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  1. 100% yes I think Leo also talked about this during his Gotel episode.
  2. @Blackhawk you're right. It is a rabbit hole, so that's why you follow it. No need. You simply be it. @Emerald yup, agreed 💯
  3. @Kalo right back at you brotha ❤️ You dropping facts bomb with precision. Love it. Agree with all above which you've written 💯 @wwhy try this: "only God is God" @snowyowl same goes for a pizza slices and the pizza 🍕 ❤️🙏❤️
  4. You are not God! Only You (God) are God! which is to say that only God is God. The finger isn't the body, it's a part of the body. Only the body is the body! If the finger starts thinking it has legs, it's lost... A finger that identifies with and knows itself to be the body can grow the damn legs! Adamq8 is not God. Only God is God. God AS Adamq8/SoonHei cannot be God... That's putting a limitation & then trying to be unlimited. Or like Usain bolt tying one of His legs and saying he can hop as fast as if running normally. No omnipresence. Oh no, no all powerful... Only God. Only no-limitations. If there's doubt, and if you're the one who has it, you're not God. When there's no doubt, then there's no need to ask. What to ask? Or rather why ask? When it's known that it is the year 2021, what fun can one have by asking this? Only fun There's no Adamq8. There's only God holding a sock puppet in the hand and speaking thru it while also identified as it. So, if the sock puppet thinks it is God, it has no power... Only God has power. To realize you must drop all that which makes you the sock puppet and not the Puppeteer. Oh, and don't worry, you can't drop it, so don't try ya socky! Your can float in the river which leads to the waterfall of awakening however. Just float, knowing well that the water falls and awakens. You need not know when nor how, only that it will. Like an apple falling off the tree drops when its ripe enough. Does it let go? Or is it let go off? Perhaps it's a mutual affair, perhaps it's just the flow, but yes, it does fall, without return. Oh, and of course, Lightening can also jolt anyone anytime also
  5. @NondualesStudium into Willie's post
  6. TWO AND ONLY TWO PATHS-------------------------------------------UC's response on Manas da's post on yogi and devotee------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ As we have two Self---------the false Self (ego) and the real Self (inner self), there are only two basic paths, diametrically opposite----- the path of surrender and the path of will. But they reach to the same goal.--------------------------------------------------- The path of will starts with the inner Self. To be aware of our acts, is directly concerned with awakening our inner Self. If the inner Self is awakened, the ego disappears. If the light is brought, the darkness disappears.----------------------------------------- The path of surrender is directly concerned with the ego, not with the Self. When the ego disappears, the inner Self is awakened automatically. When the darkness goes, the light shines.------------------- The yogi is on the path of will and the bhakta is on the path of surrender. The yogi is trying to be aware and the bhakta is trying to be totally lost. -UC K
  7. If you think you exist, then you're not in control. Only the NON-EXISTENT one is in control of All. This is already the case so it requires you to be aware of this fact. Like suddenly becoming aware of glasses on your face which you were looking for around the house. Overlooking their presence the entire time. Looking right thru yet overlooking. Once you're aware of this fact you'll notice there's still someone there who's aware of this fact. Then you discover You ARE the NON-EXISTENT One. And then, you're in control.
  8. @Husseinisdoingfine one infinite musical symphony
  9. There are no clouds in the sky. The sky just clouds . & The clouds rain but only the Sky Reigns
  10. @Inliytened1 lol finally we on the same page just used iphone for this crazy talk here but i write this to you from the king of the android itself - Pixel 5 love android. never had an iphone actually lol - and damn, that story was such a mess lol. even the tablets i do have are Samsung/Huawei
  11. @Mason Riggle @Inliytened1 my dears. i was just on about any gobbledygook to try to end this question by the mind of course, the phones aren't the same love ya
  12. @Mason Riggle yes. i have even their ipods and first generation ipad 2 of all these items. and it's literally the exact same. they make it very much mold like. all devices is the same phone