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  1. Wow, I just got 3pts warning for being racist. I truly apologize anyone here if I hurted you, really. I never meant to hurt anyone. Somehow got stucked into this fight. I am not a racist. I am asisan from Vietnam. My daughter's best friend is black, they hang out almost every other week thou they don't go to same school and not near by. I also hang out with their parents. I have black friends equally as white friends. My boss was black. I voted for Obama and always support BLM. I love everyone equally and always try to be fair. It never occurred in my mind I will be accused for being racist until this morning. Mostly, this is due to my lack of understanding of the stituation and maybe the way I used words. That leads to my next point. Thank you everyone!I haven't watch much any of Leo's videos for sometimes, at least a year now. I only come here mostly to learn, chat and socialize as it is the most open-mind platform and groups of people that I can find. I am currently on a breaks but life is becoming busy for me real soon so it is time to say goodbye anyway. This will be my last message here in this forum, not because this hurts me a lot, or it is is unfair, but because of my stupidity. It is just too hard to not hurting people and I am not capable of realizing it yet. Please love each other, and stop fighting already. Aren't you tired of this shit yet? ❤
  2. I didn't watch all of those videos but before the bleeps we can hear the "word", meaning Joe was describing about the word "n" itself or quoting someone else saying it. He was not using it. Joe is just too honesty with himself, and that is what News really needs. Before judging him, people have to listen each of every words in its context.
  3. @Thestarguitarist14 I never report anyone, except one when I first come to the forum, by mistake.
  4. Please stop labeling everyone racist. I don't think any of them are. Or Mod will show their power. Peace.
  5. This reminds me of a couple guys in college, one Asian and one black. They called each other "banana" and "n.." all the time, and laughing. They were best friends. Together they were very funny guys. I miss them.
  6. I don't think Joe is racist. Mike Tyson, Neil DeGrasse Tyson... were invited onto his show multiple times, weren't they? Word is like color in the rain bow. Each person might have a favorite color but in a larger context, there is no worst/better color. It is depends on how the colors are put together. The same thing with the word "Hitler". People are easy to get triggered by it. Well, there are many good people with the name Hitler, it is just a name, just like there are many serial killers have "John" name
  7. "Hey bro, I don't feel good having the room all for myself all the time so... We brothers can figure out something, like rotating?... girl won't understand it so let leave the sister out of this... I really don't mind sleeping in the living room once in a while. That way you can have some privacy too... but you have agree it is a shared responsibility to keep the room clean... What do you say?"
  8. We don't really known what actually happened, do we? I agree, there are hidden facts. But thinking there are mindless "evil" leaders going around killing innocents and somehow no one else there stand up to stop them is a very lazy way of thinking. The children over there growing might hear a completely different story on how their friends and parents were killed. They can't wait to bring destruction back to US "evil" homeland... and the cycle never ends. Americans love to debate if Obama is truly worthy of the Peace Nobel prize or not. Well, sometimes it is just easier to notice a cool guy among an angry mob.
  9. So you think bombing and sending troops is a better way to peace? Peace is the best way itself.
  10. Lovely
  11. It is different from person to person. I notice benefits after few months. Pretty much like excercise, if you can get into a habit early and especially if you can enjoy doing it, then it will become a good thing later.
  12. Enlightenment is an evolution process that occurs within individual/sub-group mainly for survival of the group above the individual/sub-group It prevents the rich to become richer It prevents the suffering becoming more suffering It prevents the powerful becoming more powerful It prevents the happy to becoming happier It prevents the dumb becoming dumber ... In other words: Enlightenment is God's tool for bringing balance and for creating a Perfect world
  13. It is a concept that I read/heard. I edited my word from "can" to "might be" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quantum_superposition or this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quantum_mind where it states "...It posits that quantum-mechanical phenomena, such as entanglement and superposition, may play an important part in the brain's function and could explain consciousness." Long story shorted: Everything is random or possibilities. We don't know location of any particle until there is an observer. What we call "experience" is result of collapse functions when there is an "observer". These observers can be camera, detect machines. They don't have to be a living soul. What we experience is really an illusion of all senses feed to our brain. Food that we eat, I think, in the end, are converted to some type of electricity or "light" in the brain. Btw, I was talking about the future and I'm not a scientist