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  1. This is likely what's preventing "you" from being enlightened... "Who" wants to get enlightened??? The `I' needs to vanish if "you" wish for that to happen
  2. explain ? how so? so dark side of meditation will result if it is being done "incorrectly" only? otherwise it wont happen? i know it's not a 100% that it will. but you seem to indicate that it can be avoided and is not random... do share.@Gabriel Antonio
  3. hmmm same thing i guess as when ppl who go to the next realm/breakthrough experience come back. they have got unfinished life here they want to complete. it may seem hellish while living it here on earth. but in the beyond they are "reminded" somehow that they agreed to live it and go thru it this exact way etc etc or in other words, they see that it's all a dream and are equipped with "cheat codes" so to speak which allows them to return and live a much better life than they had been living @Mikael89
  4. She had a near death experience. Was an atheist After a accident/surgery she "died" and came into heaven Was shown that she chose her life at earth Felt warm, welcomed, loved, and it was an experience she never had before During the accident, she had what she calls non dual consciousness where she saw thru her eyes laying pinned beneath the car and also from 70 feet distance from a 3rd person view she describes as "watching fighting for her life" Anyhow, she wrote a book and seems to be doing well She doesn't seem enlightened as in having realized no-self but is living what seems like an ego-enlightened life I feel in this way, one does then tresend to "heaven" as they saw during their near death experience after their natural physical death. And that can be their eternal life in "heaven" as the construct of this post-death reality would abide by rules since it would be powered by the "person's" deeply expected+believed concepts and expectations of what an eternal life in heaven is per common religious teachings.
  5. Wow this was amazing! Thank you To @ULFBERHT and whoever else may read this. Got a question which pops up about embodying this... About this... What if I want to travel the world and not worry about money? That's something which could be stopping me "right now" from doing it... Need to pay bills, etc... Sounds like living in the present to be super happy may be done by not having any desires... Then one can just be happy in the moment cuz nothing to do and rest comes from the understanding of this threads topic... Guess direct understanding of it will take care of the "financial" aspect of this issue...
  6. @Leo Gura I had a psychic accurately predict a few things for me. Isn't the strength/trueness of the "prediction" only as good as the predictee's belief in it?
  7. @Baotrader you're correct. Keep exploring, the understanding only goes deeper and then you become directly aware of the fact that there's no limit to it... It's a bottomless pit. Infinite.
  8. was listening to an audio tape of byron katie and in it, she was teaching a questioner by answering her inquiry repeatedly with "can you know for sure" or "can you really know?" or "how do you know that's true" is this what other teachers/gurus mean by ultimately realizing that we do not know anything? like if i think my gf has some issue with me or maybe doing something which i may not like - can i really know this is the case? until i see it with my eyes? or get a physical/visual proof of what i suspect to be true... until that happens, it's all just a thought or assumption which i "cannot know for sure" or "have no way of knowing if it's true" ? is that the solution to all/most of our problems... that we cannot know? and therefore, we should let go and not suffer the thought and deal with it when it happens to confirm itself infront of us? one thing about this is though what if someone suspected because there were "signs" or "symptopms" that their partner maybe cheating... but since they "cannot know for sure" they just choose not to investigate or worry... all the while the partner was infact cheating behind their back and due to the fact their partner never bothered to check up on them or try n catch them in the act or confront them - the cheating partner got away with it... am i generalizing here too much? does that "we cannot know" theory to let-go and see thru the issue only apply to very direct thought issues only and not to the issues of trust/cheating or something else?
  9. @Hellspeed all is possible within the absolute. no controversy raised. just one out of the infinite possibility stated @Nahm ummm... i am afraid i was/am speaking in duality terms @Flow With Life i am not sure how causality works or what it is TBH but our thoughts/beliefs/words create and define our reality - i was saying that based on this.
  10. ummmm in a nutshell, what i am saying is that one's beliefs about what will happen and what kind of world we live in determines where they are headed post "physical body death" also. i dont see anything wrong with ending up in a "reality" within the absolute after this human life where you can live forever in your human/whatever else form, eat, drink, mash, enjoy, party, not get sick, add any other positive perks - eternally all there is in that state is happiness in form - whats so bad about that? its like being rich, unable to die, no diseases, no worry about money, responsibilities or anything - all you got is happiness heaven is attainable - your definition of it and the path that your mind thinks will get you there matters the highest level is to transcend this all via seeing thru the illusion and just abiding as being which is supposedly infinitely better and more blissful those who dont know what sugar tastes like, another known substitute for it will suffice for them
  11. we all know the pointings of all the religious texts is towards this non-duality which is confused but investigating that further to find the true-er meaning... as bible/quran say that do good and then you will get heaven and live there eternally heaven = enlightenment / end of the Ego/personal self so once 'someone' gets enlightenment - will 'he/she' now eternally exist in that blissful state after the death of 'their' body? like when mooji or e.tolle's body physically dies in this world, their now 'awakened soul' will not re-attach to another human baby form or something and have to live out life? will that 'awakened soul' just exist (we cannot say what, but will it not be reborn again? live eternally in heaven that is) ? yes, i know before/after enlightenment - chop wood carry water. but wanted to explore this point. another thing is this, it seems "pointless" in a way that if in my current living life, i get enlightenment and then live out the rest of it in a non-dual state only then to be reborn as another human avatar and live a life of suffering again it does seem imperative that enlightenment should be the end of the illusory world finally, i also firmly believe that the mystical/magical/fairtale version of heaven is there to be had as well - if an abiding muslim prays 5 times a day, does good, harms no one, lives selflessly (while still in a egoic mind) i.e. does good deeds, isn't bad to anyone etc. then she/he will attain heaven after their 'death' just like a person experiences their respective beliefs during a psychedelic trip or during a near-death experience - same way upon the death of their physical body, they will experience something in line with their belief - a heaven with flowing rivers of milk, fruits, women, whatever gets you excited i believe that the ending of the personal self ego is the highest level but living out this life of illusion as a pious, kind person such that your soul/consciousness is not guilty and is at peace would equal to getting the next level of existence within the illusion and that would be heaven ... or hell if one holds that belief and they have done "wrong" according to them for which their soul is not at peace (eternal bad trip after death awaits those)
  12. @ajasatya yes. you got that right. Reality (or as I was saying metaphorically, the body) becomes conscious of Itself. a living ALIVE whole!
  13. i find i tend to live my life this way but maybe it has to be lived in a very authentic way for example, i mean, i am not sure if you're working, retired, well off such that you dont have to work or whatever but about the not worrying about the future part, how does that fit in? is that then the "law of attraction" wherein if you're not projecting thoughts/worry into the future, the universe will keep your positive/flow going on its own? like if you lost your job for example and have to pay the bills which will continue, by being in the moment and not worrying about the future how will that resolve? i suppose by being in the moment, the required action which must be taken arises "spontaneously " and that way the "future" is secured and you aren't worried about it in the "present" ? @Enlightenment also thank you for replying <3