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  1. the parasite asks how to starve the parasite (itself) nobody shoots themselves in the head...
  2. @David Hammond i cant breathe too well with the nose Breathing into/out of the belly from the mouth should be okay i suppose?
  3. @David Hammond could you explain this technique. how exactly does one watch the breath?
  4. @zeroISinfinity That's a good sign Enlightened folks contradict all the time. Why? Infinte freedom And also what @FoxFoxFox said as his reply to your statement
  5. @Aakash yes. Amazing eh This struck me too. It is amazing though haha. We have always ever only been talking to ourselves. But doing so. Knowingly... Shook my soul Although this is relative but an enlightened person speaking to another self realized person is prollly so epic. It's like u can knowingly high five/ hug urself.. another consious window. Amazing
  6. @Aakash yeyeyeyeyeyeyeyyeyeyee
  7. @Shin bro You an OG You alright. No need to say sorry... It doesn't make sense to apologize to your self
  8. @Salvijus Hahaha This one got me good lol @OmniYoga brah... Let's try it this way. How about... Instead of saying that "you're not the body", we say "you're not just the body... But you're also Everything else in your experience." Yes. You're not consious of the floor right now like you're consious of your body. But see also that you feel the floor also in the way you do with your body... as your feet are placed upon the floor, you feel the floor as much as you feel your feet. It is as if you are touching your thumb with your finger. You can alternate the awareness from thumb to the finger but you are also feeling them both simultaneously You're not just the body... You're Everything which means you are very much your body! And YOU are beyond it.
  9. @kieranperez i didn't find anything i could directly reference based on your post however, as per your title Is the universe just a mind/thought of God? yes. that can be said. it is the thought/mind of God materialized into ALL THIS/Existence. and also, "mind" "thought" "god" (yes, God also) these are just concepts/ideas - in that, there isn't anything like this in "real" so-to-speak... but yes, your title of this thread is a fair analogy and that's all it is at the end of the day, analogy. read it, get it, let it go kinda like that song. Breathe, Stretch, Shake, Let It Go Let it Go