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  1. I said so called human. I am sorry but you have no idea what are you talking about mam. Just thoughts, thoughts and more thoughts. Insisting on something or your right is your problem.
  2. Well as you see, you are not absolute now, just so called human being. Therefore still trying to explain, which has a purpose again.
  3. The purpose of what you write above is explanation. Even breathing purpose is survival. İt doesn't strength the "i". Thinking associates it, not the purpose.
  4. What you write has a purpose, isn't it? İf not, why do you write?
  5. İ experience what you say on psychedelics. However, psychedelics are just experiences and toughts. Mind is still active. İsn't it?
  6. Surrendering and letting go is the key. Meditation is the path to silence. Good for you brother 😁
  7. When there is no mind, there is no individuality. Mind and you are a memory.