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  1. A good documentary on a mostly blue small religious minority in Israel:
  2. Spot on! but i guess you can say Israel is not taking any chances though....
  3. Not sure if this got asked, but are you still working on the same book about self-deception?
  4. @cetusWhat a beauty! guess it wants to contemplate existence too
  5. You might as well ask, how do I become directly conscious that I'm God? You need to have awakenings that will reveal to you that you have been making distinctions all the time in reality, even though it's all one (Non duality), and those distinctions are actually nothing (literally). What help me most was 5 Meo, but your path may be different.
  6. Say you took a psychedelic and had an insight that every person you ever knew doesn't actually exist, if you are not ready mentally to realize and accept this idea, them you might get really confused and disturbed sometimes.
  7. Incredible work! I've been searching for something like this for quite a while
  8. Perhaps because you don't realize that your It! Like an eye that cannot see it self.
  9. @VeganAwake hehhe yeah! The chain of events that led to your birth could be a few sips of wine love that video too
  10. @Pookie I agree,did you watch the Netflix series about him ?
  11. @WaveInTheOcean i know what you mean, but beautiful non the less
  12. "You are throbbing, but the whole is throbbing through you – you are just an indicator, a heart. The universe throbs and beats through you. You are not, the universe is. And the universe is not a totality of objects, it is a subjectivity. It exists as a person. It is alive, conscious. It is not a mechanical arrangement, it is an organic unity." From Osho's book: "Hsin Hsin Ming The Zen Understanding of Mind and Consciousness" what do you think?
  13. @Username Hell yes, i found that my success rate increased 80% with 5meo when i tripped on an empty bowel.
  14. @lostmedstudent I don't think anything can stop you, but why would you? we are hard-wired for survival, and feeling good and safe right?