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  1. I'm not sure am I tripping without my knowledge or am I going insane?
  2. 8/40 Even though sometimese I can behave in more selfish manner, especially when I feel hurt or feel that I'm not seen. Personal develoment has definitely made that score much lower than, what it would have been few years ago. Probs if my self-esteem would be better the score as well would be higher.🤔
  3. Wow, beautiful and inspiring trip report. Thanks for sharing 🥰
  4. I hope he likes the jail in Romania after he told how great country Romanian is, because it doesn't handle criminals softly.
  5. Society is way too masculine even here in Finland, women in power are critizised much more harsly than males from similar things and I don't believe that masculinity will go anywhere, no matter how feminised the world gets, it just gets healthier. Masculine power is still based too heavily on patriarchal ideology, of course people will feel weak when their external source of power is taken away, until the real maaculity emerges that is based on inner strenght, rather than ideology.
  6. I believe it is uselful, even though you can learn to understand the mind without it. Moreover, people will have higher opinion in general of you, when you have the dergee, if you begin to teach how to change the mind for other, but of course it is not necessary.
  7. How do I feel right now? Afraid of death, I literally am terrorised by the imagination of death. I smoked dmt a week ago and go a great awakening, but after the trip, this fear of death arose. Days I have been feeling really bad, because of this fear. It is really physical feeling that hurts so bad. My capasity to handle these things has incrased and I am somehow able to manage this feeling without totally relapsing to addictions, but it is difficult at times. Of course soon this will pass and I will again feel better, but at the moment it is hard to believe, like always in the middle of difficult feelings. My life has progressed and I am becoming every day the healthier version of myself and I feel good about it, but at the same time I feel sad, because of the change that has happened. I feel sad, because had to give up a lot of things and behaviours that didn't serve me any longer. The attachment bond I had for those things makes the separation a really painful process, even though I know that they beginned to just limit and hurt me. In the end the change is always positive and day by day I feel better and am more whole as a person. May the future be bright. Every day in every way it's getting better and better.
  8. Curt answered to one comment, that he doesn't delete any comments, it is youtube that categorizes some comments as spam and removes them. He can't even see them or uncheck them as spam. I couldn't find the comment either.
  9. They're always limited offers, there is just another limited offer when the another one ends.😂
  10. If that was the case, then I could not hold a non-sexual friendship with anyone, if my sexual needs aren't met, because all I want is sex from everyone I hang out with.
  11. This is just sad, I saw yesterday a video where two activists in Italy glued their hands to one painting. Causing harm to valuable paintings will for sure get attention, but results it produces will be negative.
  12. Same, why would I read books that aren't relevant to my life or books that doesn't provoke curiosity. Just feel what you would like to read and what is useful for you, it isn't rocket science;)
  13. Have you thought that it is just your belief that you will get less if you're bald, that makes you behave in less confident manner and that is why you end up getting less? Leo is bald and still he gets the girls and people follows his work.
  14. Is every bald guy a Andrew Tate now?:D
  15. Why it would make you lose customers?