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  1. Have you thought if you just think that you're not yourself, because you voice sounds different. The concept of "you" has changed. When I start doing something new and I notice change in my "personality", ego responds with fear that something is wrong. You feel like being something different, cause you aren't anymore the concept you once thought being. Now your ego tries to pull you back. Just give it time and it will fade away.
  2. Started reading this and then noticed that clock is 11:11xd Yeah I do believe in them. I take them as assurance, that I'm going to right direction in life. At least it builds trust in me.
  3. https://youtu.be/4Ns96WM7C78 This was a really good explanation on how to overcome self-sabotage.
  4. This is a realization that I got a while ago, after struggling for years with all kinds of food sensitivities. I was aware of this technique of teaching yourself to see different kinds of food as safe to consume with visualization and journaling, but something was missing, cause it didn't work. Then I had an realization, when I saw that most of the people, who had results with this technique we're more greenish "hippie" type of people. What if the reason for my lack of results was my rational scientific mind and what I need is just blind naive trust for this method? So then I started to journal reasons why example, rice is safe to consume and tried to really hard see it as true. I even visualized how I ate it and felt good afterwards. Then I ate rice and didn't have any irritation in my gut. But after a while little bit or irritation started to creep in with a thought of "how dumb I was to eat rice, now I suffer again". But I applied the naive trust and convinced to myself that, it is this thought/belief that cause the irritation and suffering. I saw how even the smallest amount of scepticism didn't allow me to see through, the belief was so stong otherwise and validation for it was everywhere. It was a success and I repeated it for a while for the rice, until I didn't get any irritation from it. Then I used the same method, for every food that I had sensitivity towards. Now I can eat even bread with no problems what so ever. I don't say that this works for everyone, but internet is full of testimonials of great results with this method and it worked for me as well. Healthy diet in combination of this method can produce miracles. Just throw your rational sceptic mind out of the window for a while and have a try with an open mind. Method: Journal and contemplate reasons why it is safe to eatand visualize how you eat it and feel good afterwards, before actually eating it. + Naive blind trust for that it really is safe and can't cause anything, even if you feel irritation after eating something. Your mind might be responsible for some of your "material" diseases. At least you don't lose anything if you try to see it.
  5. @EntheogenTruthSeeker Damn sounds like you're in pretty though point in life. I agree that it might be good to forget spirituality for a while, until you feel better. Just move slowly, be patient, kind and forgiving. "Sun will always shine after the darkest nights". No matter how far it looks like being, it will always rise again.
  6. Have you tried Byron Katie's work? It can be really useful for questioning your belief that make you feel anxious and fearful. Letting go the resistance for the situations that make you feel anxious can also be helpful, so you can feel fully the the painful feelings that once we're too overwhelming to process through. Sometimes when you just let go the resistance for underlying chronic feelings, they disappear automatically or you get some insight from the situation, that make you understand what really happened. Then you can use the insight to change your perspective for what you're afraid of.
  7. @The0Self Yeah, but forgivness is letting go of the resentful thoughts one holds in mind, until realization happens, that there we're nothing to forgive in the first palace. Course on miracles stated this beautifully, "god is The love in which I forgive. God doesn't need to forgive, cause, it isn't resentful in the first place. You just need to surrender the resentful thoughts to see the love of god beyond.
  8. @Matt23 Yeh, sometimes it even might be good to drop useful, but not important stuff. It creates value for more important things. Have done this multiple times and even though in the beginning after dropping them/low points in life I questioned the hell out of my decision in a reget mode, they have turned out to be the right decisions. Ego just wants to preserve comfort over jumping into the unknowingness of new paths on life. Trust in intuition builds luckily over time🙂
  9. @khalifa It's energy moving in your body and you're subconsciously resisting it with all your limiting beliefs and fears. Some shadow material might have surfaced and now your body tries to keep it down. I just found that most helpful thing to do is to look inside straight into the burning and painful feeling and accept the resistance, even think that you don't want to experience the thing it's blocking. Then after a while it will let go it's grip, but you need to keep repeating letting it go. It only feels painful when you don't look straight into the resistance itself and you might even need to let the resistance to the resistance to go first. This is a letting go technique and it is really powerful for giving up the resistance and all that is.
  10. @Someone heree I feel you, I advise you to seek a good therapist who at least uses cbt therapy and even get a meidcation, if it really feels unbearable. I'm not 100% sure about your situation, but usually chonic anxiety is an mind's protection mechanism that keeps you in constant state of resistance toward everything. Letting go/sedona method for resistance is really powerful for loosening things up, also Byron Katie's work is gold. Don't forget to be gentle with yourself, remember that self-love and forgivness is what you most need, fear is what got you initially into the situation where your currently at. But it wont be easy and there most likely will be setbacks, it will take lots of patience and courage. But healing is possible no matter how severe your situation is, just don't rush the process and seek help if neccessary.
  11. Impulsiviness in my definition is an subconscious goal seeking. Like in form of an addiction, the goal is to run away from the pain you're experiencing. And the level of consciousness is determining how impulsive or unconscious one's behaviour is.
  12. Thanks for replies, they we're really helpful. I did a deep dive for this belief and recognized that it is a really deep belief of mine, that has caused me most of my suffering. The worst part is the self-sabotage that I cause for me subconsciously, because I want others to be better than me, so they wont get jelaous and cause me pain. I really somehow get some satisfaction, when I sabotage and feel really miserable. I saw that it might be because of empathy I get from others when I feel pain. Like always no matter how well I can do something, I always sabotage if someone close to me doesn't do it as well as I normally do. This is just an assumption, but it might have developed when I have won my little sister at something at a really young age and she got upset. Then I felt it's better to sabotage my success and allow her to win so she won't feel upset. Then I started crying that made others to feel empathy for me. At least this could be the reason:D I would be extremely grateful for tools and tips to rewire this junk out of my mind, so I would stop sabotaging everything in my life.
  13. Hi, I would need a little help on, how should I proceed on rewiring a belief about, being afraid of making others jelsous of me and then sabotaging all success. I have carried this belief from early childhood and since, I haven't subconsciously allowed myself to perform better than others around me, no matter how much I practice. It really feels like I hurt others and then, I don't get any love from them.