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  1. When you experience real growth people usually notice by themselves.
  2. I also feel like castrating dogs is cruel but the cruelty is a concept, you sympathise with the dog becouse you image how you would feel when u was castrated, the dog is unaware of that, it does not suffer it Making dogs domectic does not make them fight and loose social abilited it depends on how you rais it and if you allow it to socialize with other dogs. My dog would't run away from me even if it could, it's a mutual benefit relationship.
  3. and i'm assuming you base your morality upon this? seems legit and about as close as you can get to.. consciousness Yes, it's like I said you're an ugly worthless preson, it can't really hurt you becouse that's not true but people can be affected and it can cause unnecessary suffering... basically don't spread falsehood and attachment.
  4. Ultimately there is no morality, it is a concept but there are actions that reduce or increase human suffering and confusion.
  5. Since you mention dogs, not long ago I saw a friend with his dog who was recently castrated, it was as happy as always and didn't care it can't make new dogs anymore. Same with all the "bad" things u mentioned: How are dogs free from all these horrible things ? It's becouse they don't know they are dogs and don't know what these things are
  6. Yep that's relatable the worst part is feeling of helplessness and not finding your place in the society.
  7. I don't think so, the goal is to be totally present 24/7.
  8. But what is happening is directly result of what happened in the past ( You can even argue that if you had enough data and powerful computer you could predict the whole thing). So if I make the choice(who is this I?) to do something other way it doesn't even matter because what's going to happen will happen anyway aaaaand I'm feeling trapped and powerless.. what's up with that.
  9. What else is there better to do ? You will die at some point anyway.
  10. Y'all off topic he just asked a simple question In my case mostly no.
  11. You said that as you got older you started to expirence more suffering in for of fear and anger, did you do anything to adress these feelings to sort of "clear yourself" or did you go straight to non dual teaching ?
  12. You can convert it to around 3.7g dried which is regular to big does, it's not what's considered heroic dose.
  13. How can somoenelse tell you if YOU are ready for it. Ask yourself why you want to do it, what is the benefit, is it the right time, do you really want it etc. and be honest about it and then you will know if you're ready.
  14. What model ? There is no model. It's not like once a year enlightened people gather up and decicde what will be the spirituality model for the next year. They just do what they feel like and for alot of them that is teaching and for others it's just living life so you don't hear about them. If Leo's enlightened I'm the pope