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  1. @Javfly33 ive seen your previous post related to this subject and i think your question stems from wondering why you are this particular perspective and not some other. Its also the same type of question as to why reality is structured this way and not another way. This used to break my mind as well until i had some deep mystical experiences into Oneness and Infinity. You see, you wonder why you are this perspective and not others? Well, you ARE. As infinity you are actually being all perspectives right now - including this one. And If you weren't all perspectives including this one - Infinity wouldn't be infinite. So rather than seeing it from your limited perspective, zoom out and shift perspective. It's almost as if you reverse your POV from your limited one to the wholeness of the Absolute. This, you, literally is infinity being infinity. You being your perspective is Infinity. You are infinity and infinity includes everything. It is the same with the second question. Why is reality this way and not another way? Well, it IS. It is an infinite number of ways including this one. Explaining Infinity with language does not do justice because language itself is finite - but this is the best i can do.
  2. Yes...You became Absolute Love ❤❤
  3. That "moment" happens when you become conscious that there is no you to get any final insight Reality is already complete. Yeah take a break, dive back into the story, and come back. That's all there is to do anyway
  4. Really there never was a physical self. That is just a story. An idea. You are an idea and every "thing" around you is an idea. It is a dream. Mind stuff. Consciousness. Consciousness is nothing. And it is also everthing. The final duality of everything and nothing - real and unreal - collapse into One. It is just this. This right here. This is pure consciousness. This is God. This is you. It is eternal. You are eternal. You are infinity. So once you as your truest nature becomes conscious of all of this - not as the story of @traveler , but as God - then as you fall back to the story you become conscious that by embracing the story of @traveler that you are embracing God's creation.
  5. Your wooshed and his wooshed makes a guy called cetusnahm. Welcome to the forum cetusnahm!
  6. Physical pain is not the same thing as interpreting something as miserable. Go back to the example of the guy with cancer - how do you know he was "miserable"? Isn't that something you are projecting onto him? How do you know he isn't completely happy and at peace from his perspective? Isnt that completely relative to him? Maybe to him he made peace with cancer and is happier than he has ever been? I'm just saying its completely relative.
  7. Sure its possible that Orange can stumble onto Truth. If they do they will then have one foot in turquoise and should they continue the work they could transcend into yellow and beyond.
  8. "Miserable" is just a relative concept that you have created in your mind.
  9. @Nahm how do you know I'm not doing that now? :)👍🙏 the reality is I am!! And not as the small I 🙏👍
  10. You can actually shift consciousness to universal Mind or universal perspective - which is all things. Abide in non-dual awareness. You can not look through @Serotoninluvs eyes and have all of his memories because then you would stop being you and you would be him. That's what it means to be finite.
  11. This. Love with a capital L
  12. You do not yet know what a mystical experience is. It is Being, which is prior to proof. When you dissolve into pure Being there will be no more posts from you like this.
  13. Infinity is nothing But generally when we talk about the Absolute we are talking about the fabric or the structure, which is infinite. That which is finite is the content within the Absolute. Absolute Love is infinite. In fact it is identical to Infinity. Human love is finite. Same with Intelligence.