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  1. This is an egoistic movement, which mean is someone who is thinking about that jumping on the bridge and doing it. Path of the spirituality is realization of that there is no such a thing as thinker. So when you realize that there will be you to suicede. Suiciding is based on purpose, path on enlightenment is letting go of the all purpose. Sorry for your but it has nothing to do with spirituality. Additionally, people in this form DO NOT TAKE PSYCHEDELICS, WHICH WILL MAKE YOU BE A GOD, OR LOVE, GOING SOME BETTER PLACE, Or BEING INFINITE. ENLIGHTENMENT HAS NOTHING TO WITH ANY OF THAT. Your entire expectations will be destroyed when enlightenment happens. Psychedelics are just an illusion. Not even close to truth. Enlightenment is letting go the person who take psychedelics, all experiences , which are daily or under influence of psychedelics. You let go entire universe thats it.
  2. No you are not imagining anything. Nothing is happening. What can be beyond of not knowing? But ego mind likes to search, can never compherend, but once it happens, there will be no such a thing as mind. You will be right where you are as always been not even started, began, born.
  3. ??It is impossible for a man to learn what he thinks he already knows. Epictetus
  4. @Thought Art you are imagining yourself too through thinking, and realization of that is enlightenment. After that there will be no you to imagine, imagination and you becomes identical. Therefore there is no such thing as imagination or you.
  5. Being person is just a thought as these sentences. Everything is identical because everything is nothing. Therefore there is no such a thing as thought or person. So you seem that way because you come with thinking which is ego or mind, identification and naming and labeling. Because “you” “think”. However, so called mind can never comprehend no self, therefore enlightenment is the breaking point.
  6. ?? what level is ego consciousness, what level is high consciousness and low consciousness? Can you make a scheme? ???
  7. If you dont have a thought about sensation or feeling, what will be sensation and feeling?
  8. No. It is easy, ones you let go yourself, it becomes like falling of from cliff. It is all based on how much is important your life or yourself for you? Thats it.
  9. If the flexibility opens up a thread as NON DUAL solipsism. No thanks. Lol.
  10. When the thoughts ends, You find Yourself. Whatever you say is just an illusion , none of them is true and will happen.
  11. @Fran11 solipsism comes from “I”. But there is no such a thing as “I” therefore “solipsism “.
  12. Impossible. It is like pilling of the skin and after that excepting the skin to be recover as before.