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  1. can you get love from someone. Is that a worthwhile pursuit? or only give love? or neither?
  2. @Jacobsrw A unique creator. Noted @Chakra Lion Love Chakra! Will do. promise!
  3. Sorry mods for previous thread, didn't realize we couldn't create meet ups (I wasn't selling anything though). Might as well share on the forum. It dawned on me that entrepreneurs build up. What does this mean? Well, a starter's way to look at it is, I hate my job. complain complain. And an entrepreneur perspective is more, I'm building this. So how can I build it better? How can I attract others? Yes, there are way more elements to this but i think overall, its a creation process. What can you build?
  4. @Patrick_9931 complacency means that you've settled in your comfort zone and are content with the status quo.
  5. @MrQuestionMark no more stories. what can you do today?
  6. that sounds pretty fem lol. Do you hang out with men or women more?
  7. i just viewed this channel. Must be advertised to actualized.org subs. im like WTF edit - is a cool channel though. guy releases so much content.
  8. How about a less direct method of updating your circle of friends? They might influence you to articulate in a different way
  9. @Marten Sounding free and genuine If i could go back, id prob register with first name only too. Maybe one day id be free enough to use full identification lol
  10. idk why i do it.
  11. @Aquarius @Sucuk Ekmek Thank you for your comments.
  12. @JosephKnecht The timing of Leo's video couldn't have been better. I realize that i can go elsewhere (pick a more fit work culture for my perspective) or I can stay where I'm at and learn from those around me. I don't suddenly have their views but I can acknowledge where my own can improve and reflect it better on the forum.
  13. @Sahil Pandit nominated
  14. for subtle addictions, work on spending more time on positive things and then see your desire to turn back lessen. plants grow when you water the seeds