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  1. i see. getting stuck deciding between two variables is what your talking about
  2. @Jack River both are illusions in truth, but i would still sit there and think about what i should and should not do then do it; instead of thinking of the first thing and then getting up and doing it through action, how does this sound?
  3. WOW @cetus56 that was actually a much better answer than all of mines put together!
  4. neither the heart, body, soul, mind, brain , kidney , spleen, lungs , life , death, sight, sound, smell its all an illusion of emptiness
  5. the one demoninator is the answer - its all an illusion, no matter what you come up with- with the mind
  6. nevermind lool maybe i just read it wrong.
  7. @ahmad ibdah i'm not gonna lie, i don't agree with anything you just said there. did you just say vegetables aren't a plant?
  8. then to answer the top question, as a person whos pretty much used self inquiry to get where i am and hardly any meditation. yes it is a form of meditation with your eyes open. Its just a very dangerous ones, because you can get lost in concepts and create your own world out of thin air. whereas in meditation, the thing that is you is always there with you.
  9. if i understood the question right, i would say there is still deeper levels. as far as i've come to understand it, the space/ silent doesn't exsist. once you notice this it can't be divisable by anything. so you don't have to question the nature of it throughout anything. you can't even imagine it or focus on it. you just know the nature of it.
  10. @Ninie the problem is the mind is an illusion; the mind is an accumulation of thoughts technically. so letting the thoughts be is letting them pop up in your head and then just staying still not reacting to it by coming up with another thoughts example of these thoughts would be "ohh no i shouldn't have thought those thoughts" " i shouldn't be thinking, mind be quiet" "no mind , no mind , no mind , no mind mmmm" letting them be, is finding a space or gap in your thought stream where the thoughts on that category stop and you just remain in silence, after a while of attempting to do this you will get better at it.
  11. @EvilAngel i think "being in the moment" your version of it, isn't quite what eckhart tolle meant, it comes after alot of spiritual work to understand what being in the moment is completely. i would advise you just look for psychological reasons as to why you it may be that your feeling lonely and maybe youll find an answer for example, 1) is it because i'm not happy with myself, that i feel lonely 2) why don't i feel lively and active 3) is being alone so bad in the first place, what does society say that makes me feel that being lonely is such a bad thing 4) should i be the one to generate my own love for myself then have an external love come and care for me make the questions up if you have too, just use these as guidelines to come up with your own questions. Don't stick to the questions i wrote, they're only to give you an idea for yourself.
  12. i am in pain i am not in pain i am suffering i am not suffering both are in of itself false notions to truth but you will ultimately feel the pain and not the suffering by choice is "which came first is it the chicken or the egg" not the name of the game we are all trying the play here today
  13. you should use it as spiritual practice, go past the pain, what is the awareness currently behind it? is it the one who is suffering and in pain pain and suffering in my opinion are one in the same thing