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  1. The Truth is the Truth, Whether it Hurts or Not, It is an Act of Unconditional Love.
  2. The verse I stated is more in Alignment with God / Higher consciousness / Truth. The verses you stated were 'man's word, based on distortion, beliefs and delusions. Almost all religious texts contain "truth" but most of the texts have been 'manipulated' by the hands of man for his own control of fellow man, his-tory and version of truth. Like I said, Self-Realization is the only way out. Know Thyself ~
  3. Only a fool would say such things... Shiva drank poison only to 'prove/set an example' that you can 'transmute' anything as god-consciousness, but god-consciousness wouldn't consume 'poison' every day. Its nonsensical to a higher awareness. In the most ancient scriptures (long before your known history, bibles, qurans ect..) all the great masters either ate fruit or did not eat at all. Many even said; all food eventually becomes poison, and those who did not eat or give into the 'physical desires' and mistaken them as 'needs' achieved Immortality. Higher consciousness = Greater Awareness. Few are Enlightened Masters today. Don't confuse your awakenings and 'glimpses' with Enlightened Mastery. Awakenings are the mere beginning of the True Mastery of Being. And For the record, even in your more modern bible: (Genesis 1:29: Then God said, “I give you every seed-bearing 'plant' on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has 'fruit' with seed in it. They will be yours for 'food'. Consumption of 'meat' arose with the Fall of consciousness of man. You cannot rely on false history, you must Self-Realize. I'll leave you with a glimpse https://www.amazon.com/Mans-Higher-Consciousness-Hilton-Hotema/dp/1169830145 Of the greater truth ~
  4. How can infinite intelligence not be paradoxical?
  5. The Universe is teaching you something you aren't seeing. Carl gave you a little hint
  6. Madness simply means out of the mind. You can be out of the mind, falling below the mind – that’s where insanity starts. But you can also be out of the mind going beyond the mind – that’s where meditation starts. In one sense they are similar in that both are out of the mind. Hence one can feel, living in the beauty of the present moment, as if it is madness, because madness and meditation have a similarity but only on one point: both happen outside the mind. In every other sense they are different. To go below the mind means to become unconscious. To go beyond the mind means to become superconscious. And the superconscious and unconscious are as distinct as two things can be, as far away from each other as there is possibility. They have nothing in common except that one point. Hence in the beginning every meditator feels that it is something like madness. But it is saner than your sanity. You have to wait a little, to become acquainted with the new territory of the world of meditation. Others may also think that you are mad, because sometimes you will be doing things like a madman. But the basic difference is that no madman ever acknowledges, ever accepts that he is mad. He refuses it vehemently. You can go to any madhouse, not a single madman will accept that he is mad. But the meditator can accept it smiling. He is aware of the similarity. He can understand the outsider’s judgment, and he can accept it. He can see also that the action... for example, a meditator sometimes feels so blissful that you will see a smile on his face although there is no reason at all to smile. And we forgive people for being miserable without any reason, but we cannot forgive people for being so happy without any reason. We ask people, ”What is the cause? Why are you smiling?” And a man who is experiencing something within himself, joyful, something immensely sweet – what can he say to you? And whatever he is going to say, you are not going to believe it, because it is not your experience. You can believe only if it is also your experience. Two meditators can sit silently and smile without asking each other why they are smiling. They can laugh, they can dance without asking each other why they are doing it. The full read here https://meditation-zen7.blogspot.com/2013/02/osho-on-divine-madness-sanity-and.html
  7. Always comes back to the Breath. Deep conscious breaths diffuse many situations and change the dynamic of how it is dealt with, thus the outcome. Deep breathing can relax you to the center of your being where nothing can phase you. Of course this will require some practice, but it only gets easier.
  8. This is what many people struggle to comprehend, that everything is "consciousness" and what you 'consume' creates a "fusion" of consciousness, and you need to experience all of it to transmute it, to release it, or you eat more of it to suppress / depress it, until you become numb and no longer realize or feel it. If anyone does extensive fasting they will evidently see that once the body is healed, you become super-conscious of all things. Once you become conscious of such a high level of experience and function everything else becomes insignificant.
  9. Its more the "journey" than the "destination/substance" that is important and more powerful overall in spiritual elevation and integration. Here is an interesting comparison and differences between two of the greatest plant medicines. I also respect mushrooms and cactus too. https://ibogawellness.com/what-is-iboga/iboga-vs-ayahuasca/
  10. Because its never been a (war on drugs) its always been a (war on consciousness). The more conscious and intelligent people become, they less they will submit to slavery and a slave-like/prision-like life. People will want to be totally independent and self-sufficient. A an intelligent being is dangerous to a corrupt system. Osho has some great responses on intelligence, rebellion and consciousness you could easily find online like so https://www.oshoteachings.com/osho-intelligent-people-are-dangerous-people-they-are-radicals-they-are-revolutionaries/
  11. I agree with that our city environments are very polluted and toxic but I disagree that such a lifestyle could "only" work in a village. I have been plant-based for over 10 years and rarely use supplements and most of those years lived in the city. I shop at local organic markets where the produce is (certified organic) so you know that they are not sprayed or treated with chemicals because they can get heavily sued, and you can taste and feel the difference if you are used to organic produce. Having an organic garden helps a lot. 90% of my illnesses have completely vanished after going plant-based and doing many water fasts and detoxification cleanses on fruit and vegetable juices and raw food and spending more time in nature. Even when I am living in the city, I can bring the nature home by creating garden beds, growing fruits and veggies, building my own soil/compost system, bringing in more house plants and creating a harmonious environment wherever I am. Its not perfect but life goes on. Never experienced any deficiencies but mere detox symptoms from time to time.
  12. Anger is a valid human emotion and yes high conscious beings do get angry from time to time when there are valid reasons for it as an expression of release for example. However the high conscious individual will usually quickly be able to return to balance and rarely will it extend to becoming rage.
  13. The only deadly/poisonous mushroom that grows next to the Amanita Muscaria is the Death Cap(Amanita phalloides) which is completely white and looks nothing like the red mushroom with spots, there is really one other mushroom that looks similar and its dark brown but no poisonous only much stronger in similar chemicals. These chemicals can be somewhat "toxic" but far from poisonous and cannot kill you. Milk thistle naturally grows in close proximity which is an anti-dote to mushroom poisoning.