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  1. beautiful report!! thank you so much for writing this.
  2. I wholeheartedly hope this will be of use to you. http://www.siddharthasintent.org/assets/King-of-Aspiration-Prayers.pdf with metta, Kshantivadin
  3. A quarter of moda got me in a psychosis can't wait to get my hands on it again
  4. @VerballyHazardous Proud of you to have the wisdom to tell the people you reached out to how they should help you. hahahaha
  5. Don't get too attached to experience! many facets of awakening
  6. I've only had glimpses and this was so radical that I'm still having trouble grounding myself. How do I take care of my body now? How do I chill out from the work? hahahahaha. My mind keeps going back to contemplating this, disregarding the relative aspects of life. Luckily, this time I am wise enough to sleep and eat.
  7. @Pookie @justfortoday And it must be infinite?
  8. Please share your wisdom about these experiences. I've had them for a long, long time but never paid attention to them. I see something, and I don't feel like I've dreamed about it or something, I feel like I've already experienced this. Sometimes I know exactly what is going to happen as it unfolds, because I "already lived it / have a memory of it". I am so confused about this because it's shattering my worldview.
  9. You need psychedelic assistance for your ignorance lol @Preety_India do you kill mosquitoes? or bugs?
  10. "My personality" is a concept. "My condition" is a concept. Your post has a painful amount of victim mentality in it. Yes, it hurts, a lot of things hurt here. First noble truth brother. Please take responsibility for your mind ASAP. The mind can be trained. Does that not inspire you? Maybe you need to see something really beautiful to open you up. Reality is so much more.
  11. Vision. Have such an inspiring vision for your circumstances, mind purification, state of consciousness, that the reality you live in right now is just one of the stepping stones to another life. You literally don't have to live this kind of life. What do you want? Remind yourself that if your mind were purified, you'd already live an amazing life, right there where you are, right now.
  12. You can just fuck girls without "liking them". Why do you feel bad after hook-ups? If having a loaded gun makes you needy, you're doing something wrong.
  13. Nevermind the metaphysics behind it, you're not manifesting the reality you want obviously. I'd say the mistake is your left-brain mathematical approach to social interactions. Combine that with low energy and nerdiness and of course they'll get weirded out.
  14. I am a long way from realizing Oneness. I do have lots of experience with girls though. Not one got weirded out by me cold approaching her in a 3rd world country.
  15. Can you please elaborate? Why do you think girls would get weirded out by you approaching them?