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  1. @Breakingthewall It is something that you have to experience. I experienced God about 4 times out of many awakenings. I had at least 30 awakenings small or big now. I stopped counting after the first a couple dozen times. I have experienced Unconditional love, Out of body, Heaven, Infinity, Happiness, Duality... I have been zooming out of this Reality above itself but none of them is the same as being God. You will know when it happens to you. I cannot reproduce it consistently. On the first time, at first I was meditating but didn't get much out of it, so I stopped and start doing housework. I was vacuuming the carpet upstairs with my headset on, listening to music. My wife and kids are down stair. Suddenly I had an awakening. It came out of nowhere. I realized that I AM God. Not a feeling or thinking, but you ARE actually God. It was an event that happened. It was like God borrowed my body to experience this world for a brief moment. I looked at my hand, look around the room trying to understand what is going on. I could not stand because the feeling was so incredible. I knee down, tears came out, cried like I never cried before. I was touching the carpet with my hand, it was like the first time I feel the carpet. Thou I experienced that kind of things many times, but this time it was different. Just like a creator looking at his creation for the 1st time. I was still fully aware. I asked myself Why I don't have any power? Is this just an illusion? Then I realized, Oh because I'm in this self, I'm trapped in this reality. Then I just enjoyed the moment. I took off my headset, and stop the vacuum machine. I looked around the room trying to understand how I created this. I stared at my hand, puzzling how I created my hand. I was a living God for several minutes. I felt I understand the meaning of life with genius happiness and love. I was laughing with tears. Being God is an experience. It is probably a result of high consciousness + a long time of contemplating. Update: It might be possible for someone to experience God constantly. I feel some of people in this forum is already at this level, including Leo. Maybe not 100% but most of the time. I'm not there yet.
  2. Oh my God, he is so cute.
  3. I understand this spiritual works is not about any body. And while spirit of Thanksgiving still around, I would like to a moment to thank to the crazy bald guy for all his dedications, selfless efforts he has put into raising the total happiness of human kind. Happy Friday to everyone! <3
  4. That is right, it is one way to look at it. And I hope that I have more Neanderthal genetics in me.
  5. @Someone here What an experience! Nice works. Reality is a dream.
  6. I just realize, a) higher popular != higher level of consciousness. b) higher efficiency of social structure = higher level of consciousness. Can someone confirm or deny this?
  7. @Leo Gura You are probably right. Maybe the consciousness of an individual human is not higher an individual Neanderthals. But can we agree that human with the larger social structure would have a higher level of consciousness as a group? @Carl-Richard You and No Self are right, it was not agriculture. I apologize for the miss-info. Geez, I should have checked this out before posting. But still, human population was more than Neanderthals. That higher level of social structure would need a higher level of consciousness, and does it leads to other technical advantages and help wining the race?
  8. @neutralempty An average person can eat up to 1 pound of bugs each year without knowing that.
  9. You are right. I can't over come my respect for you @No Self to disagree Yes, I didn't compare Neanderthals with modern human. I was "comparing to H Sapiens which is now modern human" You are right, I probably mixed up on the timeline. I also agreed that humans was probably the blame for the extinction of their cousins. Yes agriculture was discovered very early but there were evident (as I read somewhere) that H Sapiens were more advancing into agriculture than by the Neanderthals. That is the root of the discussion here. No, this is a different kind of comparison, at least by time scale. Higher level consciousness is usually better at survival, within the history of evolution we can observe so far. But it doesn't human have better chance to survive than the cockroaches or the earth worms. Even if human move to Mars, cockroaches and the earth worms still have better chance than us. They simply just follow us. But eventually, human will surpass them in a long, long, long future, if we are lucky enough. The agriculture and human society themselves will evolve over time to a point where we surpass cockroaches and the earth worms. Even if human can't make it, another specie with higher level of consciousness will eventually survive better than the cockroaches in a very long run. In the end, higher level consciousness will still win. I'm talking about much longer scale of time here. Cockroaches and earth worms cannot except their faith when the Sun consume the Earth billion years later. They have to evolve or depend to higher level of consciousness to survive.
  10. Absolutely yes. Now is the closest thing to existence itself Btw, I just finished the book The power of Now by Eckhart Tolle this morning and I highly recommend it to all beginners.
  11. Now thinking about it, I believe Brian Greene would be a much better choice than Neil Tyson as the narrator for the TV series Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey . I'm saying this mainly because Brian would be a better match with Carl Sagan in term of level of consciousness.
  12. There are many theories out there explaining why and how Neanderthals went extinct 250k years ago. But in the end, can we just sum them all up and conclude that, Neanderthals went extinct because they had a lower level of consciousness comparing to H Sapiens which is now modern human? For Neanderthals, they maintained the traditional way of development and therefore their consciousness did not change as much, while H Sapiens were more into agriculture and growth their population. That lead to more a complex structure that requires higher level of consciousness over time. Growth => Higher level of consciousness => More growth => Higher level of consciousness...
  13. 1. It is the same thing as asking why the earth is so finetuned for life. Well, if it is not, we are not here to ask the question. Consistent is a relative term. In a 2 dimensions universe, 2 d creatures will think our universe is inconsistent comparing to their universe. You can also say Quantum entanglement is inconsistency. Even when there is a reality which your hand can turn into tentacles, then you still ask the exact same question and wondering why your can just be the hand... Whatever reality you are in, you will find it consistent because that is the only reality you know and it needs to be exactly that way for your existence. 2. I'm having trouble to understand this as well. I think it has something with the 4th dimension: Time
  14. Opening eyes meditation is a harder for me, but I will try to practice. Thank you!