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  1. From experience, even just doing 5 mins of sadhguru’s yoga is like a mini body orgasm 50% of the times. Just type in on youtube “sadhguru yoga for” and he has a lot of “Yoga for” videos. Yoga for peace, Yoga for Joy, Yoga for health, etc. My personal favorite right now is “yoga for peace: naddhi shuddhi”
  2. @Nahm Woah, Thank you for this. Your post literally put me into high gear, as you showed me the significance of what I am about to do. I am taking notes on this post and leo’s blog posts on solo retreats and constructing a strategic plan for this 2 week period, an no I eat somewhat shitty hahah, I just ate a subway cookie. I think im going clean starting today. Also love the idea of a detailed before and after post on the this forum, that could really help me and other people! Thank you for the inspiration.
  3. @Ether You don’t have to, but I say make a decision after doing the full research and not out of fear and what culture told you @Shin That sounds amazing, great advice man
  4. @Shin Thats genius lol I didn’t think thats possible cuz i never heard of combining a solo retreat with a few days of psychedelics. Do you think thats overkill though or no? And I don’t want to develop an intolerance to psychedelics so is spacing it out over a week fine?
  5. My parents are going on vacation for 2 weeks in december and i have the whole house to myself. I am planning to use this time at home to either do 1) a solo meditation retreat: 6 hours meditation formal sits, and being out in nature the rest of the time, with no other distractions (no phone, etc) 2) 2 psychedelic trips - I have never done psychedelics before so the 1st trip would be 75 ug LSD on day 1 of 14. The 2nd trip would either be 1.5 mg shrooms or 100 ug LSD (which should I do?) on day 13 of 14 My main goal is to really take advantage of these 2 weeks in the best way possible in terms of personal growth, spiritual growth, happiness, purging, etc. Any advice, etc would be appreciated
  6. @sweater surviving in this society has become easy, so I wouldn’t say it is essential. There are many substitutes for a smartphone and many people have gotten off it and are doing great. It can definitely aid in survival and if you find more benefit than cost using it, then go for it. But there are definitely a group of people who would benefit from getting rid of their smartphones
  7. I think the issue is the compulsive use of smartphones. If used consciously, I don’t see a problem really.
  8. When I said destroy, I literally meant destroy lmao I’m not a technical guy but I have heard of stories of people retreiving a phones old data even after it has been restored to factory settings. So I’m thinking of smashing my iPhone haha
  9. So I have been wanting to do this for a while now Why destroy your smartphone? - For me, and many other people it is the most time consuming addiction in our day to day life - Small fact I heard, and not sure if this is accurate, but 41% of a human being’s lifetime is spent looking at a screen. I picture my life more out in nature. How to do it? 1) Look at all the apps you have, and delete the ones you don’t use. 2) All the apps you do use, write them on a notepad, and make a list. 3) Find a substitute for each important app, and function of your smartphone. Some of the most important substitutes: Get a used mp3 player, old school gps, flip phone for messaging and calls, and if you have a laptop, that should act as a good substitute for all your other smartphone functions. Is this right for everyone? * It depends on you, where you are in life, etc. For me personally, I feel like it would be a nice step in a positive direction, and I could see a better life doing this. Im actually really excited to do this. * On the other hand, I remember leo’s infastructure video, and he makes some good points how technology like a smartphone could be used to really advance yourself in self actualization and life purpose. Maybe when I am more conscious after a few years of work, I will get a smartphone again. Some of my favorite role models: * Sadhguru has 2 phones lol * Ed sheeran got rid of his phone, and used an iPad as a substitute. Final thoughts * It can be done if you go about it strategically, just do some planning and thinking if this is a right decision for you Feedback * Any thoughts on this? I plan on finishing this little mission within 4-8 days. I have thought about it for 5 months+ and think I am ready now.
  10. I do it before every meditation session too. Its great
  11. @Afonso Wow that sounds awesome! Could you share the details of the shaman if I wanted to get that done myself?
  12. About 30% of the times I sit down to meditate, I stick to one technique which is do nothing. Other times its mindfulness meditation with labeling, self inquiry, letting go, self love, surrendering, observing no boundary in the darkness when eyes are closed, just focusing on absolute stillness of the body for higher quality strong determination sits. Exploring various techniques as the situation demands it or just for my curiosity to explore, has actually yielded great results. Often times I end up finding a technique I really love and resonate with. But does this limit growth a lot because I am not drilling down on one technique like do nothing, or is this sort of exploration a catalyst to growth?
  13. Going on a retreat for 10 days with strangers sounds nice, but for 3 years? I'd rather be by myself out in nature, and on my own terms even if I were to go hardcore. Just my own person take on it. The idea is interesting though
  14. @Leo Gura I am new to this but my friend says he knows a dealer who is very trustworthy, does that count as being "on the streets"?
  15. @Leo Gura Yes leo, do you have any examples? Honestly even just an upgrade from my current environment would be nice. I can really see the 30 ways society fucks you in the ass over here where Im living. For over a year now I have been researching for an "optimal" environment I am a westerner, and trying to move to a location anywhere in USA, and if anyone has any suggestions I'm open to that as well. Even out of USA if it is really worth it. @Lauritz I really like what you are looking for in a highly conscious environment, Id like to throw in some ideas as well and what my research suggests: 1. Beautiful scenery, living out in nature - I remember sadhguru was talking how amazingly beautiful the himalayas is in that regard 2. Good weather, not too hot not too cold, so I can be out in nature a lot. Snow, rain, breezey weather are all amazing. California has one of the best climates in USA 3. A great learning environment for growing consciousness - Himalayas is also great for this sadhguru suggest. One of The highest concentration of enlightened beings, and that too highly enlightened beings 4. Valuing nutrition, and life purpose - LA 5. PUA, breaking social conditioning - NYC which is also highly divserse 6. Salt lake city seems to be very outdoorsy, adventurous, and conscious, not sure exactly though 7. Quiet and peaceful environment, this would obviously mean not a city. 8. Cheap, the cheaper it is, the less people would be focusing on making money and survival and more time on higher ideals on maslows hierarchy and consciousness. Maybe.