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  1. @Nahm @Dodo @Leo Gura I can tell you no one edited his comments. He was gone. And we were drowning in our own grief and barely got into his email and passwords and eventually this forum. We wish he never stumbled upon spirituality or any of this stuff. What did he gain? He was already an amazing person. I know I sound biased but trust me. He helped others so selflessly - emotionally, financially, in any way he could. Always did the right thing. Since he was a child. I cant explain him in words here. He even guided people on their spiritual journeys and got them out of depression. Never charged a penny for it. He did everything from the pure goodness of his heart. All this spiritual jargon and ideas only hurt him and his family in the end... He was better off without it and already on the path to "heaven." His ideas of "there are no others," and life being a dream that one shouldn't get attached to made sense for the most part. But I must say this whole incident has reiterated to me why one should stick with long-established religions such as Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, whatever.... and listen to well-known "Prophets" and their teachings. There is a reason why they have had billions of followers over thousands of years, without needing the internet to spread their message. And their message still gives people the tools they need to lead a good, moral life. I have personally come to the conclusion that this whole new age spirituality especially on forums and youtube is extremely dangerous. And sadly, no one seems to have thought about talking explicitly about why suicide or hurting one's body is wrong. Needs to be the title of a Youtube video on your channels... I have no words left... The pain is too much. None of this can bring him back. Best of luck to all of you in the journey of your lives!
  2. @SoonHei For some reason I can't upload any more as there is a 153Kb limit..? Pasting here: NAHM Replied: May 1 You know I have the utmost respect for authentic questions... Yes, absolutely. Very generally speaking the forum imo has a rare mix of psychedelic bias and deep misunderstanding. Not saying anything’s wrong with that. I like it, it’s more interesting. But there is a pretty complete lack of distinction which will takes years if ever to right itself so to speak. That’ll be contingent on a top down ownership and course-righting of deflection, projection, name calling, and boastful undermining via the conflation of absolute & relative, as it suits. I find faith to be only grey, but I don’t mean that to minimize it whatsoever. Generally, I find faith impossible to define, but I feel ‘the opposite of complaining’ points well. Generally, when someone: a) makes a dreamboard b) discovers how much “how” thinking and doership is present in experience and c) let’s go of b they’ll going to be waking up and simultaneously creating the life they most desire, and self discovering quickly via loa. Also, be compassionate to the cause and that which funds it (forum wise). There is no perfect way, and LP course, YouTube, Patreon way is as respectable as is possible. Imagine if everyone on the forum compared how amazing & abundant their life is from articulating what they want, expressing earnestly, and having complete surrender & faith in the universe being what they are dreaming up... instead of memories of a past trip which doesn’t exist and is precisely how they are veiling themselves from this / consciousness / now. --- SoonHei Member Replied: May 2 Thank you! As always ? ?❤️? Yes the psychedelic way is very much favored and understandably so, as Leo's videos talk about it and it's his party/forum after all, so naturally that will be the center. Very key thing, to let go of "b)" Indeed Thanks ??
  3. I shared's SoonHei's "Direct" questions to NAHM before from Sunday May 2nd. Here is his discussion from Saturday, May 1st which was rather "indirect". I personally don't understand what is being said here but may be some of you can make sense out of it. Sharing just so you know that when someone is asking questions like this, they have taken things too literally and need to be altered or stopped.
  4. @ivankiss Yes. Thanks for saying this. It is hard for me to understand why and how a smart guy like SoonHei got so lost in these mental ideas and really understood this life to be a "Dream" that he could wake up out of. Imagine someone who is perhaps not "as smart" for the lack of a better word. If they start taking this stuff literally, they can easily take steps like this. PLEASE PLEASE clarify this for everyone you talk to. Disclaimers are good but get ignored. Please make it a point to clarify within your conversations that this life is not a dream that you can just end it consciously by hurting your body in any way. You guys know how to say it best... We have a long life ahead of us living without SoonHei... I just don't want this to happen to anyone else. Please!
  5. @Sleyker I messaged NAHM about this just a couple of days after his death and made him aware and asked him what the heck sunny was trying to do. Last night, the originator of this particular thread got in touch with someone from our family on FB and that is when we checked what discussions SoonHei was having with him and came back on this forum again. Today I noticed a notification that a thread has mentioned SoonHei.
  6. @Nahm NAHM, SoonHei was an adult and is responsible for the action he took. I am just presenting what happened and sharing screenshots of his discussion as I found them. I have been on this forum on and off since he died trying to understand WHY he did this to his family. He literally had your name on his dreamboard as well. He trusted your guidance.
  7. @Leo Gura Hi Leo! This is SoonHei's sister using his account trying to find out why he took the step that he did. I can confirm that he did in fact die on May 3rd by jumping off of a bridge. His message to his wife was: "Oh I was never ending it. I was just continuing it. I just wanted to jump. Love you all. See you soon." Similar message to what he sent to the person who started this thread (first post). Now most important, SoonHei asked NAHM very directly before committing this act. I really wish NAHM had guided him better. SoonHei could not have been clearer. I will attach screenshots of their conversation in my next post. If someone can tell us what he was trying to do, please do. We cannot explain to you the shock of his death. We cannot wrap our heads around why he would do this. SoonHei was someone who has literally saved others from depression and suicide. We keep hearing stories from people that he helped in their darkest hour. I can tell you for a fact that he did not suffer from any mental illness or depression. Sunny was SO SO full of life. He has left behind a 3 month old and a 20 month old. It is hard to even look at his 27-yr-old wife who was barely out of the post-partum phase with her baby. SoonHei was a very central part of our family. The most kind-hearted soul. An amazing son, a wonderful husband, the most supportive brother, and above all, a one-in-a-million father. I feel like our whole family will go into depression...
  8. It has already occurred so to speak? Nothing is less or more significant than the dream at night? There are timelines in which our person is doing something totally different than what we are... Is that so? It's all real and unreal But you are the tree, wherever you are, your branches will go with you. You can never experience your own absence. You will be manifest always. Your POV, you cannot die. Chapter of death is Experienced and then life is Experienced. There is always expericing. Others will die and can die but for your subjective viewpoint, you cannot die - death being the end of your experience. If it's a consious death, then you're already beyond it. You will die for others in their experience, just as you know people have died in yours, but never for yourself. The dream at night exists as an occurrence and don't think for a moment that when you die in a dream, that story ends. Sure, for you. But others in that dream Experience your death. All possibilities already there. Like numbers in math. You never leave... You can only Jump
  9. @Javfly33 there is such a thing as a liberation. but it's liberation from a 'you' & not for you... because you're ever liberated. liberation from the delusion. consider enlightenment as being aware that the lawn-hose in the front of your house is a hose and not a snake. you fell into a delusion that it was a snake... and then say you slowly but ultimately came out of it and finally saw that it's not a snake but a hose. that would be the end of it... sort of like once kids know santa aint real - it's a done deal. but sure raises a question... can someone not get knocked on the head by something and then again fall into believing that santa's real? perhaps... so better watch yo surroundings and not get knocked on the head but really. ultimate liberation is to snap-back to reality and come to see your true position as sitting on the sofa watching the tv and playing the video game with the controller in your hand. once you know this, then you go on playing 1 game to the next all the sages talk about the escape from the cycle of birth and death. it's done once and it's forever. then you're forever rooted in witness consciousness as your primary position. then it's an eternal play. an eternal dance. "the fruit ripens slowly but falls suddenly and without return."
  10. "Every alternate universe that you can possibly imagine already exists. So it is not a matter of making something happen or preventing something from happening. (that is spatiotemporal and space time is not real ultimately) It is a matter of your individuated consciousness shifting into a universe that is directly commensurate with the exact vibrational frequency that you are emanating in your baseline state of being. All other individuations will experience and are already experiencing universes that are directly commensurate with their vibrational frequencies. To further elaborate, me and you literally do not live on the same planet and are not on the same website. We are on our respective projections of Earth and the Actualized forum that are directly commensurate with our baseline energetic vibrational states of being. Now, these projections can be so extremely similar that to the body mind complex they seem like they are the same phenomena but literally every lifeform is experiencing only their projection of the entire universe." - @nexusoflife
  11. @CreativeMind what you're asking as, isn't God - but what you are, is God.