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  1. It's the Love of God. That is Truth. And it is so perfect that it will bring you to tears...and when you weep it is because you are aligning with your true self as God and the ego has begun to melt away. Have you ever noticed that maybe growing up you suppressed crying..yet as you aligned more with Truth the tears began to finally flow - like a river to the ocean? This is because the ego is false and has to deny Truth to stay the ego. But the more honest and selfless you become the more you shall weep - because you are shedding the disguise and finally becoming Yourself.
  2. @roopepa dope. Total consciousness is Infinity so ifs beyond the finite minds reach. When the finite mind reaches it it becomes Infinite. The paradox is that you are God/Infinity right now but you decided to take a specific form and thus sacrificed inifnify or Absolute Love.
  3. its gonna click for you one day, and when it does, its going to be the most beauitful thing ever.
  4. @Holygrail this is extremely profound. To get this is awakening. grasp this existentially I recommend Leo's "what is perception" video If one watches this video enough times and "they" actually "get it" one will actually have enlightenment right there. "They" as the perceiver will dissolve and there will be just pure Being or Absolute Truth. Isness. RED IS itself. That's all there ever was and is right now, your just not conscious of it because your busy imagining your a human.
  5. It's not that it's left out its that infinity will never be able to explore itself to the "end" because it is Infinite. (There never was an end!l This is not a bug but a feature of Infinity as the others pointed out.
  6. But eternity has no self to endure... It has no form to "continue on forever" ..forever is a dualistic notion because it implies time. And there is no time until God imagines it. It's just Pure Infinite Love. Infinite Consciousness. Infinite isness.
  7. Nice on the realization. I'm glad your staying 😌
  8. It's just a game. He's playing the game. To discover it's a game is shocking and comes with maturity. If you are not mature chances are you will never discover its a game to begin with.
  9. It is a miracle.. "Oh my God" is pretty much all I can mutter... It will bring you to your knees in tears. It is too powerful for the human body.
  10. God is eternal. It can only destroy itself via illusion. But it's only horrifying to the ego mind. Because pure Infinity is Infinite Bliss and Infinite Love and Infinite Intelligence....I'm not glorifying it as some special state because your current state of consciousness is also Love and Bliss if you can realize that the ego mind causes its own suffering via its own selflessness. So as your consciousness increases you will find that you are perfectly happy in your current state of consciousness so there is no need for thoughts of death as if it was "some better place". This is an illusion spun by your ego.
  11. Correct..cease thought and be. God is Being. Understanding is within Being.
  12. Basically there is no where for God to go because it is everything.. In terms of deciphering spiritual lingo keep in mind the map is not the territory. Don't get too caught up with it. Oneness is pointing to Infinity. A even Infinity is a pointer to that which cannot be spoken. Absolute Truth is itself and all descriptions are partial.
  13. Your not a biological self who has consciousness. You are Consciousness itself or Being.
  14. @CBDinfused you will become pure Infinity forever. And you will also once again create division. Infinity is all it can be in a state of pure Infinity forever yet also divide itself. With our finite minds we cannot see how both can be the case. As it seems impossible. but yet they can be because the duality of possible and impossible also must collapse.
  15. I enjoyed the post! But yes this is the key. Since true non-existence does not exist by can think of it like it gets swallowed up by existence...thus turning it into existing but existing as a concept within existence. Now to your point about non-esixtence, if it were to truly be, (and notice it would need to "be", swallowing up infinity..maybe you are really conceptualizing about "nothing" here? Because true or actual nothing cannot be spoken or thought. It is actual nothing - but it permeates through everything as it is the source of everything.
  16. Great interview so far. I am about half way through and the first half was terrific. I am at the part where Leo is explaining that there is nothing behind the scenes - that appearance is reality and Absolute Truth. And when Curt said well how do you derive that without assuming and Leo says "well how do you derive that there is something behind the scenes? - show me a quark somewhere! And you don't have to prove it its right here!!!" Then I was waiting for Curt to say well you can look in a microscope and see a quark"..but then Leo could have said - that would be still be qualia!!! Haha.. there is always only what is in your direct experience and what is "behind the scenes" will always be something imagined..but in terms of proof...honestly to realize this it just takes awakening and to become directly conscious that this is a dream. However I get that he probably doesn't wanna use that answer all the time for a lot of deep questions because it might seem like he is evading the question to a normie. However as we know some things cannot be proven one just has to become directly conscious of it.. he did mention that as well on several occasions. But great job Leo keep them coming. What i really like about these is you cover a broad range of topics and it's actually really good to give to someone new to this but with an open mind and already spiritually intuitive...they can get a lot out of it and then maybe go back and listen to your videos on the various topics that were covered.
  17. @gettoefl God has no self to survive - but you are forgetting one important thing - it does take form - and it survives through your finite form, and it has biases through you.... It is YOU, so in a sense you have your own back bud
  18. I haven't read all the replies but basically it is like lucid dreaming only with the waking dream. So you have a meta gear once you are awake from the dream. But if you are not truly awake (and you will know when you are) then it will be a belief for you so be careful with that.. But once lucid you can shift your consciousness to where you are lucid or you can keep your consciousness at the level of the dream where it is real. Most of the time I stay at the level of the dream. But the gear is there.
  19. Well..God has to dumb itself down basically. I mean with Infinity...God is so fucking Infinite that yes it just explodes in on itself and then sends fragments of itself out like little probes to then rediscover itself...that's what this dream is.
  20. Well let's put it this way. Your higher Self is Infinitely intelligent. Think about that for a minute. Infinitely intelligent. It's mind blowing.