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  1. @SamC I definitely do have unsatisfied love needs, which projects onto the other person. Dunno yet how to get around that.
  2. @Nahm Do you have a way/method/guidance for such explorations?
  3. @Nahm Thank you! I used the "jealous person" for a lack of better words to describe that the "myself" experiences feelings of jealousy so much less than the people I know. There is definitely identifying with the emotions - jealousy, in this case, is interpreted as a lower emotion, something that should be overcome, that an advanced/conscious person shouldn't even be experiencing (what I'm striving towards).
  4. I still can't understand this. I don't consider myself a jealous person in general, but I do notice seldom occasions where I do in fact experience such feelings. Where do they come from? It pokes my eyes how incredibly narrow and constricting the feeling is. It gets in the way, or the texture is as such. I notice the exact moment it cuts the blood flow of the love I feel towards a person. The jealousy doesn't depend on the depth of intimacy - I experience it towards complete strangers as well. But why? It's also incredibly biased and hypocritical - I feel a pang from something that a person does, for example, but me doing the exact same thing is absolutely not a problem and shouldn't evoke feelings of jealousy whatsoever. At least I've overcome most of it - but it still lingers. Why? Thanks for your input.
  5. @flowboy damn u were a fierce flow boy!
  6. im glad you're doing the work you're making the world better even if you don't see it
  7. Whoospie... Sounds like you're doing good, except for the fact that you're contriving too much. The true outcome independence is letting go - and that's the most attractive thing. Zero pretensions. This is where game comes full-circle and you stop thinking and go into full flow to become whole. From what I've read I think you're familiar enough with it to go into these stages of game. Contemplate your "bro-code". Is there something you fear? and for the gamey comments: Let go of the girl completely. She is backpacking and a 9/10. Letting go doesn't mean not sending her a text or something, it just means let go of your mental relationship to her. It will do good for the potential encounters and the ensuing relationship. You fucked up the goodbye. Amazing encounters should end with both of you feeling great and it being completely unnecessary to say anything cerebral - maybe spontaneously breaking into a hug and a kiss. Consider expressing yourself more - this girl obviously meant things to you. Why not tell her that? Instead you uttered "honestly sexy" ;( that's the key point of this encounter. express yourself. tell people stuff. genuine and authentic comments won't make people recoil and shrink. if something meant a lot to you, then say it.
  8. @Peter Miklis the assumption is that semen retention would lead him to align his life and thus fix the problems. it can lead to other problems though, if not approached correctly (eg the nofap community). jizzing all around is very cringe and you are dishonest if you don't see how masturbation is a cope. what's cope is that you think that abstaining from something means "working on something". and the biggest cope is that you dedicate the time out of your very short lifespan into fucking your hand. why not fuck some beautiful girls instead? wish you all the best
  9. @Peter Miklis why would a person need to "rub one out"? and then "focus on important things"? this dude hasn't watched porn for half a year (and perhaps hasn't masturbated at all, unclear in the post) and you advise him to rub one out. that's cringe and cope.
  10. @Peter Miklis cringe and cope. consider what you write before posting. @Hardkill Those peeks and stuff are part of the journey don't think about them at all. good that you didn't go back into the habit, not even once, that means you did it really clean. Now that you're 6 months in, I'd advise against keeping track of how long you didn't partake in that activity. Integrate it into your lifestyle. Become a person who is free from it - identity-based habits are considered to be the strongest ones. As for watching it again, that's the porn mind speaking. Why isn't the sexual frustration leading you towards getting a girl? Porn and masturbation is like salty water. Use your sexual energy to work on yourself and to attract a woman.
  11. Did they say not seductive energy? or is that your interpretation? I'm gonna let someone else comment the texts you sent. Good that you made a gap between messaging. Todd V is a goldmine and the only quality dating coach that I know of at the moment. Any specific problem you have, he probably has a video on it. Your body language should be telling all of the things you "stated". You have the balls to approach a girl. That separates you from most men - and is not that common of an occurence during the day. In my culture it's still not a common thing so for a lot of girls I've approached I'm their first - why the fuck would you need to state that you're not there to be their "friend" - if you're attracted to them it will ooze from you. Commenting that you find them attractive might work subtly and as an opener but is de facto giving your power away and-or maybe killing sexual tension. Best of luck in your endeavours.
  12. too explicit. i think anyone and everyone would flake like this. practice subtler forms of communication. a frame that has to be overtly asserted is a weak frame. what did u write in your messages? how much time passed between saying bye and sending them the messages?
  13. @Runtz I don't think I've done 2000 cold approach sets. Making an analogy to chess - playing chess is having fun, analyzing your games is where the growth happens. Of course you can build skill with brute-forcing it, but that's not so efficient. balance 20% theory and then go and do massive action - but try and make it nuanced. Check how different openers mean different reactions and sets and outcome of sets and how some are just plain bad. Rejection doesn't mean the girl rejected you - she rejected the way you played. Never take the rejections personally. Doesn't mean you won't cry though. But if you are willing to go through it, of course you're gonna make it. The problem though is that I believe you need to work on your inner game before approaching girls. It can be hard and harsh and having a negative mindset going into it not only means that it will feed your confirmation bias, learned helplessness and maladaptive attribution styles, but that you will bring in the rejection with you. It's a vicious circle.
  14. @Eternal Unity I am just concerned about the medication you're taking because it's way more harmful than helpful. I cannot preach that over the internet though, it would be too irresponsible. Please research the history and social context of neuroleptics and their mechanisms of action. I've had multiple clinically relevant struggles and episodes (psychosis and hypomania) and I "recovered" (nothing to recover from, it comes and it goes just like everything) naturally. Wish you the best!!!!!!!!