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  1. indeed. even computers, smartphones, buildings, cars | all natural
  2. @roopepa you're alright you saying you are insane is not true. i'm sure you only think/feel you're insane when you think about it or judge yourself... comparing to your past beliefs. otherwise, all your senses are intact and you are still you... but a better you. recall also how when it was common understanding that the earth is flat and the few who discovered/calculated that it is actually round... those few were known called insane and some were actually killed for such views we are all insane... just depends on what perspective you're currently looking from an object placed on the side between two people facing each other is: to the left of one of them to the right of the other one so what is true about it? is it to the left? or the right? neither? both? the answer depends on the perspective and point of view same case with your insanity but know this, you are always okay. just your perspective can shift rapidly leading you to think you're losing it... when in-fact you're actually gaining wisdom.
  3. beautiful... same for me. LOVE LOVE LOVE @Leo Gura was watching fireworks over the weekend... and couldn't help but think that these are big-bangs occurring forming entire universes relative to our scale and at the same time, the creation of our very world - due to the fractal design of reality - may very well have been formed from a firecracker in a higher reality up-above and we are still that firecracker exploding outwards as the "space expands" time ofcourse is scale relative too (ant-man style in Marvel) get's that point spot on
  4. there is no WHY in the realm of God. God is beyond and prior to WHY God is what allows someone to exists so they maybe able to ask a WHY God needs no WHY God just is. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- also. from GOD's POV. God is just loving God. which really just means God is just Being God Does a flower spray it's fragrance or emit it in anyway? or is the flower and it's fragrance a single ONE thing which exist together... as ONE. God is Love.
  5. The same love when divided is the Love of the Ego... the sort of Love which creates an opposite When it is whole - it is unconditional love which is infinite . true love has no opposite. it is love for all.
  6. @Max_V not sure about the universe... but I'm sure you certainly want the best for yourself? if that's so... that only expect the best to happen and it will. realize YOUr power... Mr. YOUniverse
  7. @winterknight felt like i was always on the path towards this was very puzzled by the eternal nature of God... "how can it be possible... that God has ALWAYS existed... without a start... how was he just there... BAM" that was at younger age... stayed religious and practicing... but science/physics/math pulled me aside... that led to my interest in space-science-universe/enistetin/quantum mechanics etc. i had always maintained God to be in the background of the design of the universe however... i would say that God is the architect of evolution (after having learned and seeing beyond doubt that evolution is how humans came about vs being up there in heaven and placed here on earth) anyhow. was on the science's front for a while... had Cantor-esq obsession with size/infinty and used to watch videos about that online.. and one day a certain search led me to watch leo's Absolute infintity video... and God and scienece came together and became ONE ever since. coupled that with a few crazy experiences of my own to see and know that the universe is not material and all is consciousness challeneges: nothing short term or long really.. just thoughts here and there about future/finances/health... i have usually naturally remained not a very big planner, try to live on the daily/now.. i have began to simply trust and feel the connection with god and ever since these discoveries. life only gets easier and easier and no such word/feel as suffering in my brain whatsoever ...
  8. @Inliytened1 what's the answer to it? briefly if you can. really asking lol. i heard this too but what is the answer? it seems like paradox... ? ============== edit: well. just read it the way you wrote it... instead of the "nobody's around to hear it" no perceiver then no deal... no nothing love it
  9. i am enlightened... but only from 8am to 2pm EST on the weekends* * = by appointment only
  10. @The Blind Sage what i can tell you... there are NO requirements or prerequisites for awakening. it can happen without an ounce of an effort and sometimes it may not happen after all the effort in the world in truth, it does not happen by "doing" anything in particular. to say you can do X to cause awakening is not correct. it's like saying you can talk to a character in the movie via your tv screen.
  11. @8Ball the christian god is no other than the same one infinite god yes, most Christians... like Muslims and others think God to be up in the clouds and what not... but it's the same one God.. the One Infinite. The infinite