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  1. just realised sam harris has only 300,000 followers and only about 15k of people watching his video, would you say that means he's not widely known, on a spiral level i peg him on green starting to become yellow, so i thought it would be alot more watching because his content isn't in total yellow/ turquoise. but is even 15k-30k per view alot of people?
  2. @Truth Addict that is the exact thing i will be struggling against my whole life when i go down this path, i can't unconsciously do anything! anymore especially when you get to non duality. i look at a tomato and think that its an illusion, that's why the non dual perspective is changing my psychology too much, that i'm trying to go back. @DrewNows definately trying to limit and box myself so that it conforms to social norms man, life is just easier that way for me, ive already stopped trying to create a life purpose helping people and my i've had a weird two days, basically doing nothing. because i don't feel theres a specific book i need to reach to reach an objective, or have any objective task! i actually ended up letting go of some of my ego! but i have so many shadow elements that i'm not trying to get rid of anymore and that's how conforming helps, you get to keep your shadow elements intact and unconscious, i.e like the fact you are unconscious when you weren't aware of the truth.
  3. but everyone else creates duality so to understand better its easier to be in that duality to be in that present moment more authentically, then just going with a non duality perspective and speaking from there
  4. @Serotoninluv i hear ya, and i totally agree with what he said, i have made this conscious choice, to suffer without happiness, to make it easier for myself and those around me, maybe it'll cause them suffering in unconscious ways, but inevitably it will make them feel more comfortable and fear less about the outcomes of the future.
  5. I have decided that all of enlightenment and sprituality is changing my psychology and unveilling too much truth that its affecting my perceptions and world views too skewed from normality. so i have decided to conform, forgetting about life purposes and going back to being a materialist, although my parents are okay with me being different and seeing the world differently. I can see that its too skewed from their reality and those around me, that i'm conversing with the world view of non duality and i cant exactly tell them the truth. so i've given up with all this and going back to unconscious egoic state even though i got close to the pinnacle of non duality in theory. so i wanted to know if you guys could help me list a list of whats considered normal in this day and age, to help me conform to society, marriage and kids, holidays , material possessions (cars, clothes, house), money, savings, morality, healthy living, need to get a degree to live life, no spirituality, energy is what the world is made of, repetative unconscious behaviour, sex, living day to day, lawful behaviour, survival of the fittest, friends and social outtings, work hard, make money, judgement and demonizing, 9-5 rat race, reactive emotions, get rich or die trying, egoic ambitions, all dualisms , mainly things situated around red, blue , orange stage of development, not green
  6. if you strip all labels away name, address, country of birth, nationality, gender, likes, dislike, personality what is the difference between you and the other person?
  7. @winterknight most certainly what i wanted to hear, i think its tricky for young people who haven't discovered the I because it is the next best thing. i think even if i argue against it, its something i must pursue to know for myself. i just wanted to know whether truly it was imaginary or not. but for an unenlightened person it has to be one or the other, its either become enlightened or pursue something of desire.
  8. to admire the beauty of consciousness, to use creativity to solve the worlds problems, to make some money and survive, to give my life a immaterial purpose, to challenge myself, to discover higher potentials within me, to make a career out of helping others, to create a hero's journey, to show others that life can be more than just getting a 9-5 job, to create purpose for other, or to help them find purpose in their lives, to work in a team to create ,to find practical solutions, to start up a business envoking high values, to motivate others, to enjoy my life, to find a sense of fulfillment, to do something with my life these are the reasons on which my life purpose is built is this egoic? because enlightenment shows that nothing is wrong and that instead i should be focusing on purifying myself and having a direct experience of nothingness/ finding the "I" in self inquiry and putting this first instead of going on a wild goose chase, this is the question i find that leads me to ask myself am i in the right or wrong to pursue a life purpose
  9. @Joseph Maynor I'm doubling down, this is something i feel i need to do and pursuit to be able to fully engage in spirituality wholeheartedly. but i wanted to say you are right about being and leo needing to be on the cutting edge the whole time a stage that one passes through. Its a very egoic process when you are doing it for any other reason than love. but its one that i feel i must run my ego dead into the ground with and find out that it won't bring me happiness. I was wrong, being is just enough. but i can't do that at my age nor has it ever been in my sights. but i hope i can see eye to eye with you when i am 41
  10. is a life purpose basically a distraction from doing the actual work?
  11. @Joseph Maynor so in essence what your saying is its nice to acknowledge that you have a life purpose, but be ready to fling it out the window at any time as your survival does not depend on it?
  12. The paradox of life purpose is that you are doing it for you, but if you include sacrificing yourself for the benefits of other, you are doing it for other i do not think my ambition is driven by money, fame, sex, all these lower psychological needs its coming out of my wanting to do something with my life that is building ontop of the past efforts of humanity and continuing it forward towards its ultimate pinnacle which for me is life trying to become more conscious of itself if you take enlightenment into account, then there is no need to do this because everything is already perfect but the natural flow of reality is changless change so is this enough of a reason to pursue a certain life purpose? the fact that you are doing it just to build ontop of the past, its not for reasons that are should/ should not, right vs wrong or any dualities, simple being a vessel for change as leo stated.
  13. amazing dude! really glad for you! i would have loved for that to happen to me spontaneously: the closest i've got is always "yes i believe in god" but its only ever a belief, they go straight into material paradigm in the next couple of sentences. tell her to join actualised.org ahaha