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  1. @Keyhole Nice, it's more like you can feel vibe of the tree and it can feel you rather than conversation. Did you have these experiences sober ? I wonder if that's possible.
  2. That actually made me think, interesting. @Keyhole I spoke to a tree on shrooms, it was very wise.
  3. It's not like they grow beards, the beard grows by itself they don't need to do anything. Better question is why do you cut yours ?
  4. For sure, also when you're in very negative headspace you're basically drawn to negative action.
  5. @Leightonm Sorry, I misunderstood your question. In that case I think it would be possible to think your self into for example heart attack also negative beliefs can lead to all sort of illnesses like cancer brain tumor which will kill you over time. I heard of cases where someone's loved one died and then the spouse dies from heart attack/loneliness, I'm sure it's not that uncommon.
  6. Of course it can, It's called depression with suicidal thoughts.
  7. There are infinite things to learn and experience. There is one Self.
  8. From my understanding enlightement has nothing do with the person ( your character ), it's realization that you are not the character. That said it doesn't change the fact that character still have to eat, sleep, have desires etc.
  9. American culture requires a lot of tolerance to bullshit and fakness. It's perfectly logical that lot of Americans are bunch of snowflakes that love to make up ridiculous problems like cultural appropriation, toxic masculinity etc. When you can't complain about the real issue that's bottering you, your subconscious still have to find an outlet for that.
  10. Enlightened people are constantly entertained by the present moment Depends on what type of entertainment you are talking about. When a person is fully being themself and expressing in the moment that can be entertaining for them and others and that's quite beautiful, like seeing life happen in front of your eyes. When you become an entertainer you try to create an illusion of something real to amuse someone which can be flashy but ultimately fake. That's why most of mainstream entertainment has little to no value at all. For example often when child play or do something random adult will notice that and tell them to repeat for their amusement or to show off to their friends but that's just trying to repeat unique moment that will never happen again and polluting child's innocence.
  11. @Robert Leavitt That sounds very interesting man congrats on your work. Did you try to stop all the thoughts or only the negative ones that create separation ? For example often I have thoughts of me commenting on what I'm doing or trying to figure out what to do, these are not negative per se but they seem like unnecessary layer of thinking over reality.
  12. @Robert Leavitt Can you tell more about this "thought stopping procces" and how you worked to silence the thoughts ?