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  1. for contractions i'd try magnesium supplements first, but you need to discuss that with a doctor
  2. Checks and balances are a thing of democracies. You can find county or town or city officials who are publicly against the war and Putin. But the federal government is all united by either profit or fear. Just like the police and the courts. They don't have to be believers in anything. It's just fear and profit. I don't think they are. They can literally call you on your phone or something. Plus those polls must be as rigged as russian elections. Still war-suppoters are not rare, it's true. Because most of Russian people are not young and not educated and live far from big cities. So they don't know better than believing what they see on TV.
  3. maybe the meditation technique described in this video will help. It's a fun one to do.
  4. Do you know any successful people who do that?
  5. Why did you assume that you should be paid more than a cashier?
  6. What do you mean by 'self-help video game'? What it could be like?
  7. you could always watch it together.
  8. Most of the time you don't. At least from my experience. May happen on occasion. Seriously though you don't lose karma in Fallout when you kill someone in Skyrim. You in a dream is a different person, the world is a different world, the other is different, everything works and feels not in the same way as in this reality. And everything is you, even from materialistic point of view. Constraining yourself from having fun in lucid dreams would be so silly, except maybe if you go there to do some kind of deliberate practice. I'd be glad they have a way to cheat on you without cheating on you. And nothing stops the other partner from having sex adventures in their own dreamworld.
  9. Have you seen Huberman's episodes on sleep? They really helped me with my sleep. He might have the answers for you. Episodes 2 to 5 plus 31 to be exact.
  10. It depends. Do they jizz in their pants when doing it?