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  1. love is just seeing yourself everywhere love is being blind but seeing you are blind to seeing any other in love there is only yourself. love is union. the end of separation the end of you & I the end of Alex and SoonHei
  2. @Nahm amen. i shouldn't be placing you on a throne now, should I? will have to overthrow you anyhow
  3. @Nahm bruhhhhhh, never ever utter that S word to me again aite?? unsure even about what buttin in is lol but you da king!
  4. @Alex bliss indeed. gotta run the race on a circular track. the starting point is the ending point.
  5. @Angelite oh. not my image. just shared it. and map is never the territory indeed. awareness is not bounded whatsoever. it's infinite
  6. @Name you can create an infinite amount of infinities. __________ Line A there are an infinite number of points in Line A _____________________ Line B there are also an infinite number of points in Line B Line B is however a larger infinity... both are "infinite" yet Line B is a larger infinity... All, however, are sub-sets of ABSOLUTE INFINITY - Which is ONE, WHOLE, ALL-Encompassing, Everything. @Serotoninluv Love it
  7. @Alex bliss keep in mind. it's not that you're not the body / mind it's rather that you are the body / mind... AND everything else. You're not just the body/mind.
  8. Give up is what needs to happen... but not how you think... Give up your identification as the one who says To get enlightenment we must give up
  9. @AwakenedSoul444 serious question for you. if I am telling you it is permanant. you then ask a question how do I know... my answer to the how is not important. but let's assume, I give you the how I know that it is permament. can you see that it ultimately comes down to YOU deciding to either believe in or not believe in that answer? all I or anyone else can provide you is words, and answers. nothing tangible. the confirmation is by yourself. in the middle of the dessert, you are lost, you are thirsty. you meet me along the way and ask for water. I point you to the well. you do not see the well. you ask me how I know. i tell you I came from that direction and it is beyond the hills. i could be lying or i could be telling the truth. you believing in me telling the truth or not believing in me telling the truth does not give you the water. you must explore the directions provided to confirm it from yourself. no water bottles here only the well must be found to quench your thirst.
  10. as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he. whatever you like ma brotha you're totally free to believe in and thus create from that foundational belief. @AwakenedSoul444 how? direct experience + higher teachings of the master and a touch of faith, surrender and embrace also. this picture i made the source at the left side, that's eternally spewing out creation. the larges of that field is all encompassing single reality within which infinte amount of sub-relaties which are also infinte are born. the tiny dots are unrealized specs.. the star-like dots are specs/souls which have realized themselves to be part of the whole/source/ and are then able to create their own entire universe... again all within the absolute infinite source which is ONE and the Root/source of all else. heck - even the tiny unrealized dots are creating... but unconsiously. creation is your perfume. you're not without it. just like wetness and water go together but true conscious and powerful creation begins with realization of the self. directly. and even that then ultimately merges into the absolute source - and paradoxically, it's never not part of the absolute... but the final merger is a conscious merger and there's only then being IT - eternally, consciously. Satchitananda @Nahm featured you in there
  11. @AwakenedSoul444 yes. all parts are the self. and there will be an infinite number of more newer parts all are always and only the self. the part that sees out of awakenedsoul444's eyes is a different part. once this part merges back into the whole, it still maintains it's individuated place/position and continues on from there the constant hide and seek is definitely the case jesus was none other than you - he was self realized and now here's you who is not self realized. both you and jesus are none-other than the self but the self is infinite. there are already an infinite # of self-realized and also an infinte # of not-realized beings/souls... all are the self and only the self. but realize yourself and your soul will never be in ignorance ever again. you will become part of the infinite # of the realized souls while an inifinte # still await to join you all just a dream though
  12. @Mikael89 yes. you must learn and ascend up to that understanding... that's what is referred to as reincarnation - that implies into ignorance... but self-realization is total. final. complete. never lost. ever. get it done, and be done! yes, "you're already enlightened" IS TRULY the case... but just saying this line is not enough obviously. imagine if someone was in Canada and he thought he was in Australia... he asks someone for direction in Canada and he is told he is already in Canada but he doesn't believe it. or know it directly himself. he is still delusional but can you notice in this example how his not knowing that he's already in canada DOES NOT CHANGE THE FACT that he ALREADY is in Canada "ya ya... i am in "canada" he says... "now, please, tell me the directions to canada" HE MUST REALIZE HIMSELF that he is in Canada already so yes. you are already enlightened. but what does that mean? what does that imply? hmmmmm? YOU must REALIZE this for yourself !
  13. @AwakenedSoul444 when a kid first learns that there is no santa claus - does he wake up the next day and forget it again (he might in some cases) but once he fully gets it. does he again fall for the trick? it's like what happens next is a reflection of the understanding you hold. once aware of your true nature, what manifests next is in accordance with that understanding. the death of this body will not be the death of the enlightened one - enlightenment will be the final death. awareness does not need a body to be aware. it is self aware. a body appears inside of awareness. it is aware of experience via a body in this human experience. so that will change in other ways. but death of your body will not equal loss of what you know to be true. the santa aint real bruh!