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  1. You wanna live as movie characters and all but what makes you think you will be lucky enough to get next life as a human
  2. Totally agree, I think psychedelics can be big trap, the'y can be helpful for getting more in touch with yourself when you feel disconected but many people take it too far. It's funny that alot of these people preach radical openmindness but they not really openminded to the fact that they might just be tripping balls and all these crazy "insights" and levels of awakaning is just their thinking.
  3. Well that's a miss but we had pretty low chances
  4. If you can read my mind but it's 1/infinity chance you'll get it right, tell me what one of infinite versions of me is thinking right now, we might just get lucky.
  5. @Aakash @DoTheWork Have you ever considered that all these "insights" are just more very complicated fucked up drug induced thinking and have nothing to do with actual enlightement ?
  6. "Feels like nothing at all" Peter Ralston
  7. If you want something you don't need to do anything to stay motivated you just want it. So if it's not your interest at the moment don't force yourself do what u actually want.
  8. He has many videos of his workshop on his yt channel so if you want to get a feel of him you can watch that.
  9. Would be nice if this topic went back to what it originally was.