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  1. So all of the points you listed are real? And could I know how old you are now?
  2. 👍👍👍
  3. Absolutely agree with your thoughts here, I've only returned to this forum recently. Guess I should just stay off this forum.
  4. Yes, I'm ethnically Taiwanese. I lived in North Dakota from age 6 ~ 10, then moved back to Taiwan. Edit: fix typo
  5. A man who learns to accept and embrace himself, who shows compassion to others, who finds the courage to pursue internal growth, and who is not afraid of being authentic.
  6. Hmm... Leo's tone here sounds much like Luke Belmar.
  7. So sad that most of these fakers are too deluded to even admit they are fakers, and then they become degenerates...
  8. I scored 5/40, but I can see that this test is not accurate in all dimensions. So one who is not confident or lacks responsibility doesn't mean they are not narcissistic. I was a narcissist for most of my life. If I took this test when I was young, I would probably get the same result.
  9. Unable to be in the moment. I sit very bored on a bench facing a park, across the park a new built neighborhood with a new community moving in, and over the neighborhood a nice sunset.
  10. I think your intuition was right, you should buy the cheapest equipment to see how the worst option fares. Sometimes the cheapest product actually would suffice in whatever you were doing. Buy in the cheapest item is a smart option because you can save a lot of money if it works out, even if it doesn't, you've learned something.
  11. Looks like the candidates supported by Trump didn't perform well this time.
  12. Can't see any problems, why define reality and fantasy mode, screw reality. Hahaha.
  13. The red pill/manosphere way is really a very narrow way of looking at the potential of a man. However since we all got a bit of this weak programming growing up, a lot of men don't possess the ability to look outside of the red pill mindset. Therefore we can't choose to be happy unless we get a taste of the superior man stuff. Looking outside is just so damn difficult.
  14. I think that the questions you listed are definitely very good ones for contemplation. Eventually some of the events in your life really need to be observed and thought through again. However your emotions are also very very real, and unfortunately your emotions are based on the images in your mind, not the actual truth. Your emotions are based on what you think happened in the past, they are based on your perspective alone. Although changing how you see the past or changing the images that show up in your mind is the ultimate solution in the long run, you also have to dive into what you are feeling right now and get a look at the core issue. Because obviously your emotions are trying to tell you something.
  15. Maybe it isn't a big deal as you imagine even if your parents did find out.