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  1. @mandyjw Oh wow, this is actually helpfull in the sense that it's a valid point. thank you!
  2. @Nahm Allright, thank you man.
  3. I understand you don't want to sound offensive, in fact you are not. You are only wellcomed by trying to help me or putting a nice word. But yeah, it's not up to me how attractive i am, in fact it's up to all those girls who said im ugly including my EX, and all the others who loughed at me when i approached them normally.
  4. @TDW1995 For me , im not even attractive , i mean, even if i want to get a girl is a lot harder. im stuck.
  5. This is how i also feel...
  6. OMG this is me. And you know what? Im pretty glad to forget about all of this. LOL.
  7. You want to hear the truth or you want to hear only what you want to hear??? If you want the truth is this: You have inner work to do, nothing that you will do to becoem a real man will work. Because you have repressed needs and vulnerable parts of yourself that has to be brought to the surface and worked through. You want validation, approval. It's a form of wanting to be safe because you subconsciously believe you are unworthy. And you believe so because you didn't recieve the love you needed when you were a child. Take this seriously or not, i wish you a good journey.
  8. @Nahm sorry i guess i just cant understand... I think you are trying to say again that im not separate from infinity so nothing to worry about. I guess i would need mystical experiences but im 21 and im not ready to do psychedelics and contemplate.
  9. @Nahm ok dont worry, but i dont understand what you mean with "ignorance"
  10. @Nahm@Nahm. I dont know man... Separation is the experience. Maybe this had nothing to do with non duality because non duality says reality is complete and whole
  11. At first this sound good but then i realize that the fact that there is no choice in that implies that also it doesn't have meaning and i know meaning vs meaningless is another duality but that kinda makes me depressed
  12. im really intrigued by now!@Psychventure