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  1. good that shes your ex now you can focus on .exe self-love is ironically doing the hardest things. its eating healthy even when you dont want to. going to bed early. getting that 8 hours of sleep. pushing yourself more...incrementally of course. consistency matters. you can try the other self-love. eating donuts and going with the flow man. u may find yourself feeling even worse. the negative judgments will drift away when u push urself. i find the most critical people are stagnant.
  2. @Leo Gura ok byron
  3. its over in the blink of an eye
  4. for instance if i have a hunch about someone, that gives me an identity of knowing. yet if this hunch is wrong, and the truth is nothing/everything exists... why did i have the hunch to begin with? so i can survive? but does that mean there is a truth to that hunch or no?
  5. It's not my life's purpose but it might be my purpose for the moment. how do i go through with it. i guess there is no how.
  6. I notice when i took this advice (and maybe misunderstood it), because i have the privilege, I literally did jack shit. I felt horrible but just used the mantra as let go to settle in my complacency. i recommend people to apply this wisdom...well wisely. Use it for good as leo recommends not for hedonistic living. cause the result of that is just tempered suffering
  7. otherwise you pay with your time. that guy has over 4000 videos released. good luck finding a "Great" one, whatever that means.
  8. the good ones you pay for. i heard some brilliant calming stuff i paid premium for.
  9. @Patang yea i always thought that when i am lucid in a dream, i could just be dreaming that i'm lucid . i know that there are no definitive answers anywhere. only dreams floating as the real thing. its all paradox that i'd rather definitize (?) cause i'm "stage orange", dogmatic
  10. @Shiva so, its dreaming that you are aware rather than "waking up" to being aware? i dont yet see the difference. mind elaborating? My confusion: if everything is a dream, it seems that awareness of the dream is awakeness. If I die in a nonlucid dream, I wake up. Is this different than when I am aware in a lucid dream that I cannot die? o_o
  11. @Leo Gura A few months ago , I posted a thread that lucid dreaming is like enlightenment and you said not at all. With this weeks video, wtf? You say the same thing smh.
  12. You can do more stuff that you love so that you'll always have something new to say. You can talk about the books you read. I know you read a lot! You can allow people to see you as boring. it's ok, really! You can listen more than you talk. People like that.
  13. Thanks Shin. Thanks Atic. Some practical advice given.