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  1. Critique of The Rational Male and Red Pill Ideology
    Critique of The Rational Male and Red Pill Ideology
    The more feminine the woman the more she will be attracted to status.
    Status sub-communicates that this guy is a successful, proven leader. And that's exactly what the highly feminine craves. That's what "alpha" is: leadership.

  2. How come that girls can be ruthless against nice guys?
    How come that girls can be ruthless against nice guys?
    For exactly the same reason you treat fat ugly girls as trash.
    People are selfish and only respond to those who serve their survival agenda.
    A nice guy does not serve the survival agenda of hot women. Women don't need a second pussy.
    Rather than blaming women, stop being a pussy.

  3. Drugs can't get you to Samadhi
    Drugs can't get you to Samadhi
    Keep going deeper.   In a non-dual state of consciousness, consciousness will have realizations.  That is because form and formless will be One.  God realizes what it is. It is pure Infinity.  It is not realizations of finite consciousness, it is realizations of Infinite Consciousness.

  4. Nothing
    The Buddha deeply realized that it is our dharma as humans to awaken. Why would he care, after battling Mara, and seeing through the illusion of individuals?
    Because suffering, even within the dream, is still suffering. He realized the origin of suffering, and the path that leads beyond suffering. Enlightened or not, "you" are still entangled in Maya, until you "die". Would you rather lucidly dream, lovely and free from suffering, or disconnect entirely in apathy?
    Realize that we created This for a reason. Also realize that suffering, within This, is only necessary, until you realize it isn't.

  5. Anyone wish they could go back before enlightment experiences?
    Anyone wish they could go back before enlightment experiences?
    Glimpses are terrifying to the ego, yes. But this fear is what shows you that you're on the right path, because this fear is the ego disintegrating. It's the egos last defense mechanism. It will make you believe that you're going hopelessly insane or that you're Going to die.
    That's right! You're going to die. And you will lose your mind! But only the ego-mind, only the thought of ego.

  6. Deep shit
    I left islam and shortly after, started my awakening.
    The only reason why to explain this stuff not to demonstrate myself, there is no me, i am you. And you are suffering. You will need these words. I am helping myself. That what unconditional love is. Otherwise i dont need to explain to anyone, i have already know that i have never born. Therefore Listen me! 

  7. to contemplate
    Why trust our direct experience?
    If others aren't real, then there is no me doing anything. There is only you imagining me.
    What's happening here is that you are imagining duality because you are trying to keep yourself asleep. You don't want to wake up.
    It does matter, if you care about awaking up.
    All perspectives are the illusion. There are none. Only you, sitting there, imagining stuff.
    You see... you don't really want to fully wake up. You want a comfy partial awakening. Not a full one. A full one would annihilate the universe and everyone in it.

  8. To contemplate
    Why trust our direct experience?
    There actually is no such thing as POVs. There is only your direct experience. All POVs are inside your POV.
    The concept of Points of View is inherently dualistic. It too much collapse.

  9. leo videos blog
    Collection of Leo's Blog Posts
    I just rolled over Leo's blog to find some hidden old gems that can be quite refreshing to read and watch while he's away.  And don't forget to take action! 
    Some of his views may have changed on some of the older ones, but they're still very valid. 
    Text Posts: 
    Video Posts: 

  10. Self-esteem/respect issues: Social
    Self-esteem/respect issues: Social
    The self-esteem issue actually plagues most of the world. The many problems we have in society stems from a lack of self-esteem. Most people are just really good at hiding it, but know that you are not alone in this issue. The reason why most of us do anything is for validation from others. Most people who seem like they have high self-esteem are living in an illusion. They only feel that way because of the external validations. If you take away their external validations they quickly crumble into a chaotic mess.
    The way to obtain true self-esteem comes from loving yourself as you are. When you learn to accept yourself with all of your flaws, and don't judge yourself for who you are, you will develop a high sense of self-esteem that isn't dependent on any external validations.
    What has helped me is a variety of many things I have done. I have made a lot of progress, but I am still far from perfect and still have a lot of work left to do.
    Here are some things that helped me:

    - Pushing my comfort zone, and doing the things that scare me or make me uncomfortable. I'm still finding ways to push my comfort zone regularly. This has helped me to grow and develop and has boosted my confidence.
    - Regular meditation for a period of years. This has allowed me to ground myself and create the space I need to learn more about who I am. This is an on-going practice for me because it is a tool that helps me.
    - Learning new things and constantly improving my skills. This makes me feel more competent and less dependent on others to make my way through this world.
    - Psychedelics (Really helps put things into perspective and pushes through a lot of your emotional wounds.)
    - Energy healing like reiki, and guided meditations.
    - Having more confrontations with people, to the point of almost getting into fist fights. Also known as expressing myself more authentically.
    You mentioned you fear standing up for yourself and being more assertive. It does feel like you have to fight others to be as you want to be. It's true. In a sense you do have to fight others to be as you want to be. Not physically, but energetically you need to fight. Everyone wants to impose their will on you. The more you express yourself authentically without judging yourself, the better you will feel. That means sometimes your authentic emotions will look ugly to the outside world. Authenticity is not always pleasant. Dare to be more assertive. Dare to be more opinionated. Dare to stand up for yourself and express yourself as you want to. Dare to love yourself.

  11. to meditate
    Higher states of consciousness
    @fork You are the higher consciousness already. Thoughts, arise “from” / “within”, you. When the next thought to say something arises, instead of reacting, just let it go. Watch a rock, until every thought ‘empties’, for example. Thoughts about the rock arise, and go. Thoughts about life, me, etc, arise & go, like helium filled balloons floating away. Eventually, with every balloon let go, helium is directly ‘experienced’, and so is “it’s” source.

  12. Need help understanding a shroom trip
    Need help understanding a shroom trip
    @Raptorsin7 I agree with your sentiment. 
    (Sorry for buttin in...)
    Reality can’t fall apart. Our beliefs in “parts”, falls apart, and there is wholeness. 
    You will feel better for meditating, and you can also inspect the beliefs, thoughts, & perspectives that “got you there” (not feeling good / fear). If I had some self beliefs to inspect, and wasn’t, I might miss how when I go inward, thought stories convince me it’s about the outward, or, other people / the world. As an analogy...imagine finding the awesomeness of True Grey, as a present wrapped with black & white wrapping paper.  
    That outward slight of hand via our sneaky minds, is like a magician’s misdirection...and before we notice, we’re looking outward. 
    But writing it on paper, or ideally, on the backside of your dream board...now it’s out of the head, and in front of it....where it can be seen, understood, and readily transcended.  (“Inspected”)
    And fear turns out to be love. As in, “well I’ll be dammed. I was looking at that like this, because when I was x age, this happened, and I thought I was like this”. “The “bad” feeling what my perspective - feeling was SO unconditional love - it just couldn’t go there with me. That feels like, terrible, when I do that.”  Fear was love the whole time, that “bad” feeling was love...saying “that ain’t true!”.  But, you gotta inspect beliefs like guilt & shame, see the why’s, when’s, you even believed in them to begin with...then barf up that you actually used them to make up fear ? ...and understanding arises...love...feeling is understood, listened to, alignment. There’s really no difference between love & intelligence, same being. Can be helpful to consider. And happy “birthday”!