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  1. What better place to start than here? What better time to start than now?
  2. Step 1 Identify women do not care to identify reality Step 2 ask women how they identify reality lol
  3. Also: Unplug your ethernet cable or disable your wi-fi."
  4. Time to set some priorities. Here's one method for identifying priorities:
  5. why dont you just make an ig claire? what have you got to lose? edit: my intention with this post was not to seem abrasive and harsh, but to invite you to an alternative you've rejected. If it's consuming this much of your energy thinking about it, log in. Then log out. eventually you may find all your worries disappear because no one cares about ig. but thats an insight you might not have immediately. Good luck
  6. cant say i've conquered the fear yet but i havent seen one in 24 hours so im gonna keep these prayers in my belt.
  7. leo, i know i can annoy you lol but you are my guy! I watch your videos, head your advice, and try to apply them on the daily. I do research for external resources and i really appreciate you! If you ever need help with a project(or just another customer). Im down. Like right now. Keep up the great work Things I like about your content: 1)It's explorative! You don't hold back and you don't sell out. You really bring the people unforgettable insights. even if one week, maybe the subject is not my interest. I know it's valuable for someone else. You care. 2)You leap. You didn't have to make a blog, this forum. You did! You didn't have to reply to people, create vimeo videos, or post on Sundays (or Thursdays) and yet, you did! 3)Dare I say- hard ass? Rarely do you sugar coat or tit coddle. It's great 4)Yet, you are a big a teddy bear! IDK I just call it how i see it. lastly...Dedication to the truth, integrity, just your vision brings tears to my eyes haha. I'll get there too. I hope. I know all these are just words but I mean it:) and i can tell you put great thought and energy into this stuff. @Leo Gura PS I think you're wrong about our love. Maybe it started out conditional i.e. what you provide to me. But you could shut the whole ting down and the love would still run.
  8. Just turned one year older and I still fear insects to an extent. Next time, I want to kill it, do I stare it? Ignore it? Feel it in my body? Any suggestions welcome. Thanks:)
  9. @ajasatya that's impressive. Did you always know that your genius was in math and AI?
  10. @Brittany you tell me lol. I meant would you rather prefer to do your obligations? or have to do what you prefer? Like a blind monkey addict?
  11. @Pernani So I didnt say dont get a job. Do anything you want. If you enter "Wage" slavery, then you'll prob want to escape. If you enter "salaried" employment, and you know your own worth, then there is no need to escape. It all becomes an escape really I would heavily suggest not falling for marketing schemes tho, they will getcha with this mentality "We have TH3 solution, we will share with u Just EntR your emailz muhahah".
  12. @How to be wise Are you byron katie? Lmk! And no, i will not turn this around on me lol