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  1. This topic is very interesting, and i will follow this. Also, leo said that he would make another video about free will, but unfortunatly, that video never appears
  2. Oh my god this is actually very good advice, thank you!!! Oh come one I like playing chess! I actually would like to learn more and take courses!
  3. @Raw Nature What interests me is the emotional exercise. I will give it a try. This is what i want and what i know should and is for sure mine or waiting for me in some way. I know this. Of course i believe that, ahaha. Not to believe that i need help in certein times would be insane. Again, i am not that much "Spiritual", which i mean that i am not so much into the belief that i can give myself everything. I am human and humans need connection. I don't want to use spirituality like a justification to be alone. That would be insane. But now, you see the level i am at. And yes, your answers are beautiful but yes, i think i am more down to earth. @DefinitelyNotARobot i think this is more usefull to where i am at Uhm, this is a very interesting perspective. I find myself feeling grateful for what i have sometimes and it's weird because i never did it. Like i would be grateful for things i would not be grateful for before. For example the fact that i have 4 limbs. I could lookse 1, who knows. But then this brings up the fear that it could happen to me and it begins to be uncomfortable. Thank you, maybe i will even contemplate on the subject like you said if i really feel like it
  4. Have you had a depressive and lost in life episode and how did you get out of it? What did you learn from it? Thanks.
  5. So when i feel like everything is momentary and useless, and it will fade, how would it serve me to remember those things? How can i apply your suggestion in an actionable, concrete manner?
  6. @Nahm @abrakamowse @Ero Nahm i think of spirituality as an investigation of what reality is on an existencial level. But i am just a beginner in self actualization with just 9 months of exprience. I dont want to take it too far, to investigate what i am on an existencial level would only do harm believe me. I am more interested in genuine, very concrete and applicable answers and point kf view that i can use when i feel lost, powerless or depressed occasionally. Not that doing spirituality would not help, but at this stage of my life i just dont need it and it would be harmfull. For example, just for example, one answer might be: "when you are depressed and lost, remember who you are and what brought you here. Also, seek help from others and find friends who really support you". So here it is, the kind of level i am at.
  7. @abrakamowse that was it ahaha @Ero Does this apply to when you are depressed and suicidal (i am not). You see, what you say might be valid. But i can appreciate being when i am out taking a walk, but what if i am in such a dark space in my life? Then just being looses its significance immediatly. You can't just be in that. I completely agree with you that it does not have to be something spiritual, i understand.
  8. I undertand. What about suffering then? Maybe you will answer that suffering is here to help you learn. But sometimes you know, when maybe you are in deep depression such that you see that that suffering is useless. But maybe this is another topic to discuss. @Raw Nature you speak in incredible complicate manner with tecnical terms. Although i am really interested in your point of view, i wonder if you will ever make it simpler for an idiot like me ahahahah
  9. Hum, it might be. I already considered this. @Raw Nature interesting purpose. Uhm interesting, i will check it out! @Eph75 @wavydude
  10. @wavydude i am going to do some research about ramana maharishi. Thank you
  11. Uhmmm, those questions particularly the first part i found interesting. I understand that death makes life meaningfull, but, why am i here in the first place? Is it just random? Why do those questions bother me? Why do i need some special meaning to things? @Lento this is interesting. So i am part of the whole universe? To be fair, i feel quite limited and powerless. I don't need spiritual woo woo answers or answers that are far too much complicated fo me who am only 20 years old. Only practical down to earth answers. Otherswise everybody would just talk and conclude nothing.
  12. @Hermaeus Mora interesting, thanks. So, what do you do in your life? Are you content with "just being"? The reason i did not want to tali about spirituality is that often those people only talk and have no actual experience of what they are saying. Have you questioned thise things before? And was this conclusion actually helpfull to you?
  13. I have been thinking about this a while. And i thought that it a an interesting question, you kniw? J wonder why i did not bother asking it before. Please don't throw spiritual stuff in here. I am just a 20 year old and i am not interested in the nature of reality or things like that. I say this because i know people here will come and say things like: "Wel the ego.." or "well god.." and such and such. I would like to discuss this topic as normal as possible, like we are friends having an interesting discussion and nt talk about abstract stuff. One answer could be "to just live" but i find this dissadisfying as it does not give meaning to my life.
  14. i Agree 100% Well, kinda like depersonalization i think.
  15. @Chives99 basically, if i don't have a direct experience of this, all of what you said is just speculation and armchair philosophy. But i recognize this