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  1. Exactly! Just because you get brainwashed into a meme does not mean you have the maturity and cogdev to fully embody it and act balanced from it. It is sad to see so many broken kids because they cannot operate from the meme they got brainwashed into. It is like installing Windows 10 on a Pentium 3.
  2. I even slept in that forest, went to a festival there also.
  3. it can be flawed if we think that we should do nothing because we are also a part of the problem. I also fly and so on and at the same time are argue against flying so often. It is when you go to extremes and block the roads that this argument shows your hypocrisy. You should not stop people from going to work and feeding their children, not even if you trevel by bicycle everywhere and eat grass all day.
  4. @Danioover9000 WIth this level of dogma and ideological behavior, I can't call them stage Green. Just because a stupid monkey tries to behave like a human does not make it a human. These extremists that insult people and block the roads are Blue.
  5. Bunch of hypocrites. They block the roads and shit, then they fly to Thailand with some fucking 4 jet engine 747, buy cheap stuff from Aliexpress, use oil based products etc.
  6. @Majed Veganism is not neccessarily stage green, it can be stage blue. It is an identity, exacly like the punker or rocker identity. Thye tell a story to themselves: "I am vegan, I protect animals, I am empathic, I am this and that". As long as it does not become an obsession and they don't preach to others like the mormons do with their Jesus, no problem. Veganism is good for the environment and it can be even for the body if veganism makes them avoid more of the junkfood present around. OR it could be detrimental for the body, if they eat two tons of refined carbs and shit instead of meat.
  7. pretty much a scammer who sprinckles some good info from time to time. This stuff here can be found in Seth Godin's books.
  8. @VictorB02 I like his niche thing, but his vibe is the typical american self-help macho guru. He is trying too hard to be special and interesting, this pulls the Orange business people but repells the serious people who just want a normal educated person who can help with some specific thing. I don't get why you all guys find him so smart. But yes, he has his niche, Orange immature wannebe rich guys. If one of my ex GF would see me watch this guy, she would have dry vagina the whole week. Maybe that batshit craziness is authentic to him but not for all those poor guys who will try to imitate him and fail miserably. 2 milion dollars in leather jackets, wow bravo dude, you nailed life. Stop doing the dishes because you might lose some business opportunity during that. Now I see where he knocks, I also get repelled by all these soft spoiled Swedes who coast on welfare support and boring jobs but he is the other extreme.
  9. You do both, learn to enjoy solitude and find people with whom you have genuine connection (most probably other introvers). You fragment even more if you try to be someone you are not. Depends a lot on personality, I am an introvert masculine person, which means I don't waste my time with bullshit and tell unconfortable truths. I resonate with people that have a growth mindset, no matter the stage they are at. When I meet escapism driven people, I get turned off exactly like a girl gets turned off by some creepy dude.
  10. True, and also you develop further by noticing how different stages behave. But let's be honest, talking for 2-3 hours about some crap you have zero interest in is not autenticity. If they can receive some value from me or I can get some value from the conversation, then it is interesting, otherwise I have better things to do.
  11. I'll contemplate on that. Seems to me there are not so many Tier 2 extroverts around. This rings to me well
  12. reread the terms now, that's right hehe. Introverts socialize in a different way. How would a Tier 2 extrovert behave at a table with some Orange dummies? Would he/she engage in the mindless bullshit about their next trip to Japan for the next 2 hours? A stage Yellow is at Tier 2 because their main passion is not mindless talk and gatherings but ideas and deep contemplation.
  13. Even the most ugly loosers manage to have sex. It is true that the odds are in favor of women in dating now with all this bullshit social media, dating apps and cultural isolation, plus men are not taught how to be men, and the few real men take the girls.
  14. If I'll get invited to a party with 5 Leos, I'll be very extrovert. But when I think about meeting some stage Orange macho dummies and their OnlyFans girlfriends, I become very introvert.
  15. brilliant, thanks!