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  1. Haha. Maybe I shall. How is retirement treating you? Love you too bud.
  2. He is a classic example of one who has adopted these teachings as a belief. Namely the neo-advaita teachings.
  3. Happiness is found within. It is in your Being. You do not find happiness externally. However, the ego does not grasp this. It seeks happiness outside of itself and seeks to fulfill itself with something external that it feels it needs.
  4. Banned. We are here to question reality with intelligence not mock it with ignorance.
  5. The unnamed are the highest masters because they do not seek anything. So you can't even call them Masters.
  6. Stop with the low quality posts and rambling. Make your posts of quality or you will be kicked out of here.
  7. In reality no difference. You are imagining the difference between 2D and 3D.
  8. He's correct here. There are levels of consciousness. At the lowest level is the waking dream- in which you are a selfish bastard hung up on survival and "manifesting" things into existence.