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  1. Inevitable. It's by design. It's actually not "paradoxes" until we start defining it and breaking it down. All definitions exist with their opposite. You call a certain movement "up", you create the opposite, "down" And so on. Paradoxes because it all loops in on itself...
  2. The awakened sleeper. Learning to lucid dream.
  3. @Nak Khid bruh... robot-cows not allowed, but DAYYUM
  4. Truth is what seeks thru the eyes of the seeker the more you search the more you weaker can one ever find oneself via looking thru a telescope? i guess if it curves and bends in space-time and comes from behind you looking into the telescope or some mirror reflecting. BUT not directly never
  5. @ivankiss false. the cow never really jumped. the chicken flew below it giving it an appearance of cow-jumping. cows don't have wings, how can they jump? you see. it's so subtle. you can't escape it. the mind likes to think it does or doesn't know... and comes up with replies like: "i have no idea, honestly." because it gives it peace... of "not-knowing" when the truth of the matter is much simpler if we pay attention... cow's don't fly... it's a riddle almost but the paradox of it nullifies it.
  6. you're enlightened huh? why did the cow jump over the chicken?
  7. @Cyrene yes. you can get to that level whereby you can be consciously creating each moment of your life. frame by frame. your conscious-level needs to have expanded enormously for that. as @dimitri said, the script writes itself you are the one-script, the more you realize this, the more you return to your author-like qualities/power and the more the script, writes a script in which the one from whose POV this one-script is looking becomes the shot-caller and conscious creating center. ultimately, your entire eternal experience will become one unending lucid dream... will you ever kill yourself in a lucid dream? you be the decider. it is eternal, and you will never again lose your lucidity. eternal creation and beautification of the endless worlds you will give birth and rise to
  8. Who is it, that is trying to be me? Who can make such an attempt and never succeed... No effort is needed to be me. All effort and energy is wasted. Already All and already One. Already whole. You slow down your walking as you gain weight... Be light... Be like light. Has no mass and you will reach infinite speeds. Be at all points in zero time. Don't pick any fruits... Don't buy any clothes. Less is more. Less is a lot more. Nothing is eternal. Just window shop. Just watch the show.
  9. @zeroISinfinity
  10. 27 pages of posts confirming solipsism is true... self talking to itself... unable to digest this solipsistic truth
  11. @zeroISinfinity haw you doin' babey???
  12. agreed. the concept or idea of it certainly is. you cannot choose to do or or be desireless because YOU are DESIRELESSNESSS itself. it's another name for you. it is being centered in your very being, each moment. and the rest of it gets taken of automatically and more magically than ever before. like a flower grows, so does your body. you will eat, drink and breath as needed when centered in your being. much better than before even the center of the hurricane is calm, still, unmoving and peaceful and it accomplishes the whole of the system just perfectly