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  1. Yes it is about the morals, ask your grandma what she thinks about legalizing it. and the majority of stage blue people think the same. Then it comes stage green with feminism and protection of women, they also want to forbid it. But if you forbid it, the criminal gangs will take care of it and treat the porstitutes 10 times worse. There is a huge demand of this service even if we agree with it or not.(I don't and will probably never need it I hope)
  2. I agree, I am just thinking about how well these girls are are feeling by doing it. Some might enjoy it but most of them might do it because they need money which is very sad.
  3. Curious to hear your opinions on this. Is the Sweden's forbidding approach more reasonable or should we adopt the Netherlands approach of legalizing it? Or US approach of "If you film it, it is legal" 😆
  4. Go for it then Actually in some third world countries like USA, having a million dollar is a necessity not a luxury.
  5. and after that million dollar you'll want 10 million. The thing is that you must feel enough as you are. If you can afford to live comfortably and perhaps travel from time to time, you're more than good. I see many actualized members who still live as mindless sheep There is no guarantee that you'll be saved from misery just by being on this forum.
  6. Personally I try to integrate spirituality in day to day life, maybe later I'll also try some more radical practices. I've seen too many people who rush into spirituality and fuck everything up, it is the day to day behaviour that makes the difference and that requires 15-20 years of holistic development. If I want to see how spiritual you are I won't ask you about your awakenings, I'll ask your spouse and friends of an honest opinion on how you're treating them. How connected you are to your needs and wants, how happy you seem to be etc.. Any idiot can take some mushrooms for a period and then talk about god.
  7. completely agree, I think we need to be very careful about any group activity, the most growth I got in life is from spending time alone and contemplating life, not being around a bunch of spiritual clowns.
  8. I think he meant a waste of time regarding awakening, my mini meditations help me be more happy, focused and basically more conscious. I suffer less, but maybe won't "awaken" me to alien intelligence
  9. This is just apple marketing shit, never had problems with my android and nobody cares about my private info and in Europe there is something called privacy laws, maybe they sell you better adds and that's it. Iphone is just overpriced opulent accessory, it is good but why? It is like buying a Lamborghini.
  10. Thanks! I'll investigate further
  11. No ideology is good, even the ideology of "empaty towards all" which sounds so honorable, will not work. I see idological people like ice in the lake, they are so rigid and closed minded. Altough the situation is Sweden is not as bad as people from outside see it, so careful with the image media gives to you, come here and see it yourself. Before moving here I also had preconceptions that they brainwahes children with gender blindess, but I see no problem like that until now. You get the image of Sweden being communist and you cannot shine as an individual, lol. Dude, I never saw so many entrepreneurs around, they run supercool businesses with over 600.000 millionaires
  12. yes the gap is too big, they will live separately.
  13. Here in Sweden soo many people are burned out and cry to their doctors to give them sick leave. It is very sad that even the best countries in the world have so many people hating what they do, nobody trained them in finding a life purpose, they just ended up is a shitty office job.