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  1. @SOUL Thank you, this post is actually the best thing i've ever read on my spiritual journey. it has put ALOT Into context for me. I really appreciate it.
  2. @Inliytened1 I see, it makes sense. its as i thought, you locked out and therefore you don't know. What you thought was omniscient was actually circling back to everything. Which was actually nirvana. Which means that stage coral, is infact a different branch. However, there is no need for you to try, what it also means is that, there is no need for others to try unless it is part of their dynamic paradigm even in the enlightened form, Like leo. Not sure if he's enlightened or not, the sheer fact he doesn't want to lock would suggest otherwise. However, from an omnsicient point of view, it matters not because that locking restriction actually loops around you. Its basically a anti-locking-locking system. in other words, you are locked but in a different way, because its enlightenment entrenched around you. Ironically a different form of enlightenment. it is exactly that, who did you give your authority to... omniscient locks you into your own subsection of the infinite as the infinite.. which is what i sensed i was god as god post duality/non-duality collapsing with non-dual i locked partially into the whole section of the infinite but as god, but as the one god. again after duality/non-duality collapsed. Which ever way you look at it, Different expressions of the same as @SOUL said, which means you guys do have the choice is you wanted to, its just your already chilled out and blissful like soul said. You don't see the point because its the same exact thing LOL. the experience itself would not even matter because there is no experience. In the end, its actually pretty pointless to an enlightened being. Whether that experience as a different form of enlightenment, was greater or not. it really doesn't matter The dualities broke down in actually completely different ways.
  3. @Inliytened1 Inliytened man! LOL please this is the most important question of my whole life! LOL! WHAT makes you and the others so flexible!! it doesn't make sense you are all enlightened. Like you understand that omniscient enlightenment is totally different to non-dual enlightenment. So like what makes you and the others able to swivvle towards it and not other enlightened beings!
  4. Yeah i understand, its god not the name of the person with a limited consciousness LOL. thanks i think having a war with you guys has actually made me 100x more conscious! such is the term conscious warefare!
  5. @Conrad Yes its taken you five weeks to convince me, but i think you are indeed enlightened and know god. its also shown by your absolutist tone I am happy for you
  6. @Conrad interesting so you are everything and nothing. You have locked out aswell it seems ?
  7. @Inliytened1 Right it also is understandable by you had an omniscient awakening. So what your saying is you are flexible because there is other which is one. So do you understand the metaphysics of god? and if you do why don't you try to become an omniscient enlightened being? because its okay not to?
  8. @Matt8800 This is false, there is no atman. There is no need to make things better at this level of conscious development. simply put, the lack of meta-knowledge and authority given to famous enlightened beings cancels out the need to make such an action. This is why leo said even the buddha never wanted to teach. he was just going to sit alone in silence. its exactly that. The relative human consciousness determines your level of enlightenment relatively, however once you enter enlightenment. That relativity is masked up, which you are okay with because of the true nature of self.
  9. @SOUL Yes i get that, i mean your human body, what does it decide to do - Does it decide to sit around and do nothing or do you attempt to help people. I am aware what i'm asking is a false claim, its just relative knowledge.
  10. @Inliytened1 Like seriously lol if you guys are in exactly the same place! why can you tell him its everything , but he can't tell you its everything. this is a contradiction, either you are not enlightened or there are degrees of enlightenment that are actually higher than others enlightenment. These are degrees of god. there is still the fact that you really don't know what you don't know. So there are degrees of enlightenment from the relative world look from a seperate self, but not from the opposing side. Which means you are locked out, but you can see the beauty of the world and winter knight or i think soul can't wouldn't you say that is a major difference? is this what you mean by being "okay" with it ? so your enlightened self is actually adaptive, that's quite interesting
  11. @SOUL May i ask what do you do to help in the dualistic world?
  12. @Inliytened1 But how did you manage to change and winterknight didn't ? when you become everything . Doesn't that mean you never locked out?
  13. @Inliytened1 You don't understand, you haven't locked out of the system as total as this yet. There is no winterknight. We are essentially talking to nobody. There is nothing we can say to him, that will make him change his mind because he is indeed completely enlightened. To him this conversation isn't even happening. any word used to describe him and his enlightenment. Will not do. Its like i said, it's the final stage of enlightenment. what happens is your meta-knowledge and your ideologies, problems etc.. get "saved" like a save point and that's it.. you'll just work like that the rest of your life. because your knowledge structure of enlightenment and who you are will not change. These are not debatable points for him. We are not even ignorant to him, because ignorant doesn't exist to him. it is as he says ultimate peace and ultimate bliss. Which is not even in his experience. its undescribable in words, even for us. its a state where its impossible to contemplate, so it's virtually impossible to change your position on any topics because they don't even exist in your experience. its a strange loop that can't be broken, once you enter. so its being locked out. Scary indeed , it gives me chills. However, i'm glad that you are here on this forum winterknight and i am glad that you are you and you are happy with your enlightenment. This is all i can ask for from one human being to a non-human being. The true self doesn't change, the duality version of that true self changes. This is the only thing i can infer. But you must lock out to know what the true self is. The difference between a bodivista and buddha nature. It doesn't matter consciousness will multiply infinitely, but the buddha nature won't. They are the same and they are different. But this is from a seperate self position. when you are completely enlightened, the whole illusion dispels. including the break down of non-duality/ duality.
  14. @Conrad interesting i believe you actually. let me ask a question, do you experience or is there absence of experience for you?
  15. @winterknight You know what i think, i think that enlightenment is a phenomena, that cycles you outside of consciousness and all its systems. But may i ask, why do you still quote ad vita vendata and not look to change in any knowledge structure? Its just that a complete annihilation of your knowledge structure and experience. In other words its a VOID within a VOID within a dualistic VOID within a BLACK HOLE within nowhere, no place , no time its the true giving up of self. Whereas we can fathom that your experience lies within a larger experience of god. To you, its completely nullified. its interesting for sure, you have most certainly reached nirvana However, why does someone like @foxfoxfox or @natasha not agree with you when they have experienced themselves this same pocket of space. its exactly this, nirvana can take the extremes of any paradigm. because its infinite and will basically resort in a lock when giving up self. No new knowledge is gained and no knowledge of true self is lost. its just not within your nature to go and help the world at, but for someone like sadhguru it is. Which means there's no actual difference between your enlightenmnet, your experiences which are no free will on earth was in what lead you to be locked at your enlightenment. Which means that, its actually dangerous as a society imo, to let people follow you. it would be more advisable to get locked at a higher level of consciousness before permanently locking out of the system. For example, if i permanently locked out the system at stage coral. I would be doing the exact same thing i am doing now probably. I wouldn't even quote non-duality or advita or any spiritual school of teaching. I would be quoting my contemplation. Therefore its as you've said, that whole issue with trying to balance non-duality and duality is only a distraction itself. Interesting, but this begs the question like @sychronicity @ fox fox fox @ natasha @ aakash @ inylightened one all think (in my relative opinion of everyone elses viewpoint) what makes you right? to which the answer is, you are indeed right. It just goes against our principals of humanity This is exactly the reason i didn't like how nahm didn't learn any true metaphysics before he still managed to lock out at a higher level. Yet he's still able to keep a balance within the world of relativity. Its interesting... it basically concludes the answer and that is, you can lock out at which ever stage you want and that's the brillance of enlightenment. There are degrees of enlightenment/ consciousness, but there is only enlightenment and there is only one ultimate locking out. Still i must add, it has nothing to do with the god particle, it is still within the existence of the god particle. However, its the ultimate lock out. As long as you reach this lock at even at higher levels of consciousness. Your locking out at the same place, but in a different location. Still in the middle of nowhere, the most incomplete-complete god particle. However, that doesn't change the fact that there will be more "conscious" incomplete-complete god particles in the future. So yeah, everything makes sense