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  1. Anyone else have nightmares on a daily basis? I cut sugar from my diet a week ago and have had intense nightmares every night since then. Maybe I'm nervous w/out the substance
  2. Apply to jobs, take a risk- make a site and sell your time. Sing on the subway . lots of money in the world. what would you like to do?
  3. quit your job. just playin, Do you have breaks? lunch? use your mobile device. voila the world at your fingertips. full time work should actually make it easier. you have a stabilization thing goin for ya. use it
  4. prayers and peace epiphany. may the most conscious outcome prevail
  5. shallow friends arent worth it, but the good ones, they come and go too. fuck
  6. @Spiral Lmaooo savage!!! Spiral I didnt know you that well hahah great.
  7. I've stopped facebook stalking girls because it just seems fucked up. hby do you internet stalk your infatuations? not anymore
  8. nothing i do feels right to me. i Sense off centered-ness where there may be none. but why are questions considered monkey-mind? do gorillas ask questions? i seek clarity through questions rather than meditation
  9. @Nahm yep im in monkey mind. in seeking the end of it, i wish to understand how I'm creating it. i dont know if i'm avoiding my problems are chopping at the proverbial root. do i get a job or detach from money? find friends or face loneliness? live with this ambiguity until i die? im hella confused.
  10. Basically what is the difference between denial and total acceptance of reality? a release of tension in the head?
  11. how can one ever tell which i s a truer reality? materialism or "turquoise"? i mean many have done LSD but have many lived any better lives than stage orange? sure the consequences are different and yet what does that say about anything? again, how do we know that there are "higher" stages? it's really a circular question of who is the crazy one.... for instance i have social anxiety. so going out alone, i might prevent myself because of the shame of it. through inquiry, i can experience that i may be wrong on all assumptions (from people are looking at me, to why they are looking, to if i even exist) it seems like I'm playing a game of questioning assumptions, when most of society is predicated on assumptions. So it's a either I play the game that assumptions or real or I play the game that no assumptions are real. am i deluding myself by living under shared assumptions or deluding myself by living under a truth that few people care to acknowledge? v-v
  12. take a minute to pause from whatever games/roles you're playing. what would you like to do? follow your heart NOT your mind that says it's too impractical/i dont have enough time/blah blah blah. just do it. start with an hour a day. then work up to a life of authentic living. soon your addictions will be less and less and less. of course you could go the opposite direction , where you get addicted to more and more and more. Just depends.
  13. yes its horrible, that damn intelligence. but I cant imagine it any other way... hmm