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  1. Thats what enlightenment is. So called mind doesn’t come back. Suffering ends. This is death. There is no creation. If you dont think nothing never happens. You can read thousands of book, listen all the gurus, if there is no direct realization, it wont make sense for you as right now for you. Guys this is not trying to prove as “i” am better . No. This is the truth. Even if you like it or not like it. It has nothing to do with “me”. Just the Truth. When so called death comes, which is real for you, let go everything as deep sleep, otherwise you will get destroyed till nothing left, which is real You. Ego doesn’t leave nicely. Read these sentences because you are going to need it maybe not now but sooner or later and these sentences will help you to surrender. ❤️👍🙏
  2. No brother really not. Just trying to help. Seriously. Nothing to prove. ❤️ Whatever makes you happy brother. @Adamq8@SpiritualAwakening@Inliytened1 much love ❤️
  3. Brother just read properly. Either “you” or you. Same. Just read the sentences. Definitely ego doesn’t like it, it wants to search, experience, be alive vs vs. 😀 but the source is inevitable for the ego, sooner or later 😀 Love you guys❤️😀😀
  4. It has never began. 😀 You are already what you are and where you are as always been. Not even moved. See this is the trap people hold on to. There is no mind, infinity or God is the knowledge that comes from so called mind. You think you have a mind that actually can understand, learn and experience even as God. No it is not. Because, being pure is thoughtlessness, or not being identify with thought process. Because if you are not identify with thoughts there is no thoughts. Thats why enlightenment or god can not be experienced, or realize, can just “be”. Thats why you don’t remember before birth, because you were just being. But identification with the thought process so called created you, infinity or universe. But when realization happens that there were just thoughts. You realize that nothing has never happened. In order to get this, thoughtlessness must take place for long time during so called day. Than “you” disappear as so called sleep or before birth. And thats enlightenment, freedom, nirvana, the source. Love you too❤️😀
  5. Yes you are right. Definitely. Just trying to mention that enlightenment has nothing to with an “I”. Therefore, there is no such a thing as, i am more awaken than you are or you are more awaken than me. Sorry for not using proper English. Thanks. 🙏👍 When there is no identification with thoughts, the so called self has no bough to hold on to. And thats freedom. End of searching comes with realization of self, happening, experiencing, enlightenment or universe vs vs was never there, rather than thought process. Even saying thought to “thought” is an identification. So there is no word for it, because there is no such a thing as word.
  6. Mind can never be free if “mind” doesn’t be dropped. There is no mind nor you. Good luck! Peace!
  7. This is the sentence. You dont need to lie. Thank you for exposing your being, ego covered up in God ideas. The man who says this or even talks as if awakening is a real thing and not something used to give perspective has only found what he was looking for, and what you have been looking for can NEVER be THAT. 😂when i drops, is there any mind left? You are funny brother. 😃❤️ 😀👍❤️🙏✊
  8. There are moments of oneness with the Beloved, absolutely ecstasy and bliss. That is nothingness. And this nothingness loves you, responds to you, fulfills you utterly and yet there is nothing there. You flow out like a river without diminishing. Irina Tweedie (Sufi Master)
  9. Realization of birth, universe, life or life has never happened, rather than thought process not even, and you are already what you are and where you are as always been.
  10. What is your favorite thing to watch? Watch them as it, as a movie, including thought that says “dont listen to the thoughts “, till silence takes place. Mind will get tired.
  11. Nothing has ever happened. And thats Nirvana, thats enlightenment. Papaji. Good luck brother! Peace! 🙏
  12. believe whatever makes you happy. It actually doesn’t really matter. Lol Because enlightenment has nothing do what you are or Leo talking about. You can believe anything you want, experience, have fun, vs vs. however if you think that you have born, are alive and in universe right now, instead of thought process, it has nothing to do with enlightenment, it is just a fantasy. When enlightenment happens the duality, universe or self collapses. Not arguing just showing what is the Truth. Dont get offended. Lol. Does truth really hurt ego that much?
  13. Lol. but when realization happens that birth, duality, self, enlightenment is just a thought process (not even), and you are already what you are and where you are as always been, there is no one to take dmt and no such a thing as dmt to experience anything. Thats why not knowing is not an ideology. When there is not knowing, “you” dont know what not knowing is. 😂😂😂
  14. Hey brother ❤️ The point is When there is not knowing, there is no such a thing as knowing or not knowing, duality or non duality, nothingness or thingness, being or not being . As before so called birth. Just take an example as you never learn anything, including yourself, what is left?