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  1. 273rd day: Exchange year I am just sitting here and this is my last night at my host family's house. I have been here for almost 10 months (because I arrived 3 weeks later than was originally planned, normally it is longer). It feels kind of weird, I do not think I can describe it exactly it is unique experience of doing actualization (etc.) and being 1 year away from all the people that you normally know. Now the text continued much longer but I decided to not share it here publicly, sorry. Dragallur
  2. @JustinS I would be very skeptical, apparently they had similar claims before: http://www.snopes.com/alien-mummy-peru/
  3. @Wyatt Why? Well because it takes everyone to stop global warming, not just one person and you need to talk to the other side which is exactly what both of us were doing here.
  4. @Chives99 So in all of nature there are cops and people? Sorry but it sounds like you do psychedelics in the local park infront of police station, meanin,g why don't you just get out into nature?
  5. 269th day: Physics So I moved myself by a substantial bit in the astrophysics textbook, that means roughly half a page right now. I have finally got through this double integration in the way, I have spent most of today's afternoon doing that shit. I have made a lot of very dumb mistakes that were slowing me down, it is not much of a surprise though because of these long divisions that I had to get through. I used the integration by substitution which was quite cool. I love writing integral symbol! I will probably get stuck quite soon again and I am not even getting towards the actual problems in the end of the chapter which will require some hardcore dedication. I loved it though. School Today was the last day in school. I even got a photo of my class from my classmates, that was nice, I wont probably see any of them EVER again which is kind of weird, also none of the teachers, nobody basically. Interesting I was telling myself exactly this when I was going back from USA. Now I have few free days and then I return back. Dragallur
  6. Amazing, you just described so many of my days! You still meditate right? You said that you want to continue with your formal practice. What about self-inquiry though? If you know the answer what do you ask? Do you just feel it and dive in it? Or try to deepen the experience? Would you say that there are some things that you still do not understand that your favorite spiritual teachers talk about (especially about enlightenment)?
  7. @S33K3R Unfortunately we do not even know if Maunder minimum is in linked to mini-ice age and btw. the Earth is actually warming up as you could read in the post I linked. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maunder_Minimum When you say "This guy actually reads the real data instead of a picture of the earth the media pushes." I have the feeling that you have a bit of skewed idea how data is interpreted. NASA for example does not take only pictures, they are scanning the whole Earth every year and measuring temperatures, they are looking at the freakin' data you see.
  8. @S33K3R I see what you did there. Well, read this for example: http://www.slate.com/blogs/bad_astronomy/2013/09/30/climate_change_it_s_real_and_it_s_us.html So no, if you look on the general trend then you will clearly see what is actually happening. Also the whole last year for example, we were breaking the records... because it was so warm. It is also a bit more complicated then that, global warming can for example bring not only warmer seasons but also more extreme weather, meaning that it will sometimes get cold too. There is difference in warm periods and runaway green house effect, do not mistake that. Your last fact is that Sun is going to sleep? What does that even mean? How can star go to sleep? Actually Sun is quite steady overall in its energy output so yes, it is the reason why the Earth looks like but it does not change, our atmosphere changes. Dragallur
  9. 267th day: Thoughts Somehow I do not have problem with standing up late which I am doing right now. Today I fell asleep during meditation, so dumb, otherwise though I have been cutting it after a move so that I stop any cheating. Then later I just napped for 90 minutes. Amazing, I had few dreams which were cool and I got to investigate a bit the state when you are falling asleep, that was really good. I am going to Berlin in less than a week and then after four days I go directly to Czech Republic. That is quite short time considering that I was here the whole school year. I am almost packed, there are lot of books that I am bringing with me, that is quite cool, I like it. I have changed a bit my listening to music habit, though I broke already what I said before. Dragallur
  10. Your cognitive style is... Intellectual Your organizational style is... Balanced Your energy style is... Introverted Your stress management style is... Resilient Your interpersonal style is... Competitive
  11. 266th day: Challenge I did not do so much but I am getting a bit closer on the easier exercises. The side split is really next level, I will have to create a better habit of doing it. Sending videos I just wrote something to my sister and wanted to link some Leo's video. I started watching it (about 100% responsibility) but then realised that I simply can not send it (it was not about her responsibility but of other people's) because just how much it would be hard to understand without having any background knowledge about what Leo does and so on. I want to do that at one point, I just have to choose the right occasion and right video. Senses Just few days back in school I got so fucking deep, but at the same time nowhere, its like I just realized how much I do not know about it but got no answer, just a deep sense of wonder. Magic Yesterday (and today) I spent playing cards until almost 2:30 AM, that was quite fun, listening to music and such for a long time. University Today I went into University to listen to some presentations for people who want to study there. There was also room with stuff that is related to what they do and I actually had in hands Klein bottle! (purpose of life achieved, I can die happily now) Dragallur
  12. @Geromekevin I will just quickly adress some of your points, as you said, one can debate about Trump forever Actually no. The people who disagreed with Kopernikus were not scientists, in a way how people now disagree with scientists (though Kopernikus was for example never able to come up with some mathematical model to explain heliocentrism). That does not make your point completely invalid though, there might be quite easily parts of science that are right now wrong and we have no idea about that, similar thing happened with Theory of Relativity paradigm shift for example, though comparing climate, which is a thing that you can make mass measurements of and theoretical physics is a bit sloppy. Trump and his advisors probably do not go with this one. The science will not improve if Trump will cut the money that goes there, and that is exactly what he wants, he does not want the science to improve. It might seem smart with this filter that you proposed, but the filter itself is not good. Check out for example this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1WKoj-kodBw Yes you are right, he is a rich man and is certainly very good in earning money, but I call him an idiot because he is so behind in other things (which I think are more important).
  13. @Wisdoom Of course it is possible but I do not assign it very high probability. Same with the second option. The thing is that the temperature is rising dramatically and that will be/is problem since it causes lot of unbalance in the nature. Btw. It is anyway for example better to use renewable resources because of our health.
  14. @Wisdoom People who actually understand the whole issue (climate scientists) in a overhelming numbers agree that Global warming is the case.
  15. @Wisdoom Because it is not true. Just because he is not the first person does not make his statements any more valid.