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  1. Awsome insights, bro! ? Two days ago i had a short 2g shroom trip that basically reminded me how choosing something and disciplining oneself in that thing is basically the most fun/satisfactory thing that i can do in this life.
  2. It doesn't "truly" matter. I know to a degree that i'm asking my own mind. But I am still very un-developed and i have a very shallow awakening. Me writing on the forum is a sort of outward reflection of the fact that i'm deeply considering things. But i'm taking action. I drove over 600km to get 3 ukrainian women to where they needed to go. In a couple of days i'm going again. If i am obligated to go to war then so be it. I know that there is only Love.
  3. @Yarco good point! @funkychunkymonkey i see, thanks! @something_else you do have a point
  4. The argument that keeps popping up in my head is "isn't it better to be prepared in case the war escalates than to be recruited and thrown into war without any training?" It feels so weird to focus on building a business rn and marketing on tiktok and youtube etc. while war is happening @Leo Gura what's your take on this?
  5. @Gabith Letting go of all that suppression and allowing myself to be the horny monster that i am has greatly improved the quality of my life. Now I can jerk off to porn and then immediately work out, or meditate, or go out, or whatever. Sometimes the body just craves to see another beautiful, sexy body. I think it's good to satisfy that need and then go about my day. Depending on what you are doing with your life currently. Again, there is a time and place for abstinence. Certainly people have done exceptionally in life without worrying about retaining their semen and not seeing boobies. Ultimately, the solution is to be conscious that every "thing" is yourSelf. And also to understand how the emotional guidance system works, i would say.
  6. @catcat69123 Agreed. Thank you brother!
  7. I feel inspired to leave this last comment on here: Usually i contemplate things on my own and refrain from posting on the forum. But with this subject i gave myself a "permission slip", and it was very helpful. It's ultimately not about me, little Bogdan doing music and sport. It's about broadening my perspective and identity all the way to God, and realizing that I AM music and I AM sport. Thus thinking with a higher brain wave thing scientifically. "Raising my vibration". Overcoming fear and becoming more selfless, and having better quality thoughts and taking wiser decisions from that place. That's it for now. Namaste. Love y'all!
  8. it's not just about music tho ... i want to create the most amazing VIDEOS or even a VR GAME or a DOCUMENTARY! That explain Love and God and Infinity and PSYCHEDELICS!!! And music/sound is plays a BIG, BIG role in that. And that general direction is how everything starts to come together Holy shit...
  9. It's funny how i realize time and time again that i don't contemplate this stuff seriously and hard enough. And i fancied myself as "one of the hard working ones" I contemplated basically non-stop these past few days, and i realized what i really want is to be able to make my own music. It's so clear now! It's so obvious that it got overlooked it's not JUST that, of course. But this is THE one main thing that i ACHE to master! It's just that i'm pretty far away from having the skill to materialize what i actually have in my head. It's such a daunting task, that i was desperately trying to find a way out. It will take years and years. Maybe decades. But no matter how long it takes, it'll be worth it!!! And the health and trainer stuff is super important, because musicians have such shitty lifestyles... my back would ache so much! But back to work! Thanks, you guys!! And thanks Leo for and this amazing forum!
  10. @supremeyingyang @aurum Thanks guys, imma take some action and see where it goes
  11. @puporing Thank you for the reply No matter what i do, i'm sure i want to move. Music as i said, is one of those things that everybody loses their minds about - "oh, you're a musician?!? That's SO cool! I WISH i could be a musician, you're so lucky!" Everyone is trying to make me feel guilty for considering doing something else.
  12. A little bit of context: I am a 26 yo musician from Romania. At 20 I dropped out of the music academy because i didn't want to do classical music, and i started making money playing bass and backing vocals in a cover band. The band fell apart, and so i put music completely on standby and I moved to another city in Romania, where i started lifting weights, watching Leo, meditating and doing psychedelics. I went from being a mess, a scientific materialist, smoking cigarettes and wasting time all day, to being fit and having mystical experiences and awakenings. i studied Leo's work, bought the LP course, studied spirituality and fitness basically all day, every day. All these years i didn't need to get a job, because my mom has a big enough retirement thing that i could afford to live with my friends and focus on awakening, studying fitness, training and experimenting with my body, as well as training friends, and more recently socializing & talking to girls. Since the pandemic, i got into another band with some great musicians, but it also fell apart... (fucking musicians ). So i'm back to living with my mom again. And here i am at 26, broke, with some skills, but basically no "real" work experience. So i'm at a point in my life where: - i see everything as God/Love/ME!/infinity, and i wish to continue my exploration of 5-meo and psychedelics - i want to help people with their health, to change the way people approach exercise/training and relate to their body, to chelate heavy metals and to basically prime their body and mind for psychedelic exploration - i also have to admit that playing music is something that i selfishly enjoy doing very much, especially singing. And that it's something that i have always been sort of exceptional and praised in since i was little. I very often get the response "i would kill to have your talent and skill, and you're pissing it away" - i want to move to a big city to talk to lots of girls and people in general, because i was extremely introverted and antisocial all my life, so this is a priority Possible solutions that i've found: 1.MOVE NOW, STOP WASTING TIME - have balls and move to Amsterdam NOW, working 2 jobs if i have to, anything just to move out from my mom's and from this country - try to get hired as a Personal Trainer from the start - i could play guitar and sing in clubs or on the street - i could sleep in my car and in the meantime, - explore 5-meo - send all my friends, family and acquaintances free, cutting edge flexibility & strength videos - start a romanian AND/OR english youtube channel(s) about health & psychedelics, as well as instagram and all that (i was thinking romanian, because there are plenty of great channels in english, but none in romanian. But again, that's up for debate in my mind) - start an online flexibility & strength coaching business - obtain financial independence - continue to grow and evolve my business and channels into something that will help society use psychedelics wisely SHOULD I: - stay in the country a little longer - get a job delivering food and gather some money - in the meantime train clients in a commercial gym - build the online flexibility & strength business - and only then move to Amsterdam??? - or move already and just do it??? ALSO: - where does music fit into all of this? does it fit at all?? The reason i wanted Amsterdam is because it's in the heart of Europe, 5-meo and all sorts of psychedelics are legal there, and there are a TON of tourists. I wish to ask where am i limited in my thinking? Requisite Variety, am i right? Maybe my life will move in a totally unexpected direction. But that's basically it. I hope i gave you enough relevant information and didn't include too many unnecessary details. I await your responses
  13. @mmKay i was wondering mainly about the whole cadmium and alkaline urine thing. Maybe a high meat diet prevents cadmium from being excreted? Or maybe that isn't a concern at all
  14. Do you have any insights with regards to chelation and a high meat/high protein diet?
  15. Is chelation a concern while eating a more meat-based diet? I recently bought a bunch of DMSA and did my first round. And i heard that cadmium needs alkaline urine to be evacuated. My concern is that i recently moved away from a plant-based diet and started experimenting for the first time with eating lots of steak, chicken leg, eggs and milk, which are more acidic, i guess? What has been your guys' experience with eating carnivore(-ish) and chelation? @Leo Gura