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  1. @Annoynymous Ah, most of us can relate! Those sound like textboook prophecies. Good thing they are not permanent It's a phase....with some work. What do you have to work on? Your limiting beliefs! How you might ask. Play around with the belief like a new puppy. Challenge it. Whatever shortcomings you have, love them. Ask yourself, do you need to deserve a girl in order to have a gf? I mean. How can you "deserve" it? As some say, they don't call it "work" for nothing. You will be tested. Many times. The trick is not to settle when the going gets tough. So for example if you are in that self fulfilling prophecy "I'm not good enough". Break the loop. Here's what might happen: You have a goal > you think "I'm not good enough"> You don't work towards the goal > You never reach the goal> Because you never reach your goal, you again think "i'm not good enough". So instead say you have a plan: Even if you have negative thoughts, realize everyone does. That does not mean you have to believe them. Work towards your goals. Fail at some succeed at others. Once you get back to the "im not good enough" thought you can say, "Hey. I might not be good enough yet, but I can improve!" Lol i'm not an author. I could recommend books or smthn. Try being proactive or cognitive therapy for starters.
  2. Self fulfilling prophecy, you inquire? It is a prediction about one's self that one ultimately forces to be true because one believes there is no other way. This predication can be positive, yet is usually negative. Such as "I have no friends". How does it work? Let's use an example. One person, call her Kayla, believes no one likes her. So she does not go out with coworkers, or socialize. Then she finds herself alone. This cycle repeats until people around her don't know her well enough to like her. So Kayla's prediction about herself informed her actions which then misinformed people around her to misjudge her. Depressing huh? Doesn't have to be. It was first one to come to mind! There is more to it but thats my basic concept of it. Why do you ask?
  3. Ironically, I wish I had learned the value of spending money earlier in life. I didn't really catch on to how much everything costed until much later. It all changed when mom said three words. "Now you pay". the great news is that this lesson didn't take too long to sink in. Before I knew it, I was no longer spending money on shit i didn't need Clothes/new jackets/shoes. Na, I saved those suckerS! And valued every penny much more.
  4. I am also spiritually in love with leo's content tbh
  5. @Hellspeed" dont ask him how, just do it" thanks
  6. @Shadowraix yes
  7. @Shadowraix that was my point.
  8. hm attend a physics club ? I cant really go on this. we can talk about your feelings. or we can talk about your tactics. you wrote about one of the two, sure. im just not sure its the one you truly need to work on.
  9. you'll feel fine again soon enough. stay up
  10. instead of focusing ,focus on showing up. its like a classroom. at first you're not focused at all. whats the pattern ? skipping class maybe, skipping homework Once you show up, i mean all of you, your focus shifts. your trouble is not focus, it's what you're focused on.
  11. you kinda look a like based on your avi.
  12. @waking_dreams thats effing beautiful man. OMG. Thank you!!! Yeah, persistence really pays off. Please post day 59. i'd love to see it! I do have some info on my zone of genius but I really want to stretch myself so I'm going to keep experimenting thanks again @Winter i've been watching movies. This month i made it a goal to watch only movies in Portuguese. No subtitles Have watched 2 so far.
  13. Sorry for the caps. Now that i have your attention *ahem* how do I...go about this thing? Creativity? I channel it often and sporadically and i think. I think, it's time I discipline myself. One project, towards an impact. Not ready for a lifelong commitment yet. Am ready for a 3-6 month project. Am I looking at this in the wrong way? Is there a better paradigm love and pixels k Vil BTW i think leo picked my username, i dont recall creating an account with this username and we cant even change it. Could be wrong.