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  1. @Michael Paul of course was speaking from the relative perspective. you can never go meta-reality which is why it is TRULY impossible to talk about but you can understand via analogy... how nothing changes but everything changes!
  2. @Serotoninluv the answer is 12 centimeters
  3. AS ABOVE, SO BELOW Indeed. Infinite zoom in/out. Thus that saying: Center everywhere, Circumference nowhere
  4. @Michael Paul on a film set, does the actor have TOTAL CONTROL before or after the director says CUT! or is it ONLY the actor who was ever in control... both in real and for the character he was playing?
  5. yes. it is just a set/agreed upon unit what is stopping you from saying 1/2 a plank lenght or 0.00001 of a planck length? i suppose you equate or understood plank lenght to be a "physical" limit of a smallest possible container/unit for reality... and no, that isn't the case it really does go down forever... like maths/numberline... it is infinite! PIE is infinte! the spiral nature of the sun-flower seeds and many other things having the spiral ratio which they are made/grow do is that way because mathematically that ratio with which the spiral spirals down leaves no room for empty space/separation in between. nature is infinite! next time you watch fireworks, imagine that as a big-bang happening and a new mini-universe inside our universe being born time works in this sense also. kinda like how they show in movies / ant-man etc that the large giants move sloowwwwllyyyy and slo-mo when a POV of a tiny fly/insect is taken. that's why a lot of the times, even if you try to swat fly.. no matter how quick, you can often miss it.. it sees you coming from miles away oh and that's how time is when zoomed out from above... the 1 YEAR of earth spinning around the Sun = to a million years for someone at a higher dimenion above zooming into us... it is like us looking at an atom with the neutron spinning a billion times per second around the nucleus INFINITE!
  6. @Aerial because only the suuuper-doooper cool threads are featured
  7. if an actor is playing a part in a movie of a character who has depression, is poor and his life circumstances are going from bad to worse... the moment the actor knows who he really is - are any of those problems still an issue for HIM or are they then a non-issue for HIM the problems are the character's issue - and what enlightenment shows you, beyond all doubts and directly, is that YOU are not the character. YOU are NOT @AlphaAbundance so, the issues (piratical issues) do not go away for the character/alphaabundance if bills need to be paid in the movie, they will still need to be paid... YOU just realize WHO-YOU-ARE and thereby not suffer... you must still however continue to chop wood and carry water
  8. @AlphaAbundance yo ma nikka <3 that post was locked for a reason. just know that at the TRUE/REAL highest state - it is not boring or suffering. The true highest state is beyond all that. so, that poster was simply under the delusion of being at the highest state when he/she clearly was not with that being said, most of your questions in this thread would now seem insignificant... also, there's a saying, "attaining Love is not easy... One must drown in a River of Fire to get there" the reward lies at the destination... and the reward makes it all worthwhile... so much so, that you would do it all again without the slightest second-thought (if you'd have any thoughts at that point to begin with )
  9. This isn't about dissolving, or getting rid of anything. It isn't about getting rid of your conditioning, or your dislikes, or your bad habits, or your addictions. Conditioning, preferences, addictions are simply as they are .. everything is as it is .. they're just not mine or yours.
  10. Realize that _the YOU_ who "wakes up" is already & was ever-awake. So, that means YOU're _awake_ right Now! and the one who asks the question about how to wake up... Well that's not YOU. That's the Ego-Mind. YOU're very much identified with the voice in Your head (Ego-Mind) but that voice isn't YOURS. YOU're really only _aware_ of that voice, but are currently also mis-identified with it. Wrongly presuming YOU're the thinker of the thoughts... See for Yourself! Can YOU know what the next thought is going to be? And if you claim that you do, then isn't YOUR _knowing of the next thought_ simultaneous with its appearance before YOU? 🙃 And the one who claims to know or not-know the next thought, is _itself_ a thought! - which is a voice in the "head"... And you already know, that voice's not YOU!
  11. @tsuki is a thought! And here it is having an experience Ego is nothing but a thought... You tell me, does Tuski have an experience?