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  1. Hi, I do agree with you. Could you give us some tips how to get rid of such blocks or filters? Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi there, Recently I have after longer pause started working on myslef in terms of both spirituality ( mostly meditation ) and social skills ( doing pickup ). What I have noticed in last week however is that I have this very sad and annoying feeling that I have missed out in life. I am 23 years old and I feel like the stage when you are young and go drink with your friend and do stupid shit is kinda over both because of my age and because of me doing spirituality and that does not align with this. Even when I try to remind myself that I the presence is all that matters, this uneasy feeling comes back to me. Has anyone ever experienced this? And how have you overcame this? Thanks is advance guys
  3. I got braces and that partly fixed the issue. I am planning onto going to dentist regarding whitening, but I am still super concious about my teeth and feels I just can't relax about this.
  4. Hi, I've got a problem that has been holding me back in my life for a long time and that is I have terrible self-image when it comes to my teeth. They are not really good looking (quite yellowish, slightly crooked). My issue makes me not smile and have this weird, stale expresion in my face, which kinda creeps people out. Has anyone dealt with such an issue? How do I overcome this?
  5. @Kalki Avatar What is your opinion on Julien's TenGame product?
  6. Hi looking for czechs, especially Praguers, who would like to meet up, talk about self actualization and maybe support each other in the journey. Are there any of those?
  7. @outlandish Yes, Indeed scandinavian countries are not that high for developed countries. However I was comparing them to underdeveloped countries in africa, south america and so on. Also how is according to you scandinavia socialist? They have free market with strong welfare system.
  8. Hi, I was wondering, why there is quite high suicide rates in countries that would be considered to be higher in spiral dynamics? For example scandinavia is quite known to have a high suicide rate? I though maybe, because people don't have to worry about their survival that much, they time to realize their own suffering? Anybody got any insights into this? Thanks
  9. Hi, Me and my friend are planning on doing a 2 day retreat in nature, however we have never done this, so I am asking you, guys, for some tips. We both practice meditation daily, but have never meditated for longer then an hour. What sort of meditation techniques would you suggest? Also what kind of food do you usually eat when on retreat. I imagine, that heavy food is probably not so good. Thanks in advace.
  10. Hi, Recently my diet was not the best and I decided I want to get back on track. Should I clean my body first by fasting or something like that? If so what type of fasting would you, guys, suggest? Anyone with experience on getting your diet in shape would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  11. Thank you so much for all the answers. I've written him that I am here for him and that I am willing to listen to him, but he responded with refusing help in a "You don't really care anyway" way. So I will leave it at my offer and see how things go.
  12. Hi, I would be really glad if someone with experience could help me with this. Throughout the last year I noticed that big chunk of my (male) friends are very unhappy with their lives or straight up depressed. The problem is not a living condition for them as they are all upper middle class europeans, but I just can't figure out how to actually help them. Because what I found is that even though things like meditation, or just self developtment in general could help them very much, those people usually do not react well, when I introduce them these ideas, so they are kinda stuck in this cycle of feeling poorly but because they feel that way they don't resonate with anything higher on the spectrum and thus they keep being depressed. Has anyone of you either helped friend overcome this or anyone who used to be depressed and could me navigate how to actually help? Thanks in advance for your answers
  13. Probably none, or close to that
  14. Hi, I have a friend who is highly inteligent and quite sucessful in academia, but is deeply into orange stage (materialistic, rationalistic). I was reading a book from the booklist the other day and when he noticed it, he spoke to me, that all those self-help books are bullshit and so on. I wouldn't be suprised if he bashed something out of spirtiual or esoteric category, but the book i was reading was actually about career building, which i would assume is an primarily orange value (when i was full orange i would go for such books, now i resonate more with 'higher' teachings). Why do you think orange people like him refuse a self help. Is it because of sheer cynicism or is it something else?