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  1. yess especially on epistemology. which ones are you reading? Hopefully no calculus haha also check out textbooks smart people are "required" to read... You can do this with any university. https://harvardcoopbooks.bncollege.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/BNCBHomePage?storeId=52084&catalogId=10001&langId=-1
  2. @Skanzi Thank you so much Skanzi. Took me a while to respond since I wanted the thread to peter out... I like the concept of devotion and will spend some time reflecting this afternoon on what Im currently devoted to doing. Your suggestions are open and freeing. I'll hold them close for the next few months, in whatever transition that calls. Good luck to you as well dude. Hope your truths lead you to where you need to be.
  3. i vote we take a recess from videos and focus on going deep with topics on the forum for a few months. who's with me?
  4. @DrewNows holy hockey. those are great questions Drew. Yes thanks. I was feeling victimy typing this 10 minutes ago. Lol... im ok again. i watched his video and at the beginning of the week. i was questioning. I fell off but will reboot.
  5. i keep ending up in situations i dont want to be in...feeling like i need to stick it out rater than quit to prove myself and survive its hard to envision a hopeful future when im reactive to the incoming 90% of my day. i dont set the when so my values are set again to tomorrow. ive quit jobs before. i can find another np. i just end up resenting it so i know its me,my assumptions inner game blah blah do i need to commit to never working for someone again and just get swallowed by reality if it doesnt work out? or do i need to come full circle, face my shit and stay in corporate til i dont think of quitting at all? Answers inside come out please.
  6. @CreamCat we're all at dif fazes...
  7. what "sensitive" info? at this point, i wouldnt mind more spare time for work i could never outsource.
  8. @J beastly if you ever need someone to talk to/with, im here. ❤️
  9. @NoSelfSelf @JohnnyBravo @Truth Addict thank you so much guys. I get it.
  10. Sorry for being MIA. @Truth Addict @universe @NoSelfSelf This was the video , 30:44 also around 30:58
  11. Leo mentions this a couple of times in his videos. What does this actually look like? Anyone working on that part?
  12. contemplate meditate research seeing , noticing, letting go integrate and distinguish figuring shit out read the books investigate first hand follow up derivation whatever it takes reminding yourself (of various topics, motifs, visions) change the trajectory keeping spirits high verify testing it out going more deeply into the work align with the evolutionary process cross reference do the practice grasp significance cost of entry long time horizon and patience actualize through action implement strategic intent- ultimate outcome allocate time energy and attention span build up reserves (preparation) cultivating your capabilities develop internally don’t just think about it take action on it set up making your process effortless visualize for what you can work towards console yourself understand the significance willing to do anything visionary 20 steps inner workings of self help solve interesting problems lead lastly, allocate your time wisely. Its a process. The specialized in and outs of it are YOUR work, your responsibility.
  13. @Sahil Pandit got you dad!
  14. Im pretty well versed in editing skillz yo. Anyone want a compilation of themes, sign offs, or anything else? I can upload it by Sunday while Leo's mastering his craft. If no one needs it, no problem. Hope you guys are using this time to do the work.