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  1. The politics we have allowed you to have Actualized. Politics governs you and makes, maintains and changes laws. Laws which allow or deny you to have access to healthcare, entrepreneurship, access to psycheldelics, gay rights, military services etc. but there is ALOT of usueles drama also. And you made elaborate series on politics, so I cannot relate you saying this.
  2. I think many men can relate. Having the work experience I have the last year, my logic went up strongly + from trying to be more productive, my logical thinking and skills also became stronger, and they will be stronger and stronger. So yeah, I am getting more boring.
  3. I have a feeling that some people from my company might know who I am and might be reading this. So, I will stop posting on this site, and comment on anything. After 5 years or so, maybe I will loosen up, but whatever I have said, I mean it. Also what I say is not so black and white as you might understand. My points may be more nuanced than you think. But there are fewer ways to express significant points which are easy to overlook. I have to accept that people will not have the best intentions for me and I will not have the intentions or values other people wanted that I have. I just rather stay silent, do what is asked from me, do some music, and sit with myself and see what happens.
  4. I cannot underestand how anybody cares.
  5. I would like to go over deep epistemic topics about reality. I feel that the average person is not only a bad source of advice but a potential danger for you, when it comes to your hopes and dreams and especially if you seek answers about the reality you occupy. Anything that anyone has ever done in any field of life, can be done differently in any aspect of the sequence of actions and therefore no two individuals can do the same thing even if they wanted to. What I want to say is, we are so conditioned to do like everyone else does and to live like everyone else does. Life doesn't reward you for this. It rewards you for your authenticity, but you have to get to that point to experience it. Anything you do, you are bound to form your own approach, voice. So many ideas you have about what can be done in the world, have never been performed by anyone. It is up to you to play with them in this eternal vastness. Life can be so extraordinary while being very ordinary. The average man is potentially dangerous, parasitic, hostile. To sum it up very shortly, the answer is violence. People either actively try to physiologically or physically harm you or they carry loneliness, powerlessness, irresponsibility, boredom, fear, anger, anxiety, guilt and project it to you and try to use you as an asset in their life. With a mutual benefit to the extent, this is ok. But you have to see it for what it is. Saying no can save your life. The more epistemic you will go, the subtler, higher things you will discover about reality. The more dangerous you are for them and they are for you. Care must be taken to ensure these people don't know what you actually stand for unless you are rallying for something that is vital for your life to defend it. Examples of those things are solipsism, enlightenment work, shadow work, manifesting, healing the body etc. but overall with your behaviour and energy you will trigger their blind-spots, by not reinforcing their beliefs about life, which they will feel. These blind-spots are that life is suffering, you are born to work, born to reproduce, that you are only the body etc. The average man, mindset and the violence he creates to himself and others is what I call mediocrity. With all my heart I want to state that I do not want to be mediocre. That is life lived in apathy. Why to even take birth to live so irresponsibly to not strive at least for peace and non-violence. One of the biggest mediums for falling sick with mediocrity is conversation. One conversation can make you forget your motivations for why you ate living the way you do/want, if it's not something you regularly plan, review, visualize. This is probably why some of the most asocial people reached such levels of genius, at least in my opinion. Let's move on to my life. I have nothing, yet I have something. I want to work. Hard. Harder and harder. I want to be artistic. Very refined and integrated artist. Very competent at what i do. I want to do art almost religiously. I feel like my purpose of life enrich people with art. To the very point I started to play an instrument, I constantly crushed my expectations as to what I can do. The air now smells funny. I am tracing that there might be some ways to either do what I do full time or work very close to music industry. In the long term, probably abroad. I will definitely give it a BIG and consistent shot. If it does not happen, fine. I can still make music. And I like to. It also relaxes me. Secondly, I am looking for a paradigm shift, those also have happened consistently. I am very interested into what part of me is responsible for the suffering in my life, I want to explore this. I also would like to explore source of motivation, desire (with action supporting it and without action also), manifestation, psychic powers, enlightenment, leaving the body at will, being free from one pattern like (fear of death, social shackles, boredom, loneliness, violence etc) multiple or them all. I want to see how non-real reality really is. It feels more true than the idea that reality is real. Also I want to know how much you can heal the body from chronic diseases from practicing various healing techniques. I would like to do this while being productive in society. But I physically can't have it all. I don't need. But I really want to be artistic. I have this intense hunger for it. About musicianship, pointless to describe. I have a lot a lot to say, but let me say it musically. I have something going on for me, but there is a long way to go. That being said I really would like to pick one epistemic dimension of life and go into it, imo that is the best way to stay out of mediocrity.
  6. Hey guys i am sorry, i am having a hard time posting on here. I would like to share more... but i am already doing stuff that i love to do and want to figure how to do more of that.
  7. I have a technical problem, my DIs are not the best quality (draft, will be edited later): Gain staging PIckup height = good signal to noise ratio; Bad DI files, Elixir strings = 6 months, Tuning check, intonation, guitar setup (couple of days before), check intrafret tuning, VST Uneven dynamics Not hitting the strings hard enough Harmonic noises String noises Rythm guitars are rushing the beat Reduce the gain of your VST or perform a clean run to check all the things before Too much gain/not hitting the notes/strings hard/consistent enough => too much white noise Test drive your tone Uneven balance between chuggings, chords, single string riffs, automate the gain Tip for low tuning "east river drive pedal" - TS9 type pedal because of the filter. Your guitar is too close to electronics, computer etc., metronome bleed is happening, Fretbuzz
  8. While an over an hour of material I have recorded is not tabbed anywhere, I am re-organizing and now I write tabs for songs for a chance to re-learn and film a playtrough and perform them, even by myself with a phonogram. And I have no band, I only tracked the guitars and my buddy mixed and mastered all of that for me.
  9. Unfortunately I have a very interesting sudden event that happened and well, I am changing appartments, so all my stuff is delayed. Regularly I will make 2 kinds of posts: 1) General enquiry about at topics to relate with everyone; 2) Specific post which described my problem, status on some issue, or finding/applying personalized solution typically for me; Cheers and see you soon. I have a tight day at work tomorrow, but as always, I will do my best. I have one tought. I am using computer all the time. My eyes feel very dry. I think I will reanimate my printer and write-print on paper. Also, I will buy a hardware synth that I will interact with to reduce the time spent on screen and to play something when I can't play guitar and to introduce and even base my music in a very important electronic music framework, and integrate my skills on the guitar. It will also make me much more flexible as a musician and will not just depend on one instrument. I don't have to be the best, I just have to find my voice and commit to it. I really wish I could play a lot more, but maybe this is not on my cards for now, or for this lifetime. But who am I to question my possibility.
  10. I don't know. I talked with one very experienced mistress, she told that you can.
  11. Will this discussion help you in what you aim for? If not, whats the point of it?
  12. Hello, I have done music for a while and done something I wanted. There is a long ahead of me, but I can see that some systemic lifestyle improvements will solve almost all of my current problems. I want to cover in depth analysis of how much time do you acctually have, what skills and circumstances it will take for you to be able to continiously practice with solutions etc. And I mean everything. From your own moodswings to people trying to stop you from doing what you want to do. And also a lot of technicalities about finding your own voice with examples from my life. I really have something to say I think, but if there is demand, then I can continune sharing, because unfortunately this also takes time, very necessary time for me to keep practicing etc., but to push my agenda, sort things out for myself by making them more obvious and sharing them with people who are in any point in the path themselves could be a worthwile symbiosis. Any feedback welcome.