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  1. lol definitely brother Specially when they get angry, telling them that they are too cute, they get more angry lol
  2. How can you carry the illusion? you added it thats why it is an illusion, drop of the illusion, and be your real self. I am just what i am. Which mean is you think you know more than them. And go look at the mirror.
  3. Just take 3-4 tabs of lcd or 10 gr dries shrooms. Stop complaining about what people do and start to walk on your path. After that trip you will be fixed
  4. Enlightenment is the purpose of life for human being. Enlightenment is not real for people (who are enlightened). Because after enlightenment you realize that there is no person to get enlightened. Person, world, life, universe, complete duality was completely illusion. Additionally, after enlightenment everyone becomes enlightened, everyone jokes that they dont know what they really are and they are holding so called them identity or duality . Which is funny and cute Much love
  5. These are all your ego’s self security words. When you face with awakening or in death, i will see you you are afraid. Dont be. Be free. Be everyone.
  6. Hey guys. I remembered that leo was talking about 2 orthodox Christian mathematicians that they have realized infinite and nothingness one of his episode. After they couldn’t accept it (however, they did find and accept with mathematics) because they were hard core christians. Does anyone know which video or episode was that? Thanks.
  7. Brother you are not even alive or exist. You are nothing and infinite. Just dreaming any dualities with so called separate sensations, feelings, thoughts, visiuals vs.
  8. As soon as you realize that having a unconscious or anxious reaction just be aware and laugh at your ego. anytime brother