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  1. He also said on that podcast he did acid at 11yo and never had coffe in his life.
  2. This guy has always been like that, watch his previous videos he speaks and express in the same way.
  3. seem resonable to me, can I ask where you get that from ?
  4. I've watched TJ's video and beside kinda imature personal bashing on Leo he makes very valid points.
  5. Yes exactly so you got 2 options basicaly - try to find out what's really going through some spiritual practice or whatever you want - live your life and don't be bother by this stuff
  6. What do you mean we are in a big dream. Go punch a wall and see if you get real pain or if its just a dream. Just becouse you heard in some "spiritual" video that we live in a dream or some other bulshit it doesn't change anything.
  7. Being meditative is being in calm relaxed state. So if you're falling asleep maybe you're already calm and meditative. Ask yourself what are you trying to achive by sitting in one place for 30 minutes ? Maybe instead of sitting do something where you're compleately focused on what youre doing and in the moment and there is no way to fall asleep and you fell great after? Maybe go do yoga, play tennis with a friend, build airplane model, whatever works.
  8. I think that's lying to yourself, eventually people get "hooked" it's human nature, even chemically you bond. It's like trying "responsible" binge eating so you dont get fat
  9. Depends on what you mean by spiritual work becouse if she dosen't let you meditate or do yoga do not care what she say but if she's concerned with you weekly tripping balls on shrooms her concerns might be justified
  10. @kieranperez Ralston on Joe Rogan would be lit but lit probably never happen.
  11. and what do you mean by "dissolving ego" ?
  12. He never said in posted text that gurus cannot be dengerous so where that idea came from ? Also I think what he said about 1/100 chance to reach freedom through intoxicants is quite true.
  13. haha, yes, that's what i meant, contemplate on that folks