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  1. I feel you. What you are experiencing is a very deep emotion that cannot be altered by any logic reasoning. People like us felt this kind of depressing emotion for a huge chunk of our childhoods, and so this emotion has been deeply embedded within ourselves. Basically there is no fast remedy. I don't think there is a quick way to get rid of this emotion. Rather, I think we should find some time each week to be alone and feel into this emotion very deeply. Sort of just let yourself feel sad and deep into the emotion. Following some of the logical suggestions here, like you are not defined by your mom, doesn't fully resolve the situation, although it does help. I personally think the only way is to be able to formulate a very strong love towards something to combat the negativity. And don't try to pursue divine love directly, that is just not possible. Find love towards something like a hobby, a group of friends like yourself, or a boyfriend. Something that can distract yourself from your current unhappy emotions. Then try to build upon those new emotions and improve your love towards for example one of your close friends. Make your relationships or your work more meaningful. Only by obtaining a much stronger love can you defeat the old hatred.
  2. Farewell, may you find a more suitable sanctuary for yourself. Best wishes to you!
  3. There is no good or bad, only the mind makes it so. TV shows are not bad, there isn't a should statement where you need to do more. And so you can enjoy the shows as much as you want. What is interesting to know is why you have guilt when you start watching TV shows. To what image or lifestyle are you comparing yours to? Although there doesn't exist a perfect standard or the correct way/attitude to pursue life, you yourself have internally created a standard or a set of core values. These core values should be fun to identify, and you only need to find effective ways to actualize them one by one. However, I think these core values shouldn't be pursued using negative motivation, because that kind of motivation doesn't last very long. So you should try to accept your current habits/lifestyle and then try out some changes that will bring you closer to what you really want internally.
  4. Hsin-Chu, Taiwan
  5. @Husseinisdoingfine The Chinese would crack their heads on a steel wall if they tried to invade Taiwan? How so? China's military power in the region is not to be underestimated.
  6. I think the direct answer to this question is that you as a human will die and cease to exist. That part of you is finite for sure. What we don't know is whether if our consciousness will awaken after it "leaves" our body. We don't know if there is this other part of us which is not a part of our physical form.
  7. Hey, everyone belongs here. No one is a fraud in the realm of God. I think for most people, there is always an external reason that drives people to pursue self-actualization. For example, it's because you want something that you can never get in your current state, or you are in some ditch that you desperately want to get out of. For me, I was always obsessed with this sort of "be a good Christian" notion, because I wanted the type of lifestyle that some of the more "successful" Christians had in my previous church. I wanted to be successful in my career, relationships, and a beautiful loving girlfriend. However my standards were way too high relative to where I was. The harder I pursued, there seemed to be a negative backfire within my mentality, because I was pushing myself too hard using strategies that did not work. I was eventually depressed and judgemental about myself. Then by chance, I was introduced to post modern philosophy from a Christian friend at the church interestingly. I hated the stuff initially, but eventually I was fascinated by how some of the ideas really opened my mind up. I eventually started to question everything the Church taught. Then I got into therapy, as I began to suffer more from the backlash I got from my church. I saw a few therapists along the way, and one of them told me that there was no standard cure for my problems. The only way I could get out from being depressed most of the time was to find my own way, and that everyone else could only hint at how I could formulate my own method. I started searching for ideas online. Initially I found guys like awaken with JP, Tony Robbins, which were great but didn't really work for me. But then I found Leo and Teal Swan, and things started to change...
  8. Hi Everyone, Ted here from Taiwan.
  9. I actually have other questions: 1. How do we differ our ego conscious from our God conscious? Is our God conscious even active right now? 2. Also, if our ego conscious depends on our brain, wouldn't our ego just die after our brain ceases to function? How would we "transfer" into our God conscious then like Leo describes in his videos?
  10. I'm sorry if the topic of this post is not appropriate. There doesn't seem to be a category here for this topic, but I am just very curious if there is anyone from Taiwan who has followed Actualized.org for a few years like me. I've been doing this work alone for quite some time, would be great to know if anyone is also doing this work. Thanks.
  11. @7thLetter Great points listed. I would like to add that hardcore Catholics and Christians who really believe into the Jesus is God and your Savior stuff all have an internal struggle with their sins. They may also have internal struggles with dealing with the world, since the Bible puts the world in a way that if you love the world, then you are sort of enemies with God. The world is full of greed, pride, and falsehoods in the eyes of Christians, and so anyone who does not receive Jesus's salvation will end up with their soul in hell. The funny thing is that although the Church is like this one big loving family, the family feelings ends right at the limit of the Church's love. And when the Church just cannot give you the love you need, the love they "should" give you according to the Bible, shit will start to happen right there! In the end, this culture brings people into a living hell, instead of sending them to "heaven". To crack this goddamn egg, I prefer the method of multiple perspectives. Depending on different Christians, there is always a struggle within their identity of their relationship with God (heaven) or the world (hell). If there is some view or idea outside of Christianity that can provide healing to their internal struggles, this will really open their minds! Personally, psychology and spiral dynamics worked for me. But of course this will vary for different people. So you will really need to get a Christian to trust and open up with you. Provide them with an alternative solution to their problem that is effective, and they will be surprised. Basically there are a great number of tools on Actualized.org alone, and the man was born into sin ideology is just SO low that it really needs some breaking! Of course, please be gentle with your Christian friends, and I hope you can open their minds.
  12. Awesome post! I can totally relate with you! Man, thanks some much for summarizing this stuff for us. The last point is so important, you really need to cry and forgive. I really feel the pain of folks who have had traumatic pasts out there.
  13. Yes, you really need to see a therapist and get your inner issues resolved. Totally agree with @Bojan V on that. This is a lot of work, you will even need to find the suitable therapist for yourself first. But I hope you go see a therapist soon, because the longer you leave these internal issues hanging, the harder it will be to resolve them later on. Life to us is very personal, and I think it should be. The problem though is that sometimes we take it way too personally. The world and everyone else is basically totally fine with what kind of person you are. I mean, really! It is only you who cannot accept how the world and other people react to you. You have a very strong desire for something. The desire is so strong, that when the world is not able to give you what you really want, you suffer inside. And yeah, life is brutal in this way. You have to strategically engineer and create the life you want. All that takes a huge amount of effort, but is absolutely doable no matter what position you're in. People look down upon themselves too easily. They prop up others very easily too, when the truth is that everyone is very very ordinary. If you search really hard for the objective truth, there is nothing special about anyone. No one is better than you, everyone would be exactly the same as you are if they were in your shoes. Life is ultimately......... a game. It is just a fucking game. And if you didn't know, it is your game. We are all just the characters that you've projected outwards. On this stage, you've branded yourself the coward. But since this is just a game, doesn't really matter what kind of character you're playing. I mean, if you think you're a coward, then that's great. Just be the coward. Try to accept yourself for just what you are. There is a lot fun being the coward. Embrace the coward! How do you become the hero if you don't know what the coward is like? How do you become the hero when you can't even love and accept the coward? After you've learned to accept from a wider perspective, go whichever way you wish. What you really want in the end, is not anything external. It is not this shiny heroic image that you imagine you should be. It is just love. A deep love and connection with everyone including yourself. True love. I hope you have the courage to find it.
  14. It really depends on who, because there are all kinds of people in the church. The stage you're on actually depends more on the people who actually brought you up, like your parents and family, or maybe your teachers at school. Your pastor or the people who you attend service together may have some influence, but not too much. So there are people on all stages, but of course most people are on stage blue or even red in my experience.
  15. Hitler was a German hero in his time. People who hate Hitler just aren't able to the get into the context of that time from Germany's point of view.