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  1. Stop gaslighting anyone that disagrees with what Leo is doing or saying. And I take people for their word. If someone says something I assume it's because they believe it, am I supposed to treat Leo's word as weak? That he's just saying shit he doesn't believe for fun? Why the fuck would i listen to or respect someone who I didn't think had an integrity with their word?
  2. I agree in some ways, people can be full of shit and monsters. Once you awaken to all this manipulation you can't unsee it. But the reason they are anti truth is because of fear. Look at your natural love of truth and spirituality as a massive blessing. If you weren't wired with that you'd be suffering and running out in an endless pursuit of disatisfaction like 99% of people, even those in spirituality. One thing i appreciate about your blunt approach in calling out spiritual bullshit is it's helped me not fall into so many of those dogmas, but in a way it's become a dogma in itself. It's like i don't want to be walking around hating humanity they can be selfish asshole monkeys or seen as kinda cute cheeky monkey rascals, i want to awaken and love all of reality. I for one would greatly appreciate the dialing down of this, One love.
  3. I was so close to getting it. Thank God I stuck to intuition
  4. It's subtle mostly but sometimes very loud but his vibe is that people are just stupid selfish unconscious monkeys. I always felt this way too so i fell right into this. But recently I've dropped it. People are doing the best they think they can, and being a human is fucking difficult. We're racked with fears and insecurities and a constant message of not being enough. Stimulation fear stress and brainwashing. My projections are just as selfish as what I'm projecting. If you ever find yourself in a position like Leo's where you are looking down on everyone and condemning them, realize youve grown into the biggest asshole of them all and that you are deluded. This whole anti human vibe is not pleasant loving or peaceful. In fact in brings me a ton of pain, alienation, and robs me of joy and connection. Are people master manipulators? Yes. Do they bullshit themselves and others? Yes. And you should definitely watch out for this and not fall into the games too much, but also realize that you are ummm a human, you have these same fears, and you bullshit yourself and others just as much as they do. It's part of the gig. Better to laugh at yourself and others and connect in how confusing it can be. You never know when you'll be on your ass begging for help from people around you. And do you really want to be sitting around in an arm chair alone "being God" all of life. See the duality there, see the separation, see the sadness of it. "While you point your fingers someone else is judging you" Bob Marley Love people. Love them because they are you. Connection. Cooperation. Beauty. Don't paint yourself into a nasty world where everyone is a dumb monkey.
  5. @Jodistrict i used to be big into the shaminism and plant medicine culture. But now I'm seeing it as a big dogmatic show, so much acting.
  6. Don't mix! Why mix? Ayahuasca retreats are intense enough as is, just do that.
  7. Pure MDMA is fine, medicinal. Deep medicine. the problem is it's extremely difficult to find
  8. I'm curious where you are in Brazil? Is there a big medicine community where you live?
  9. Oí! Muito bom! I'm not from Brazil but it's my favorite place with the best people who know how to have fun. Congrats on following your passion. I like your videos
  10. Well, after all that work and study, what do you experience? Is God Realization bullshit? I found that to be spot on. What aspects of Leo's work is bullshit in your opinion and experience? Is it the new angry antihuman posts? I'm genuinely interested
  11. This! In my current school, they teach that God Realization is the quickest way to eradicate karma. It all goes away once your awake
  12. Thanks. It makes sense. Even in your interview with him he says that he avoids planting seeds. So even if he knew this he would never say it. Also I don't think he has autism?
  13. I don't disagree with you. But i also see Ralston as the peak of consciousness in a human. It's so weird to me that he could've "missed" this...