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  1. Materialism will melt away before your eyes never to return when you awaken to the nature of reality. That only takes that particular awakening and it will be gone. The more mystical experiences or awakenings you have the less suffering you will have - so keep at it. Sight of the Ox signals the commencement of the hunt!
  2. Even without ever doing pyschedelics that would make logical sense to me - in fact i would think it would be more powerful than a therapist because therapists can't truly understand you - only you can. You have to discover yourself for yourself - no one is going to do it for you. Most therapists just sit back and listen then prescribe meds. Of course specific psycho analysts may be different - but still - they cannot access your mind. Only you can. And pyschedelics raise consciousness levels bringing you closer to infinite Intelligence - thereby increasing the chances of you understanding and dissolving your own baggage. Time and experience and careful contemplation of yourself can also do this.
  3. @Shaun he is only talking from one perspective in those scenarios. He acknowledges there are other perspectives. Sometimes he just speaks from the highest perspective. Otherwise he wouldn't engage in politics or society or any of that.
  4. All this says is that reality is a Mind - it is consciousness. And that you are a finite part of consciousness as is everyone else. And from a certain consciousness level, or perspective, you are able to see that you are all the parts simultaneously. Because consciousness is formless and infinite. I think this paradigm just threatens yours because you are locked into the Materialist paradigm. So you'll stay trapped there if you are not open minded. I think deep down though, you know that there is something more to reality than it being a dumb clockwork universe - otherwise you wouldn't be here. But you are trying to make up excuses to stay locked in your paradigm. Your issue is that you see the true paradigm as something grim and depressing and it's not. It's actually elegant and beautiful.
  5. @Frazza4 yes but its you as infinite consciousness that is being all of the other people in infinite dimensions simultaneously. Everything is consciousness it's just partitioned and you as your limited form only have access to your partition. At a certain level of conscioisness you can become aware that it is One single hard drive though and you can look through a lens or perspective in which you see the whole Hard drive is you. And since everything is consciousness its substance is nothing. So there is no objective world out there.
  6. @Western Buddha its not about them its about you. Need to forgive yourself and let it go. If its not in your direct consciousness as a thought then it doesn't exist. It was all imagination.
  7. Well here it is being referred to the death of the ego - however there have been several times when i have had mystical experiences where i have been hit with an awesome force that feels like a tornado hitting your body from the inside - forcing you to surrender because it is too powerful for a mortal to handle - it feels like all of Infinity - which the finite cannot contain. No chance as it will blow the doors off of you.
  8. You can actually reach a level of consciousness in which you are all alone as God and that you are being all things simultaneously. He's not making it up. It's the real deal. If it didn't happen to me i would have thought it was crazy too. But under normal consciousness levels this is not the way it is at all - otherwise you wouldn't be able to function in the world which is dualistic. So by design as a finite being you are not normally at this level of consciousness. And it is obvious that very few human beings have reached this state. I do not know why that is. But it is Truth. Of course me telling you this won't make a difference I'm simply stating you shouldn't automatically assume it is toxic fabrications when you don't know that for certain.
  9. Are you saying that form/material is infinite and that its substance the formless is finite? The form is both finite and infinite (its identical) and the formless is infinite (again identical)
  10. This is not the Dark Night of the Soul. The Dark Night of the Soul is becoming fully conscious that you are NOTHING. Everything else is just playing around.
  11. @Beginner Mind There is no wrong answer here. You are a strange loop.
  12. He ain't awake yet. And though he dwells with the awakened he will not realize that he is the awakened until he opens his mind.
  13. It is the very essence of enlightenment When one sheds form leaving the formless it is something you don't think its something you just are. It just IS. Experiencing your own death leaves you in bliss for days and weeks. That bliss can't be described with language other than to say its Love. And when you have the realization of Oneness you realize that the form is Love too. It is no wonder why what they call Kundalini energy is bliss. If you ask any enlightened person if they experienced bliss when they had ego death they will say yes - if they wanna talk about it. Some don't discuss their own enlightenment.