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  1. @Ayilton need more openminded friends like u brada <3
  2. this guy accomplished a lot with his mental state of mind. rip x
  3. yea i dont know
  4. and the mods be sackin on the features. lol i love how this thread is an oxymoron... IM JUST SO GRATEFUL FOR LIFE AND WANT TO THANK THIS SITE AND MY DAD AND MY MOM AND I WOULD SAY HER NAME BUT NOT HERE . AND You, whoever typed this...maybe no one did
  5. lol are people obsessed with him?? i must be out of the loop
  6. just some projections i've noticed.. I watch mukbangs/asmr videos when I'm hungry and its like 4am and shit is closed. I watch a hell of a lot of family vloggers/ couple videos... "recently" went through tough break up. I watch hella leo videos for all my other needs. Idk is it like a mcdonalds-quick fix consuming this content? I also have similar output strategies.. for hunger, ill look up recipes/healthy diets for love, i'll make posts on reddit howtogetyourexback lmao and purchase courses. for leo, bought booklist and course so idk i wonder if my need here is awareness. and i wonder how much im getting to the root with this internet addiction
  7. you're obsessed with peterson..
  8. @Arman lol i know how it sounds..its not like that. we met in orchestra . i lied. not in orchestra . like i said im a chimp for her. and i think orchestras are pretty lit
  9. @aurum dude she knows im weird its mostly for laughs and who wouldnt like a fucking orchestra band? where is the appreciation for beauty? but i get the extremity of the gift may seem like wtf to most of us
  10. you seem like youre on the path. all those are just lessons under your belt
  11. the most comfortable life possible has some hard earned successes sprinkled through
  12. @Solace sage Solace, thank you brother. I do think i should face the rejection head on...ill update in a few months what I end up doing. I do love her.
  13. you're right guys. a bit of ego backlash then? ill let that monkey mind float away
  14. this would be good
  15. thanx...never really considered Tinder.