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  1. @Peo why? are they asking and questioning what it is that you do in your day to day living? if not. then just kill your own need or want to tell them about this. just keep doing your thing. if you need help and support you got us here.
  2. lol agreed 100% #BeenThereDoneThat @Peo this right here bro. ^^^
  3. @PretentiousHuman you are not separate from the present moment to say, i am the present moment - there are 2 things. you and the present moment. but there is only ONE thing. imagine a cake, where there is writing in frosting which reads, I AM THE CAKE the frosting/writing and the rest of the cake... IS ONE THING. so yes, with that understanding in mind, you can "say" I AM THE PRESENT MOMENT
  4. @yangmilun yes. dropping the concepts will allow you to see that it is "simply all this" just the way it is. before and prior to you or anyone asking HOW. it is. a good way to think about the pin point present moment / NOW is by looking at your dreams when you dream at night. you just remain the center point from which you perceive all events in the dream. when you wake up and reflect on what happened. you will find that all of that dream world, people in it and your body+mind appearing in it, was all ONE DREAM. One single dream construct. and it was perceived by YOU as the watcher of the dream outside of it... and also intimately inside of it. the sand/particles/mind matter which made up the dream... you can use many other names. but instead, see that it is ONE construct. ONE Thing. only the NOW appears .
  5. @yangmilun yes. now taking this a step forward and as @Shin was suggesting... where is this "past" and "future" ? there is only the NOW happening NOW past/future are just concepts. there is only the present moment. your tv does not hold the beginning of the movie in a certain place, and the end of the movie. all stages of the movie appear in the now and like that all of life happens NOW
  6. @yangmilun yes. You're right. But now take it a step further... as @Shin said, where are the future and past occurring? There is only the present moment / NOW.
  7. "time" (change) does exist for you... the you i am referring to here is yangmilun you go to sleep at a certain time, and wake up at another you maybe go to work from 9 to 5 or school... time is synonymous to you living life when it is said, time does not exist. it is not referring to yangmulun... it is referring to YOU (the real YOU, the one who is aware, consciousness) to give an example, when you're watching a movie, you can pause, rewind, forward it... the time in the movie does not effect your time in any way or form... a week can go by in a movie that you're watching... and it will take 2 hours for you... so when it is said, time does not exist. it is for the ultimate observer of everything and that is consciousness. for it, there is only the present moment occuring. just like for you watching a movie, you only watch the movie at the current moment/scene... you can rewind or forward it... but you will only watch whatever is currently playing (start, middle, end of the movie) all appear on the screen in the present moment.
  8. @PretentiousHuman yes. sure... but not "nothingness" not the concept / label of nothingness... what do you think of when you say nothingness? if you are thinking of something (which you likely are) then that isn't it. just a quick knowing, that what you are cannot be grasped mentally or by any word/label. the word being used here is nothingness... but it could also have been emptiness... or blankness.... or even, wioefjwioeness point is. what exactly does knowing i am nothingness do for you? you're simply reading the restaurant menu by saying/knowing i am nothingness to truly get this, you must order the item from the menu and taste it. i.e. directly experience yourself
  9. @Nahm yeah. Pretty cool channel for general information and good spread of info to wide audience. And guess they only tally it with their current paradigm of course @Charlotte bless up <3
  10. This channel on YouTube makes great scientific videos. This is their latest upload. Pretty decent. Wanted to see their take on Consciousness. Pretty good but infinitely far...
  11. @Highest indeed <3 thanks broo... keep getting high... then higher... and then you reach the highest
  12. @Shaun If everything else is an illusion, why does Leo make videos? short answer. movies are not real (illusion) - they are still made.
  13. @Highest cannot be described by any words/sounds/pictures i am myself. i just am. i am like a property... rather than a thing kinda like, how a flower has a fragrance... or a sound is heard... hearing.. smelling.. is hearing a thing? can you point to hearing? likewise, awareness is a common word used for myself... but it is again a word/label. i am this all aware property.
  14. @Highest thanks <3 I am the reader. but I am the cloud raining down the answer as I am the reader.