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  1. cool what are the 4 words tho let go just be (?)
  2. I tried psychedelics and mostly agree with what he said.
  3. do you sit like that as a practice or was it only for video pourpose ?
  4. " The first time 10 year old Jessica Constantine met Adi Da, he commanded her to strip naked in front of a large group of adults, also naked, who were partying. She refused and ran away. Adi Da told some of his devotees to chase her down, and they brought her back and forced her to strip, against her will." Seriously ? greatest master ?
  5. Hmm so turns out regular tripping on world's strongest psychodelic can screw you up, who would ever thought
  6. I like if. Short, gets straight to the point and very well explained.
  7. @winterknight From my expirence some traumatic emotions can get " trapped " in the body in the form of chronic pain ex. back pain etc. Do you know any help for that ? Can geting rid of truama with psychoanalysis also make you more relaxted in the body and release these pains ?
  8. Never thought I'd see that in one sentence
  9. Ayahuasca 3 times a month ? That seems aloot. How's that working out for you ?
  10. I think it's the intention behind it, if you do it compulsively when you feel bad about yourself and you know you should do something else that is important but you fap just to get that dopamine rush then it's a porblem. If you feel at peace with yourself and you think it's good moment to just bust a nut then esketit. Also porn is not good becouse it programs you in a twisted way. I think once a week with no porn is totally fine.
  11. @Nahm What's wrong with thinking ?
  12. I've done that many times but it seems to bring even more confusion. It's the idea of person who's your "soul's mirror" and brings sense of wholness and familiarity also elevating your self knowledge and pushing you towrads your true self.
  13. Have you heard about the idea of twin flame ? Any thoughts/experience on that ?