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  1. I willalways remember Navalny for his humour.
  2. Ok. But so did Biden. What is your point? Russia has different political apparatus which is not a popular vote election based. There are people waiting for a change for at least 20 years and I think a revolution will involve military and a literal civil war + some regions want to disband Russia to this day. It is really fucked and twisted in Russia right now. The average joe's life in there is corruption right now, it's not the same as in America right now.
  3. This is not that simple. Navalny was also not alone and he had and has people's support. Maybe a civil war would emerge from Putin's lackies and anti-Putin supporters, or a collapse and fragmentation of Russia from the end of Putin's rule alone, i don't think your depiction is very accurate. It is cooking one way or the other as time passes by.
  4. This is somehow sadder than any of my relatives dying. Some force of positive change died with him which is not awakened in many of us. He was up against too much. He sacrificed his personal pleasures for this life of inprisonment and torture. I don't think people underestand what it really means. Thank you, Alexei, for speaking up for all of those who didn't want to have this life, but somehow we have to continune. I feel like we, the people who tend to think more freely, are next, although it feels that it was just an isolated incident, he was not the first one and will not be the last one killed by the Kremlin. RIP, I hope you find any existential relief, thank you for the bottom of my heart.
  5. I am pretty far down in the bat cave. I have a long way to go in order to truly sit alone and some instincts and forces of society play aginst me, meanwhile I also find socializing pretty boring, however that might also not be true in reality and it's just my inability to authentically communicate, but then I see how transactional, inauthentic and manipulative a lot of relationships around me are and it makes me sad. I have done the groundwork for that loner lifestyle and I plan to live it, because I feel there is nothing better to do than contemplate and meditate. Life in general and life purpose takes most of my energy anyway so I have to figure how to make myself most healthy and minimalistic and to really build that base for the future, knowing very well that I can die any day, it's quite an interesting paradox. But I want to face my traumas, self-destructive patterns, life-negative assumptions so that I am truly not an issue in my life because of my lifestyle. Accidents or me being killed even is not that much of a problem but if I robbed my life, it's something that's hard to not regret because I have the tools to do it now. I think there are ways to really do it, if you touch some siddhis of the human body or your awakening is just a little too imbalanced that you just disregard certain aspects of your life and probably the people who did it successfully are not on this forum.
  6. Education is a tool not a status. Relax. Education is not a sprint, it's a marathon. Relax. Education is the most potent at the second part of your life acctually. Learn for your own sake the things that you are interested every day or regularly. This will serve you. You haven't really lost anything. Just complete the standard, work to develop good work ethic and communication skills, at work this will matter the most. You scoring high is not freedom. You finding out how to do something is that freedom and excitement you are looking for.
  7. No, groundnuts + literally any fruit. That's how inexpensive it is.
  8. You will always win this argument by pointing at someone's Mother. See, he or she is successful because of their mother, but in reality this is nonsense.
  9. Hey, Jason, thanks for the share. I am on a similar yourney to find out what and when to eat for the best possible results, because health is the #1 thing to be fixed in life.
  10. I wanted to know what is your opinion on the question I asked which I did receive at the end, at least partially. I might have derailed the thread and made it about me vs you and I am sorry about that. Yes, you don't need to care and it's good you don't.
  11. Wanting a romantic partner and manifestation is all fine and good, but I just want to remind everyone who is watching this that finding what you authentically want is of a prime importance and could not be what any other human being is suggesting to you. It is so intimate and sacred that you should find it out yourself and build a life around that to have a lasting peace about doing what you can towards your most authentic desires and spending your energy on that. If there is an universal thing to want for yourself I would suggest health - project, imagine, strive for health. But then anyway comes the reason why you are here and you are here to find it.
  12. It is very easy to discard your points. 1) How do you know I am listening to figures like Andrew Tate? What if I don't? (And actually I do not, because that man is a serial scammer in my opinion); 2) Advice from someone else does and can fix your life, there is a methodological way about this when it comes to learning something about life to get where you want to be and it's called education; 3) You kinda "defined" what does it mean to not have original thinking, but what is original thinking then if everything you think is a permutation of information you learned in the past, and quickest way of learning something about life is that somebody told you and you trust it, so what is original thinking? I am sorry, but I have no idea what you are saying. Then I will ask why both gender communication is so dysfunctional by design or by circumstances of nature in our society? No, in this thread your first reply was a reply in which you decided that "depth was not needed" therefore your replies are not always in depth. My poor perception of reality; how did you investigate my perception of reality? How can you estimate that, I am curious? I don't and i think I can't accurately know what your perception of reality is. But I think you think I listen to Andrew Tate. What are creations of original value that I could be creating? And from what I have to differ? From other men? Also what is an original creation that I have or have not done this week and it probably could be 0? If I don't even know what it is, therefore i cant answer you whether i did or did not create something of value or originality this week.
  13. It's as confusing as your initial comment, so I couldn't make more sensible question, my apologies. So, you are saying that men can't offer what women want, therefore it's hard to find decent men. My question is, what qualities do most men lack? The second part didn't make sense to me. "It's the same on both sides?" What is on both sides? Shouldn't it be the same on the both sides or should it be? So a man has to offer more than a woman is what you are saying? Or the other way around? I will not let you get away this with a vague reply since you are a moderator and your comments have to make sense.
  14. And what would you like to be offered that men can't seem to offer nowadays?