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  1. It is worth at any time, ESPECIALLY AT 21!
  2. But I think some allied countries will, and it will spread afterwards.
  3. TLDR but J like the title, I got triggered xDDD
  4. It's coming together and I am ok with how it sounds!
  5. But sometimes you do have to roast somebody to make them check themselves, it's not always bad.
  6. A new journal! Hi! Hope you are doing well!
  7. Very complex question. Many factors determine how you feel, including this one also. Usually these People are very weak and have no idea what they are doing, refering to the psychic question. They will scare you more than acctually do anything.
  8. I recently found that I have less and less time to spend on this Forum. Obviously, the place I want to be. I don't want to share anything at all. Maybe only this. I just don't care. I finally got a medium to express myself, i am finally feeling like I am not competing with anyone and have my 12 solid minutes of music that need minor tweaks and I am sure I will record the rest 8 minutes. I want to do a really sentimentāla ending piece to show my gratitude that I have the possibility of making it and reasonable creative freedom and skillset.
  9. I am having a musical breaktrough just from listening to this.
  10. Well, today was blah blah blah... I don't want to journal. It was okay. Moving on the grind. Producing music. Feels great. Feels great though. I am very happy that I finally have the opportunity to play music. And I have good working conditions that just allows me to. I do not play music in my appartment, I feel it will be absolutely the same. Awesome that I have a place to practice ALL day, if I need to. I can already feel my new neighbours banging just because I type on computer keyboard. Imagine if I played music. Same story. I would have something to lose. God damn, what a wise choice I made. Borderline incredible. Now their hypocrisy has no place, whatever fucking complaints anybody can have, I live quietly as hell. So all intimidation goes off the window. I just keep writing this on purpose so that they band AND I am planning to ignore the shit out of them. Deadly combo. Not that I am abusing that, but I feel I am again up aginst "why aren't you like the rest of us." "Why no gf, e.c.t.". I am just simply going to murder all the criticism with doing absolutely nothing about it and watch their NPC rage. And focus on things that acctually matter like my life purpose and human happiness, and nailing my utility aspects. Didn't think I will write this but I just couldn't resist the reaction from banging, in my mind, trying to intimidate me. Otherwise, there is nothing wrong with using your computer at 8:35 PM. Otherwise I am almost willing to reply to any of whatever criticism of using a computer whenever and how much I want with "Why don't you band, shout and call me some name 435,287 more times, then I will think about it." Also they don't get it that my work is on my computer and almost all of my musicianship is on the computer. I am so humbled that I have a place to practice. I rather be called names every day than be the guy who calls people names and acctually has no sense of what to do in his life, having family, relationships and job, house, car combo.
  11. Thank you!
  12. It also has some cons. You can't strum it so easily, especially if you strum something below the 7th string. It makes your hand more prone to tension. The frets also usually are further from each other so you may need to stretch. Much bigger voicing and scale options which will make learning frustrating. Ohh and terrible internet presence. 'why do you need an 8 string if you just play the bottom 3 strings". It is harder to mix and master, it is more out of intonation, and your bass player will feel very uncomfortable around it.
  13. So I am a product development analyst in pharmaceutical company. This is a big challenge for me, because of the complexity of some analysis like high-performance liquid chromatography and creative problem solving when it comes to adjusting the right stability analysis for a new active pharmaceutical ingredient. Ofc I am in a team of more experienced analysts and now they will be training me and I have an incredible amount to read. Ofc I am doing music on the weekends. I have the whole day and tomorrow for it. I really like it.