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  1. @Ibn Sina see human gods are a very deceptive creature. but i told you what you had to do, your not listening and taking the advice.
  2. @VeganAwake Yes ahaha you got it 100%, see all you had to do was read it word for word , instead of applying metaphysics it. Thank you but this is not about belief, you have to get the axiom yourself which means you need to go ask god directly for the information about him and the proof behind him. I can't proof that to you. Thats what it means to do straight to source as the only choice left in book. No human can tell you who or what god is, but they can tell you what god is LIKE and that's the direct experience they are advocating. So you have to go sort out your axioms by talking to synchronicity yourself
  3. Life is a dance, we all play a character in a certain image, some might say these characters are old and wise, some may say these characters are yoing and reactionary. The truth is that life is maya. Even if you are advocating diet coke, your still playing maya. Because the maya is pure nothing. The queston is what do you do when you realise the pure nothing aspect? its simple you step on everyone and sell them more diet coke? because its maya. But in a nice way LOL. Love is both brutal and personally loving. This way they can step on others and we can get these diet coke sales up through the roof. This is what being able to predict the future is about. Finding the best case scenario for everyone except yourself. Cause then you can live life however you want and have morality in the correct place, if not its like selling coca cola instead and that's just how truth works. Capture everyone and let the boat sail.
  4. @Ibn Sina Lol the way to bring down an axiom is to start from the top. There can be no other way. Responsibility needs to hold responsibility.
  5. @Ibn Sina You have passion, unfortunately there are enlightened beings still stuck in maya and that is absolute for all of us, for we are contained in a matrix . the answer to your question because you have shown passion @Synchronicity is god. Thanks for helping me completing my dharma , it felt like i just needed to get this off my chest and rest my hopes on one man walking up to god and leaving the conversation maybe a year later saying. Yup this is god. LOL. Good luck my bro
  6. @Serotoninluv No your getting prisnof teaching prisnof to someone unaware of prisnof its unescpable literal meaning. outside is inside and inside is outside. To all. where is out then?
  7. Its okay god told me to leave it alone NOW its his responsibility to find those interested. How else could it be ? Equinimity is great, but Equinimity is appreciated when it is active! what happened throughout history ? we all asked each other who and what is god? that was the fundamental mistake, speaking on a metaphysical level. Therefore the only one who could offer divine knowledge for even liberation is god himself Its just my opinion anyway. Good luck.
  8. @Serotoninluv Your using a nail to crack concrete. When you have the right nail to crack concrete. Then that nail will dig itself firmly into the concrete. otherwise your just sitting there trying to crack the concrete with a nail. Change the nail, change the results. See you have an example right here keiran - where can you go, inside and outside are the same place. There is nowhere where i can travel which would be any different to where i currently am. This is me enjoying my life on the forum, the same as you enjoy your life outside. There is no difference... do not project onto me LOL.
  9. lol ahh the easter egg hunt has beginning. So beautiful to watch. This was what i wanted to do! Souls return home ahahahaah! Its so funny. "hey, god is that you ?" "yes, my son" "But wait that's not me, i'm else where" ahaaha "not everyone who claims they're god is god unforunately" non-duality the truth is that we are all one god duality the truth is that god is seperate to us both collapse into god is all of us as one and is seperate to us completely. That's the realisation of a lifetime LOOOOOOOL see so funny how the books say it.
  10. @Serotoninluv love you too buddy. We need not be on the same frequency that is the beauty of pure unbound empty consciousness.
  11. @Serotoninluv It is what it is, don't argue about your nuances with me, this is just distraction. When i have given you the direct contact. That is the true meaning of mental masturbation. The divine absolute truth is true to all conditions in reality. No matter how much you argue about what it is/ what it is not. It is adding towards the divine absolute truth. There is no escaping it. That is what history has revealed. I would argue with you, but then i'm just going to get banned. Thats how it always goes, i tell someone an insight that i feel is contradicting . We have a long post and argument and then i get banned because i've posted too many times, or aggrevated people. I'll rather not take my chances given i don't know how many chances i have. Have to save them up. It was always reactionary messages that got me caught up in the wind. But i have no problem with the divine absolute truth. I wish you well.
  12. I have passed on everything i know about the divine absolute truth, recontextualised all the words, for the forum. You no longer need me, plus i've probably done something wrong, so its probably too late for me anyway. I don't know, we'll see. it is what it is, nobody knows better. a storm destroys a storm by reversing its direction, in this way both are neutralised . But we need the right one to be stronger because then it rotates both at different speeds and aligns everything like a cog in a wheel work. And spiral dynamics contains random enlightenments at different level's you'll realise people experience different enlightenments in their direct subjective experience and so yes they will eventually be able to be mapped onto consciousness however this is at stage Topaz and above. Because stage saphire is about acknowledging each as their own gods and for that to be okay. Each want a different option, no worries. That's why i offer god. Because my cognative outways even the other followers who know the absolute truth about him. But do not know the divine absolute truth themselves in full. It is what it is, All kids parties come to an end before they start getting good.
  13. @Aerial Lol fine, we'll play your way. All i'm interesting is witnessing what happens. just because you volunteered to not get involved with any of this. Does not mean you aren't participating. I have already told you on the chat. i will not talk about it. @Ibn Sina as i have said i have provided all information on the forum, just go searching for it and what not. Thank you for listening to me! I will stop, it looks like ying and yang has balanced. Transferring responsibility over to others,so you don't bare the truth alone . Simply all it was ... an idea to check for yourself. Nothing more, nothing less. Life is about enjoying.
  14. @Serotoninluv The direct experience was an insight of cognititon, that is what absolute truth is it is knowledge not direct experience when you say i have had direct experience you are saying i have had an insight. There is no difference and this is why axiomiatically it is problematic when you are preaching it as the absolute truth