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  1. some are person some are Sheppard some are mirrors
  2. @Derek White nicely done! indeed. choice-less awareness yup. there is only the self. the self in the flow or out of flow is a label / distinction like the famous duck and the rabbit optical illusion picture. calling it a DUCK or a RABBIT is a label. that picture, whatever it is prior to you calling it a duck or a rabbit IS THE SAME so the 'duck', and the 'rabbit' are same. @seeking_brilliance 33
  3. my 2 cents both @Leo Gura & @winterknight do not ultimately disagree on what the TRUTH is... it is just the talk about how to utilize this realization. with Leo, he talks about the knowledge of your real self as out of this world (like a dreamer to his dream) and in that knowing, working towards actualizing yourself - all of which is really still an illusion, but it's the betterment and GOOD with a capital G as Leo says it, for YOUR world. with WKnight, he talks about things as they are. as they really ultimately are. no do-er. no here, no there, no God. because what is God... isn't God = to what Leo talked about in his latest video... saying there is a God is like 1+1 = 3 yes, KNOWING what God is pointing to is key. that is a pointer to the TRUTH. and that, i think is the dance which is happening here.
  4. @CultivateLove yes. the hammer onto the hand... you jumping off a building... or drinking drain cleaning fluid are much more concrete beliefs... in fact, those might as well be called laws as far as this discussion around 11:11 / flat earth is concerned. the power placed in seeing 11:11 or seeing 444 or many other combinations do not inherently mean anything other than the one placing the power and his/her belief in that. call these "superstitions" the ones who believe in them, it is their reality the ones who do not, are free of their effects like having a black cat cross the road in-front of you = bad luck in India or stepping on a crack on the sidewalk = your mother's back will break
  5. @CultivateLove if you start watching documentaries about flat earth with enough seriousness and an open enough mind, it will start to become a reality for you. if you start watching conspiracy theories with enough seriousness and an open enough mind, it will start to become a reality for you. keep in mind, when I say a reality for you, I really do mean that. a reality! whatever your definition of a reality maybe, it will be that for you - REAL! so it is not the object of your focus, study, research, interest which has the power but YOU DO! everything is a seed and your attention gives that seed energy to blossom and grow into a reality so if you think 11:11 means nothing - it will not. if you start reading and watching videos about the power of 11:11 with enough seriousness and an open enough mind, it will start to become a reality for you YOU CHOOSE!
  6. @Beginner Mind like flying a kite high in the sky when the kite is in the sky, it might this it is doing all the actions. moving/swaying in the wind as you bring the kite back down and reel it back in. the kite sees it was a puppet and the real do-er was the kite flyer. in the freedom of non-doership, there also comes the true freedom of doing whatever you like! once you know as your true place as the kite flyer, you can fly the kite as high as you like!
  7. @Ibn Sina NONDUAL peace in every moment of your life happens when you absolutely let go and thus absolutely accept the circumstance. you must understand what it is you're asking for here. this would mean being in total peace while your house just burned down. in other words, you absolutely dis-identify with circumstance of life happening to a 'you' and come to the knowing that you are not OF this world, but are OUT of this world and are only looking IN.
  8. @Truth Addict stop looking for the glasses around your house, they are on your face! stop overlooking them!
  9. @Meditationdude if you feel ready, taste the sugar brother
  10. @Meditationdude you do not need to worry about being left behind. be at peace knowing that you are exactly where you need to be. ergo - no left behind or having to worry about being left behind in a comparative sense no absolute statements means that there is no LAW or only only ONE way something is to be done. you can have growth is many other ways. there is no ONE SIZE FITS ALL. and what I meant was, you can choose to and start believing in something which in turn becomes a tangible reality for you. for example, there are people who believe that if they step on a crack while walking on the sidewalk, their mother will injure/break her back. this is NOT an absolute LAW of the universe... but for someone who deeply believes in it, it can become a reality... or lead them to lose their peace if they accidentally step on a crack while walking... so if you believe that ONLY via psychedelics is there any growth possible, then that's what will be the case for you, because YOU believe in it! YOU can turn any statement into an absolute statement, but ONLY for Yourself. the only LAW there is, is that YOU have the power to make your reality.
  11. there is no "left behind" in eternity there are also NO ABSOLUTE STATEMENTS which are true No advanced growth possible without psychedelics that's an absolute statement oh, and be cautious. YOU can turn any statement into an absolute statement, but ONLY for Yourself.
  12. love it @zeroISinfinity
  13. @Peo it is groundless. i.e. understanding / depth has no bound. Limitless. It goes deeper, without bound. Infinte eternal clarity... nextmore profound than the previous... To no end.
  14. @Nagma when you're dreaming at night, there's nobody inside of your dream who can "prove" to you that you're dreaming... Sure, if there was someone outside of your dream who can slap u awake the moment u ask for a proof from inside your dream, that works. You'll have a "rude awakening" but that would be your proof. That's how this is right now. Leo cannot prove to you that you're dreaming from "inside" of this dream called life! You must wake up and discover this for yourself! Hope you get this. No proof in form of miracles or whatever else will be proof enough till you "wake up" Yourself, directly! And in this dream of life, there's nobody else but you who can slap Yourself awake... There's only you who can wake up! YOU gotta do it!
  15. I'll like to throw this in the mix again 🥴 Truth is realized when you're seeing from the eyes of the "me" but your head is where the Self is ♥️ Self is not manifest. (formless / out of this manifest world - like a person sleeping on their bed is out of the dream world but 'seeing from' the eyes of the dreamer)
  16. @Mikael89 I can see that you're saying the same thing which I am. Good Indeed. 👍
  17. Love it About this... It is a subtle distinction... But you're creating it. The hand is ABSOLUTE TRUTH The way to understand what and how he is saying it is: take a droplet of water Now drop it into the ocean Now point out that drop in the ocean. When it's merged and inside of the ocean, it is the ocean. U can't divide part of the ocean and say here's that drop. Anywhere u point inside of the ocean is the ocean That's the sense leo is using, Absolute Truth is everywhere because it is one Like the air around you. You breathe out and cannot point at your breath and say this is my breathe You just point at any part of the air, it is all air, all Absolute Truth because it is all ONE. Any part of the image is screen. Not a particular part of it, or the entire screen. The smaller parts or sections of it can also be called the screen. Anyhow. These are just concepts n all. Now, "Become" Absolute Truth!
  18. I meant part of the Absolute Truth There's is the whole cake And a piece of the cake The piece of the cake is also cake such that it is a part of the cake
  19. @Dodo Truth is. Rest is "contained" in IT... But not apart from IT and thus is also TRUTH.
  20. When u say molecule... Isn't that levels of distinctions down? Do u just mean... Ur body. That you're consious in some way about how exactly Leo's body is being brought into "being" each moment and maintained? And i presume it is beyond words... But in what way, if u can say, are you consious of it? @Leo Gura