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  1. i don't have to sit there thinking how interconnected the world is and how things work together, contemplating what are the absolute truth instead it was important to learn the basics to understand that meditation and other methods are the only way to get to enlightenment not with the use of your mind + the techniques its simply a case for doing the techniques for until it occurs without using the mind to wander off
  2. @Shadowraix i get that really! but its like i can't just let go and keep my view, i have to let go of the viewpoint completely and adopt the opposite view( their view) its like my system rejects it completely
  3. @Leo Gura may i ask you a question how do you accept your friends viewpoints, knowing that they are wrong. i've said a few things to my parents and its like talking to a brick wall, not that i expect any less ofcourse. but i'm starting to build up this energetic feeling that by the power of grace, everybody in the world finds out enlightenment is an actual thing and i can then point to my parents and say i fucking told you so! this is what i meant the whole time! even imagining the situation is giving me joy beyond belief as opposed to them thinking that i've personally been brainwashed and without logic, blindly accepting what others say like the fact i am god etc.. like its obvious that you probably don't talk to them about how you see reality (those that don't know) not like fucking ralston lol, my real question is how do you tolerate what they say and be bothered to reply with an answer that you may know not to be true
  4. @Leo Gura dude lol, EVERYTHING you say is radical man, there's no inbetween with you lol. ahaha
  5. you know this might be my parents getting to me and doing a little projection here lol, but were actually some crazy people. LOOL literally lol all our realities have skewed so far from the general consensus that were openly talking about god not as a belief but as an experience. Its nothing like religious people - its even crazier and we are telling ourselves we aren't human :') i feel like crying that the people around me would see me as bat shit crazy for the way i think. the reality of how small of a group we are is kicking in :') buddah is one person and we see him as infinite number of people.
  6. its kinda slipped over my head, now that i've been in this forum a while. but just how small of a group are we. I assumed that all the others seeking enlightenment under other guru's means we are quite big. However this was disproportionate, even if thats true we are talking about a couple million of people now and even more so in the whole of human time. so what percentage are we looking at note: not only people who are enlightened, but relatively those who know abit and are actively searching i thought it might be 1% of the population, but even now that's seems quite large if you take the 15 000 people on this forum and compare it as a percentage to the world you get 0.000214285714286% so atleast were talking 0.05% max are seeking enlightenment and share the same viewpoints as us
  7. i used to think the highest potential of a human outside being enlightened was helping others by changing the world, but i've noticed its all well and good i changed my perspective and understanding to get it right, as best as the non-enlightened state of analysis can go. however i've realisesd i don't have the missing link - passion. i don't have a particular passion i do, that when i do will change the world i.e i like thinking about reality but the truth is, i am not educated enough to teach it- its way out of my league. this eliminates the entire possibility of being my highest self and the hero's journey outside of enlightenment there is also a possibility that since the specific passion isn't there, its just an ego trait to say "ohh look i actually reached my potential as a human look how amazing i am" however, i've noticed that i like to dance and this is a passion, not a passion that can change the world so my question is: am i deluding myself to think that there is such thing as a humans highest potential and therfore should i actually spend my life doing something i enjoy rather than chase a prophecy i know that may or may not be possible. in other words should i give up my version of the highest human potential for my passion?
  8. I've come to realise that its less and less about changing other peoples views into the correct ones or of one with more truth, when i read my thoughts, its like on one hand i could fight against other people's ideologies to your understanding of what about reality is most amazing, instead its about just showcasing your amazement and understanding of reality onto the world and nothing more. Not expression for recongition or critique however, expressing for the simple fact that you are able to express and create the world in your image itself. what are your thoughts on this?
  9. its like the best thing i can do is express this feeling through a medium and express this feeling of life because i have to understand that nobody else will feel exactly the same as me and i will never be able to varify as we all have our invidual uniqueness aswell as oneness
  10. i have a pent up energy in my body and the feeling if i translate it to words says "life itself is amazing", "look how fucking mysterious life is", "do you see this thing called life its so spectacular and i can't even understand it" this feeling is pent up in my body, its trapped in my upper torso, when i feel it, my heart warms and pumps abit faster, i feel tingly inside and i feel the need to release it but i can't release it, i feel to release it i have to get someone else to think to themselves the same exact words, look how mind blowing reality is, "look how amazing life is" and i have a problem that other people can't see or touch this level of amazement at life, it matters not to me the technical aspects of life, the hard labour, the outcomes and pursuits, i'm simply talking about the amazingness to be able to gaze at life itself and be shocked and moved straight to your core. when i was younger, i never knew what this feeling was and i still don't but i have a better understanding of it slightly , its driven underneath to want one simple thing, i want to transfer this feeling to someone else but i can't, nobody understands me when i say life and what i really mean, they think i'm talking about job, paying for bills etc, but i'm not - i'm talking about life itself and this feeling gets pent up more and more i don't know how to release it and its making me frustrated now that i've realised more what it is so my question is: does anyone else feel this feeling ?
  11. @Nahm so your also saying that mental illnesses are fixed automatically by enlightenment
  12. i categorised it different to something like alziehmers and neurodegeneration as these are real physical effects, for example saying dopamine and adhd is the causation of lack of motivation, theres always a possibility to repair your beliefs (non physical) to fix the issue, where as actual brain damage etc (physical) is something that can't be a change by a change in belief, i.e depression can be solved if you change your beliefs. these are what i call non physical, they're really to a lack of understanding.
  13. some are physical some are non- physical (depression, anxiety etc) physical pnes on psychical brain may cause physical symptoms non-physical ones on physical brain are not because of the brain therefore non-physical are held by beliefs you hold exactly as physical beliefs are to physical brain and relationship causation so does 1 view it as all beliefs or physical ? paradigm dependant or truth depedant as beliefs are not stored in your brain but your actual being
  14. @Serotoninluv but what does letting go of the duality, do for the understanding of how to make a decision for example. @Inliytened1 so if theres no up and down, how do you manuever in life without directions, or do you just use it when you need to, like for you there should be no such thing as up and down