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  1. @Azrael How do we go about the research for it? any good practices, or maybe some good resources you have?
  2. I am hearing everywhere that the way this whole process of consciousness work is of doing the consciousness work, getting a quick glimpse to motivate and inspire yourself to continue with the consciousness work, and just keep doing that till you get enlightened. On the other hand, I took sadhguru's inner engineering course where he gives an analogy like this: "Imagine you are trapped within 4 walls, but you don't know what exists beyond these 4 walls. Of course if all you know are these 4 walls, life is not so bad. However if somehow someone gave you the opportunity to jump really high vertically to the point where you can see beyond those 4 walls, and what you see beyond those 4 walls is a world of possibilities, then when you come back from your vertical jump, you will be miserable. So instead of having one big spiritual experience you can't handle and that will leave you disfunctional when you come back into your egoic existence, its better to gradually bring you over the 4 walls." Which he tries to do with shambhavi yoga These aren't his exact words, but that is essentially what he is saying. Now Im thinking which way should I do? My concern is will I be depressed from the point of my first glimpse till the point of enlightenment, and if so should I consider following sadhgurus way? Sorry if I sound ignorant about any of this, Im still newbie in consciousness work.
  3. @WelcometoReality How do you practice surrender 24/7? I tried that during the day, but I noticed I don't know what the fuck I am doing during my day and its realy hard to stay mindful cuz of all these distractions and just the daily rut and neurotically running around. @Joseph Maynor So basically you are saying when you get an experience of ego-death progress starts to shoot up after that. @Leo Gura I've been also doing self inquiry and yoga these days too, but yeah ur right 6 months aint shit. I guess I just need to be more fuckin patient haha I'll really consider the retreat idea. That seems easier to get into than psychedelics right now.
  4. I have been doing strong determination sitting for 1 hour a day for the past 6 months. About 3 months ago, I really had strong effects for a period of a month including very deep meditation states, purging, wave ripples and pulsations all over the body, etc. Since then, these effects have worn down a lot. They are still there but not as powerful or intense. Also what I don't understand is that the effects I have experienced in the past 6 months have been strong in meditation, but then when I look at my daily life outside of formal practice, I don't see much change. Any insight would be appreciated.
  5. @gleb Just amazing man, didn't know you can learn so much about reality in an hour's glimpse
  6. Would love to hear more about your experience
  7. I have had the same fear, and have learned the best way to deal with this is to research your tools of consciousness work very well, to become strategic about it, learn from teachers, become aware of its traps, etc. Again, I think the most important is to fully inform yourself and go about it strategically. You are very right that if misused, these tools can be quite dangerous. Not just kundalini, but 5-meo, even yoga. These are powerful tools, and with great power, it requires a lot of responsibility. Sadhguru once had a boy come to him. One day the boy was walking down the street, and he sees a man doing a head stand. So he gets very fascinated by yoga and performs this himself. Then one fine day, he gets angry over nothing, and he hit his mom with a stick. The villagers didn't know what to do so they just tied him up, but sadhguru knew right away that he was just misinformed and not advanced enough for that yoga pose.
  8. @Privet I always thought about watching that video, but just kept avoiding it. Now I definitely will see this today
  9. @Privet I guess you could say I am romanticizing it, and have a sex addiction, but even if I wasn't so obsessed about sex, I know I'd feel like I would be missing out. I watched the second video, and noticed he said yes you would get laid more, "if you desire it". My concern is that after enlightenment, I'd be in touch with my authentic desires, and would stop desiring sex. And I guess, ultimately, that I have a fear that getting laid for me is an inauthentic desire and wouldn't pursue it after enlightenment. And I don't know how to classify my desires as authentic and inauthentic.
  10. This might be stupid but I still feel like I haven't gotten enough girls in my life yet, and want to take on the PUA journey for a few years before I get enlightened. Otherwise who knows if I'll pursue girls after enlightenment, the way I want to right now
  11. Thats a huge relief that it won't physically harm me through like shock or whatever! And of course I agree reading the rest of the books is very wise, I was just in fear that I had to drop all my practices to first develop a better conceptual understanding. Also how do I hone this desire for the truth in an authentic way?
  12. Ive been getting deeper and deeper into meditation practice, SDS, self inquiry, and mindfulness meditation, and can really see the progress that I've been making, and now its hitting me that I could have an enlightenment experience any moment which got me thinking: How exactly do I prepare for it? I heard leo saying multiple times not to get into this unless you have a really good conceptual understanding of enlightenment. I have read half a book, watched all of Leos enlightenment videos and read all his posts on the forum. Is that enough material to prepare for this? Also I have a good amount of health problems (pressure in head, chronic fatigue, migraines, dehydration) Should I fix all these issues and develop more emotional control before I have an enlightenment experience? I wouldn't want to damage my body in the process of getting enlightened. I mainly just don't want to fuck up my health any more than it is to be honest. You could say I fucked up my health by misusing drugs 3 years ago, so I realize the value in researching the tools before practicing them (yoga, kundalini, 5-meo, etc) Is the purpose of getting informed about enlightenment so I don't fuck up my physical and mental health in the process? "In Zen they discipline you rigorously before you have your enlightenment, so that you don't freak out. You have in most of your life time lived in a way in which you had a ton of emotions and thoughts going on every second of the day. If that is greatly reduced to silence, you won't have any reference to live in that world." - Also this was quoted on this forum by Azrael who seems to be very well learned in enlightenment concept. Can someone explain how I would discipline myself to prepare for an enlightenment experience so I don't freak out during and after the experience?
  13. Woah I thought I was going crazy because 2x I experienced a really bright white light literally out of nowhere when I was more than half asleep, and my mind unconsciously (because I was more than half asleep) was telling myself to accept it fully
  14. Wow I had no idea any of that was possible doing SDS, I'll definitely check out that video! And for the fast heart beat thing, how exactly do I practice surrender? Is that the same thing as acceptance?