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  1. Introduction to Political Science course if you're in college. Or just read the textbook.
  2. More state-sponsored terrorism while actively denying it. And US intelligence may not be able to tell which are jihadist groups directed/funded by the Iranian government, or militias acting of their own accord. In a martyr culture I can expect that plenty of radical Islamists will seek vengeance on behalf of Soleimani through suicide bombings and rocket attacks.
  3. Never taken psychedelics yet, but one of my deepest partial awakenings happened during a dream where I meditated in the dream. Others on the forum have mentioned having trippy dreams that also happened after a sleep interruption, like when you wake up or are woken up by something and then go back to sleep. Curious if this is also the case here.
  4. Interesting, I've seen lots of you also experience similar type of "cosmic love vibration" during intense dreams, even though the content of the dreams and how we got there is different. Another thing common is that it seems to occur during a "second sleep" where you wake up unrested, really really tired, and then have very deep sleep with vivid dreams, and hallucinations that feel like your body is actually flying, spinning, falling, etc. Much different than regular dreams which are more like just watching a movie while not realizing you're watching a movie.
  5. Even before getting into spirituality I realized the joy of being alone, and this cured me of any feelings of loneliness, while also making deliberate socializing for the sake of socializing seem pointless. I rarely make plans to get together with friends, but I end up having some really good interactions with people at the yoga center I go to, and other times when encountering familiar faces while out and about. Other times I barely talk to anyone all day, and that's perfectly fine. When I feel really in my bliss is while I get to be home alone by myself, or out on a walk outside with no one else around. A very positive side effect of being very comfortable alone, one which I am developing more of, is I don't need to talk about myself when I do interact with friends. And so I have learned to be genuinely interested in people and be a good listener, which actually makes me more likable. The old way was using an opportunity to talk to someone to meet my own perceived social needs, and from that angle I ended up stuck in my own head blurting out things just to fill any silence and hope I am being a good enough talker.
  6. Would anyone really want to live in a world where everyone was the same? Where all humans have the same skin color, eye color, facial features and body type? Diversity means appreciating the variety of different kinds of people and cultures, not blending them all together until they become indistinct. We can appreciate unique manifestations of people that came about today only through hundreds of generations of reproducing within their own 'race,' whether they be blonde haired blue eyed Nordic people, communities in the mountains of Asia, or charcoal-skinned African tribes. Not to mention all of their unique cultural traditions being lost to globalization and culture-melting. What I'm saying is that diversity is beautiful, and while of course people of different races and cultures will evolve and blend together, there is much value in preserving those which are unique. Nothing wrong with someone insisting on only fucking and having children within their own tribe, so long as the realize they have no control over what other people decide to do with their genes. Race-mixing doesn't necessarily make more attractive or healthier offspring, often quite the opposite. Some of the most beautiful women I have seen are multiracial, but so too are the absolute ugliest. But regardless, human unity is about transcending silly notions like race and skin color, not becoming all exactly the same. In a more conscious world, we will have all sorts of multiracial hybrids and also long lineages of unmixed generations, peacefully coexisting.
  7. Had that happen about a year ago, literally the most pleasurable sensation ever experienced. I had only recently begun watching Leo's videos then and so when this 'cosmic love vibration' started dissolving me, got scared and woke up. Still there was an intense afterglow, where the vibration was still felt in my body, like it had just been massaged by God.
  8. The setting was also a factor, just like one would be hesitant to let out a huge fart during shavasana in a yoga class, it didn't feel like the place to head into a full on death with no breaks. Afterwards I told the teacher like holy shit, I meditated so hard I left my body and almost died but, stopped it in just time before having a heart attack. After understanding/contextualizing it more in the following week, told her it was a first tiny glimpse into awakening, I'm not trying to do that again, but if it does happen, and I don't get in the way of myself this time, don't be afraid, everything's okay, just let it happen.
  9. @arlin Easy to find the video. @Leo Gura Part of the problem is the limitations of language itself. Even if English vocabulary evolved to include existentially neutral pronouns, language is all abstraction which can never accurately describe reality. There was a transcendence of self, a glimpse of waking up from the dream, but the dream body was still barely there. Awareness picked up on the sensation of a 400 BPM? heartbeat as it was leaving the dream entirely. It was conscious that it was waking up from the dream, that it was just a dream, that thing called live never really happened, and no time had passed between entering the dream and returning from it. But nevertheless, it decided to return to the dream, to keep playing the human game. Just a few hours ago, another perspective emerged. "I" had expressed before how suicide was no longer a desirable course of action due to sheer selfishness, to selfish to give up life until forced to, while at the same time, keeping the possibility of suicide open as a last resort to escape suffering. Wanting to have a mystical experience was also motivated at least subconsciously by a desire to escape from life, to feel special, to break out of the petty material world of "ordinary existence." But upon the direct experience of both life and death being imaginary, there was nothing more to escape from, nowhere to go but right here and now. It was seen that the life dream is not separate from divinity, nor is there a self separate from reality. Easy to think how those who realized this are just being egomaniacs, but it's the most humbling thing ever. Since there was nothing to run from any more, the dream body started to breathe deep, and relax back into the dream. Reading/listening to stories of other awakenings, and some like Adyashanti report the same experience of a heartbeat like they overdosed on meth, then literally dying all the way, had to let go and accept the end of life they knew as a human, completely dissolving into God. Then they came back into their bodies enlightened. That could have happened then, sure, and sure that from within the multiplayer physical reality simulator, other characters would think one of them had a seizure or heart attack, they would've called an ambulance and made a big hullabaloo of it. There's not even a self to want to become enlightened, or not want it, is there really a choice, can it be avoided, why become enlightened when there is no one to become enlightened, why think there is any control over it, why think...
  10. Have a KitKat bar.
  11. But morality is still relative, not an absolute.
  12. Just remember to breathe deep while you're happy and excited.