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  1. I highly recommend reading the Books from Stanislav Grof. He is a legendary therapist and has probably more experience with LSD then anyone on the planet. His books are amazing. Especially: "Realms of the human unconscious: Observations from LSD Research" and "The way of the psychonaut"
  2. You could buy a tent and search out a good place in the woods .
  3. The book of not Knowing by Peter Ralston - I never read anything that comes even close to that one. Highly recommended.
  4. I would highly recommend reading books from Stanislav Grof ("the way of the psychonaut" and/or "LSD psychotherapy"), especially if you are planning to do higher doses of LSD.
  5. I would highly recommend you to read "LSD psychotherapy" and/or "The way of the psychonaut" from Stanislav Grof. He is the most knowledgeable person on the topic of LSD. Especially if you are planning to do trips with higher doses these books are crucial.
  6. @Philipp It is true that there are many crypto scams out there. But this project is not one of them. They have already donated around 250.000$ to organizations related to psychedelic therapy. I think the idea of building a high quality brand around the topics of psychedelics and mental health treatment is a very good idea because it raises awareness to these important topics and therefore makes them less stigmatized and more mainstream. You are also right that if you want to support psychedelic treatment you can donate directly. I assume that many people who are investing in this project do this not only to support psychedelic treatment but also because they see the value and the benefits of helping to build a brand around psychedelics. Of course many people also expect to profit from this investment. But would these people donate directly to psychedelic treatment organizations instead of donating indirectly by investing in these NFTs? Probably not, or at least not all of them. Therefore the total amount of donations towards psychedelic treatment is bigger with the existance of this project.
  7. Has anyone of you heard of that project? It is a collection of several NFTs with different use cases. They are about psychedelics and mental health. These are the goals of this brand: they are donating to psychedelic therapy organizations in May they will release an app for holders of PA NFTs which will grant them access to mental health professionals they are establishing a brand around psychedelics later they want to give access to the mental health app for other NFT communities These are some of the main points about this project. If you want to learn more you can check out their websit: https://psychedelicsanonymous.com/ourprocess I suggest to read through update #4, there is a ton of information. I think it is great that they are establishing the first ever brand around psychedelics and are supporting organizations which work with psychedelic treatments. By the way the art of the genesis NFTs looks dope. I am curious to hear your thoughts regarding this project.
  8. It might be helpful to look up therapists who have experience with psychedelics and to talk to one of them. There is a big list of these therapists on the website of the MAPS organisation. It is called "psychedelic integration list". You can find it somwhere here: https://maps.org/take-action/resources/
  9. Peter sends out a fewsletter a few times per year. There you will find a lot of information from him, a lot of feedback from participants and Q&A. You can sign in for the newsletter on his website.
  10. I wanted to share my experience of participating in an online workshop (called: Communication and Relationship workshop) with Peter Ralston and Brendan Lea via Zoom. Participating in this workshop was so great that it inspired me to share it on this forum because I think many people here could benefit a lot from it or other workshops from Peter like "Experiencing the Nature of Being". At first I was skeptical whether this workshop can be effective when you are participating online and are not present at the center, but it turns out that it works very well online. One thing that surprised me was the fact that this workshop was really fun! I suspected that it will be very strict and you just have to shut up and contemplate, but that was a wrong assumption. Brendan was fascilitating most of the time and Peter Ralston came in the evening to answere questions. Brendan is very good at fascilitating and he clearly has a lot of experience. There are several different exercises that you do which are very interesting. You also get to work with most of the other participants and see their perspectives. During the workshop I had a few interesting experiences which can be described as "consciousness expanding". One time we were investigating what a relationship is. When Brendan made an assertion about it and I grasped it experiencially, it was suddenly so obvious that I had to laugh for a long time. The fact that I was able to grasp something already on the first day of the workshop showed me how powerful this is compared to my own meditation and contemplation practice. I already registered for the "Experiencing the Nature of Being" (ENB) workshop in April and I am planning to do many more in the future. They are worth every penny. Here is a link for more information: https://chenghsin.com/workshops/
  11. @itachi uchiha You can visit ashrams, there are plenty of green people there. I live in an ashram in Germany. Almost all people here are green. A lot of people that I have met here have had psychedelic experiences, one guy told me that he did a workshop with Peter Ralston years ago. And a few weeks ago I have coincidently met an interesting woman who is pretty much turquoise. You can stay at an ashram for "free" in exchange for around 6 hours of work per day. While you are working, you will have plenty of opportunity to meet new people.
  12. Hello friends, I wanted to ask if anyone of you knows a good therapist who also has psychedelic experience and is familiar with the work of Stanislav Grof. Or do you have ideas where to find one?
  13. @flowboy Peaple come here (or do it online) to become Yoga teachers or do other workshops or seminars. There is a huge variety of trainings and seminars that you can participate in here. That is the main source of income.
  14. Hi, I actualiy live in a Yoga Ashram in Germany and I like it a lot! It is called Yoga Vidya Bad Meinberg and it is the biggest Ashram outside of India. Here you work 7 hours a day 6 times per week in the first year. That may sound like a lot but it is managable. You safe a lot of time because you dont need to prepare food or buy grocerys because healthy food is prepared everyday by the people who work in the kitchen team. You get 360€ per month, free internet and they also pay for your health insurance (and other cool stuff that I am too lazy to write down).
  15. https://londonreal.tv/dr-rashid-buttar-hosts-a-doctors-covid-19-roundtable-1000-voices-strong/ You will need to sign up with your E-Mail in order to watch this discussion. I can highly recommend it.