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  1. @Daffcio I wouldn't worry about it. As a person who does not drink, I wouldn't think much of it? maybe light weight or you went a bit overboard. Would i think less of you? Na. Your peers prob don't either except for the person who cleaned it...
  2. @kieranperez do you want me to make a thread Why Kieran Perez Needs to Return? i will.
  3. am i an asshole if i ignore acquaintances when I bump into them around town? Yes, I am referring to the kid from high school i ran into tonight in the grocery store. I just sorta passed by and had a stream of self consciousness running "Should I .." It's over. For next time. Say hi?
  4. Damn dude! Epic quote. Do it anyway. Are you referring to posts on this forum that you are regretting? If so, you can delete them or look at my posts lol. That's nothing to be ashamed about.
  5. @CreamCat I hear you. So when im just sitting here, rather than listening to my favorite jam, what do you suggest? Stay still? Work out instead?
  6. Today I figured out what I needed to do, then got stuck on the how and the why. it's bonkers The trick is that these questions don't need answers initially. Its ok to get started without them.
  7. it helped me with loneliness on the path and yes i mean this video
  8. What a stoic fella. He gave in but didnt give up. Thanks for sharing
  9. I make it into a challenge. If i can forego materialism for x amount of months, then i can eventually cave and enjoy it EVEN more. I also see how everything is framed to grab my attention. that's what marketing is for! to play into cravings. With this in mind, I avoid the traps. it's maybe not a lasting solution... though its works for months on end.
  10. Have you ever listened to the 3 second them song of them? I've been repeating it for a few minutes now. Never noticed how beautiful it was. Currently listening to ones regarding business. but the theme song, there are hidden insights in it alone!
  11. You sound no where near impulsive. Go for it.
  12. so many allergic to penicillin. Feel well yogi
  13. it's really cool that you're here. Stay as authentic as possible, without compromising your most treasured relationships. Look around every now and then but focus on moving forward.
  14. @Leo Gura lol