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  1. @Aquarius try loving a pet first, then your real self it gets easier lol
  2. @Kiko you sound like you dont like the girls youre dating.
  3. @kireet make it less basic and add 3,4,5 you can get excited about? what a bout life? witnessing it evolve? contribution to your community? discipline- which aha, calculus fits into!
  4. @Oliver Saavedra keeping love in mind. kk
  5. youre spoiled man jk what does your list look like? post it here maybe gain a few accountability partners and get it done!
  6. @Rolo I'm very minimalist with material possessions but profligate internet user and youtube consumer. I limited self to 1 hour per week on YT. OTherwise, wth am I doing on there. and music reserved for exercise. edit: which i might add, just lead me here lol! @Godhead yessir . Even though you're younger than me, I'll take you up on your wisdom. C what I can accomplish at 2 x the commitment.
  7. I got an extroverted type. Have to retest
  8. @mandyjw ok I'll take your word on that. hopefully keep going to see if I discover magic. Thank you Mandy @Leo Gura calls Leo badass gets called spoiled lol yeah.....i know. @Nahm a dreamboard, eh? idk if the magic doesnt show up. I will create one and post it.
  9. i watch people like Leo taking about business and consciousness or David Goggins on working out and think woah that sounds fun. then get my jogging shoes on and feel the boredom of it (or more likely, just keep watching lol). How to make life, the grindy parts, as fun as watching other people teach/preach about them? If it was that fun- wouldn't we all be more badass?
  10. @Moon agreed stage red actions seem like they wouldnt be canceled -they'd be tried in court. Especially with Kimmel stuff etc its usually a joke thats taken out of context then gone crazy.
  11. Maybe because im still devilish i dont see the need to fire people based on past "mistakes"... Yet I will call people out...and don't mind when I'm called out. But to vilify? Is it warranted? how about for mistakes 15 years ago?
  12. @Leo Gura I just meant friendship wise. I tend to text what im randomly thinking and regret it. Just stupid stuff. I'll try and chill outt @Depersonilized very true. thank you @Spiral @Roy @mandyjw Thanks lol. I'll chill out with my texting for awhile.
  13. @Onemanwolfpac truth i needed today. thanks Oneman
  14. @EternalForest on the other side of this debate: if your parents do it well, when they kick you out- it's not like you will be completely unprepared. independence is a great thing yet feel no shame if you are 25 with your parents...its common, practical, and ok.