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  1. Spirulina tablets (if u use Amazon buy from so part of order goes to a charity of your choice). Spirulina has been demonstrated in repeated experiments to have a real significant positive effect on nasal decongestion from allergies.
  2. Thank you very much for this project. It's of great benefit to me.
  3. Each person is different My opinion is that the vast majority of people are built more for monogamy Those who deride polyamory outright are simply imposing their own experiences onto others Polyamory can serve a person very well It's simply about being self-honest and navigating life in a healthy way for you
  4. Just wanted to express some appreciation for Leo and the dedication to assisting others. I've recently watched some of the more popular youtube "critiques" of him and explored the comment sections as well. I'm feeling great compassion for the man as I see him being misunderstood by many individuals. Love you Leo!