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  1. The hostages don't matter at all to the Israeli government, they only want to uproot Hamas which will not happen. The hostages provide the legitamacy for Israel's actions in Gaza and I bet were going to be sacrificed almost from the beginning. Israel is done negotiating with Hamas and only wants to totally annihilate them whilst limiting the amount of damage to themselves.
  2. If you look at Netanyahu's interview on the Lex Friedman Youtube channel, you can see he clearly wants to eradicate all nuclear capabilities of Iran. He claims that the reason he trying to do so is simply because Iran has stated that they want to wipe out Israel. So Netanyahu's methodology is to take out Iran's capability to wipe out Israel before the situation gets out of hand. Clearly he's in the wrong for deliberately killing generals and scientists in Iranian soil, but this is just how extreme Ben and his right-wing military leader's methods are now. And they absolutely don't care what other countries think about them.
  3. If the people who are held responsible for the system are all in stage blue, then there's not a lot that can be done for the system to ascend to orange.
  4. If you want her, it should be quite easy for you to tell her you've reconsidered and would like to try out a relationship with her. True relationships take time to cultivate and it's ok to break up with her if you don't think the relationship works later on. However it is understandable that it hurts when rejecting someone else. This is just my guess but I think you're not 100% sure if you want to be with her because she's not hot enough for you. You want someone better. If this is your mindset, then I think you should just pursue someone hotter as this type of thinking is not suitable for maintaining any long term relationship. You'd just eventually break up with her.
  5. This is a hard question, I had to cut ties with close friends when I was trying to move forward in life. Your friend here, she is likely to project her problems onto everyone else. Only thing you could probably do is to be with her and give her some emotional support. However you have to know you can't really help change her situation and you should create boundaries with her. Obviously you do care about her but if she's not willing to change, then how much time are you willing to spend in a ditch with her?
  6. Good food for thought, Solana could go to 1000 USD within a year.
  7. My biggest bag is Solana too, have you considered Avax?
  8. A sense of humour is great when you're among friends and have different negative views, you sort of push back with humorous expressions but avoid any confrontation. You're disagreeing with them but also accepting them as they are when you're humorous.
  9. Bring it to the guy and learn how to muster the guts to say "Stop treating your employees like trash, you can do better. Now can I get my refund?"
  10. It would probably be a good time to test your sense of humor, if you're proud or supportive of your prejudice, then you could produce a half-joking statement supporting your view. For example if someone shouted down my preference for hot women, I could say "I'll take a hot bitch over Anderson Cooper anyday!" Something like that.
  11. The million dollar question is right here. How to come up with a massive fucking action plan when you have zero motivation. In my experience when you're stuck in this type of situation, getting from where you are directly to some place that you'd really want to be is absolutely impossible, no matter how much time you take. I would say the path to salvation is not straight. You're stuck in a maze and you can't see what the maze looks like. I used to be a part of a goddamn cult myself. One of the best days of my life was probably when I was kicked out of the cult, but that was also when I was broken. I already spent all my energy trying to become what the cult wanted me to be, and it did more like the opposite. The cult had created the asshole. I was in a world of hurt and didn't want to go anywhere. I directed all the rage towards everyone who hurt me in the past, including my parents. It only felt natural to do so. What I could not see clearly was that the source of my hatred is actually based on me hating what I've become. I don't like myself and have no idea how to change myself. The internal conflict I had was me desperately wanting to get out from the place I was in, but at the same time I had too much negative energy to even move a finger. And this was the source of my suffering. So the counter-intuitive move from here is not to try to find a way towards the goal, which let us say is a more developed version of you. A more realistic move from here would be to find a way to become the monster that you are. Meaning that there is actually a way to become an asshole with everyone around you being very okay with it. What I actually needed to do was not to "fix my problems", but rather to find a way to embrace the asshole that I was. I needed to be, and I needed to be authentic. Now this is not easy, but it is doable. It requires the development of a neutral mindset which cleans out a lot of toxic criticism to the self, and a gradual acceptance to the level I was really on. Now I'm not saying to get rid of all the shame and self-hatred, we only need to get these emotions managable here as we need to feel into the shame and hatred as motivation for the next step. After I found a way to finally be a more real version of myself where I was at. The next step I would recommend is positioning. Get yourself into the environment where you have enough resources to become the more developed version of yourself. For me this was to be more productive at my job plus earn more money on the way. This process allowed me to rebuild trust in myself, although I wasn't addressing my issues directly but I at least I was being effective in doing something of value. The money I got also gave me the chance to develop hobbies that I enjoyed such as traveling which was a big step up from video gaming and porn. A lot of objective thinking was needed here as you can't feel your way into a different lifestyle. Then after much of step 1 and step 2 back and forth plus a lot of venting, I was able to position myself to a place where I could change how I was authentically (final step is real hard) and pursue what I defined to be the person I wanted to be. The grinding I went through also helped a lot in being able to drop a lot of fucking ego that I had and of course I still have much to do in this area. But like your environment can really boost you into feeling different about yourself. The hard truth is that you need to become the person you look up to in reality, it's sort of like the hero's journey. This would require a postive image of yourself into the balance of your overall identity. I think becoming a "good" person wasn't the right term to describe the goal, it should be to become a more developed person. This whole thing is really an uphill battle. There's a saying which says something like if you want to lift a heavy object you need to use your legs and not your back. Using your back in this scenario means using willpower and determination, but we all know how far that can take us. Using your legs means changing your mindset and behavior. To overcome this uphill battle, we need a mixture of getting some good footing and finding a suitable balance to push forward. Then there's the gradual change of objective which is another can of worms because like if you're goal is just things like money and sex, then you're fucking lost and never going to make it. The goal is your higher self, your True self or at least the pursuit of it. And the process is more important than the goal, you have to learn to enjoy the process of this change. The emotion of true hatred, goddamn it felt so real. The unfortunate truth is we have to change how we channel this energy, it's basically what Cloud said. To develop that change requires a lot of effort, pain, understanding, and endurance. Hope everyone who experiences this in their life can pull through.
  12. Best way to go would to be the master of one first and then go after jack of all trades. But in reality it is hard to find that one trade you'd find value specializing in. Actual programs usually train you to become the jack of trades first because no one knows what you'll be doing in the future.
  13. I wish I thought really hard about the questions you're thinking about right now before I went into college. In Taiwan, a college degree is a must if you want to get into any decent corporate job, at least it was 20 years ago. I hope things are not like this from where you are, that major companies would only recruit you if you graduated from a decent school with a specific degree for example in computer programming. I think there should be more high income skills to learn other than just tech in the United States. If I could start over, I would focus more on my social life in college where there are plenty of opportunities to meet people. Social skills are just so beneficial in the long run in almost any area. Enter a club, learn how to hold various events. I would also learn how to invest, and learn about obtaining a healthier lifestyle instead of just counter striking or world of warcrafting though the night. Come to think of it, school grades were the least important during college. The professors couldn't teach me anything that would amount to being useful in the actual work field. And after my first job, no one even cared where I studied when I got my second job, they only cared if I could do the job. And you mostly learn how to do the job after you get the job. Before I went to college, I thought that the classes and programs in school would take care of everything for me. How idiotic that notion was. I was fortunate only because I studied electric engineering and the college degree got me a mediocre job that did point me in the right direction corporate ladder-wise. I can be very certain that the college courses are going to teach you a lot of knowledge in the field of academics that would probably still prepare you for nothing in the jobs market. Better to spend your time being an intern at Google or Microsoft. However I still think the four years in college would be worth it. That's the best time to meet lifelong friends and even partners. It's the best time to tryout different areas of knowledge and see which ones you resonate with most. Although college can't train you directly for your actual job, it is still some form of training, maybe you could see it as learning how to learn or train yourself. And the degree still opens a lot of doors for you, at least when you're a beginner. In college, many students play video games all the time. The other folks go partying all the time. People get addicted to stuff because college just throws a lot of exams and assignments at you only to make you study hard. If you don't know what you want or what you're doing, you could get lost in a mediocre lifestyle real quickly. It seems like you're a very capable person, because you can get good grades whenever you can focus. I think that is a promising attribute to have. Only thing you need to do is to gradually list out the basic goals you want to achieve after you get into college, and keep things practical, no need to make an impact. Just go directly after what you want and live in the moment.
  14. Totally agree with @mr_engineer, being a barber is your actual life purpose right now. It is probably the most value you're providing right now. A life purpose is often very basic, it doesn't have to be huge. Hope your transitioning to ecommerce goes well, what do you expect to sell?
  15. Travel for 10 years and not worry about money? That sounds like the need for a lot of money, especially when inflation is a huge thing everywhere now. How about being stuck in wage slavery while travelling? You could go it Luke Korns style (https://www.youtube.com/@LukeKorns).