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  1. Testing out 1g of new mushrooms. Took them in lemon tek. When you drink it on an empty stomach, shrooms kick in quickly and the trip is nicely condensed to around 4 hours. And previously it worked exactly like that. The mistake was eating a pretty big dinner around an hour before tripping. Because of that: Mushrooms came up with a 2.5-hour delay. They were slowly absorbed (probably because of mixing with food) which made the trip last around 6-7h. Overall, it messed up my sleep + made me think that I took too little and it won't work, so I ate another meal during the first 2 hours which later gave me nausea.
  2. @Carl-Richard Watch this short video: It made me think of your question. It briefly describes how were DeepDream videos and pictures made. In short, researchers told the AI to find and highlight previously learned patterns in random photos. It was supposed to give them insight into how the machine "thinks". Created pictures hold an uncanny resemblance to some of the psychedelic visuals. Now, psychedelic drugs are known to increase the communication between different brain regions or connect those which are normally separated. In the sober state, what you see is very stable as your brain is sticking to well-trained and tested patterns. It is connected with its survival efficiency. However, when you allow the free flow of energy, you get patterns mixed. You could see it as a sort of information leakage. The patterns which are not supposed to be applied are suddenly being projected because the "control center" is being bypassed. It can also be the case that as the brain works more holistically, the visuals represent a larger brain/mind structure. This would be a similar point to what @acidgoofy was saying (about looking "inside one's body"/seeing "one's energy"). I don't have a clue regarding the meaning of specific shapes and colors. What I am trying to do is to give you more dots to connect. Obviously, The AI searching for the "dog pattern" in clouds cannot be directly compared with the human mind which is much more complex. So take it with a grain of salt.
  3. After analyzing several studies and personal stories, I am still unsure what the exact answers are. But I do have some news. I trusted my gut and tripped again, following the same protocol as previously (25mg, rectally, dark and silent room). During the trip, I focused on letting go as much as possible. Honestly, I was forced to let go of the attachment to living as a human and controlling myself. The experience was so intense and alien to my human psyche, that it would be unbearable if I tried to resist. So I vanished from the material domain for what seemed like an eternity. I accepted that I may never make it back. Of course, I am describing it now as a coherent thought process, but at the time it wasn't so clear at all. The main point is that I managed to overcome my fear. 11 days have passed as of today, reactivations had occurred as expected. However, the emotional load has disappeared. I'd describe them as neutral or even slightly positive. I share that story as a personal anecdote for you. I do not recommend taking drugs as 5-meo if you feel unstable or negative. I decided to do it as an experiment and was carefully observing my state and attitude all the time.
  4. Would they get more intense or frequent as you trip more?
  5. Hello, I'm sure those of you who tried 5-meo-dmt are familiar with the subject of reactivations/flasbacks. It was disscussed several times on this forum, but I feel that there is not so much info on what actually causes it or what to do when it happens. Here's context of my specific situation. I've tried 5-meo for the first time three months ago. I was doing one trip a day for a four consecutive days. Totall of 4 trips in 4 days. Dosages around 20-25mg, rectally. Trips themselves weren't bad, but they weren't great neither. I was focused on exploring, felt tones of confusion. But the point is that since that experiment I had been experiencing reactivations, mostly when falling asleep or after waking up in the middle of the night. Those experiences I would call rather negative. It is like involuntarly going into a mild trip, but predominant emotion is fear. The strongest reactivations took place soon after the trip marathon, and next ones were only weaker and weaker, to the point where now they feel like half-awake nightmeres with that distinct 5-meo quality. What do you think is causing it? I had a few trials with lsd, shrooms and 2c-b in the past and never had any flashbacks. What's diffrent with 5-meo, as it seems to do similar things to most users? AND the most important question for me now: are these reactivations a sign to withhold from further use of 5-meo? I spent last 3 months on grounding myself and finnally feel ready for more. But I wouldn't like to screw with my mind too much. I want to respect the powerful tool which 5-meo certainly is. I had that intuition that maybe I actully should trip again and try to resolve negative energy from the state in which I gathered it. What do you think of that? I will be grateful for any advice. We can make this thread sort of summary on the subject.
  6. I think the main goal was to show a life form truly alien to our race. Being which operates totally beyond human comprehension and categories. You could probably come up with many theories regarding what exactly happened at the end, but I believe it's secondary to the whole picture. That being said, I also was confused when watching it for the first time.