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  1. Thats a huge relief that it won't physically harm me through like shock or whatever! And of course I agree reading the rest of the books is very wise, I was just in fear that I had to drop all my practices to first develop a better conceptual understanding. Also how do I hone this desire for the truth in an authentic way?
  2. Ive been getting deeper and deeper into meditation practice, SDS, self inquiry, and mindfulness meditation, and can really see the progress that I've been making, and now its hitting me that I could have an enlightenment experience any moment which got me thinking: How exactly do I prepare for it? I heard leo saying multiple times not to get into this unless you have a really good conceptual understanding of enlightenment. I have read half a book, watched all of Leos enlightenment videos and read all his posts on the forum. Is that enough material to prepare for this? Also I have a good amount of health problems (pressure in head, chronic fatigue, migraines, dehydration) Should I fix all these issues and develop more emotional control before I have an enlightenment experience? I wouldn't want to damage my body in the process of getting enlightened. I mainly just don't want to fuck up my health any more than it is to be honest. You could say I fucked up my health by misusing drugs 3 years ago, so I realize the value in researching the tools before practicing them (yoga, kundalini, 5-meo, etc) Is the purpose of getting informed about enlightenment so I don't fuck up my physical and mental health in the process? "In Zen they discipline you rigorously before you have your enlightenment, so that you don't freak out. You have in most of your life time lived in a way in which you had a ton of emotions and thoughts going on every second of the day. If that is greatly reduced to silence, you won't have any reference to live in that world." - Also this was quoted on this forum by Azrael who seems to be very well learned in enlightenment concept. Can someone explain how I would discipline myself to prepare for an enlightenment experience so I don't freak out during and after the experience?
  3. Woah I thought I was going crazy because 2x I experienced a really bright white light literally out of nowhere when I was more than half asleep, and my mind unconsciously (because I was more than half asleep) was telling myself to accept it fully
  4. Wow I had no idea any of that was possible doing SDS, I'll definitely check out that video! And for the fast heart beat thing, how exactly do I practice surrender? Is that the same thing as acceptance?
  5. I've done over 100 hours of SDS (strong determination sitting) and have had all sorts of experiences during SDS and experiences outside of SDS as a result of SDS. A few times I had weird wtf moments happen while I was sitting on the toilet and 2x while I was more than half asleep all as a result of SDS. I'm just really trying to understand what is going on here. I've seen all the enlightenment videos and don't think I have had an enlightenment experience, so then what can all this be? Are there any common effects people are known to have during SDS or does it vary depending on the person? Anyone know where I can get more information on SDS, perhaps a book? Ive seen both Leo's and shinzen young's videos already. The reason I am partly concerned is because sometimes these experiences get really intense and I don't know if that is a good or bad thing. When I close my eyes these days, in just seconds I can feel all sorts of bubbling sensations everywhere in my body, often in my head. I may be creating this myself but my visual perception begins to change in ways I never saw before. I am also trying to understand why I enter into meditative states, where it feels like a meditative wave comes over me slowly. Also sometimes I am deeply peaceful, then all of a sudden I get this intense experience I don't know how to describe. And sometimes I go from really deep meditative states, to really fast heartbeat. There are some other experiences I don't know how to describe but the only words I have are mystical or spiritual. I am not sure if thats true, maybe my mind is interpreting it like that.
  6. @Joseph Maynor If you're not experiencing much yet, maybe you haven't been doing it for enough time yet, or you are moving here and there. I'm sure if you do it for enough months you will. You can sort of test certain things techniques and see which one works for you and do that long term: (These are just some things I do, none of which are "official") 1) Try to imagine that everything in ur visual senses is "nonsense" or "nothing" and just completely try to let go. Especially with your breath. Are you breathing voluntarily or involuntarily? 2) Accept everything in the present moment. Everything. Have a calm smile on ur face. Imagine acceptance 3) Increase the length of your sit. This one could work like magic. The moments you feel like stopping the sit, just keep persisting. 4) Do nothing technique to calm your mind down. Essentially you will reach deeper and deeper states the more calm and present you get. So maybe focus on calming down. 5) Draw your awareness to the body, if you think a lot. Thinking is logical, body awareness is experience. I try more and more to be in experience, unless I am doing "do nothing". I think this is pretty effective. I highly recommend Leo's video "Part 3: Creating an experience of no-self". Its a guided meditation, and you can use the techniques in that video in this meditation and definitely experience crazt shit. I tend to experiment a lot in SDS. I even tried imagining death and just letting go of everything like im about to die and that even helps. You could also just experiment with techniques. Maybe even recall and be with painful thoughts?
  7. If anyone is interested in seeing a straw move, look at Ryan Cropper's channel. He's also apparantly helped people astral project and develop other cool psychic abilities.
  8. @Leo Gura I have a same or similar question, please enlighten us. Would one even decide to strategically pursue a life purpose after enlightenment if he has never done life purpose before, or would he consider all of life purpose a mental construct and drop the thought process altogether? Still new to the idea of enlightenment, but I would assume if enlightenment makes you reach your authentic self, that should be worth pursuing first. Honestly its not even just life purpose, I am scared I won't pursue relationships after enlightenment too, or the other joys of life too, and decide to live out in ecstacy (which currently I can't imagine how I can do that leaving all the other joys of life behind) I guess one concise question to sum this all up is that: Would one have, hold, and pursue the same top 10 values generated from the LP course (for the most part) or is there a chance that we might drop all 10 values for living life in ecstasy alone in some distant from society location?
  9. I've been doing strong determination sitting now for 3 months now atleast, and wow I can see myself going places with this technique. I do 1 hour a day, sometimes 40 or 50 minutes. Past 4 days now have been very interesting. This started after implementing one hack. The months before that I had maybe 3-4 interesting days also with deep meditative experiences but I didn't have control over which day I would have a powerful session. But I think I have figured out, atleast for myself, how to consistently have a powerful session. Right before doing SDS + do nothing I splash my face with really cold water to stay very alert and fresh during the session. Because I have fatigue issues this really helps with my meditation. I have a feeling though others can try it as a hack. Past 4 days have been experiencing very meditative experiences, shaking, purging, and one intense crying episode I feel being alert during meditation is important because if you are tired I don't see how you can get very far. This goes back to leo's point that most people don't get far with spirituality because their diets are shit. If your diet is shit and your tired or you just want to be more alert try the cold water hack.
  10. Really love leo's book list and see huge value in it. Not enough books in certain categories such as health, so I am looking for more books. Has anyone found similar highly researched book lists online from other good sources? Not so much a fan of RSD tyler anymore, but I know he has a list of good books as well ranging from health, and success to spirituality if anyone wants to check that out you can just search that on google.
  11. @Alii I think you are not only referring to the apparent quality of his presentation, but more importantly the true value that is his content. I will admit, that the videos that he produces now are much deeper, and more genius level than the videos in his life purpose course. So far I have only gotten to video 50/90 but I can tell you from a very practical level that there are some series of exercises in this course, such as his values series, and strengths series that I would pay 1000 dollars for. If you really want to understand yourself, and know yourself on a deeper fundamental level you really should take this course. He has about 45 videos of exercises that will really help with that.
  12. I never said that ... I meant spend less time doing stupid shit and more time on the things that matter @Azrael Its all good Im sure you've been through a lot.
  13. @wavydude I can definitely see how the process can be neurotic. However, theoretically wouldn't it be nice to be enlightened 3 years from now then 7 years from now with patient strategic planning. And so my point is, strategically I want to make this my top priority, and if it really is the only real thing that matters I don't see why this shouldn't be top priority or atleast high priority. I guess I mean the least time I can waste the better, and the more time I can bask in the experience of enlightenment the better, strategically getting to that point of course
  14. @Azrael Hey, this might seem like a dumb question. I think you said something along the lines of this in the past "My whole life was a nasty lie" and then you cried after learning this. Can you expand on this? When you said this it really stuck with me, but I really want to know what that means. Does that mean one should get enlightened as soon as possible rather than wait for a lot of other goals to be accomplished, or that everything that you had done prior to enlightenment is a huge waste of time and life? Thanks
  15. Thanks everyone for the suggestions. It definitely is a good idea to follow maslow's hierarchy as a map towards attaining enlightenment. Once the wholes in the swiss cheese are filled up, it will probably be a lot easier to transcend this ego. I guess more patience and slowing down is required for people like me who just want it all in the most time efficient manner. Not everyone is as hardcore as Peter Ralston. I still don't see why both can't be done as a lot of people are doing it, but obviously the focus and attention has to be on one path, while the other path is gonna be a side hustle for some time. Maybe when one is handled, the focus can shift to the other path.