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  1. @Serotoninluv wow i have yet to have the direct experience level of it. that must be wonky at first.. especially if no past comparison such in my case.. i have seen your posts elsewhere on the forum... i think i am the only one here or part of the minority when it comes to experiences with psychedelics... i only have w33d under my belt...
  2. hahaha lol @Flammable thank you for that. yes. i am starting to grasp the full implications of that slowly but surely the biggest one i have to "manually" take a step back and be away of... for example who is this "I" that says he is starting grasp it or the "i" who takes manually takes this step back step further: who is this questioner in the sentence above ^^ <3 love all'yall
  3. @111111 <3 indeed @Nahm llol thanks for that shake up there. #BACKTAWORK!
  4. @111111 good one also yeah, i checked today, the video addressing this is Leo's Halloween video, The Radical Implications of Oneness amazing! Leo was right. I may think I get it, until I truly get it! i understand now where and how this unconditional love comes from, i guess loving someone who has murdered your family member requires next level ego-transcendence and i am not there yet but i deeply can relate and feel empathy seeing and understanding how others are really me the person whom i hate the most is also me the homeless on the street is also me the guy who cuts me off in the lane is also me and so on... wow. what i also liked in the video is where Leo says to experience the whole of it, i have to let go of this current bubble which I think I am. the ego can't handle the truth as it's so profound that it must die upon the realization of it .
  5. @Rilles are you talking mainly about the fact that you are me and i am you and you are leo and you are @non_nothing and you are @Flammable ? is this the insight you had and deeply grasped? i had this insight last night, and it was amazing! and kinda sad as well in some aspects... makes me think about all the people i feel i may have wronged in life.. i rememeber being a 8 year old kid and slapping some 4 or 5 year old kid hard in the face just because i didnt like his older brother and nobody was around to see... i slapped that poor little me hard in the face oh man also, in my current job, i deal with worker injury claims... some of the claims are allowed, some are denied... the ones which are denied often end up not getting paid for the time they lost at work due to their injury because it didn't mean our guidelines... but it could have gone either way, to be allowed or denied. just sad to know that all of those workers are no different than who i am . they are literally me! i guess for now, i gotta accept what it is, it's an aspect of this job and that's really how it's gotta be to function well in this. i cant blindly allow all claims even though i maybe feeling deep love for them seeing that they are me! anyhow. epic stuff
  6. @non_nothing the REAL TRUE ONE SELF is the one seeing all that, the observer of it all?
  7. @111111 @Shakazulu sweet video. Thnx
  8. @winterknight I ask you this from the point of view of TRUTH When it is said, past present future all exist in the absolute simultaneously How is that so? I understand that the "whole of existence" is generated each moment by the SELF. But is this an understanding in the illusion which breaks down at the TRUTH level? That since there is only NOW What appeared to happen yesterday is now gone and won't be there again ? Thus no past/future. Only now. So again, NOW is only now. Not all of past/present/future together just there... ?
  9. Yes. But from the point of view from the blank canvas/self is where I was speaking from Yes, the content is also made out of itself, the canvat/self itself.
  10. So this explains how you are everyone and everyone is you! So I will outline in steps for you. 1. Consider right now the Thing which is looking out of your eyes right now (largely your visual field of you from your eyes) . That is the only thing in existence. With me so far? It is the only thing or intelligent being which exists. This is the only LIFE which there is. Right now what makes up Anam is this blank canvas of Life which starts off completely empty. Then bits by bits prices and memories are attached and remembered and your body and behaviour is conditioned. That blank canvas is what you are and you are everywhere, behind everything, behind each eye looking out of not just humans but all living animals on earth, in the galaxy, in the entire infinite universe. 2. Now understand that the thing looking out of someone else's eyes is precisely the same thing! It is literally the same "you" which you consider yourself to be right now but all life and memory replaced by the another's life, the same canvas just colored differently!!! I think leo recently made a video about this too but I didn't grasp this fully then. Wow. Amazing!
  11. @Shakazulu i am sure there must be. We are likely not in tune with them for the majority of us
  12. @Shakazulu hmmm interesting I'd like to know more about this. What other sense do we have?? Anyone with experience know? Hmm. I am thinking out loud about this as I write it.... Unsure if reality is limited to "senses" If reality is infinite then there must be infinite senses? I just got this answer as I was writing and I think it might be correct We as humans have 6 senses. Reality as a whole would be infinite in that category also.
  13. Wow yes. @Benoit Jazy no free will. But Note that as the ego, don't get tied down into the no free will and drop your life. You put in the effort and get the result and the culmination it would have all been spontaneous and no chooser. But until then, gotta keep walking