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  1. These are great thoughts, insights, and solutions for effective habits guys, thank you
  2. Hey guys, I have been following leo’s advice on the start section on his website of implementing one habit at a time. So far I have one habit: 1 hour strong determination sitting that i have kept up for 10 months. Now I am planning on implementing one habit every 30 days. But after a few years won’t I have too many habits in place? There are atleast 15-20 juicy habits I want to implement in my life. Should I stick to only a few forever, or continue to implement one every 30 days with the faith that itll all work out in a few years. One solution I have figured out that I think will work is to add a new habit every 30 days to my morning routine, and evening routine, so it just mentally feels like I have 2 main habits (morning and evening routine) over the years that are just solidifying over time. Any thoughts on this as well?
  3. Oh yeah and that glass cieling thing freaked me out lol I was thinking fuck what if there are other potential things I don’t know about holding me back from raising my consciousness and even if I put in 10 hours/day in consciousness work I won’t get past the glass cieling because of some “self” problem or dysfunctional external circumstance. Good to know that enlightenment is there to be seen potentially at any moment and doesn’t have any pre-requisites.
  4. @Pallero haha I was thinking the exact same thing you said, its just that there was some doubt in my head and my mind gets me so paranoid sometimes, that I literally had to come on here to relieve my paranoia and get a confirmation of 100%. I guess I have a lot of fears and inner demons to work through. Wow just typing that made me remember leo saying the mind likes certainty, and enlightenment is about making you ok with uncertainty. Haha this journey is tough
  5. Oh okay i think I understood your point. So you are saying if you can’t get the courage to leave a relationship, how would I get the courage to experience full on death? But lets say I could get the courage to leave the relationship if I put in the time, but I don’t want to spend the time working on my external circumstances, my “self” problems, as well as my self esteem, etc and just want to shoot for enlightenment directly. In that situation, I would still be able to get enlightened? I believe in my capabilities of developing courage but I guess I feel putting the time and effort to handle this relationship in the best way, doesn’t seem worth it.
  6. Hey Leo, In your latest video, the marketing one, you were talking about how you can’t get enlightened if you work at mcdonalds or if you are in a toxic relationship, because eventually you would hit a point while raising your consciousness and would have to be like “oh shit, I have to leave this relationship” I am not quoting your exact words, just what I understood. After hearing that, I started getting paranoid because I would say I am in one decently toxic relationship that I feel would be impossible for me to leave, and have had a lot of struggle leaving, and I don’t want to not get enlightened. And in your previous enlightenment FAQ video you said, when you become enlightened it would be a lot easier to make decisions such as leaving a toxic relationship, etc. so I was waiting for post enlightenment to worry about this toxic relationship. I was wondering if you could shine some light on this, or if anyone else has some input they want to share.
  7. @NJM50 I was in a pretty similar situation like you back in college. Here is what I suggest: If you have no money, take tai lopez’s social media marketing agency course, apply everything whole heartedly, and win. If you have upto 1000 dollars, sell retail arbitrage on amazon: 1) Download the amazon scanner app on your phone, go to big box stores like walmart, home depot, and dollar store, scan items and see how much it is selling on amazon. Buy low from these physical stores, sell high on amazon. Really simple, but a lot of physical labor. If you have upto 3000 dollars, sell private label on amazon: 1) Research amazon for high demand low competition products, buy 100 units from china, slap your logo on it, and sell on amazon. This model is somewhat riskier Obviously there is a lot more info to these products. If you don’t have money for a course, the free info on youtube will suffice. I have started off with 300 dollars, and grown a business to 100k/year in revenue using retail arbitrage, then working my way up to private label on amazon. Otherwise you can find your own proven business model, just do some youtube searching for stuff that inspires you: affiliate marketing, selling information products, etc
  8. From experience, even just doing 5 mins of sadhguru’s yoga is like a mini body orgasm 50% of the times. Just type in on youtube “sadhguru yoga for” and he has a lot of “Yoga for” videos. Yoga for peace, Yoga for Joy, Yoga for health, etc. My personal favorite right now is “yoga for peace: naddhi shuddhi”
  9. @Nahm Woah, Thank you for this. Your post literally put me into high gear, as you showed me the significance of what I am about to do. I am taking notes on this post and leo’s blog posts on solo retreats and constructing a strategic plan for this 2 week period, an no I eat somewhat shitty hahah, I just ate a subway cookie. I think im going clean starting today. Also love the idea of a detailed before and after post on the this forum, that could really help me and other people! Thank you for the inspiration.
  10. @Ether You don’t have to, but I say make a decision after doing the full research and not out of fear and what culture told you @Shin That sounds amazing, great advice man
  11. @Shin Thats genius lol I didn’t think thats possible cuz i never heard of combining a solo retreat with a few days of psychedelics. Do you think thats overkill though or no? And I don’t want to develop an intolerance to psychedelics so is spacing it out over a week fine?
  12. My parents are going on vacation for 2 weeks in december and i have the whole house to myself. I am planning to use this time at home to either do 1) a solo meditation retreat: 6 hours meditation formal sits, and being out in nature the rest of the time, with no other distractions (no phone, etc) 2) 2 psychedelic trips - I have never done psychedelics before so the 1st trip would be 75 ug LSD on day 1 of 14. The 2nd trip would either be 1.5 mg shrooms or 100 ug LSD (which should I do?) on day 13 of 14 My main goal is to really take advantage of these 2 weeks in the best way possible in terms of personal growth, spiritual growth, happiness, purging, etc. Any advice, etc would be appreciated
  13. @sweater surviving in this society has become easy, so I wouldn’t say it is essential. There are many substitutes for a smartphone and many people have gotten off it and are doing great. It can definitely aid in survival and if you find more benefit than cost using it, then go for it. But there are definitely a group of people who would benefit from getting rid of their smartphones
  14. I think the issue is the compulsive use of smartphones. If used consciously, I don’t see a problem really.
  15. When I said destroy, I literally meant destroy lmao I’m not a technical guy but I have heard of stories of people retreiving a phones old data even after it has been restored to factory settings. So I’m thinking of smashing my iPhone haha