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  1. I realized that all of my "right wing" political positions were only based upon personal survival. Being an anti-natalist and nationalist against tax increases, immigration, foreign aid and homeless rights is me wanting to not have to share with people, and wanting less other people to be on my planet, in my country and city. My most left wing position is being pro-choice, but not because I morally agree or disagree with anything, but because allowing abortion is anti-natalist policy that results in less people I have to share with, ultimate devilry.
  2. Pathological submissiveness and extreme desperation for validation. A desire for being submissive is the antithesis of masculinity and is not at all attractive. E-thots who cater to this fetish are taking advantage of the male psychological need to be seen as useful and validated by a woman, and are literally just using you for money. It's an obvious indication of painfully low self esteem, that's the root issue to address. You do realize they don't actually care about you at all, and would completely ignore you if you didn't keep throwing money at them. Just stop doing it, go jerk off to porn until your nuts run dry, that at least will temporary purge the horniness so you can get a grip on your mental state. I try to be a no-fapper myself, but one absolutely great thing about binging on porn and masturbation for a few days is that it saps your drive to interact with women, making you see how deluded you were when you were horny. @Mods move this thread to the psych help forum
  3. It may be a Sour Grapes rationalization to stay in your comfort zone. I can't tell you. I can offer my own experiences. I had always wanted to be hanging out with lots of friends and go out with women, but this was just fantasy, and seeing other people having fun socializing and thinking I want to be like that. But I have gotten to socialize somewhat, hang out with friends and go on dates, and found that it was a lot less fun than I imagined. As I've gotten older socializing became more unfulfilling for me, while at the same time I felt happier and happier being by myself. In fact what I'm at my happiest is when I get to be at home alone, or going for a walk in the suburbs seeing a long stretch of empty sidewalk ahead of me. That's not so say that I'm antisocial or that I can't enjoy being around people and talking to people. Introversion/Extroversion is a false dichotomy, or an un-necessary duality, need not label yourself those things. I'd recommend testing most extremes, spend lots of time alone at home, and outside away from people, also go to parties, social events, hang out with friends, meet women. You may be truly happiest by yourself, and totally fine not talking to anyone all day, and still enjoy socializing sometimes. Being in your true nature will make you more authentic and less needy regardless. I'm happy to spend most days barely talking to anyone, can be quite blissful. Yet I have a lot more fun when I occasionally commune with people now than when I was trying to validate myself through social approval, and alleviate a feeling of loneliness.
  4. Sex isn't a need though, from the physical survival standpoint. Even if it's a psychological need by default, horny incels can increase their consciousness to grow out of that mindset even if they never get to have sex ever. It's not giving up or repressing an urge, more like re-framing your perception of how the monkey mind functions; mastering your own emotions rather than the monkey mind controlling them and commandeering your body to do it's bidding. Same with any addiction born of survival instincts like sugar binges and overeating in general. I have had severe relapses into masturbation addiction whether or not I used porn, but they do seem to correlate with getting ice cream, cookies and candy, things the body craves but are maladaptive in the present environment. So in this way I'd compare recreational sex with junk food. In earlier humanity it was necessary to eat as much sugar, fat and salt as one can find, because it would help them survive, and fuck whenever horny and opportunity presents itself. But now the cheap overabundance of those nutrients, availability of porn and contraception makes sweet food and sexual indulgence excesses, distractions, unhealthy habits. Just like paying attention to how your diet affects you can purify the body, you can purify your thoughts by paying attention to how the monkey mind tries to emotionally manipulate you into prioritizing sex. I had previously fallen into the trap of calling myself a "volcel" which was just replacing the incel victim mentality with a new ideology. Sex is just something I never experienced, I don't think the risks are worth it to pursue, and it is lest priority for my own self-actualization. But I don't create an identity out of not having sex, it just happens to be the default state in my current lifestyle. My highest priority is maintaining my recovery from addiction to fapping, porn and sexual fantasizing about women, which frees up my creative energy, time and imagination for other things I feel are worth pursuing.
  5. @SFRL Both to isolate the plague, relieving cities of the burden of homeless invasion, and to put them in a place where they can be monitored and rehabilitated. You might feel differently if you encounter hundreds or thousands of homeless every day, who've migrated to your city to leech off the public services and beg for money. Most of these people obviously can't take care of themselves, and the problem won't be stopped by throwing money at it. Needs to be contained and dealt with systematically. People don't want them pissing, shitting, begging and sleeping on the streets where they live and work. Here in LA county residents and business owners are taking it upon themselves to construct barriers around buildings and sidewalks to keep the filth away. But the homeless themselves may not have anywhere to go or means of getting there, hence the need for 'domestic refugee' centers the funnel them off the streets and give them sleeping accommodation, mental evaluation and other needed services. Two other perspectives I will acknowledge though: -The people living on the street may see it as the least worst option for them. After all, if any help they receive from the government would require them to become sober and all they'd have to look forward to is wage slavery, sleeping outside, begging, doing drugs and alcohol feels about as good as it gets. This is why I'd support unconditional aid for homeless people, but still want such aid to be provided in ways that discourage homeless migration and clean up the streets formerly colonized by hobo tents, piles of trash and human waste. -If I were to become homeless myself, or more immediately in danger of becoming so, I would want to be able to use local services offered to get me a place to sleep and them find me place to live, income opportunities and other means provided to me. At present though, all such systems here are completely overwhelmed, most the homeless who came to my locality from elsewhere, and priority is given based on how long someone had been homeless, not having been a resident of the city the service is based, or ability to be self-sufficient once provided basic necessities. From this self-concerned perspective, I see homeless as invaders creating public nuisance and unjustly taking up resources. In a worst case scenario, if I ever found myself about to be broke and homeless, rather than find some shelter full of people I can't stand the sight and smell of, I'd call a suicide helpline and threaten to kms unless they can arrange for me to be directly provided with a safe and comfortable place to live. So while I can empathize impersonally with street bums I see, personally I'd rather die than be in their shoes, and couldn't being myself to hold out a cup and beg random passers-by for money. Not to mention, it's been revealed that some needy and desperate looking beggars found in upscale touristy areas are actually faking it, and end up making more money than if they worked.
  6. When you try to do that in the city it ends up being over crowded, as well as in drawing thousands of street homeless around the area who take the handouts, but continue to live/piss/shit on the street and beg. In more remote areas there is open land to build the necessary infrastructure, both to help homeless and relieve urban centers of their burden. NGOs would be allowed to observe such facilities. I think this explains why so many such areas exist in the former USSR.
  7. How stage red deals with homeless people: Enslave, deport or slaughter them. They are the enemy, undesirable subhumans that we in power are superior to. How stage blue deals with homeless people: Put them to work, convert them to our religion and have them serve the church/organization. They are our fellow citizens we must look after. How stage orange deals with homeless people: Ignore them, they are the losers of capitalism, lazy bums, they deserve it, let them be as long as it's not in my back yard. They should have to work like everyone else not be supported by our tax dollars. How stage green deals with homeless people: They are victims we must have empathy and compassion for, give them food and build housing for them, or let them stay on the street if they want, keep raising taxes and giving them more stuff, consider them residents of our community. Pathological altruism. These are all band-aid approaches that backfire badly on the homeless and everyone else. I'm brainstorming stage yellow solutions, of which dealing with homeless colonization of cities and helping people already homeless is just the tip of the iceberg. The entire political and economic system would need to be revised so that I doesn't make people homeless in the first place. @Emerald Humbling experiences feel good actually, helps me stay grounded and not overconfident in the ego self. Don't think I'm being cocky or arrogant, just pointing out what seems obvious to me as well as acknowledging my own biases. It is difficult for me to care about an obviously homeless person as an individual when they are everywhere and I can't stand the odor, or any strong foul BO in general. Someone loitering outside a store asking for change is just beggar #5839 to me. @Shadowraix I don't disagree. Survival and consciousness heavily interrelate. I remember falling into that same duality trap before. But in general a society has to address survival concerns like homelessness, malnutrition, wage slavery, wealth inequality and healthcare before there can be large-scale raising of consciousness. Unmet survival needs tend to keep people stuck in ego mind. I can try to raise my own consciousness regardless of unmet survival needs but can't reasonably expect people who'se lives mainly consist of struggling to keep existing to give any thought to it. Though I am really sick of people who call themselves high consciousness and spiritual calling for open borders in America and for California to welcome in homeless people and refugees from everywhere, when we can't even take care of our own. Shit is out of control and no one seems to have a practical solution.
  8. It's a severe addiction and always has been. I have to either stop completely, otherwise end up doing it like 7 times a day.
  9. Addressing the issue of homeless people politically or in your everyday life is about survival not consciousness. Laying the basic groundwork for societal evolution to take place. @Keyhole This is essentially what I suggested, and do imagine it working more as compassionate containment. But in areas outside the cities besieged by homeless migration, otherwise it would be yet another measure to help hobos that attracts them to cities which implement this program. Expanding rehabilitation and support for those about to become homeless or sleeping in vehicles in their city of origin would be part of a solution. In LA county it could be built in the Antelope Valley desert outside Palmdale and Lancaster, lots of open space there. You would need civil security and biohazard remediation squats to round them up, bus them out there and clean up the mess they left behind. And you couldn't simply remove people for being homeless in public obviously, so most of the intake would be voluntary, and occur in tandem with eliminating the local services that incentive homeless migration and enable them to stay on city streets. Banning things like public feedings and street camping sounds cruel and contemptuous towards homeless, but their existence encourages thousands more to flood into the city. Shut it down and offer a bus ride to a containment center where they can get food and shelter, not being a blight on residents of the city. After thorough processing and evaluation, it can be determined who gets sent to a hospital, mental institution, senior/disabled living, reunited with family, sent to immigration/customs enforcement or police in places they have warrants, offer euthanasia for those really in pain and suffering with terminal illnesses. Then for the rest offer them living accommodation and income opportunities, and programs to re-integrate into society. As for who is responsible financially for all of these programs, cities should not bear the burden of homeless migration, so it would need need to come from the state or federal level. Very related concept is refugees and asylum seekers coming through the Southern border. The world's poor, hungry and homeless will keep showing up, far more than they system can accommodate, hence the "concentration camp" conditions reported in the media. To accept them and process them securely, they need more funding, and it shouldn't be the US worker trying to get by paying for rest of the world's humanitarian crises. A stage yellow president might get grants from the UN to build refugee camps, and tax states based on how many homeless people originating form those states there are put through relocation and rehabilitation programs.
  10. Recently been using this track for background music. Feels like it helps focus presence and the volume seems just about right where I can have both this and Leo vids on full youtube volume.
  11. Never, and I ignore anyone trying to talk to me because 99% of the time it's just someone begging for money or cigarettes. Hobos will keep flooding into Los Angeles, because by tolerating their presence and trying to help them, it only attracts more of them. The poor, hungry and homeless of America and the world could fill the entirety of LA, Santa Monica and Beverly Hills, and they would if they could. And they're treated like cows in India, given free rain to go wherever they want and you can't get rid of them. The media misrepresents this phenomenon as a "homelessness crisis" rather than areas being invaded and colonized by homeless people form elsewhere. My problem isn't because they're homeless, but because they create unsanitary and unsafe conditions, are constantly begging, make many public places unusable because of their rancid odor, and filthy baggage blocking walkways. So many libraries, parks, convenience stores, coffee shops and bus routes I avoid now because of this. A theoretical solution would be to round up the homeless people found sleeping on the street or creating a public nuisance, and subject them to internal deportations to contained settlements in remote areas of the country, as they did in the Soviet Union. This would purge the plague from West coast urban centers and discourage more homeless form migrating. Realistically though, to resolve this problem there has to be both a disincentive for homeless migration to a city, but ways of taking bums off the streets. There would need to be a public agency specifically for this, responsible for physically removing and processing them. And the local services like homeless shelters and supplemented housing need to be reserved for people becoming homeless locally, not anyone who hops on a bus or rides a bike into your neighborhood. So basically I don't care about homeless (except in terms of getting rid of them) and ignore their begging because they are eyesores and nose-sores, I live in and frequent places which do not produce homeless people so they are like invasive parasites, not my neighbors. There are so many of them everywhere and they don't stop coming, they don't care about me, only want me to give them money, and if I was in their shoes I couldn't bring myself to beg, I'd use public services available or resort to suicide rather than live as a street bum and begging every passer-by to please care about me and help me. If there is a homeless person digging through trash, I'll hand them my empty bottle or leftovers, cause I'm trowing it away anyways and then it doesn't go to waste, it gets eaten or recycled.
  12. You can replace the defeatist attitude with the realization that there is no such thing as "having" a "girlfriend." The single vs. taken paradigm is a delusion, and I wonder how many lonely guys never thought to just stop thinking this way, stop feeling that they lack some elusive concept. The first step to deconstructing this state of mind is to admit to yourself what it is you really want, in the most direct terms, no vague abstract terms. Like you could say I want sex, I want to feel boobs, I want a woman to need me, I want attention from a certain type of women, things like this. Eventually you can distill your wants and needs down to very basics, find ways to satisfy them or cope with their absence.
  13. For individual men looking at visual depictions of the female form can help snap you out of one-itis. You can see all that stuff, all those sexy women and have an abundance mentality towards the feminine, not get hung up on any particular one at least physically. And for those who don't have sexual experiences like me, looking at porn or at least softcore nudes gives me opportunity to enjoy seeing female beauty I wouldn't get to in real life. For normal men I can understand how the can feel held back by porn because without it they would be driven towards having real sex and relationships. But when you're not sexually active but still very heterosexual, denying yourself the visual pleasure is pointless self-cuckoldry. Sometimes I take a long break especially when resuming no-fap after a fap bender, but even when winning at no-fap I still periodically browse softcore adult content, and of course if I happen to see something arousing in real life. In So.Cal I could walk out the door and see things that would make me feel like I walked into a erotic photoshoot. Because I enjoy looking at sexy and beautiful female forms, even if it's nothing more than like walking through an art gallery where you can look but can't touch. I also think its obvious that despite the consequences of men being addicted to porn, the proliferation of porn actually results in less rape, groping and sexual violence against women. Similarly to how violent video games reduce violent crime, because it gives men an outlet to get it out of their system in a simulated environment, and do it as much as they want whenever they want, with no effort compared to trying those things in real life.
  14. This seems like a good place to share my recent thoughts on why women have more emotional challenges, but why men kill themselves more often. These are speculative generalizations of course, but useful and open to feedback. Raw uncut and open to constructive criticism: 1. Woman are made to be mothers. For most of human history, and all life on earth, reproduction was the primary goal of life, and our brains are still wired this way even if we don't want to have children at all ever in the current year. The more I learn about female psychology, it seems like every typical female personality traits serves the specific purpose of reproduction and child rearing, as well as procuring resources from men to endure her and her offsprings' survival. All the ways in which women can seem so irrational, impulsive, deluded, manipulative and just batshit crazy (from the male perspective) served evolutionary purposes that enabled them to bear and raise the next generations of humans through the harshest conditions they faced. Every aspect of the female body is also specifically designed for giving birth, comfort and nourishment, and this becomes very evident when I watched videos of women having unassisted births at home or outdoors. That's apparent why women are so limber and flexible compared to men, because they have to be in order to grow a human being inside of them and then squeeze it out. So since the female psychology and physiology is designed for attracting mates, giving birth and raising children, and this is a base desire most women have whether they realize it or not, women often suffer emotionally because they aren't in like with their true nature. Not saying all women secretly want to be baby making machines, I know there is lots of variation, being non-gender-typical myself. Nevertheless I'm assuming it is a common phenomenon, and even most fertile age women who consciously do not want kids subconsciously do and have cognitive dissonance between their lifestyle and deepest desires. Meanwhile the male desire is primarily for having sex regardless if it's for reproduction or recreation. Despite the tendency for preoccupation with sex though, male minds and bodies are designed more for direct personal survival, task completion and abstract reasoning. While the goal of it all was the same end of procreation, since men do not have an active role in the process other than that of inseminator, men have a much much easier time adapting to a world in which they can't or don't want to have children for practical reasons. I consider myself a compassionate antinatalist because almost everyone born after today will probably end up suffering greatly from climate change and resource scarcity. Men seem to agree with me that it makes sense not to have kids unless you're both wealthy and psychologically well suited to be a father. I don't think I could convince women not to want to have children though, because that instinct is such a deeply ingrained part of who they are, and environmental or economic conditions wouldn't dissuade them from wanting to fulfill that drive. 2. Double-feeling and emotional bubbles. While women have the capacity for rational thinking, our evolutionary history as well as present conditions make it so that they never learn to develop this ability, because they never needed to. The nature of the feminine is to react emotionally to their environment, something most useful for caring for helpless infants and young children. But this mode of reacting emotionally can allow women to fall into psychological traps created by their own feelings. Furthermore when a women has a strong emotional reaction, she may perceive the way she reacted as an objective reality, and then ascribe additional feelings to what she believes happened. This is what I call double-feel, emotionally reacting to an emotional reaction, and is also why women don't cope well with trauma, because they are burdened by layers of emotional reaction which continue to build up long after physically healing and mentally coming to terms with past events. Also, because a woman's psyche is constructed out of emotional meanings, it is more difficult for her to overcome emotional problems, because they are embedded in the fabric of her reality. Men can work through their emotional issues by thinking about them and deconstructing their value systems, shedding meanings and abstractions until they get down to the root causes. But since the layers of abstraction women see their world through are based on her feelings, she needs to be empathized with where she is at emotionally, and gradually become aware of herself and work through those layers in order to heal. This explains why men will talk about how to fix things, while women will generally talk about their feelings; men want to be helpful and understood, women want to feel emotionally validated and supported. However, women empathizing with each other can also make them all worse off when they adopt a low-consciousness hivemind in an emotional bubble. Women who get off on sharing their negative feelings with one another, lamenting their shortcomings, complaining, self-deprecating, etc. can fall into a downward spiral of negativity. But it can work the same way with positive feelings, sharing self-praises to the point it forms a bubble of overconfident delusional narcissism. 3. Men have more drug problems and suicide rates because they receive little support. Women may be a lot more vulnerbale to things like depression, eating disorders, low self-esteem, body dysmorphic disorder, PTSD, loneliness etc, but they are able to talk about their feelings with each other and men also. Both men and women, as well as the education, mental health system and culture at large place high value on womens' feelings and overall well-being. In contrast men receive little empathy from others, and their emotional suffering is not taken seriously. Men generally see each other as individuals and competition, not part of a collective as women tend to, so they don't concern themselves with each others' feelings, that is a type of intimate conversation reserved for female lovers, therapists, close friends and family. And if they don't have any such connections to people they can feel emotionally vulnerable with, men just repress their feeling and carry around lots of emotional baggage. Except if they have a very close friends or other close relationships, men are generally alone in the world, both emotionally and physically. To illustrate, women often complain about how their peers will constantly criticize theirs and each others' appearances and behavior, which is seen as being mean or bullying. On the other hand, if a man is doing something weird, annoying or creepy, no one is going to tell him about it because they just avoid him, and he can be very unaware of himself in this regard. I remember once in high school I asked a friend why people don't like me, he pointed out many annoying and creepy things I was doing for years that I was unaware of, and then was able to finally recognize and change them. Men having empathy for other men would help a lot with reducing everyday suffering of fellow man, but because male psychology works differently, the female approach to talking about feelings would not work well. This is true for me, when asked to talk about feelings, it feels like a contrived effort to slap labels onto things I had experienced more directly, and this just creates more abstractions and mental clutter that's counterproductive to "sorting myself out." While men talking about their feelings together or with a woman can offer temporary comfort, men need to experience genuine solitude to really figure themselves out, to work through mental and emotional baggage. The problem is that most men never have to face true alone-ness, or when they do, they can't surrender it, instead coloring it with the feeling of loneliness. By alone I mean physically and mentally by one's self, and lots of men don't even have the luxury of being away from people, despite lacking any meaningful relationships. And those who are completely by themselves often can't peel themselves away from media long enough to go deeply inward. So because men have much less support in their lives from people and institutions, and are faced with the contradictory habit of desperately trying to avoid feeling alone while being alone holds the key to their emotional healing, they often turn to substance or behavior addictions to distract themselves, or resort to suicide because they don't see any other way to overcome their suffering. Another factor for suicide being higher for men is simply material or financial, because government agencies, family and friends tend to be more supportive of women who can't support themselves. While men are not given the same opportunities, told to simply man up and figure it out, and they feel guilty and ashamed of being a burden on others when they can't provide for themselves, so suicide seems like a logical choice for many. These were just sorting out my thoughts, not intended as any advice. But now 2 points I could conclude with are that: Men should stop being afraid to ask for help in life, and not pretend their needs are any less important because they have a dick and balls. Men also need to take time regularly to be in solitude, completely by themselves, and learn to understand and master their own thoughts and feelings. Women can take agency over their feelings, consciously choose to feel positively of themselves, and not blame other people for their own emotional states.