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  1. Honestly, staying in a hostel is such a great way to meet women. It creates this illusion of like being in a tribe because you’re all kinda living together. The key is to stay at a social party hostel and get a private room. I hooked up with a Brazilian girl here in São Paulo last night my second night out. It’s the call
  2. ???? They are TOTALLY different. Mr Beast is making millions on exploiting peoples dopamine systems, and creating mind numbing, low level, low value, bare existential entertainment. Sadghuru is helping people awaken to higher values like Love Peace and Joy. Many are probably improving their health and relationships in the proccess How are you going to say this of all of people? Is your life purpose course basically garbage now? This is the exact reason the psychedelic path sucks, it turns people into bitter, nihilistic depressed zombies The path of yoga and meditation is so much more rewarding
  3. Dude why the shit talk on helping people alleviate their suffering? This is absolutely needed and if there weren’t people who cared to do this you would be completely lost spiritually. Don’t forget you are standing on the shoulders of giants and how much they contributed to your spiritual knowledge
  4. Go to brazil
  5. I live in a spiritual community and it’s very beautiful. Most of what you guys are talking about are like cults, toxic spirituality. What doesn’t get reported is that there’s plenty of spiritual communities that actually function off values of love, support, inclusion and discipline. It’s rare, and I’m lucky. Because also your “normal communities” the norm, western society is even more toxic, individual, shameful, and unloving than you could imagine. If you haven’t completely isolated yourself that is, which is equally as sad
  6. Leo is awesome
  7. I have many teachers and my main school is absolutely not i will say that Leo one was of my favorites though, in that it was all about getting to the truth. I’m thankful for the awakenings it lead me to have but I now see it was limited in the more horizontal aspects of ego and personal psychological development. that said. No one man can do everything and I’m learning to outsource that to other sources
  8. In what ways? can you elaborate on this and give examples? attraction, spirituality, finances,??
  9. I’ve been following his posts recently and it just seems like most of what this channel was built on is gone. It used to be so inspiring his voice encouraging us all to go after what we want in life and let NO excuse or limitation stop us. And this helped me to create a life I couldn’t have even dreamed of having. So thank you for that! But recently all I see is victim feeling posts around dating and attraction (only looks matter/genetics) enlightenment (genetics determine your ability to awaken). Idk just seems a bit nihilistic and depressed compared to the Leo I once knew. Thoughts? What’s up Leo? You all good?
  10. Sounds like he reached a solid state of peace and contentment and enlightenment
  11. Look familiar? don’t become this, never give up on growing and crushing life, once you start fucking life, women naturally want to fuck you
  12. God Realization IS Enlightenment you dummies! It’s just different language but true enlightenment implies you are that you are everything and there is only one being. Ya those scammers, those devilish scammers! There is 1000% use and purpose to talking about it. Ramana Maharishi? Did it for the money! Christ? Was in it just to get famous Buddha? Just wanted pussy Scammers! They did nothing for humanity! We’re so much smarter and more developed than them! They’re just silly humans! Come on guys, let’s click around the internet and smoke drugs, we’re the real awakened ones
  13. I also got rich relatively quick, wasn’t doing something I loved but also wouldn’t call it “soul crushing” but I got extremely lucky.