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  1. @KennedyCarter and everyone else, if you're interested in the training part of things. Cheers!
  2. I have studied the fitness industry for at least 5 years on my own now, and finally i found the guys that make the most sense, and actually have the experience and client results to back everything up. So without further ado, i invite you to search for Lucas Aaron @rangeofstrength, and Jeffrey Wolf @theflexibull on IG. I've made a post some time ago about flexibility where i've mentioned them, but now i actually have been working with Lucas for the past 5 weeks and As far as i'm concerned, this is the golden standard for fitness. These guys have been out there in the trenches actually training people day in day out for over 10 years, themselves being mentored by the best in their field, and all their clients consistently get results (they are friends and no matter which one you pick you will be getting top quality stuff, although they have each their own unique spin to it. I personally went with Lucas, because he also offers "Old Time Strongman" programs). You can go on IG to see for yourselves, but let me explain a bit why how they work is so awesome You get an app, and all your workouts are scheduled and in each workout you have video tutorials (which are exceptionally well explained) for each exercise. Everybody will generally start with The Milestones System, which includes 3 main programs: The Basics Program, The Graduate Program, and Feats of Range Program. Each program has multiple 6 week phases, which build on top of each other. After completing The Basics Program, you will acquire the following Milestones: (google them) Sagittal Plane: - palms to floor pike x 30sec - seated seiza x 60sec - long lunge x 30 sec - seated pike lift x 15sec Frontal Plane: - standing IR split x 30sec (you just hold one leg to the side with bent knees) - 3 step Horse Stance x 2min - standing pancake head to floor x 30sec - adductor lift x 10 reps @ 10% bw Shoulders & Spine - hanging strength x 60sec passive, 30sec active, 10sec one arm - elevated bridge hold x 30sec, vertical arms - prone y lift x 30sec, maintaining good alignment - loaded shoulder extension @ 10% bw within 50-60 degrees These are the BASIC milestones, and as you can see, they are not exactly a bodyweight squat or bench press or anything like that. They are simple, and may sound easy (and that's the point) but some of them are tough! Have you tried sitting in a proper horse stance for 2 minutes, or hang with just one arm? Or do you have a palms to floor pike at any time of day? Most people certainly cannot do those things. The Graduate Milestones includes stuff like Romanian Deadlifts x 5 reps @ 100% bodyweight and stuff like that. Further down the line you will work on Front and Side Splits, Back Bridge, Head to Toe and all sorts of cool stuff like that. If you choose. You can take on two programs at once. I personally am on the Feats of Range and Old Time Strength programs. (if you want to know more about old time strongman search for James R Fuller on IG and/or look up the Rogue documentaries on Arthur Saxon, George Hackenschmidt etc.) My favorite part is that you can chat with Lucas and one other coach at any time. They are really nice and answer any question (in a few hours, tipically) and encourage you to give as much feedback as possible. These guys REALLY know their anatomy. This is actual strength. But don't expect to see this stuff in the mainstream. Working hard for a long time on the boring basics isn't flashy enough for the mainstream. What catches peoples eyes are the big muscles and big numbers and BIG everything. Basically the fitness industry is dominated by steroid users who really specialize on one thing and get really good at it and then sell you their minimalist bias. They tell you to do ONLY powerlifting, or bodybuilding, or crossfit or stuff like that. Do ONLY kettlebells, they are the best, do ONLY calisthenics, it's all you need, or ONLY yoga, ONLY jump rope, etc. AND THAT WON'T WORK FOR MOST PEOPLE! THIS is THE reason people aren't consistent with the gym. They're not working on the basics, and so they either get injured or mentally fatigued. Because most people don't have to and don't want to train like a specialized athlete. Most people just want to enjoy life more and to get rid of their back pain! ...or at least that's what they actually want when they say they want to look better... because looking better will come inevitably. It will just take YEARS!!! Regardless, the best way (most holistic, in my opinion) to do that is to get more flexible, which means to get stronger, which will also give you a bit more cardiovascular fitness. Then you will feel like being more active, which will make it more likely to be around people more, and do your job/LP better and that will in turn boost your hormones up a bit and then you'll walk even more, and you'll get even more fit etc. you can see there are numerous compounding effects from there. Sure, in a sense it's easy to just do strength training, or just yoga, just stretching or just cardio. But what most people need is to be decent at all of them. And that's fucking HARD to figure all out on your own. Anyway this was my rant. Sorry, my posts always get too long This is a small but important part of my LP, so i'm overly enthusiastic about it. This is the way to train! Check them out, and ask me anything!
  3. Great! Now for the muscles, lifting some weight is the answer, not more protein. Don't take protein powders, as they contain heavy metals n shiet.
  4. In a low dose acid trip i saw how when you form sentences and phrases you build a whole world with each word. And i saw how this creates very complex states of being. For example i saw how the expression "have to" connects very deeply with survival. So in a sense, when you speak to yourself, or to others, using "have to", you are tickling deep parts of the brain. And based on how conscious the individual is, this will trigger different emotions with different intensities. Basically it creates the whole world, by permitting the ego sense of personal self to exist. It's a more sophisticated form of ego, which allows civilization and society to exist, which is a huge survival advantage than just hormones and instincts and genes and DNA and stuff. And it is a substratum for the next phase of evolution, just as the animal body is the structure that permits language, and the rocks and stars and stuff are the structure that sustain the animal etc. But that's all i can say right now. Anything else just flies off into infinity, which when you try to put INTO language it breaks it. I'm curious what else can be said about language though
  5. I was eating and BOOM! the duality between INSIDE and OUTSIDE collapsed. I became conscious of how "outside the body" is actually "inside the body". It's like the Universe is the most awesome contortionist bending backwards, touching it's head to it's feet and then IT becomes that which is standing upon. It holds itself, it creates itself! And i saw something else - all this was accompanied by acid-like visuals. That's why i named this post how i did. It's like my mind responds to the insight, and for a moment i sort of zone out and that dreamlike, more fluid consciousness is allowed to surface. But it only lasts so little while "sober", because it's result is that zoning out. If the ego would let that happen at random, that would be VERY dangerous, lol. Imagine that happening while driving or something. Just to make a thing clear, i do not claim to be a special human with special powers. That's obviously ego... Just in case that needed to be said Infinite imagination will do what infinite imagination does The most similar thing to these sudden, short bursts of heightened consciousness is that tiny window just before you fall asleep at night, where consciousness relaxes and becomes more and more dreamy, impossible and random. It's just that while sober, you can actually "catch" the insights and translate them effectively into language. Plus, you have the visual symbolism to work with, which you can use to bypass the barrier of the conscious mind and integrate the insight right into your subconscious. (that's a thing i'm still researching though)
  6. Have you studied this stuff, @Leo Gura? from what i understand, Magick is basically another word for Consciousness, and more specifically, the "miracle"-forming quality of consciousness. I purposely avoided it until now, because i figured this type of western spirituality attracted all sorts of wackos and i wanted to have a more stable mind and awakening before diving in. The most interesting part so far is understanding everything i know about God and Love and Consciousness and Nothingness and basically all the stuff you teach, through the new lens of western symbolism. It has been some time since i felt like i'm learning something completely new. It definitely connects some dots. I also enjoy the process of patiently filtering all the information and all the biases of the teacher. This channel Mystery School seems to explain things pretty well. He isn't God-Realized, but then again, most people aren't (and that's not what i'm on his channel for anyway) I tried starting to learn this stuff from books and other people, but so far this is the only guy that made me stick to it, because i feel that he explains thing well for beginners. (or maybe i'm just dumb, who knows XD). I found out valuable stuff from Jason Louv and Damien Echols also. They got me a rough idea of the areas that are worth exploring in Magick and what supposedly actually works best.
  7. i was listening to Leo's latest video and around the 1:21:00 mark he mentioned people who cannot feel pain, and so i searched it on yt and i thought it might be an interesting share. It's fascinating to see their attitudes and personalities. I've heard countless times in my life parents saying "i wish my baby could feel no pain". Guess they didn't know what they were asking for
  8. EVERYTHING IS FUNNY Example of how my brain squirts acidy insights, and how i contemplate the insights afterwards: I was peeing, and just after i flushed the toilet It just hit me that if one were to be conscious enough, one would see that everything is infinitely funny. Every seemingly separate "thing" has this infinite humor baked into it, because it's not actually what it appears to be, but it is God pretending to be that thing . So because God Consciousness has all possible qualities infinitely available at any given moment, EVERYTHING that Consciousness seemingly creates, necessarily has within them ALL possible relative qualities. A cat is not a cat, it is God. The cat has all the infinite attributes of God, It's just that God makes it so that most of those qualities are hidden from view, so that the cat part of it is revealed. Words seemingly come through the body-mind-spirit-whatever complex, so they create duality (AND nonduality, btw). So everything words can say is both true and untrue - this previous statement is both true and untrue - and THIS previous statement is both true and untrue etc. etc. etc. It is equally true AND untrue that everything is infinitely funny, or scary, or infinitely ugly, or beautiful, or more weird stuff, like infinitely red, blue, or any other color, or even things like male, female, gay, or a teapot, or a turtle, or any other thing in existence, because these words aren't actually words, they are God/Consciousnes/Love/Truth/i, which again, has super-imposed over itself, over an infinite amount of dimensions an infinite number of infinities and attributes. And i mean that: infinity has an entire infinite dimension of itself that is ENTIRELY "BLUE"! AND ONE THAT IS ENTIRELY "GAY"! AND EVERY.SINGLE.THING. that you could possibly think of, and MUCH, MUCH MORE! Why? Because infinity is infinite and it can do whatever the fuck it wants Except being infinity. That one infinity cannot escape. OOPS! EXCEPT IT CAN! - can you see how everything is both true and untrue at the same time? Even this - "true AND untrue" thing is both true and untrue. Because all dualities must collapse <--- even this is true and untrue <------ and even this is true and untrue!!! Can you see that? Right now i perceive these insights that pop up to be small glimpses into the Psychedelic God Consciousness that Leo talks about. And i can see why psychedelics are kinda mandatory if you want to explore the ful size of infinity. Because while sober these small glimpses, although quite intense at times, are no match for the ego's capacity to reconfigure itself. Of course detoxing heavy metals and having great health an having a very good concentration all help a bit, but i don't think that at this point in human evolution we should expect to be able to just soar off into God Consciousness at will LOL. I think we will definitely not be "human" anymore at that point. -So one of the things that i got the most value out of, and what started these insights to randomly pop up, is simply contemplating infinity - what does infinity imply? Things like Everything is Everything - what does that mean? Of course, that means that Absolutely there is only One thing, aka Love - the Essence of God/Consciousness But Relatively this means all sorts of funny stuff And this was an example of how random relative points of view that this body has aquired, that weren't consciously connected to infinity, get connected and add to the accumulation of Love that this body is capable of recieving, which then translates into the way it speaks and thinks and behaves, etc.
  9. @Leo Gura How does one do pickup with integrity? I'm 25 and i basically never approached a girl, and i have always been introverted and poor at socializing. Although i see everything as God, so my personality has balanced quite a bit, and i'm continuing to make progress. The need for sex as a social validation thing has basically gone to zero, since there's no one/only me. And most of my approach anxiety is gone (i'm not saying i'm perfect at it, there's still a lot of ego) But still, i am questioning and putting in balance the lack of integrity that comes from not going through the pickup stage, and the lack of integrity that comes from doing it. It's tricky for me to figure out which one is the least Zen Devilish Do you have any advice on this?
  10. I started having really profound awakenings whilst asleep & dreaming (i always had very colorful and vivid dreams). And I want to share a dream i had a few days ago, in which the body basically died, that's the only way i can describe it, and... EVERYTHING that the ego calls "my life" just FELL AWAY! That's the only way i can put it lol It was like it never existed in the first place, or kinda like how we just forget dreams when we "wake up". It was like moving on to the next slide in a powerpoint presentation . But the visual representation is not important, it was more about the feeling of it and the understanding of what was happening. And the "practical" takeaway was to see how the ego reacted. I had dozens of dreams at this point of some sort of apocalyptic disaster, usually a giant asteroid impact, or a nuclear explosion. In any case, certain imminent death. And in the last few such dreams, i embraced my death fully, and maintained awareness of God, and i did my best to savor each last second. These dreams have been truly a gift (from mySelf). I have had low self esteem and confidence all my life. And as i am loosening up my beliefs and questioning reality, i am opening myself to more and more Love, I as God/Reality reflects that back onto myself, making that apparent to the ego self as well. It's really tricky to talk about such experiences. I just want to make it clear that the main reason i'm writing these things is not to inflate my ego, but to help me/you as (apparent) relative selves to reach/become conscious of my Self as God. The tricky part is that that cannot come completely without the ego needing something which pertains to survival. So there's an exquisite balance that i as God make. (IT'S SOOO BEAUTIFUUUUL ) Although i am conscious that God is imagining that "i maintain consciousness of God", even God cannot say that without "i" "doing" the "maintaining" etc. etc. So i thought i just throw that out there
  11. Oh, so i get it, here you start a thread and keep on updating it So i renamed this one "My brain squirts out acid", because i very often just sit and have mini-breakthroughs as i call them (while sober), that very much resemble a psychedelic breakthrough, in which you fall into consciousness and other dimensions open up to you, letting insights through to crystalize and take form. Or, you could say that i just have exercised the ability to let my imagination loose, whatever. It's all Consciousness. And in my experience, what comes through and is allowed into your relative awareness is dictated by the rigidity/looseness of your belief structures (the looser the better). If Leo's "superpower", as he described it, is his radical skepticism, the fact that he started questioning reality since a very young age, my "superpower" would be a sort of attentiveness. Since i was little, i remember observing EVERYTHING very intensely. From the textures of every material, to colors, to the fuzziness behind the eyelids in pitch black darkness. I would frequently be praised on how receptive and attentive to details i was. Pretending like i'm playing mindlessly but actually paying attention to what the adults were talking about was one of my favorite activities/games. So because of this taking in of everything i came across, my belief structures took things very seriously. I remember my first interactions with girls, from when i was 3-5 years old. I really liked this girl that was taking care of me. She was way older than me, and because i couldn't be with her, my mind took that very seriously, and only now it is starting to calm down with the ranting and extreme negativity towards this subject. I'm not complaining though, because it is for these reasons that i went from the most materialist atheist to realizing infinity in a matter of just about 2 years since first stumbling onto spirituality. Hm, i find this free writing/typing very therapeutic and enjoyable. It's fast enough that i can just let go and my subconscious can get to the surface through these neat little symbols we call letters and language. But i'll keep this type of writing in another thread, and this thread i will keep then for general insights that randomly come up to me. Cheers!
  12. OH! THE SELF ACTUALIZATION JOURNALS SECTION! So this analogy just came to me about how far can one go with meditation alone vs psychedelics. There are some studies where some people imagined playing the piano, and some actually played the piano, or something like that. And what they found was that the ones playing in their imagination could learn piano just as well, and made synapses in their brain and stuff like that. The same goes with practicing anything. BUT one will never become a world-class pianist by never actually playing the piano. It's like concentration/meditation exercises are just that - EXERCISES, and they cannot substitute MAKING MUSIC, just like piano exercises cannot substitute making music. Psychedelics are a category of their own, and it's unfair to compare them to things like meditation.
  13. @Leo Gura What does a good wingman do? Oh, and can a girl be a wingman too?