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  1. @Nahm Yes I agree. I don't have a dream board I don't know what I would even put in there. I hold some deep trauma and grugde and it's holding me back feels like I'm very far away from my true self.
  2. @Nahm I meant my usual life things like relationships job baseline state of mind etc
  3. When I start to spiral on some negative thoughts I feel resistance etc. in my body I can also spiral on positive thoughts and create some feelings of catharsis but not of this change the actuality of life.
  4. What do you mean by that ? Aren't thinking and feeling connected ? Thoughts create feelings and feelings create thoughts ?
  5. @SirVladimir Dude you have 40k instagram followers, you are already appreciated. Galileo was excomunicated and given life sentence for supporting the theory that earth revolves around the sun yet he still stuck to his beliefs until his death, that's called being not appreciated. Just be your authentic self that is the best skill you can develop.
  6. So you are heterosexual but you but you just have some homosexual fantasies ? Maybe it's because you're sexuality is repressed that's why you are having these fantasies, this is something that you need to find a way to explore. Most important thing is that you should stop stress about it, there is nothing wrong with you even if you have homosexual fantasies, be gentle with yourself, stay open minded.
  7. It's just an image, it's not you. If it's not true than good that it's destroyed. You want to be honest and not care what others think or you want to keep false self image ? If you want false self image than you are going to suffer. It's your choice.
  8. What's the difference between passive and active homosexuality ? My man I know u must be very afraid and stress but do not worry, there is nothing wrong with you. If you're parents cannot accept you that's their problem, you're only role is to be and don't be afraid of what you are at this moment.
  9. To me it's pretty clear that psychedelics can be helpful but they are not the way. Name one highly crystalized being who says that their achievement is due to psychedelics, you can't, there is non. It can be good to shatter your beliefs if you are very stuck in them but it doesn't do much in everyday life, and if you think you're going to trip all your problems away you're up for rude awakening.
  10. @Adamq8 More important question is why do quote whole 5 kilometer long post to give 2 sentence answer directly below that post.
  11. @Nahm Well shit they already smarter than us, I'm trading my family for robots.
  12. @Frenk I would say that your thoughts create your reality so when you constantly burden yourself with idea of hell it might become your reality in some way fear etc. Next time you get into this way of thinking and fear of hell appears just say to yourself that hell is no palce for you and you trust God/ Jesus to take care of you and end your thought stream with that. I'm pretty sure it's gonna server you better than wondering about if hell exist and fueling that fear.