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  1. Flirt is a feeling in your body. Anyways, why are you trying to get a gf? I understand the desperation. But you really shoul focus on your emotional stuff first. I guardantee 100%, and i know it's sad, but if you are low on the emotional scale in your life like apathy and depression, dating will be very, very hard to the point of impossible. Look at your life and the reality you are creating, and how you feel about yourself.
  2. @Anton Rogachevski @pluto Thanks for the reminder!
  3. "this", is it. It is not the effect of something else, that is what the mind imagines. Effect and cause are a duality.
  4. @Nak Khid yes i have. Big part of it is stop doing things that don't really serve you. I was holding on to an image in my mind as far as how somebody should learn. But today i am more in tune with myself. And i have had results in my journey. Of course you come into this realizations with experience.
  5. Leave spirituality and this forum. Put aside everything abstract. Stop thinking and go make things happen.
  6. Allright, this is interesting. I have been trying to expalin it yesterday to one of my friends and he could not understand it... Or maybe i could not explain it well. Non duality is not a concept and it can't be understood by the mind which creates distinctions. Basically, we are pointing to a mistery, we are pointing to the unknowable. "This" reality right in front of your eyes is all there is. This is the infinite appearing as finite, the formless appearing as form. It is a paradox. It exists, and it does not. It is everything ad it is nothing. It just happends. Another thing which just happends is the individual. Or the sense of being a separate self which has "an experience" of "this". So inside the experience the individual feels separate, gives meaning and has a story. The story is that i am coming from somewhere, and i am going somewhere else, into a brighter future. All of this, is an illusion. We are not coming from anywhere, and we are not going anywhere. "This" is it. This appearance right now, this is it. It does not need meaning, it does not need to change. Because this is already all that it could be. So all of the experience is an illusion. The experience of being separate, of having free will and choice, of that something needs to happen in order for me to feel complete. Nothing needs to happen. This is already complete. This is it. I am happy to discuss about that.
  7. @Inliytened1@Inliytened1 maybe ome day i will get there
  8. It is the same thing according to him. Ho could it be? He would say you have to experience it. He says it's absurd and impossible yet it is the truth.
  9. What about your dog never existed? Ahahah, im joking
  10. Wait to jump in conclusions. You may be experiencing some form of severe dissociation. I have had similar experiences too. But it has little to do with spirituality. Usually it involves past traumas that gets stuck in your body.
  11. I think letting go can be summed up in 2 words. Disidentify and be present.
  12. What is wrong with suffering? I don't understand when people reject suffering. It is part of the human nature. Without it, you would not be able to grow. Much like a tree can't grow if it does not go through the tension of life, you will not grow if you don't face your tension of your life. Real spirituality has nothing to do with suffering. Real spirituality is investigating the metaphysics and the nature of reality. Using spirituality as an excuse to escape suffering is like telling a baby to not cry when mom is not home because there is a god and infinite love, and we are all good. You have a human life. I think it would be more helpful to do therapy, healing childhood wounds know how to deal with life. Otherwise you will always reject the human side of you. This is abandonement. Or to be more realistic, it sound like a coping mechanism. You should fully embrace ego and suffering.
  13. Aahahah this is funny Understood. Thank you.
  14. Leo why do some people stop and think that "This is it" when they awaken? Why don't they think to go further? Is it their own ego you say? You are right. Thank you Yeah i agree 100%. That's why this work is problematic for certain individuals. You see, one may start the spiritual path to escape depression so he is seeing everything through that "depression" veil. He then finds out about reality and nihilism and has an awakening? What do you think he is going to believe? Someone in this forum can't find happiness and this is ironic right? I think one of the best videos is "The dangers of Spiritual work". But i haven't finished watching it.