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  1. @Rilles Confusion for example - I get confused if I should do exercise before meditation or is it okay to meditate without exercise or I get confused if I should breathing meditation or sitting still meditation and I can get to a conclusion at all. I remain uncertain and don’t get a solution at all and then I get frustrated about it. So I want to if this uncertainty about things is caused by meditation?
  2. Lately I have observed that when I meditate I became very uncertain about things and also I get confused a lot. Is it possible that meditation is causing this? If yes then how can I deal with it?
  3. In one of his videos Leo said that whey protein is toxic and it should be avoided. Why what’s the reason? @Leo Gura.
  4. @Prabhaker is facing loneliness also going to make me aware of my demons and will that also make me suffer?
  5. @Prabhaker I’m taking meds because of the confusion.
  6. I did the chanting meditation fot some days and I’m pretty sure because of that I developed anxiety and confusion. I’m getting confused at everything and it is bothering me a lot. But now how do I cure the confused mind I developed due to meditation?
  7. Internet and my cellphone are t letting me face solitude? I almost automatically go and use my phone. I give myself excuse that I’ll watch some educational videos and later I find myself watching videos of Justin burner kissing teens.
  8. I know that slowing down is super important and I will make my awareness grow. but why is it that I can’t succeed at slowing down at all? No matter how much I try I lose at being slow/mindful.
  9. @Erlend K because solitude is better than hanging out with friends Leo said.
  10. I agree that loneliness is the best - when I tried to be lonely I become super DEPRESSED(negative thoughts) and super ANXIOUS(Over thinking - over analysing the stupidest stuff) plus damn I got a terrible headache too. I didn't go and meet my friends for 4 days and those days were like hell. Today I went and met them and I felt super good and happy. What do I do?
  11. 1. A life where in one has a lot of people with him and a good social connection and great family. 2. A person who has no social life.? If 2nd is better than 1 then why do you feel sad?
  12. @Leo Gura My parents aren't keeping well, plus I'm the person who manages all the stuff here.
  13. @Leo Gura anything else apart from these two? I can't leave my home and office.