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  1. Omg 😥, I am so sorry and deeply saddened. My heart cries out for you. This is definitely not your fault. I don't know the right words, but let not these stituatios define you. Stay strong❣
  2. Consider the possibility of what we call "high" ambition is actually "full of shit" itself
  3. Just be and enjoy the privilege of experiencing, my friend. Because as soon as you think you have the answer the another question will pop up.
  4. Really, why you think it is a demon? Those kind of videos are actually my favorite kind.
  5. 1/0 = 2/0 = .. = ∞ Without the understanding of Nothingness, there is no full understanding of Infinity
  6. I am done watching this video as soon as I heard "The only source of truth that we have..."
  7. This sounds nice! Different methods have different values. Watching video is a quicker way to absorb new information than just reading because we combine both senses sighting + hearing. It is more fun as well. However, the drawback is our minds will more busy, hence it lacks of imagination and focus than reading. Note: When you watch video too much, the parts in our brain that handle image/sounds are enhanced but other parts of the brain such as creativity will get less blood. After a long period of time, our brain will be come "addictive" the same way a runner who run every day and becoming addictive to running. The key is to balance. Just like school, make sure you enjoy learning, building relationship, gaining real work experiences, practicing to find job and planning for the future... I have a gut feeling you will be great Good luck <3
  8. Wtf, why so many books? Do you meditate? Documentaries are good as long as they aren't the excuse for not doing the real works.
  9. My first awakening was a shock for me thou it was a mild one. I discovered Consciousness. Later in the same day, I told my wife "I felt like I just woke up from many years of sleeping.. I feel I am 20 years younger now". The next day I still felt the peaceful/happiness feeling, and it lasted for about a week. Suddenly from that point, I understood everything that I read earlier from Bible or Buddhism booklets...
  10. Watch this at minute 6:30. She is a healer. I am not sure if she is still in Arizona, but she mentioned Arizona the time she start to become a healer
  11. I have no idea, just google and this come up?? https://songwhip.com/tkg/superwoman
  12. Love yourself. Grant yourself that person❣