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  1. @Leo Gura so does that mean when you become god, you’re not as good at surviving in this world because you just don’t care enough as you would as a human being? Like if someone was sawing my leg off while being god conscious, if its all good and done out of pure love, and I want it and welcome it, then why would I stop it? and if I don’t stop it that would mean I’d be less capable of surviving? Plus I can think of a thousand things that can kill you lol
  2. @Leo Gura Just watched the video .. I don’t even know why I watch these videos lol I keep questioning why I’m so drawn to all this when all this stuff freaks me out, and gives me anxiety lmao overall yeah pretty freaky stuff man ... but don’t you think this video will fall on deaf ears for the most part like myself? like i don’t think I took much away except being freaked out a little and that I should just keep continuing the practices and see where it takes me. Of course my mind is coming up with all kinds of stories about what you said, and I’ll just keep rejecting the stories and do the practices. Though, I want to be more motivated to do the practices but anytime I hear something like this I have to balance it out with some sadhguru teachings lol ... Congrats on your deepest awakening though, I know you have to do what you have to do and live your own life, and really interested to see the future of actualized.org or the death of it lol
  3. @Leo Gura Thank you for this technique .. this is probably the quickest thing to a magic pill type experience I can easily access .. anyways I have a small question Most importantly, you mention in your video you can have certain experiences like out of body experiences, and you said “you won’t know what to do” .. so then what do you do during one? how do I know how to act or what to do? 2. If I have say a terrifying experience ever, that destabilizes me, and ironically traumatizes me lol then how do I deal with that and heal that later on? 3. Do you still think after doing this that much that 30 mins = 1 year of meditation?
  4. Is there any difference at all ... What I mean is .. Like when you get enlightened, and you discover that you are god .. is that the exact same thing as being god after the body decays? Would that then mean there is no use of the body? but more importantly im curious if that means you will live on forever? like being immortal .. and that you get to experience the joys of life forever .. eating ice cream .. going on adventures .. just living life and exploring every area of life forever Im trying to ask a question that I don’t think I’m even asking properly lol ... Say Im living this life right now, and I think to myself damn life is so good .. success in business, friends, girls, etc. I don’t ever want to die. I want to keep living a good life .. and a few decades later I get enlightened. When I am enlightened would I realize that that good life I was thinking about continues forever? Will form and experience that I experience now, go on forever? or after the decay of the body, all form ceases to exist and its just the complete end of me? lol
  5. @Sahil Pandit This pdf is absolute gold. Thanks a lot. And great, I’ll check it out!
  6. From what I studied so far on chakras, and experience so far, it seems it definitely opens the 4th (heart, and top chakra) and from other stories, the top most possibly, but was wondering if it gradually works on these chakras, and is the practice focused on a set few or all chakras?
  7. Would it relate at all? After studying how each chakra has a function, Id like to know if shamanic breathing plays a role in purifying these energy centers. Otherwise, in general, I’d like to study more on shamanic breathing (for safety) mostly, but also the possibilities with it and how to do it most effectively, etc. If you guys have any good online or book resources where you learned a lot about shamanic breathing, maybe other testimonials, or scientific studies, or studies relating it to the east, id be glad if you can share those. I see it has a lot of potential after trying it like 6 times.
  8. I was reading Sadhguru’s book, and he is claiming he built a temple called the Dhyanalingla temple, that has an energetic component, a non-physical component to it, that whoever enters it enters into a meditative state. He apparantly put a lot of his own life into the creation of this temple. And regardless of the physical deterations of the temple, the effect on anyone entering it will remain the same. This is a part of Sadhguru’s life purpose. Even himalayan yogi’s, according to Sadhguru, can leave certain fields of consciousness, that if anyone comes near it, they will become a lot more conscious. This seems like really good stuff for strategically incorporating into a life purpose, but I have no idea where to begin to do such work lol. And would that even be possible with something like music or film-making.
  9. @ivankiss lmao i like how you put that. Can definitely confirm that from personal experience.
  10. @Leo Gura But after honestly asking myself, I don’t want enlightenment right now. What I want is emotional mastery right now. In that case would reading everything, but non-dual theory suffice, in terms of getting back on course?
  11. Part of me is just wondering if that whole post is monkey mind ^ and if I should just shut up and do the work, but then I wonder why even do the work, who says i have to do that (okay to make my life better) but then why try to make my life better? What is sort of the point of it?
  12. I have been doing this for years now, and although i have a lot of cool out of the ordinary phenomena happen, i feel like I understand reality less. A lot of things make less sense now. When I observe the monkey mind it is often trying to figure out various aspects of reality, and I just observe that, but then I don’t know why I should be observing that. Like who says observing my thoughts is even important? Or like often I don’t know what to pursue, or why I am pursuing what I am pursuing or why I should be doing anything at all? Who do I listen to? Who do I trust? I hope some of this is making sense, but essentially I am just trying to say that things are making less and less sense the more I do this work. Paradoxically, my levels of peace are going more and more up, as I just accept all this, yet I don’t know why I am accepting. Sorry if this all just sounds like monkey mind lmao Im just trying to figure life out (on a non-thought level)
  13. @Vingger Oh yeah good idea @Salvijus Woah thats freaky, its like you read my mind lol Surya Kriya is precisely the next thing I was going to go for haha. Im glad you say that it promotes mental balance! very motivating.
  14. I have been meditating for 1 hour a day for 2 years, stopped and have been doing Sadhguru’s hatha yoga and Shambhavi yoga (42 mins total) for 6 months now. My plan for the future is basically stack on more hatha yoga practices from Sadhguru, his shoonya and shakti chalani kriya practice until my yoga routine becomes 2-3 hours/day. This yoga stacking will be over the course of 3 years. Then when my body and mind and prepared enough, Ill add on daily meditation again, once a week shamanic breathing, loving acceptance practice. I am thinking then after I get a few glimpses, Ill be confident enough for more hardcore techniques like Leo’s kriya yoga book and psychedelics. The reason i am waiting for my body and mind to be prepared is because Sadhguru said if you catch a glimpse when you are not ready, you can break.
  15. @lmfao love to hear that! what kind of meditation and yoga techniques have you been doing mostly?