any sources to back up what he is saying, this is just absurd, it is like talking about chemtrails or us not going to the Moon, just because there are people on the internet saying so does not make it true. Just go visit some WWII historian, prepare your arguments and see how it goes, I am not one and this is just pointless. Even today you can meet and talk with the people that really survived the concentration camps and they will tell you how it really goes with the first-hand experience, or just read some books from the survivors, have you ever heard of Anne Frank? Do you think she was treated nicely? This is one of the things that Hitler said: Once I really am in power, my first and foremost task will be the annihilation of the Jews. As soon as I have the power to do so, I will have gallows built in rows — at the Marienplatz in Munich, for example — as many as traffic allows. Then the Jews will be hanged indiscriminately, and they will remain hanging until they stink; they will hang there as long as the principles of hygiene permit. As soon as they have been untied, the next batch will be strung up, and so on down the line, until the last Jew in Munich has been exterminated. Other cities will follow suit, precisely in this fashion, until all Germany has been completely cleansed of Jews. — Adolf Hitler, 1922 Read through this for example, as I said I am no historian but what you are doing is still absurd: https://rationalwiki.org/wiki/Holocaust_denial
  3. @ppfeiff Yeah I am just not having this conversation for the first time and it always looks like this, you show YouTube video I point out few things, then there are more YouTube videos and then some more (that's how people also prove conspiracy theories which often goes in the similar direction: they do not want you to know about it ---> here is why the majority is wrong (except there is no "why")). So what makes me think that what I learn at school is MORE accurate than what you present is because there are experts, historians who study this field for years and years and based on that they create some kind of teaching curriculum. I did not deny that Allies did nothing wrong as also the post mentioned but you are speaking of millions of dead and raped people if I remember correctly now that is a different story, that is the story of Holocaust and what I really dislike is this nazi-apologetics making this stuff lighter which it definitely is NOT. I did not watch the documentary but are there for example sources that it links to? (the Reddit post mentioned that for example, and yes it was supposed to be one-sided because it was making a parody of the documentary)
  4. @ppfeiff Ehh man, I guess I will just respond with this: https://www.reddit.com/r/badhistory/comments/3f08ou/the_documentary_hellstorm/?st=jaydxrzb&sh=d26c402c
  5. @ppfeiff So how does the history fall apart? Flourishing Germany? I would not call that killing millions of people. Millions of Germans burned? You mean German Jews? This IS neo-nazism, I was not even able to watch it whole. Tell me if in the whole audio he tries to disprove all the horrors that Hitler and Nazis did and tell me if he puts out any arguments to prove his points, this is just disgusting shit talk.
  6. @ppfeiff Whoa man, be careful here and try not to twist up the history that's how neo-nazism and co. are born. As @Toby said the first you should know is that he killed millions of people and even if he did make the country rich, that is not what should matter.
  7. Actually, the guy behind the channel is Brady Haran. He always just films the videos of some math professor speaking on some topic so if you check out more of them you will see more speakers, he also has other channels dedicated to different topics like chemistry for example.
  8. I am quite surprised that NOBODY talks about ecology here. All the comments are about killing animals and if it is moral but there is actually one more argument for not eating meat and dairy and that is ecology. Most of the humanity's carbon footprint comes from livestock. Also, most of our agriculture is not for us, it is for the animals that we eat after that. This is, of course, inefficient and there is energy lost in this process. Not only that the animals suffer, it is simply unsustainable because it takes so much place, destroys biodiversity and in the ends leads to our doom, think about that too people!
  9. @Ilya Well it would be enough if they stopped smoking for now
  10. @AleksM Yeah as blazed said I really do not have the patience to watch so many of these videos and that was why I responded to the 20 minute one and hopefully showed you why it does not make sense, you could have of course at least reacted to that. The thing is that this is not the first time I am confronting this type of evidence giving and pseudoscience and it gets kind of tiring so unless you provide some strong case against my arguments I won't be really motivated to watch the whole 2 hour documentary. To demonstrate again what type of videos you are sharing, I watched the first one "How thought creates vibration and frequency" and here are my thoughts: The beginning sounds quite legit until he talks about two electrons passing next to each other. You see they do not create some kind of wave just like that. How light (photons) are created is by electron with high energy losing it and radiating it away as light. This light or also electromagnetic radiation has huge spectrum, on one part with a long wavelength and small frequency you got the radio waves than in the "middle" there is really what we see and with a short wavelength and high frequency you got ultraviolet light, x-rays and gamma rays. Now he said that thoughts have shorter wavelengths then what we can see, he pointed it on the board, this would mean that thoughts work like ultraviolet radiation at least. Guess what, ultraviolet radiation can give you tan, a bit more sunburn and eventually cancer... if thoughts are like this we should stop walking around other people and stop our monkey mind before we die. (Actually, I just saw how he pointed x-rays on lower frequency than emotions which means that emotions do probably cause cancer). So from my point of view, this is just bunch of people trying to talk science while they never studied it even on high school level... trust me there is a reason why scientists have to spend decades before they do some hardcore research.
  11. @AleksM I agree, it was a bit rude from me to immediately respond without looking on those links, I took notes on the one about water and vibration (20 minutes): Ok so I watched the 20-minute video about water and here are my thoughts: So what is giving the frequency sweep to the Earth? Our pulse? How does that affect the whole world? He is showing what he says is vibrating water on different frequencies, how does that change into the idea that feeling, thought and emotion is a vibration? Btw. these patterns are nice only subjectively. So he basically played some sound to water and then said that this applies to thoughts too, what the hell. Then comes this second guy (or is it the same one?) who says that everything is sound and that thoughts are sound outside of the frequency that we can hear or what. Again he jumped to that conclusion after saying that sand makes certain patterns on a metal plate. Oh, come on! He says that in the beginning the world was sound and it was created like that, how can that make any sense? How is everything sound? At roughly 6:50 he talks about sound and how it affects galaxies and matter, but you know, one does not create sound in a VACUUM! Our heart beats faster when we are stressed simply because it tries to prepare us for some stress like situation (I am not biologist though), there is nothing wrong with a higher heartbeat, it normally happens when........ you are running! They write that water is a concept, of course, we make the concept of a water inside our head to label it somehow and it could be an illusion. About the water crystals even if it really worked like that there is no reason why it should affect the body how good or bad water crystal looks like, again this is totally subjective and metal music is very complex and does not have clean sounds in there. Btw. as somebody else said: If water truly had a memory then city tap water would be one of the most dangerous substances on the planet. So that's it you see? I am of course biased towards my beliefs, you were very much on point with that, but I also think I have raised quite important questions that everybody should ask if they watch a video like that.
  12. @AleksM Anyway if we go back to this metal thing that I mentioned... you know it seems to me like someone who does not like some type of music because it is "harder" than what he normally listens to creates some experiment that "proves" how good words change the structure of water. I think all of you add just too much of an emphasis on human beings as us having some kind of "abilities" while confirming them either with confirmation bias or placebo effect. Btw. I quite enjoy metal music and always feel empowered by it and also I ignore all of my food at home and it does not seem going crazy, would this apply to anything? Like trees in a forest, my table? Do these things understand all languages or does a thought have ultimate "vibe" to it no matter the language? What about sign language thoughts? What if they are sarcastic?
  13. Yeah it seems as though openmindedness turned into madness , how the hell would metal music make something bad?