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  1. Is this is a sign i need to change or a sign in neurotic (both perhaps)? I just find in others what I dislike is what exists in me..but i dont like these sides of myself.at all but they are authentic so it would take a lot of diligence to change. so im at a crossroads
  2. lol yea unless you have better plans. honestly marketing is hard as shit and washing floors is less fun than being surrounded by peers your age. but that was my deciding factor. doesnt have to be yours.
  3. @Leo Gura leo! lmaooo
  4. @Santiago you are already having sex.-__- not at the fact, but the idea you dont realize that.
  5. are you attractive to him? for guys its less complicated
  6. i literally had the same issue. in the end i stalled and she left then when i changed my mind, nu uh on her end/ it died :[
  7. i feel like this only works for white people. T_T lol joking but kinda srs
  8. yeah all I can do right? every other action seems neurotic af. (ie reaching out)
  9. @YaNanNallari consciously nothing. subconsciously my drive is still toggled on her. my monkey mind is drives my actions no matter how many notes i take, im checking on her. no matter how many hours i spend rationalizing why im wasting my life, i find myself doing just that. nothing really bothers me about it. we didnt last for many reasons, im not even attracted to her ;( but for my ego, it seems like it will never end.
  10. rule of thumb is if no one likes doing it, you can get paid for it. might be worth the investment to find the joy in drudgery, at least til you figure out wtf to do
  11. im dead. but my ego is revved
  12. maybe you dont need to settle down yet
  13. what if it only passes once we die?
  14. @Epiphany_Inspired damn great question. i think the crazy side just because im crazy. idk what it would be like to be normal but i can see the advantages. i mean when everything is in disarray and people are blindly following ego yikes, not a fun place man. then again normals probably have the same thing going on beneath the surface.
  15. @Epiphany_Inspired fuck man i didnt rly think of it like that.