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  1. The living being only being assumed out of appearance, of course
  2. And each time you peel off a layer, You find another layer, Until all the layers are peeled off, And then what do you have but nothing... Nothing...
  3. It can be so painful at times. How does one not resort to coping with all that pain?
  4. I am so retarded. I always thought no pain would be a blessing.
  5. first of all, congrats on all your successes and efforts. your physique is truly amazing like others said, I think it's time to get spiritual with your achievement capability, you can also contribute SO much (all these things you already did is, for example, something I struggle to do, so please, appreciate yourself for that) to mankind. Just merely by existing I think you can inspire a lot of people in their 20s. Personal development got inundated with man-children bullshitters. This is where you can come in. At one point the line between "selfishness" and "selflessness" blurs out. The dilemma just disappears. The love we feel just becomes so grand that the giver and the one that receives melt into one. The joy of giving starts to trump any leftover sense of self-concern we have. Once we realise how overflowing and abundant our cup is, there is no more impulse to withhold. May you quickly arrive at this state. And thank you.
  6. Made me chuckle so much x) all with your profile picture thank you
  7. "sexy" is a word too sexual for cold approach, especially daygame (it could work in a nightclub) There are ways to communicate that someone is sexy without being so blunt. The most direct I've been in daygame is "Hi. I like how you look. I want to / would like to meet you" Keep in mind that you can set the intent and make the interaction man-to-woman wihout ever verbally expressing it. Now that's sexy.
  8. Nah, you are a man, you don't need to be consciously or subconsciously "aware" that you are attractive, you only need to be purified of "not-worthy-of-being-wanted" sentiments.
  9. "When disturbing thoughts arise simply say "I love you" to them all. This will disempower them and reveal their insubstantial nature. When we love everything that arises in the mind equally, then we love the entire world!"
  10. Aye. How is this then different from what you are teaching? I understand the part where the spiritual traditions are imaginary and I think I get what you are pointing to, but you cannot discredit them on the sole basis of that. There are living Mahayana and Vajrayana practitioners with crazy high levels of attainment. How come you think it's not a legit method for awakening?